How are you with mouthwash? If you can cope with that then use it as an interim while you sort the real answer out. It’s better than nothing. And part of a job is better than none.


Part 2…. Which is more of the problem - the brush or the paste? If it’s the brush, could you apply paste with a finger? Again, better than nothing. If it’s the paste, then brush without paste. Combine that with mouthwash & you’re getting close to a full solution anyway. I assume you’ve tried kid toothbrushes already? They’re much softer and smaller so maybe that would work for you - but it depends what the sensory issues are for you exactly.


Toothpaste on the finger is really good advice. It’s what my dentist said to do if you’re somewhere and realize you don’t have a brush. Kids tooth brushes are also good for anyone who has trouble reaching their molars, because the head is much smaller.


The only mouthwash I can use is kids mouthwash because everything else burns my mouth to the point it's extremely painful. Sadly I have not had the funds recently to pick up more though.


If I forget some days I’ll (it’s a little gross) scrap my teeth with a fingernail and get some plaque off. Usually seeing the results is enough to push me to do it.


You can exchange your toothbrush for a wash cloth too. Toothbrushes are actually fairly new inventions, people used to “wash” their teeth. My grandparents would give me a wash cloth at night and tell me to wash my teeth while we watched tv. I would use a finger wrapped in the washcloth and scrub each tooth. While a toothbrush is better a washcloth is way better than nothing.


Sometimes I put a little toothpaste in my mouth then take a swig of water. Let it dissolve a bit and consider that mouthwash. Could that work for you?


iirc ACT is alcohol free and burns much less.


I had an issue with burning, and it was actually *worse* with alcohol-free mouthwash. It even came with full-on peeling of the inside of my cheeks. Turns out that the inside of my mouth is *very* sensitive to the flavorings used in most mouthwashes and some toothpastes. Getting something that's either very mildly flavored or isn't flavored with mint oils is another possible solution.


i have issues with mouthwash too. you can get toothpaste thats for kids, its honestly the same just a different flavour. for mouthwash, you can mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide 2 parts listerine. if you dont like the texture of the toothbrush you can use methods like applying with your finger. there are also alternatives to toothbrushes that work just as well. also a common mistake when people brush is applying pressure. thats jot necessary. you really only need to lightly brush your teeth with the bristles, it does the job just as well. source- my dad, dental hygienist


Iirc applying pressure actually makes it *less effective* because it’s the tips of the bristles that do most of the scrubbing, and pressing hard on it deflects the tips away from the teeth.


yep. and itll wear down on your gums, which is absolutely horrible for your mouth. itll also strip away your enamel, which would be counterproductive. if there is any gunk at the base of the bristles- trust me there is some- you dont want that getting back on your teeth.


This is just a sidebar for others reading, as it is expensive... But closys mouthwash is amazing! It's an unflavored pH-adjusting mouthwash that works so well. It tastes a bit like pool water, but it doesn't tingle or sting at all. They include a dropper of flavor so you can put how much you like. I also like the OraNurse unflavored toothpaste. I've started brushing my teeth a lot more ever since I got it, and it still has fluoride.


closys is an excellent brand of mouthwash! i also use their toothpaste since it does not come with any SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) in it, which has always given me mouth sores. (fyi if anyone is getting unexplained mouthsores, it's probably the SLS in your toothpaste, which is only there to make it foam up). i didn't actually start taking care of my teeth until i discovered closys. other brands are too harsh for my mouth so i just never enjoyed using them. i love closys.


He ever tried the rubber baby brushes that you put on your finger? I think the mostly use them for infants, but they might remove the sensory issues.


There are flavoured mouthwashes that don’t leave that “fresh” feeling. Feels more like syrup in the mouth tbh lol


What about if you use kids toothpaste?


You have to get alcohol free mouthwash! I couldn't handle the burn of the mouthwash so I just stopped using it, but then my dentist told me that burn is from the alcohol and to look for alcohol free mouthwash. Sooooo much better!


I’m gonna be honest with you, I LOVE the burn, also nice username


Also consider kids mouth wash! I find the ones for adults no matter how sensitive they claim to be burn a ton. Still better than nothing and often comes in fun flavours!


Use the why not method. Next time u find yourself in the bathroom ur already there so why not brush ur teeth… appreciate the gold medal! It’s my first one but what’s the R/lounge about?


Massive kudos to you! Will definitely implement this, because clearly nothing else isn't working. And you know what, just brushed my teeth (even tho it's closer to noon, but so effing what, at least I brushed them)!


Good job! Another thing! Anything worth doing is worth doing poor. What this means is things don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to brush ur teeth in the morning or right at bedtime either. Brushing ur teeth anytime during the day is better than not brushing them at all


Yes! Or brushing them for a minute is better than that not at all. So even if you don't have 2-3 minutes, just get in there and do a minute!


Yep! I have been consistently brushing my teeth since I was little so it is just a habbit I have before bed. One thing I have added/done to make it better for myself if mouthwash and xylitol tablets for the days when I just don't feel up to it. Also having a toothpaste that doesn't feel like it burns my mouth, kids ones/very sensitive ones have been good. Also an i credibly soft toothbrush because the normal ones feel like they tear up my mouth due to having very sensitive gums (not infected or anything, my skin is also very sensitive and even some sensitive non-alcoholic face products burn)


But what if I have to eat or drink something soon?? This is my main blocker


You're brushing the crud thats on your teeth now. Doesn't matter what crud will get on them in 5 minutes. It's like car washes in winter for me. We need to get the car wash to get the salt and dirt off the car so it doesn't just build up. Because letting the salt stay on the car all winter will cause more damage over time then getting a car wash and putting new crud back on the car in 5 minutes. It helps me think in layers.


Me too. This was my main blocker. My dentist just suggested this to me the other day, because I also struggle with brushing. She explained that the bacteria need time to build up in order to start breaking through your enamel. Think of it this way (this is me, not my dentist): One zombie cannot break through the barricade. Two zombies cannot. They can chew on the concrete or metal for a while and maybe weaken it a tiny bit, but it doesn’t do much.. 500 zombies, however.... Now you’re screwed. They pile on top of each other and climb over the wall and they bust it all up. You’re done. It’s only a matter of time before they get your brain. Eating a meal deposits a few zombies. But the longer they sit there, the more they multiply. Every time you brush or floss, you are disrupting the bacteria and plaque *build up*. You are flushing the zombies that have multiplied since you last brushed. If you eat again in 5 minutes, you’ll get maybe 10 new zombies there, but that’s okay!! Because you just brushed 500 of them away before you ate, and next time you brush, you’ll do the same thing. The most important part of brushing or flossing is disrupting that build up, so the invaders can’t destroy your barricades. If you can only disrupt those guys at noon, do it at noon. It’s still a good battle tactic.


