tell me you play Ark without telling me you play Ark...

tell me you play Ark without telling me you play Ark...


yeah lmao same. ark is one of my favorite but most hated games because of how buggy it is. its the community that keeps it together for me at least.


Still not as bad as rust was tho. also one of my most favorite / hated games lmao.


I’m assuming Rust was buggy at launch? I played it for a bit last year and it seemed pretty polished. The electricity system is amazing


It was really buggy for me about a year and a half ago, I do hear that rust plays a lot worse on AMD graphics cards though so I believe that could be a factor if you're not using amd. otherwise you're lucky af hahhah hopefully that luck doesn't run out because everyone I know no matter how powerful of a PC has some sort of dumbass issues in rust. its still a amazing game, just alot of little annoying bugs.


I played rust until I couldn't justify the time anymore. I then donated a years worth of sub time to the server for the mates I'd befriended, and never touched it again.


Hahhah yeah same, I remember playing over 18 hours a day back when I really had no life 🤣 had to quit playing rust entirely because I couldn't stand just playing once and a while since I always liked being the alpha and I had shit to do.


How’s it being buggy a problem? I very rarely come over bugs while playing on official servers can you give me examples


There is no damn way you haven’t ran into any bugs on official servers. How long have you been playing, a day?


log out in a tek bed and lose all ya stuff, transfer servers with no timer and lose all ya stuff, server rollback and you wakeup in a tek bed and have lost all ya stuff. tek camera unlinking from the console and then can't be reconnected. Tek legs/chest getting stuck on and having to remove them to deactivate. Tek boots not activating and preventing fall damage. Shotgun stuck not reloading. Tek Rifle stuck in overheat mode. Minigun getting stuck in overheat mode and unable to fire. Tek visor not activating. Dinos getting randomly meshed and arked. All my snails went poof after the last update. Supply drops stuck 1/2 a CM in the ground and inaccessible. Eggs hatching and getting stuck inside. Building snapping stuff the wrong way. Building parts getting destroyed when they are green but get placed into an existing piece. Spawning inside someone's foundation. Loads of crashes and terrible FPS despite having a game dev workstation with 8 grand worth of hardware in it. I love the game but wildcard are trashy people, I and others tried to help them when Unreal engine 4 was subscription only, we were all a tight-knit group on the forums working on our own projects. We told them that they need to hardware instance building parts and then un-instance them when a part needs removal either from damage or the player, this solves arks BIGGEST performance issue, draw calls. We told them not to lock themselves into version 4.4 of the editor, to keep updating their code and they called us noobs and that it couldn't be done, that when development starts you cannot upgrade the engine. I've upgraded my project every update from 4.1 to 4.26 (25 major revisions of the engine) and we just ported to Unreal engine 5. Wild card is all talk and it's all trash. They released a buggy abomination of asset store packs just so they could be "first" They promised VR, DX12, Raytracing, then shelved it all when they realised they don't have the skills for it and that epic didn't just hand it out like candy, you have to put the time and effort into making it all work with your game. Now they are trying to save their IP by paying vin to get photogrammetry of himself and using metahumans to make the cutscenes look great, using nanite to beef up the scenes for the trailer.


Wait, so you can't log off in a tek bed? Is it guaranteed to happen or some random rare bug? I haven't really reached that stage of the game yet. I'm impressed you can name this many bugs so quickly, although personally I've never had FPS issues or many crashes and while my PC is good, it's not as crazy as yours. The only bugs I've really experienced was the shotgun not reloading thing, and wyvern eggs not expiring in nests. Other than that some minor stuff but honestly I think I've just been really lucky or something based on what others are saying


it's a random thing that happens, but often enough to notice it and be wary of it. my tribemate lost a full kit of max armour tek gear and max damage tek weapons to it a few days ago along with 4 of the new melee capped gigas we have on PvE official. the worst part is having to go back to extinction and do 15-20 rounds on a red orbital drop to get more limited craft blueprints that cost 25-30k metal and 10k black pearls to craft one piece. What's mind-boggling about it is that they save the world to a database every 15 mins but won't restore anything unless you have pictures or video of it.


