Love the car, don‘t like the spoiler. But do whatever floats your boat :)


Damn, i usually dont like spoilers on cars but i love it on this one. I just love the new cla


Sweeet BENZ !


From personal experience, if you want a matte car, buy it in black and wrap it. The paint is very annoying to take care of.


What's annoying about it?


Taking care of it


No shit. Why though


You can't paint correct matte paint. If you get a light scratch, it'll require repainting/touch up. Some people matte ppf (like xpel stealth) their entire car.


I live in a smaller city (~110k) in the US, and I have the magno grey matte on my E43. Somebody scratched all three panels when leaving my work’s parking lot. Only two places would even consider evaluating it. One place immediately turned it down because they said the paint would be impossible to match. The only reason the other place took it is because they said the other shop was their direct competition and wanted to prove them wrong. They did an awesome job but repainted 3x to get the right color code combos. He told me to never buy another matte car after I went to pick it up, lol.


I have the matte paint and the fears about it are overblown if you know what you're doing. The only thing you really can't do is touch up small scratches or chips. You do have to repaint the entire panel at a minimum. Because of this you want to get PPF on the front bumper at an absolute minimum to protect from rock chips. You should not wash it at a normal touch free car wash. Once or twice may be okay but eventually the soap the use will wear away the matte clear coat and you'll get shiny spots. They make matte specific soaps you should use to wash it. I always hand wash with the matte soaps and spot clean with some other matte specific products. Other fears like needing to wash bird crap off immediately or it'll eat through the matte don't seem to be accurate. Wash it off relatively soon because it is acidic, but it doesn't harm the matte paint anymore than it does normal paint. I took my car on a 9,000 cross country road trip last year. It got very dirty during the trip with bugs, bird crap, etc. etc. I spot cleaned the bigger stuff using some touch up cleaner in a spray bottle, but there was definitely some stuff stuck on the paint for weeks at a time during the trip. Didn't effect the paint at all once I got home for a full wash. From a cleaning point of view as long as you use the right stuff it might actually be easier than glossy paint. The matte can hide some dirty and grime a bit better because it's not glossy.


"I have the matte paint and the fears about it are overblown if you know what you're doing. The only thing you really can't do is touch up small scratches or chips." I guess I'd be scared too if I had to repaint an entire panel for a tiny chip or scratch. I'd be scared on the hit to my wallet. No, thank you, pass on the matte paint thingy.


- They are hard to keep clean. You need to use wax free products when washing or it will get shiny spots or streaks on the paint. Common debris like bird poop and bugs need to be removed daily, if you leave them on they can mar the surface or leave spots that won't ever come off. With that said, you don't have to worry as much about water spots, swirls or fine scratches. [Here is the front of mine during a road trip.](https://i.imgur.com/cQjWYJD.jpg) All of those bugs and water streaks were hard as hell to get off and look nice again. - Repainting if ever needed is an expensive pain. You generally can't just repaint a panel, you need to repaint the whole side of a car, because almost no one can blend Magno, especially the more metallic base colors. Most normal paint shops won't even touch the cars, so hope you live in a big city. I still loved [mine, but it wasn't a daily and so it didn't get much abuse.](https://i.imgur.com/3rovtQY.jpg)


Or get the non-matte paint (like Selenite Grey Metallic) then matte PPF the whole car


No thanks


Looks awesome but feel like they should have used the same rear boot spoiler as on the A35 sedan.


The lip spoilers are available on the CLA45... this is just part of an optional aerodynamics package.


How do you get this rear spoiler? Just bought a new cla 45.


Aerodynamics PLUS package


Weird when I go for that option it’s a different rear spoiler.


This is from the Canadian Website. The Aerodynamics package has the higher lip spoiler and the Aerodynamics PLUS package has the wing. [Aero Plus Package](https://imgur.com/3guPHwG.jpg)


Totally a Yay for me.


Looks nice, but I prefer the retractable wing on my GT53 - can go from understated to sporty with the press of a button