Who cares? Brushing your teeth right before food is way better than not doing it at all. "If something's worth doing, it's worth doing badly." I usually brush my teeth right before lunch because I just can't manage it earlier.


this is one of the reasons I keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in the shower. I'm cleaning the rest of me, so why not my mouth, too?


I do this sometimes


So I had this problem for about 32 years. Not that I didn't just that I didn't until the feeling in my mouth was worse than the feeling of brushing it. Brush your teeth in the shower. My wife does this and when I met her I thought it was the weirdest thing, but we were showering together and I didn't have a damn thing to do in the shower till she finished, so I started doing it. Keep a brush and a tube of toothpaste (ideally a second dedicated set of each) in the shower and just make it the last step of your shower (or the first, whichever works) I think for me, it cuts out the sensory issue of brushing with cold water.


Yup. Brush in the shower and switch to cinnamon toothpaste. The red color makes the sensations not as bad.


I have an electric toothbrush that stays next to the bathroom sink and a normal toothbrush in the shower. Both have their own tube of toothpaste sitting next to it. I have to take a tablet once a day and move the blister to sit next to my toothbrush next to the sink. Since then brushing compliance has greatly improved! And brushing your teeth in the shower just makes them feel.. cleaner..?


I started doing this about two years ago and now I atleast brush when I shower (everyday) vs before brushing once every 3 days give or take.


Maybe I should probably start brushing in the shower- I've heard it's a lot easier to keep track like that, would just need to buy another brush and tube of toothpaste- and maybe shower every day instead of every other day or two. Need to try not to get distracted with shaving either, I tend to focus to all hell on that when I'm in the shower-taking long enough that I end up with wrinkly fingertips.


I brush in the shower too! I’ve been doing it for years and now I don’t feel like I got clean in the shower until my teeth are also clean.


Honestly - the thing that motivated me is how expensive it is not to take care of your teeth. All the alarm clocks and reminders in the world won’t help - but the prospect of a $10k bill did get me moving…




Yeah dude - for real. The Land of the Free…to be bankrupted by your own basic human needs. There is no combination of words to signify how truly awful our healthcare is.


More like “land of the expensive”


100% agree our healthcare needs serious reform- equality of opportunity, a base standard of living through safety nets and access to basic necessities is important and I don't understand how the "Land of the free" somehow fails in these regards when other modernized nations do these things(to varying degrees of success, some great, some pretty awful)- I'm glad I'm still covered by my family's insurance- if only by (bad)luck really- Partly cause I technically qualify for a disability on the insurance papers, obviously waiting for the doctor to send a full letter about effects since they had already sent one about a list of issues. Having ASD and ADHD, Anxiety and Depression & some Renal Function loss sucks ass, but I'm working on it and want to work through it. I would also qualify for coverage if I went to college full time but Covid and me sorting out meds plus surgery has me part time right now. Hoping I can sort those out and find a dosage or medication which works well for me(on 15mg XR currently; moving to 20mg once I go through the last couple 15mg ones), and then I want to look at pushing my schedule to full time college if I feel I'm comfortable and can handle the work load and feel I have adequate retention and focus for my courses. I'm genuinely hoping/planning in future to move out of the country to somewhere else, but I doubt my ability for that and have concerns about that. But I shouldn't vent that on this post.


Not that expensive here, but still enough that the not free nature of it hurts to think about. Still not enough motivation to overcome the difficulty. I think negativity in general is oretty useless motivation for me. Better is making something habit. But, for the most part, my habits have come by accident or from the hardest desperation. I feel I would have to actually lose my teeth to start caring for them, ironically.


This does not work for me since dentists are free where I live, but my needle phobia does motivate me!


Or how annoying dentures are... my SO has them. I have bad teeth but have been so so so much better since we got together. (Someday we both hope to get rich so we get implants, but we both have ADHD so that's kinda not on our side...)


Yup. This is my biggest reason and I’m still bad!


get a water pik! it does not replace brushing teeth but it helps keep cavaties away


I have one and I can’t seem to figure out how to not get myself soaking wet when I use it 😊


You close your mouth while using it, leaning over the sink. Let the water dribble out or stop to spit every so often.


Haha in dutch pik means dick but is also used liked the word mate. Thanks for the laugh. Lekker pik!


Have you tried an electronic toothbrush?


there's a recent post about this in r/autisminwomen maybe you can find something helpful there


titled "Oral Hygiene"


https://www.reddit.com/r/AutismInWomen/comments/pqs7mg/oral_hygiene found the link for people.


If you don’t brush try to at least floss them for a start since that doesn’t have a taste


I try to floss everyday. The problem isn't with the taste, it's the feeling of the toothbrush on my teeth


If you’re flossing most days, I think your teeth will probably be better than most people’s, just to ease your worry. I’m far from an expert, but my understanding is that the buildup on the surface of the tooth causes plaque and yellowing, but food stuck between teeth for long periods of time is what causes rot and cavities.


Hey if you're flossing every day you're doing great! Try to stock up on the mouthwash you like, and rub your teeth with your finger and a paper towel. You've got this.


They make a kind if toothbrush for dogs, and I think for babies too, that is like a little finger cap with sillicone nubs. Do you think the silicone nubs would be easier for you to handle than the bristles?


Try a silicone finger cover thing, I think you can find them marketed as like finger toothbrushes for dogs or babies (I am not calling you a dog or a baby!) - this with toothpaste - children's or whatever flavour is fine, as long as it has flouride in it should work.


Heyyy!! You are doing great, then! I just shared with my dentist these same struggles. She told me, “Everyone has it backwards. If you have to choose between brushing everyday or flossing everyday, FLOSS. It disrupts the plaque buildup better than brushing. Next time you eat, the food will brush the bacteria off of some of your tooth surfaces. [Heck, you can even do that with your tongue!] But flossing gets the places in between teeth that food and bacteria get stuck in.” She told me to just put some floss by the couch in the living room and do it while I watch TV (the distraction helps a LOT). So, way to go for flossing!! My dentist is cheering for you! 😆 Actually, now that I say that, maybe that’s another helpful tactic: if you still want to brush, try watching something extremely interesting while you’re doing it to distract from the discomfort. Sometimes helps me. 😊


you could try one of those tooth brushes that looks like a mouth piece so it’s hands free and you don’t have the traditional type bristles tickling everything


I see you have tried a lot of toothbrushes but what works for me is a Curaprox brush. They make really well made brushes and you can get ones with very small heads and mega soft bristles. I love them.