I experienced all that, while playing on Hardcore. Try losing skiff/full tek 140 to a bluescreen and keeping your sanity after.


Official players amaze me, I play on boosted taming servers and 25-30k metal is very tolerable, but I just cannot imagine getting 10k black pearls, especially on official loot/harvesting rates. That's just insane... how do you even get so many black pearls? Is there some lategame way of farming them really easily?


yeah a 12 box gacha tower with all black pearl gachas :) we have 15 owls in each box and log in each morning we play to start them up, have striders linked to dedicated storage in each tower. one of us loads stone and the other collects and opens the crystals, we get around 200 per 5 mins, around 5k each time plus all the low level gear we grind for poly/silica pearls/metal, we fill 5 vaults with gear in about half an hour. best building we ever made, it took us from a 2 man slightly above beach bob tribe to a tribe that can afford to build/buy anything we need. we just scored a nice wall area in gen2 and set up 20 cloners going night and day.


One thing you will have to watch out for in your tower is the owls starving because I had a full farm and my owls died and I came to see what I got and their was just dead corpses of all of my owls


Here's a vid of the tower in production: https://youtu.be/B2MV0PcZAEg And opening everything: https://youtu.be/CDZJO3X\_uTM


I get black pearls over time from solo red drops extinction. In fact I get metal/cp/poly mainly like this as I solo mainly now.


Gachas. All my black pearls are from Gachas.


Examples? Ok: - Insta death on world border, deleting your corpse - insta death on joining a boss arena - baby dinos falling through the world and deleted - dinos vanishing - ...


Losing a level 155 character (plus losing imprint bonus on however many dinos you raised) and 3 weeks later a gm responds to your ticket by giving you a level 105 character.


You have No fucking clue what your talking about


I have thousands of hours and sure there are some buggs but its far from a problem when i play can you give some examples


I cannot begin to describe the amount of times I've had all the progress in my single player save deleted on both Xbox and steam. I've also had almost every baby dino falk through the map and evaporate if I didn't keep an eye on it 24/7


I was talking about official pc all games are buggy using Xbox and single player is also a bad idea just play official


My guy, you clearly haven't played long.


5k hours


hit a bee hive. or go explore a cave. you will find plenty


I have 5k hours ive explored all maps and caves probably


then surely you've encountered some bugs in the caves


If you've really spent any amount of time on official, you would have never said that. Most of the time I teleport across the map on Genesis 2 I get kicked (sometimes even within Rockwell/Eden sides respectively) There's times I log in, where my character is standing *next to* my sleeping pod instead of *inside* it. This forces me to either fast travel or relog. During missions, the mobs get stuck under the map/inside another player's base forcing me to cancel mission. Sometimes I get stuck inside my teleporter and am forced to relog. Rollbacks. Another rollback. Oh a 3rd rollback!? That cryopod I threw out right before autosave is no longer in my inventory either.


Yeah genesis 2 is having troubles but the rest is fine to me. There’s worse things to worry about than bugs in my opinion.


I don't know about you, but I view my time as valuable. Every time I get kicked I lose time. Especially if that's during a boss fight or a mission that's not in the Genesis simulation. Sure it's a game--that I paid for and that I put substantial time into. But your original comment acted as though bugs don't exist--now you argue that they exist, but they're not that bad because they don't affect the maps you play on and because we should be looking to more important things to complain about. The whole point of trying to make the game better is to bug report and highlight points where the game developers need to pay attention. People put in time to the game, *in my opinion* these are exactly the things we should complain about. Not really trying to fight here, just pointing out your opinion may be a little miopic where you obviously fail to see how bugs might affect *the entire player base*, not just you.


