Once you get it knocked out do not underestimate how fast it's torpor drops! You will seriously have to babysit it until it's done.


You wait untill it almost wakes up, shouldnt take more than 5min, feed it all the narcs it needs and then you are fine untill tamed.


Trap with dino gates, knock out, feed meat or kibble. Done


Behemoth metal gate and Dino metal gates in a pentagon and a large bear trap in the middle.


Thats over 2k metal ingots per gate right? Is it really worth all that?


If you're not on a boosted server that might be a lot but it's certainly the easiest way. If you have a well geared group you might be able to use stone ones but it will be able to break out eventually.


For 162 that is really bad dmg stat.


Krakens shouldn't change the way you tame just bring a ridiculous amount of materials to tame it with. Like way more than you think you need


Its a passive tame but make sure to use ghillie and bug repellant!


For a giga?


Certainly not for a dodorex


:Intructions unclear: Three broken ribs, a punctured lung, tibula shattered: JK took me a day but she mine!


All you need is youtube my man. There’s plenty of giga taming tutorials on there. It’s a walk in the park once you get the hang of it.


Tames same as normal giga


Three Dino gates with a large bear trap in the middle, lure it in and finish of the gate square, tranq it a buttload of times until it’s unconscious, wait for its torpor to drop almost all the way down and then spam in a few hundred narcotics and it will stay unconscious until it tames if you are using kibble, it helps to do this so you don’t need to babysit it’s torpor


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt3YVJQ9mYU Set up one of these nearby and then lead it into it. Then just tame it like a normal giga.


Well first knock it out, build a small fort but not big enough for it to fly out, you can either wound it to get it on low health, and let it starve feed kibble or meat, or knock it down, build fort starve it for a few hours, feed, then let it starve again and feed again there’s YouTube videos on how to tame it but this is the most I know 😂


Move along guys, nothing to see here, just some guy talking nonsense.


3/4 metal gates is all you need but if you really want to be sure you could just use 3 metal behemoths gates.