Brushing your teeth does two things: sanitates your mouth and brushes the plaque off your teeth and tongue. So what I'd do is find a replacement method for those two things. My suggestion is use mouthwash daily (or as recommended). If mouthwash is too much for your mouth (sensory wise) you can cut it with water. And find some way to remove the plaque that doesn't mess with you too much, maybe brushing with water would be easier than with toothpaste, perhaps.




keeping your toothbrush and toothpaste in the shower is a GREAT trick!! i hate brushing my teeth too but somehow it really doesn’t bother me at all when i brush in the shower.


This is wonderful advice.


Do you know what part of the sensory experience is bad for you? The bristles? The force? The back and forth? The paste? There’s some alternatives that may be better depending on the answer. I go through waves of needing gel paste, fruit flavored paste, miswak, foam swabs, chewable brushes, and occasionally just chewing a ridiculous amount of gum with xylitol.


It's the bristles and back and forth motion. I've tried many types of bristles and nothing seems to help.


Could you try with your finger or a soft clean cloth? It would be a lot better than nothing, especially if you can combine it with other things like mouthwash, floss, or a water pik.


Have you tried an electric toothbrush? You don't have to do the back and forth motion, you hold the brush still against your teeth as the brush head rotates. Because it rotates so fast you don't even really feel the bristles, just vibrations. They're not that expensive and go on sale pretty frequently.


Have you tried a silicone brush? The bristles are far different, more like nubs than bristles, and there’s some that are chewable so no back and forth. Miswak or neem sticks may also help — I keep a pack of neem toothpicks for any time I need to feel clean but can’t brush — but they’re wood so splinters are possible (I never got one, but it’s possible). Someone else mentioned an electric brush which may be good, you really don’t feel the bristles at all and don’t have a back and forth motion, but get one with multiple speed settings as some are intense and can be a sensory overload. Foam swabs eliminate the bristles (essentially a sponge on a stick) but there is still some back and forth, though it may be tolerable without the bristles.


Agreeing with lots of people, I use an electric toothbrush for exactly this reason. The big bonus is I know for a fact it's doing a lot of good for nearly 0 effort from me so even if I can only manage 30 seconds or 1 minute (should be 2 minutes each time), I know I've done a bit. Manual brushing for 30 seconds does a fraction of the good and feels 10 times worse.


Brush with no toothpaste !! The sensory part of this sounds really hard, I hope you find a solution and don't be afraid to get creative and make your own toothpaste etc I'm sure Google will help! I also struggled to brush my teeth until 23yrs old and then a dental visit convinced me I needed to build the habit. I think start small and remember that a habit is like a mucel and you need to build it up. So even if you don't fully brush (and floss) because of the sensory issues even brushing with no tooth paste can help build the habit and after 3-6 months it will be easier to do it and remember!


Toothpicks? My dad is one of those that never brushes, but almost always uses a toothpick. I like picking/scrubbing at my teeth with a wooden toothpick, but I tend to forget they exist.


This sounds weird, but stick with me... They make this "finger brush" for brushing your dog's teeth. It's sort of a finger glove that goes over your index finger with something on the fingertip part for "brushing" (not regular bristles like a human toothbrush). I've seen one kind that had very short rubbery nubs/bumbs on it and one that was sort of like the soft part of velco. Maybe something like that wouldn't be as much of an overload for your teeth? Also, have you tried just wiping your teeth with a washcloth? Wiping, flossing, and swishing sound like a very good combination to buy you some time to work on this with your therapist. Good luck!


I just commented suggesting the finger brush! You can buy human ones too, but as long as it hasn't been in a dog's mouth first, I'm sure the dog one would be ideal too :D I like the washcloth idea as well, I've used that one my kids when they've been funny about brushing wobbly teeth. Far better than nothing at all.


Hi Dental nurse here with adhd, there is lots of things you can try, such as get a high fluoride mouthwash (always go for alcohol free) sugar free gum can be a short term alternative to the mechanical brushing in aiding removal of food. Also trying leaving a toothbrush and toothpaste by your tv, desk etc wherever you spend a lot of time you dont need water just a brush and toothpaste!


I have a tooth brush on top of my toilet and by my door into the bathroom, and used to have one in my shower. That way I see them and remind myself to brush. I also stand and walk or use brush while I'm using the bathroom or showering. I saw in another comment mouthwash burns, have you tried kids mouthwash and toothpaste? They also may have a flavor you'd prefer


I feel the same! I find eating whole apples cleans your teeth as well, when I got used to what smooth clean teeth feel like I became uncomfortable with plaque build up! Really just force yourself to do it for a week or more and then you might start feeling better when your teeth are clean, thats how I got out of never brushing my teeth as a kid. Also Steve-O never brushed his teeth and his gums receded. Look up receded gums, I have it mild but god I am definitely driven by that fear


Someone had a good post the other day (which I can’t find) basically saying you’ve been getting so much extra criticism your whole life for NOT doing things that something like brushing your teeth is either: do it or something’s wrong with you as a person. Her trick was to focus on why she likes it. Makes your gums feel slippery or something. Whatever breaks it away from all the negative or else.


Have you tried finding a toothpaste you really enjoy the taste of? The only way I could remember to take my vitamins was when I switched to gummy vitamins and I would always look forward to taking them.


The app Pokémon smile is a really adorable and motivating reason to brush your teeth. Not sure if that’s up your alley but its worth trying once!


Oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I just downloaded it and played it. You have made my life better.


That’s awesome!! I’m so glad I could help


Have you had a really bad toothache yet? That kind of pain will help you remember. I man, it worked for me, at least!


What really motivates me is pain. If you've ever had serious issues with your teeth, the pain is intense.


There is a lot of good advice here, and I particularly think you should prioritize reading the comments that involve sensory aspects of the tooth brushing experience. To add, you may want to prepare your mouth for that sensory experience instead of just attacking it with the tickly brushes and the slimy paste. Do you like honey or jam? Find something tasty to dip your finger in and then rub your finger along your lips, your gums, put some gentle pressure on your teeth, and rub the front half of your tongue. If even that is too much, begin with a jaw and cheek massage. A slow introduction that something will be going on in your mouth may make the experience less jarring to your senses. I would definitely have a conversation with your dentist to ask for brush recommendations to accommodate your sensory needs! Hope this helps, make the experience as pleasant as possible for yourself. Set aside enough time to go at your own pace.