Recently I've come across a big where babies randomly show up on the ground on the other side of my base. You can't tell me that's not a problem. I have lost dinos because of rollbacks. Heck I've lost dinos due to other bugs. Once I spawned into the ground and was auto killed. Those are just some examples.


On official, just this week; - Killed in my sleeping pod by anti-meshing when the patch happened. Lost everything. - Killed on my teleport pad at a different base by anti-meshing. Bag drops through the ground and can't be retrieved. Lost everything. - Transferred to G2 and that server crashed before the next save, then rolled back to a point before I'd transferred over. After the roll back I was on G2 but nothing was saved, so I was just dead with everything completely deleted. - Babies falling through the floor and irretrievable. - Babies stopped eating from maewing when I went out of render. Note that these are PVE servers, with the bases being nowhere weird, just on normal land. That's 3 250+ tek bows, 3 gigas, 3 basis, 3 grown manas, 10ish baby manas, 10ish baby ravagers, 3 deinos, 3 otters, 3 full proper tek suits, 3 mastercraft scuba suits, more than 100 pods, 260 element on valguero, and whatever the hell else I had that I've forgotten, all gone through no fault of my own and random shitty buggy crap. I'm still replacing all of that of course. I'd estimate 75% of my playtime is just replacing things that are lost to those kind of situations.


Yeah and then there's ther games that the community makes not fun at all just like fortnite a couple seasons ago but now there's ufos and crap apparently


Exactly! I also think the gameplay itself is amazing. But the bugs make it nearly impossible to play. I would rate it the same way. The development team just sucks so bad. It seems like non of them can code.


I punch trees and rise dinosaurs for a living


The only comment that did as asked. Take my upvote and my hug award!


Funny Story i once was Friends with one of these Guys who sells breeding Lines on Official PvP, they never told me exactly how much Money they made, but i know it was enough so they could quit their real life Job and buy a new car. So this Guy actually raised Dinosaurs for a living. Sadly i lost contact due to me having not much free time at that point of live.


dam they were living the dream


The nightmare*


I never said it was a happy dream




and you get fucked randomly


If you do the math, then that shit would take 2 years and 5 days if he never stopped playing the game.


its 16 hour days for just over 3 years lol


Sounds right. I came up with 4 years at 12 hours a day every day.


I came up with about 17000 years or so at 1 hour per year.


I know that some people would leave characters logged in so that they couldn't be blocked from fighting back by loads of people joining the server (I think 72 was the cap?)


To be honest, ark is coded very Bad. I love the game, but hate it because of the awesome game it could have been if the devs just coded/optimized it probably. Similar too 7daystodie


It is hypothesized by many that that is the reason they are making Ark 2, so they can start from scratch rather than try to untangle the mess of the current one.


I don't hold hope they will fix things ..


Only if the company publicize the game's source code... After all, they have made so much money and the new game is coming out any way, isn't that true?


worst of the best


I did the exact same thing. I have a Love/Hate relationship with that game.


Ark is a game I cannot and will not recommend to friends anymore.


Too much crammed in now in my opinion. Bit overwhelming when I try to come back sometimes.


Yeah pretty much. Like, its either a game that consumes a person life, or theres just so much to do/catch up on that a person probably tames the dino they want and gets outta the game, let alone touch any of the boss fights. It wasn't built to be a game that respects a person's time if they intend to do a live server on any normal sorts of rates.


You ever hatch and raise a wyvern on official? With official milk spoil times and the full 7.4 days of care? Ugh lol. That was when we stopped playing official - halfway through scorched earth when it first dropped.


Man haha definitely not. I think my tribe tapped out when we learned how stupid the breeding rates were for that. Even when it was just Gigas/Trexs on island, so many folks just.. stopped playing because the meat grind rotation was so mindless, and 2nd job grindy.