I recommend a nano toothbrush!! They're full of a million super soft bristles..not even the softest store toothbrush prepared me for that. I didn't realize how much of my aversion was the brush itself until I got one. I love it! And they're like $8 for a 4 pack on Amazon.


I keep hearing adds for this new quip toothbrush that let's you earn points while you brush to redeem for free stuff turning it into more of a game if that's something you might respond too. Just throwing spaghetti at the wall. I make it part of my shower routine, just as I wouldn't get out of the shower without washing my hair. I don't get out of the shower without brushing my teeth.


https://silkotoothbrush.com/ This is finally a redesignsd toothbrush that uses thousands of tiny bristles, so it's ultra soft, but cleans exceptionally well. You honestly could get away without using paste. But I mean, coconut oil? Probably isn't dentist reccomended, but at least it would act as a bit of a cleaner, neutralize some bacteria etc. Other than that, I brush in the shower, feels like much less of a chore and I can be as messy as I want without getting yelled at by the woman for getting dried paste spots everywhere haha. Good luck friend! Try the brush when you run into funds! Life changing!


I've started doing it while I dry if after showering. I can't get dressed or anything until I'm dry anyway. Yes it's only once a day but it's the first time in years I've had a consistent showering habit at all. I'll take it. Edit: I also can't stand mint so I just Tom's of Maine kid's strawberry *with fluoride.* The kind with fluoride has just as much as Colgate, minus the burn


What really worked for me was getting bad teeths and alot of pain. Costed me alot of money and its still not over. 3 root canals that makes my teeths weak. Now i brush my teeths like its a religion.


I was having trouble because I'd try and brush my teeth after I shower in the morning. I changed it so that I brush my teeth before I shower, and this is the first time I've managed to consistently brush my teeth in my life. I'd suggest changing when you're trying to brush your teeth and seeing if there is a time that works better in your schedule than what you're currently doing. Try doing it at the start or in the middle of your bathroom routine. See what works.


The bass toothbrush from Ora Wellness has less than half the bristles than a regular brush and the bristle tips are rounded. It feels much different than a regular brush and cleans better. I love them and anytime I use a regular brush now it feels super weird. A bass brush may help with the sensory issues. Edit: didn’t realize links are ok to add here! Here’s a link to the brush. https://store.orawellness.com/products/bass-toothbrush


This maybe a little out there but maybe consider more non-western ways of keeping your teeth, tongue and mouth clean. In Surinam we use molasses on a washcloth to clean babies mouths and for elderly people who don’t tolerate toothbrushes well. Another thing that is more out there but in many traditional african tribes they use something like licorice-sticks ( actual branches ) to chew on and their teeth are the whitest and most clean I’ve ever seen. The answer doesn’t always lie in what we are taught. Hope you find something that works because good mouth-hygiene goes a long way towards even heart-health. Much luck in finding a fitting solution. ETA: looking into finger-brushes used on dogs maybe worth an internet-search. They are soft but get the job done and are very inexpensive as well. Another edit: in ayurvedic tradition toothpaste is not that common and sesame-oil is used as a mouth cleanser. It’s called oil-pulling and is said to be cleansing as well as detoxifying. And now I’ll stop with the suggestions 😂😂. Hope this was at least helpfull


I always had issues with brushing my teeth. Most of the top teeth are broken or gone entirely. Most of the bottom row remains intact, I believe bruxism played a role there.


Have you tried a mouth guard? I have the same issue (most of my top intact teeth are actually veneers) but while I'm awake and stressed, so it doesn't help much for that but it does help while asleep... got it for 17 bucks at Kroger.


Hmm maybe a stupid question but is the whole remembering part or is the bruising part? Bruising part start small just one tooth. That’s day one. Next day do 2. Day 3 you are doing 3. And so on. Remembering part… hmm maybe try alarm? Write something on your hand? Put the toothbrush on your pillow or some place where it’s easy to see it and even easier to just brush your teeth instead of putting it back? I mean if you are going to return it to bathroom you might as well brush it


Electric toothbrush bruh. It changes it for me


I fucking hate the minty flavor of toothpaste, I have not found a solution but I use these stupid expensive curaprox ultra soft toothbrushes from Sweden, you can get them on Amazon, they come in really cool colors and I’ve found pronamel strong and bright to be less offensive, I still can’t even brush once a day for more than 3 days straight but something about the fun toothbrush colors and mild toothpaste help me find the motivation to brush more than I was… I also don’t force myself to not eat between brushing my teeth and falling asleep, Idk if any of these thin might help you but it’s worth a shot


They are generally not as good for your teeth but you can get like 'no fluoride' natural kids toothpastes that are very flavorless. A mate uses it when he gets ulcers! As a kid I also remember having a special kids paste that was really mild! It's just a Colgate kids and they do have fun packaging too hehe. If you haven't tried kids toothpaste already they might help tide you over the bad days. :)


Do it when you shower. Even with ADHD, we have our routines in the shower don't we? Add brushing to that routine. I literally shampoo my hair, brush my teeth, soap and then face wash. Every single day. Once it's part of the shower routine, it kinda becomes natural. Good luck!


Brush your teeth in the shower !!! Buy an automatic toothpaste dispenser and stick it to the wall in your shower. This changed my life regarding this !


I personally found that using an electric toothbrush helped me a lot with being more consistent. It's probably the fact that it has an internal timer If you are into pokemon, you could try and use their brushing app? If you brush your teeth well enough you can catch Pokemon. It's called pokemon smile if I recall correctly


My son just got diagnosed with ASD and he loves the vibrating ones. It seems like you’re more over sensitive where my boy has a lot of under sensitivity with sensory issues but this is the only advice I can give you as far as that. I used to take cold showers til I started getting chills more recently, I hated getting in it but once I got out it felt so good. If you can fixate on the feeling of having clean teeth(if you enjoy it) then you’d be more willing to push through the pain for it. I know it’s helped me overcome alcoholism, instead of thinking about the initial buzz i get from a drink my mind now associates alcohol with waking up hungover in jail knowing I did/said something to hurt people I care about.


Def try in the shower, soft brush and nicer toothpastes. But also maybe one of those finger tip brushes you use for babies or pets might help, since the sensation is closer to just touching your teeth yourself? I find the difference between toothbrush handle and what the top is doing is one of the reasons bushing is so hard for me. ( Also somehow, electric one helped this, since it's not in my control, but that could easily be overwhelming. )


When I was pregnant I had a terrible gag reflex thing going on. The only place I could brush my teeth was the shower. Ithink the stimulation from the water hitting me helped me to gag less.


Lemme know if you figure it out fam. Also, a water pic flosser is an amazing thing! When I get around to it.


You may actually grow out of it. I'm 24 (close to or maybe on the autism spectrum) and just _couldn't_ all my life. Somehow last year it started working for me, no idea why. Meanwhile, see if you can identify which part is the problem. Taste? Feeling on your teeth? The motion? Standing still? Foam? The smaller you can get the problem, the easier it is to fix. I think some people on the spectrum have success with those brushes in jaw shape that you just hold and they'll brush a whole jaw at once. They're kinda expensive but it's much less time spent brushing, the sensation is uniform and you don't have to move your hand


What about using a washcloth instead of a toothbrush?


That's what I was going to suggest. I know it doesn't get the whole surface as well as a brush, but if you floss and use a washcloth most days then maybe once a week force yourself to use a toothbrush? Should be close to as good as brushing everyday. I'm sorry, I can't imagine having sensory issues surrounding toothbrushing, I have sensory issues with clothing and ADHD making brushing enough of a challenge already. The combo would probably lead me to toothlessness eventually, lol. And then with my luck I'd probably have sensory issues with dentures 🤣😭


Sensory wise, I don't know (though my autistic sister uses an electric toothbrush and likes it) but in terms of getting yourself to do it, I made a playlist of songs I like that are 2:45-3:30 minutes to listen to while I brush to get the recommended ~3 minutes so I don't half ass it.


I do it in my room, on my bed, with my phone in my other hand. When I'm done, I go spit and wash off the toothbrush in the bathroom.


Maybe try the Foreo silicone toothbrush if you don’t like regular bristles. Maybe we need more info on what part of the bristles you don’t like. I understand that might be too distressing to think about at this moment


For a cheaper, manual alternative, this brand seems to be Earth conscious. https://boieusa.com/pages/sustainability


I try and pair it with another event that I’m already in the bathroom for, like if my water for the shower is getting warm, time to brush teeth. Or maybe buying a couple of tooth brushes and setting them next to the sinks in your house? I know for me I struggled with my oral hygiene after my daughter was born because walking to the bathroom in the other room was too much. Hope any of this helps, and the biggest part is that you’re making an effort to stay on top of it. Proud of you!!


Brushing is also difficult for me. As far as the timing difficulties I’ve switched to doing it whenever I think about it. Sometimes it’s at night sometimes it 4 am when I wake up to go to the bathroom. In order for me to do anything I usually trick myself into doing


Hi friend. Similar issues. My biggest thing is my desire to not lose my teeth yet I still struggle. I also found an electric toothbrush helps as it creates a sensation I can handle where when I’m manually brushing (or when the electric one turns off and I’m still going at it) I literally want to puke instantly because I can’t stand the sensation of manual brushing. Getting cleanings is literal hell for me I actually like getting teeth pulled more but again my desire to not lose my teeth is what pushes me as much as it can.


not sure if someone else has mentioned this, but have you tried mixing salt with some water? it’s not a true substitute for brushing teeth but it does help clean the area a bit and it’s pretty gentle if you don’t mind the taste of salt! edit: someone said get a water pik. the water flosser is a nice and easy way to keep your mouth clean but be careful because it may too over stimulating for you. best of luck to you, i’m sure this isn’t an easy thing to deal with. <3


I hate it but I have this problem too. What has helped a little is switching toothpaste, bc I hate mint and even the scent of it makes me sick to my stomach. I found a cinnamon and tea tree toothpaste that is bearable but I still forget all the time


For the texture, How about using a washcloth with toothpaste to brush your teeth. Just put it around your finger and scrub.


I would encourage you to do a few things: First because of your autism getting into a routine and following a rule is very important. Put a note on your bathroom mirror The rule is you must brush your teeth. Keep a toothbrush in water on the sink where you wash your hands and brush your teeth every time you use the bathroom. Don’t worry about toothpaste or anything just brush them. Reward yourself for each success. Do this until it becomes habit. Once it becomes habit you can try to put mouthwash in the cup that holds your tooth brush. A child’s mouth wash is fine. The most important thing is that it kills bacteria and protects the teeth and gums. You can experiment with toothpastes and see if there’s one that you like more than another or you can make your own with peroxide and baking soda. (My son is autistic and he hates baking soda but likes aim toothpaste which costs about a dollar a tube. ) Two things are important first is that it’s a rule and you need to follow it. The rule is I brush my teeth every time I use the bathroom. Everytime. No question about it. Second reward yourself. Think of your favorite thing while brushing, give yourself a star each time you brush, five stars = real time return something that you can enjoy. Maybe 15 minutes on your favorite game, watching your favorite movie, doing your favorite thing. Reward yourself.


Watch tiktok while u brush u wont even notice


[This thing exists.](https://360sonicbrush.net/?cmp_id=1991434941&adg_id=73803172489&kwd=whole%20mouth%20toothbrush&device=m&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5Mbw76qL8wIVxAN9Ch278wOFEAAYAyAAEgKiWPD_BwE) (A new kind of toothbrush where you stick a mouthguard looking thing into your mouth and vibrates.) I’ve been curious about it as a toothbrush alternative but haven’t tried yet.


I usually watch Youtube videos while brushing my teeth.


Try the baby toothbrushes. So much softer and anything is better than nothing. My son is also asd/adhd and after loads of trial and error for him we discovered he has a easier time with it mid - late afternoon when we’re already transitioning but not tired. It seems like Morning and night is best, but if that’s not working, change time. For me it’s a need to be reminded all the time.


I was reading that if you get a toothbrush with silicone bristles if can help with sensory issues. As far as brushing I used to brush with baking soda and water, it doesn't taste very good BUT it doesn't burn and at least you are getting something abrasive on your teeth to clean off the plaque. Do a little bit a research and see if there are any natural things you can use and slowly work yourself up to using regular toothpaste again. Best of luck, I totally understand the struggle you're going through I have sensory issues myself. Also, I will add. I have a terrible time remembering to brush too. I put my toothbrush in the shower so I'll look at it and I'll do it the same time as showering to distract myself and then bam one and done showered and clean mouth lol.


In the shower.


I brush my teeth in the shower, it’s always worked for me.