What are the wyvern milk spoil times in a fidge


Idk if its changed but this was when scorched earth n wyverns first launched for reference, like week 1 or 2. The spoil timer was the same in a fridge as it was in the players inventory. Keeping it in a meat eating dinos inventory though, so the argy you used to kite mama into a pen and steal her milk, boosted it a teeny bit. The salt jar also did not help. So iirc you had ~7 minutes once the milk was off mama to get it back to base and to a baby. If anything at all went wrong in the trip after the milk was harvested, it would expire before we got back. So during that slightly over 7 DAY maturation period people need to be going out to catch a wyvern and bring back milk every few hours since it cant be stored. So we would alternate on who woke up at 1am, 4am, 7am, who could cover Wednesday during the day while the rest of us worked and who could cover this day etc. Wyvern were meant to be a whole tribe effort to obtain, but its still a bit crazy.


I raise lots of babies. Kill even more babies. I then force them to make more babies by having orderly family orgies.


That is my night job aswell.


Seems fairly accurate. My friends and I always cycle back to it every year despite everyone being like “piece of glitchy shit”.


That was the moment his perfect giga baby died


123: ▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯


Lololol seriously underrated comment!


I create a physically deformed black midget for PvP advantage despite only playing singleplayer.


Ark Is weird.Is so bullshit sometimes but still fun and engaging.It's full of graphic and physics glitches but still gorgeous and amazing.It Is surrounded by limitations but still allow you to do an amazing amount of things.In a nutshell,is a love-hate relationship


If my baby doesn't come out a different color, I take him out


I know every dinosaur name but i never read books about dinosaurs


I get 5 hours of sleep every day knowing I have school




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Or war thunder


When your behind a enemy Game:Stall


War Thunder is so close to being such a great game. But the snail can’t let go of their garbage economy


Im close to 11k hours and im not sure if i like it


Found a bunch of ARK players that have never played Rust


Its fine offline need to no life the online stuff or its all for naught


Holy biscuits. I thought 1k hours was a lot......


Ark is the modern day world of warcraft. You just can't stay away forever


Accurate af


I wanna know who had the strictest ark schedules because I have a thousand hours and I thought I went through and through that game


LOL this is me


How does this get upvoted every time its posted. This is a really old post


This could also be dead by daylight, and I’d ask no questions.


Anyone that's played ARK for any length of time might have given it a thumbs down. It really is a great, one of a kind game, but it's also been plagued with bugs and sizable downloads to fix them since it was first available to play. It's gotten a bit better, but still has issues. Plus, who likes starting on a beach with a raptor staring you in the face?


That is quite literally 2 years worth of playtime. This man has spent 2 full years at his PC playing Ark.


Yeah it's asking me for an update on my review after additional 11k hours...... And I haven't played in 4-6 months active


ark is an awesome game with awful performance, that’s my best way to put it


I spent 3 hours preparing for something only to have it completely fall apart 30 seconds after starting


You can like something and not recommend it.


Jumping cat off pt


I could see this also being about Elite Dangerous 😂


I kill babies, a lot.


I raise mutated dinos and fight bosses for a living😂


Another day anot-


Your alarm is going off. Oh I got imprints.






Ark or NMS


Or destiny 2


I don’t have much gigabytes left


Pls kill me so I can escape this jail


Everyone that plays ark is a masochist. I just built up on an official server today. I had a nice little base going. I got attacked by troodons and while my character was asleep i got death messages of my tames. A wild bronto broke into my base. It killed half of my tames and of course broke all my wood. Then, as i was thinking of a way to get it out of there, a wild rex came and now i have a wild rex and bronto in my base destroying everything i worked hours for. On top of that i blue screen at least 5 times per gaming session because ark is horrible on ps4.


It's on official servers because of gen2 players fucking up every player on every map with their op cheating gen2 dinos


You know.... it could basically be *any* game if you think about it


If you put 17k hrs into any FPS you'd be pro league hell no even pros have 17k hrs in games