I wish I could help. I'm pretty religious about that because I hate the taste of bad breath


You are not brushing because of your sensory issues Not because of your ADHD in my opinion. Seriously though If I get off track with brushing I’ll just brush any random time that I happen to think about it and move on. If you can’t just walk into the bathroom and brush right now it’s beyond the scope of adhd. But I’m not an expert. Edit: you can also try a product like this https://360sonicbrush.net/?cmp_id=1991434941&adg_id=73803172489&kwd=ultrasonic%20toothbrush&device=m&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkdO42eyJ8wIVwHxvBB0r0gIVEAAYASAAEgLKKfD_BwE


The U shaped brush! I came here to say this! A family member bought me one - supposedly its not As Good as brushing with a normal electric toothbrush but I could do it every day, two or three times a day and my dentist noticed improvement. Then I broke it and pretty much forgot to brush my teeth until Medication. I just couldn't care about the flavor of my mouth long enough to go fix it until adderall, now I just suddenly get up and brush my teeth about an hour after my meds, with my normal electric toothbrush. But I'm about to go buy that U shaped brush again.


I do it because I don’t like the taste of my mouth when it gets really gross. Also don’t want people to smell my breath.


Sugar feeds the bacteria in your mouth that will slowly eat away your teeth until you are in excruciating pain and need a root canal that will cast thousands of dollars. Every time you eat sugar you should think about this. When your feel plaque on your teeth that the poop that bacteria left behind as they continued their teeth eating mission. Basically try and horrify yourself into doing the right thing. Took me till my 30’s and 2 root canals and a lot of pain and dentist bills to change my perspective and make it a priority. Don’t be me.


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Title: How to brush my teeth My brain: Thinking about what the dentist told me to make sure I get every corner and brush long enough…. In all seriousness though I set an alarm for 6am where I don’t actually get out of bed I just do deep breathing for however long feels like it calmed me down and helped me wake up a bit. I roll around for an hour without touching my phone and then I’ve woken up at this point and I dedicate my entire morning to self care so I don’t have to worry about it in the afternoon.


You could just not use a toothbrush. Have you tried just using a finger? I don't see how it would be much worse than a toothbrush and it's better than what's going on now


Make it a priority every day, it takes getting the brush, over the sink, water running, toothpaste, brush. Once you're there your golden. And once you start your day like that it makes the next 168 tasks more obtainable.


I can’t help about the sensory issues, but here’s something which might help you feel more motivated to brush them and find it fun: they sell plaque disclosing tablets. You chew one and rinse it out, and it colours old plaque in blue and newer plaque in red. It’s technically made to teach you which spots you’re neglecting when you brush regularly, but it could perhaps act as a motivator in your case - to be able to visualize the amount of plaque you’ve accumulated and be able to literally follow a guide of where to brush especially?


Uhm... do you like chocolate? cause if toothpaste is a problem, Theodent Chocolate Toothpaste, it's tasty, no fluoride, no awful mint taste. It helped me stay motivated to brush when I'm at my most dysfunctional. Also, free yourself from the schedule, brush your teeth whenever during the day you feel like it. Sometimes I floss at random times because I have those floss picks all over the house (in baggies, clean, I promise). If you don't like the squish of toothpaste then there are toothpaste/mouthwash tabs that LUSH sells that work well for that. Also, bamboo toothbrushes tend to have softer bristles... There are also electric u-shaped "toothbrushes" that you just put in your mouth and turn on. They're not as effective as normal toothbrushes but they're better than nothing.


Try a bunch of different toothbrushes and toothpaste. They're fairly inexpensive so you can go all out. What I personally do is having an episode of The Office playing when I do all my skincare/grooming stuff. A 20-minute episode is a decent time to get everything done, and my brain is too busy with Michael Scott to worry about how unpleasant brushing is.


I am on the same boat, sensory overload. But my limit is 3 days and then I cant deal with the feeling in my mouth anymore. I hate brushing my teeth but I still do it. Theres no real tip I can give but just my hopes and encouragement for you


Okay so the thing that got keep to start having some motivation to brush, is I bought this mouthwash called TheraBreath, and it literally makes your breath smell like nothing, and it works for a long time. I always felt like mouthwash was a scam, cause it never really seemed to do anything for more than 5 minutes, now my mouth feels fresh and clean for hours after. It's expensive compared to normal mouthwash, about $8 a bottle, and you end up using about 2 bottles a month if used as directed. I swear by it, and will never switch. Sacrificing $20/month elsewhere is totally worth it for instant results. Now on to the thing that got me into a daily habit of brushing: I started brushing my teeth before I shower, cause showering happens daily, but its gotta be before the shower, cause you expel so much physical, (and even mental energy with adhd, trying to stay on task so the water doesn't get cold) during a shower with all the full body movements and hot water. After a couple weeks, you'll have made brushing your teeth before a shower a habit, and if you try to skip it before the shower, it won't feel right and you'll force yourself to do it to satisfy that "mental equilibrium" when things are going right


Could you maybe connect it to something you like? Like attach it to a rule containing a later price of a sort - a la after brushing you’re allowed to [insert]? In general I have fairly good experiences with creating laws/rules, however it has to be decided that the rules can’t be deviated from (no inner discussions or special circumstances can change the law/rule).. could be a game that can’t be played until after compliance, a show or similar..


Just throwing more spaghetti at the wall here, but depending one what specifically of the sensory issue is, would a rubber bristle brush work?? Like the kind with the soft rubber bristles used for babies? Might be less abrasive than a regular brush and would be better than nothing! Also, my dental hygiene went waaaaay up when I got a water pik. Don’t know why but made everything more enjoyable. I rarely forget now, so might have just kickstart the habit cause it was a new exciting thing but definitely more enjoyable than flossing.


You must shower right? Sometimes I do up my tooth brush and bring it in the shower and brush my teeth while spinning around in the hot water. Just enough stimulation to make if not painfully boring and it’s a normal routine you’re probably already doing - consider combing them to solidify a pattern and also add novelty.


I've heard if you have to pick one, flossing is more important than brushing. I keep multiple floss packs in convenient places-- bedroom, bathroom, work bag, car. Eventually I run into one and use it. I also remember that some brushing is better than no brushing. Can you grit your teeth and just brush the outside? Then maybe later on you can just brush the inside. I combine boring tasks like brushing my teeth while waiting for the shower to heat up or conditioner to set into my hair. Sometimes I'll brush my teeth while running water for dishes. You could try putting your toothbrush next to the kitchen sink instead. There are also toothbrushing sticks called miswak that you chew on to brush your teeth. I don't know the effectiveness vs a standard brushing routine nor if they would work with your sensory issues, but they do feel/taste different than a normal toothbrush and paste.


I struggle more with being too bored to spend a good amount of time brushing my teeth and also consistency, but the hack I found I figured miiiight help. I love to shower at night because it's a nice sensory experience before bed, so I switched to brushing my teeth in the shower and it helped so much. I love to stand around And waste time in the hot water, so I have no trouble brushing my teeth for a few minutes in the shower. It might help the sensory issues or to provide a distraction if you like showers! I keep my toothbrush in the shower all the time now so it's there to remind me. It might also help to try a kids toothpaste, you know the ones that are flavoured like milkshakes and stuff? Not sure if you mentioned that haha


I had this problem as a kid, I only started late last year but since then I’ve made a strict morning routine that involves me brushing right after I hope out the shower which hasn’t failed once


Idk if this will work for you, but I remember to brush my teeth in the morning because i need fresh teeth when i put on makeup, and it's right there when i take off my makeup so i go "might as well".


You haven't mentioned any issues with showering. What I do sometimes is in the shower I will put water in my mouth and clean each tooth (front and back) with my finger tip til they are squeaky clean. I will also do the same on my gums (including where they meet my cheeks) and the roof of my mouth.


Just get an electric tooth brush they’re more fun plus you don’t have to do anything aside from sticking in your mouth and pressing it against your teeth, it’ll vibrate when you have to switch sides. Do it while your sitting down taking a shit in the morning, you never forget to tale a shit, right?


I have a weird suggestion that helped me to remover taking my pills (my friend told me, because even though I might’ve taken them 30 seconds go, I genuinely don’t remember if I had), if you have a pet, give them a treat before you brush your teeth. That way, the pet will get in that routine and won’t forget even if you do. I am not on the autistic spectrum, but I do have TMJ dysfunction and Mysofacial Syndrome, so brushing my teeth can be painful 🙃 I do it while I listen to a song and then walk around my house, kinda helps. Idk about you, but that’s all I got for you


I made a weird habit of rubbing my tongue on my teeth alot everyday to remind myself there's plaque on my teeth. I don't think the gritty plaque feeling so it encourages me to brush. Also helps if I go one place a day even if it's just a stroll to the convenience store so I have to wear a mask and brush my teeth not to smell my breath! Good luck.


I sometimes clean my teeth with a dry washcloth. I just drape over a finger and scrub.


I'd say practice with as many different products and combos as possible. There are lots of things designed for those with sensory issues now. These two links below are to a non-foaming flavour-free toothpaste and a finger brush. A toothpaste like this should help with minimising the amount of sensations going on, and the finger brush can help you get really close control on exactly what part(s) of your mouth are getting any sensations. When you can focus all the sensory input to a tiny part of your mouth, it can help you feel more in control and less overwhelmed by it all. Also, using a finger brush can allow you to, as others have suggested, focus on just one tooth if you want, and then you can tackle another tooth another day. Eventually build up to two teeth per day, etc. Personally I would have thought that your ADHD is kicking your butt over this based on the sensory issues, so once you can work on the sensory bit, the ADHD will be less likely to affect this particular task. Then you can work on your reminders, etc, to reign the ADHD in over this. Good luck! x https://growingsmiles.co.uk/product-category/toothpastes/non-foaming-sls-free/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwv5uKBhD6ARIsAGv9a-xTsa79VscVu9SF90OJ2PAxNcbfViDVfLRd9z61iYVsZuU76xpy68oaAvxzEALw_wcB https://www.tinknstink.co.uk/iko-finger-toothbrush.html


I really love floss picks and keep a pack in my car. I love to use them when I am stopped at traffic lights. [Floss picks](https://www.walgreens.com/q/floss+picks)


I also struggle with this! I just bought myself an electric toothbrush which has a 2 minute timer, so when I go to the loo at night before bed I just brush while sitting on the loo. In the mornings I grab it and brush while watching YouTube or scrolling reddit. Ymmv. I haven’t had an electric toothbrush before, so the novelty and convenience is helping. I like the way my teeth feel after too. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to floss consistently though, man I hate flossing 😂


I hate brushing my teeth too. Eating apples, broccoli,celery, carrots and other crunchy fruits and vegetables and drinking tea and avoiding added sugars helps to keep your teeth naturally clean. I like the natural fluoride free toothpastes with charcoal and coconut oil. And kid toothbrushes are pretty soft!


Add, asd here as well. Can't stand electric tootbrushes. But can tolerate normal tooth brushes. But I noticed that as long as I'm feeling fine that I manage to brush them but as soon as Im in a period of feeling worse I can't convince myself even with the why not method. But I hate the dentist even more because the sensation and stimulus drains me totally. But I've been lucky with my teeth that occasionally brushing keeps them fine


Don't look for a panic motivation, look for a fun/curious motivation. Your brain will more easily let you move if you just exclusively pick the fun/curious route. I don't know why.


I don't know why but I also hate this task. I brush in the shower, I'll sit on the floor of the tub and brush. I also use the green flossers with the handle and not reg floss. Regular floss hurts my fingers and is awkward. Try and determine what you don't like about the task of brushing. Is it the brush or the toothpaste or both. Does it hurt? You could try kids toothpaste and brushes. Much softer, until you get used to it. And won't be a minty hot like adult toothpaste and ya it also tastes like candy. There' is also those finger toothbrushes people use camping. It's like a little cover for your finger, brush, rinse and dry. Rinse mouth with water after eating and drinking The kids mouthwash that colors the plaque may also be interesting. Turn your teeth blue, you only have to brush the blue away and your done a good visual cue for your progress. Remember any type of cleaning is better than nothing. If you get part of The teeth clean thats awesome,next time start of the other side. Have you tried brushing your teeth while walking around the house. I find I'll brush my teeth a bit longer. Hope you find something that helps!


I'm the same. i still don't know.


This is embarassing but sometimes i’ll go multiple months without brushing my teeth i just forget, it’s truly a miracle my teeth haven’t deterioriated.


Brush today! You can do it!! I believe in you!!! Reward yourself afterward. :))


Keeping it in the shower does it for me


Any job worth doing is worth doing poorly. If you can't do it for the full 3 minutes, just decide to do it for 3 seconds. Just getting your teeth covered is better than not trying and maybe once it's there you're fine? If brushing is just awful have you tried flossing and mouthwash? It's a completely different texture, action, everything! Even if you can't use a toothbrush, wash your hands and use your fingers to scrape off the plaque. Anything is better than nothing and just getting something on your teeth is the biggest hurdle!


have a child, include it in their bedtime routine, brush your teeth together. this is how i started brushing my teeth every day at 33, AMA


I just play a YouTube video. It’s the only way I can get my brain to suffer through those 2 minutes of brushing


Get an electric toothbrush and do it while showering


Do you shower daily? I brush my teeth in the shower, so just make it a part of your shower routine everyday and you won't forget. My toothbrush is literally eye height from me in my shower so there's no way I could forget.


I've stopped brushing my teeth for no reason. I need visual cues, anyhoo, I've put my tootbrush on the sink, it reminds me, I'm getting better...


Become a dental model, if your job is required to have healthy teeth you’ll never forget, big brain


Buy a waterpik that way you can at least clean between your teeth - you can fill them with mouthwash. I hate brushing too but my dentist told me to buy one before I ended up with gingivitis.


I’ve been doing bad at brushing my teeth at night. If I don’t, I could get decalcification or gingivitis from the braces I have on (that’s typical). It’s just that once I’m in my bed getting sleepy (which is unpredictable), I’m basically unmovable I still brush them in the morning though.


How much longer will you have braces? Have you considered brushing right after dinner or around say 8pm before you get sleepy? Then only drink water after you brush for the evening.


I got them on less than a month ago, so at least a year. I should probably just create a routine that had a guaranteed last meal of the day for me, in which I’ll brush my teeth right afterwards. I usually don’t do it after dinner cause I’m unsure if I’ll get hungry for a snack later that night or not


Ooh, I tend to be a snacker before bed if I don’t eat enough during the day. Can you try something like: - 8:30 or 9:00: “Am I hungry or peckish?” –> quick snack (ex: small protein bar or nuts, etc.) - then brush teeth ? Figuring out a routine will be well worth it in the long run! (Take it from someone who had braces in high school.) I’m sure you’ve seen photos of teeth of people who didn’t brush enough when they had braces. Find ways to externalize reminders for your oral hygiene! Good luck!


I’ll try it tonight


I'm very strict about brushing my teeth but that comes from 17 years of trauma and anxiety around the dentist because of an accident I had when I was 5. If you have difficulty with the sensation of brushing your teeth I'm guessing you can't stand the dentist and his array of prodding tools. Consider the potential consequences of letting your teeth fall into a state of decay. Eating becomes painful, bad breath happens, and the situation becomes increasingly more complex and invasive to fix. Dental issues can also escalate into full on health problems too. I've had a root canal, a hole drilled into my jawbone, too many mouth x-rays to count, dental cement on my teeth, cement removed from my teeth, a tooth pulled, a temporary denture, gum stitches, gum stitches removed, and cosmetic surgery on my face due to tooth infection scarring to name just a few. The only thing I was allowed to be unconscious for was the scar surgery. Root canal is a sensory nightmare, as was the denture. Basically, it might help bearing in mind that brushing is a small horror show but it's the tip of an iceberg you don't have to experience more of. That and maybe find a toothbrush you really like even if it's expensive (it'll be cheaper than dental work) and use a reward system or play some music/audiobook while you brush so you start associating brushing with something you like and you distract yourself a little from the sensory stress. Maybe squeeze a stress ball in your free hand or some other fidgety object. Maybe if you brush once a day for x amount of time you buy yourself something you've been wanting for a while. Then you could gradually work it up to twice a day. Basically whatever motivates you, use that against yourself. Now I need to go brush my teeth I've been procrastinating it for over an hour and I'll have to wait 30 minutes before I can have my breakfast. It's nearly 3pm. Thanks ADHD.


How about you substitute the toothpaste with some salt?


Once you get into the habit you'll never stop. I was too lazy to brush my teeth for like, ten years. My mouth is full of fillings and I'm now recovering from implant surgery to replace one that got really bad, so I can't brush, and I'm losing my mind. I'm super lucky that I didn't lose all of my teeth or end up with more than ten cavities.


Gross yourself out by your dirty teeth. Think about the plaque and feel it with your tongue. Think about all that bacteria sitting there eating away at your teeth, you’ll feel disgusted and want to get rid of it immediately. Or develop anxiety about being caught with bad breath and obsess over it being clean.


lol wtf? why would you encourage anxiety and OCD to someone who has enough of that on a daily basis?


Yikes just read the actual paragraphs op wrote. Maybe should’ve read those instead of vaguely seeing ‘advice on how to brush teeth’ and shooting what worked for me in my very different situation. Whoops.


I do it in the shower. 🤔


I just do it really fast first thing before bed... Better than nothing


What are the issues that are causing you to throw out your toothbrushes and/or toothpaste? Is it a sensory issue with the toothbrush bristles? Are they too hard or too soft? Do you think something like brushpicks and flosspicks might work for you? Would an electric toothbrush be better or worse?




If you found out lemme know. Same with showering. I’m clean in all areas of life but can’t shower for some reason


Couple suggestions that are not toothbrushes or mouthwash, 'cause I very much understand the uncomfortable sting. Pür mints or gum - they're made with xylitol, so they are actually good for oral hygiene rather than neutral like most sugar free. Gum will help get we gunk out of your teeth, but the mints are also helpful. I get them on Amazon. Waterpik - no idea if that would trigger sensory issues.. it's more like floss than a toothbrush, at least. At my last dentist appointment the hygienist used basically that.


Keep your toothbrush and toothpaste on your nightstand, you don't have to leave your covers or your phone that way.


For me, brushing my teeth is incredibly time-consuming and boring (even if it's only for two minutes). 'Cause of this, I tend to bring my phone with me to play music or watch videos so I get instantly lost in them. The distraction works greatly, but of course, everyone is different. Might be worth giving it a try however! For forgetfulness, you could put your toothbrush + toothpaste someplace that's a part of your morning/night time routine already. This may be a bit much, but you could put your toothbrush on your pillow (sealed up in a bag, probably), then you'd have to pick it up. All the best >>


Search Amazon for EasyHonor extra soft tooth brush. It’s a really different sensory experience than a normal bristle brush! Also do you go to a dentist regularly? You can ask for fluoride varnish (insurance usually only covers for kids but it’s not expensive), or if they’d recommend coming in for a professional cleaning more often than the regular 6 months.


Best Advice I can give is to leave an electric toothbrush in the shower. Mine also makes a louder hum every 30 seconds to tell you to switch up which side you're brushing. Good luck!


i find myself brushing in the shower, having everything in there when im already doing the wash my body chore.