My very first thought. I tell everyone when I try to get them to play with me "Ark is the worst game you'll enjoy playing."


The accuracy hurts


When I had to spend my entire time playing, getting food for my dinos. I guess I was super close to quitting Ark, because I quit Ark.


You know I want to defend my favorite game but your not wrong


How to define ARK : "I know I did something wrong, 1 second too late"


The only correct answer.


The game itself has pushed me to the point of quitting countless times only be sucked back into the never ending loop of going back to this abusive relationship I have with the game. I'm currently on a 4 month break.


It’s something every ark player experiences, I’ve quit for like up to 5 months before and always went back to playing the game.


One does not simply stop playing ark


I stopped playing about a month after whichever update added the raptors being able to like grapple you. And just jumped back into it 3 weeks ago, got a dedicated server with a few friends who have never played the game. It's hilarious watching someone's first ark experiences. Especially with things like the therizinosaurus, the look innocent enough, but will ruin your day faster than a carno.


I LEGIT was going to post the exact same thing!!! Hahahaha


I’m on a 4 month break too, I was on small tribes for like 7, totally killed it for me (for now) lol


I was on half a year but i went back for a week to play gen2. I shut off the game and left again.


I just got this game today and started playing on my own server, is there something wrong with this game? It seems pretty fun


Oh boy, just wait till you play it for long enough buddy


Playing with people my guy


It’s fucking amaZing, unfortunately hahahaha






The older I get the less time I have for this game. If you’re not dedicating multiple hours a day every day to this game, especially on official servers, good luck...


My wife and I play only a few times a week and we’re fine. But we don’t play pvp.


This is the way


It’s great fun. We’ve got a three year old who is OBSESSED with dinosaurs….So it’s an easy leisure time for us that our child doesn’t hate.


An example of a good parent


Damn. Thanks man. Shits tough. 🤝


Same. My wife and I have a private server we play on. Sometimes her brother plays with us.


Hell yeah. We’re in our own Valguero for now, going to go to lost island when it releases!


What do you mean? I play for an hour a day and enjoy it all the same.


I recently completly quit because. I was playing single player and decided to move to Valguero to the first time, so I put al my good dinos in the obelisk and went to Valguero. I was casualy taking my dinos out of the obelisk, putting them in cryopods then suddenly my game crashes, i rejoin and almost all my dinos are gone, the cryopods in my inventory are empty and in the obelisk remains only my dungbeatle


Hey, I just want to let you know that ark makes backups go to your ark folder in steam (steam/steamapps/common/ARK/shootergame/saved/SavedArksLocal) and select your most recent autosave from the ark you were transferring from (ill use the island as an example) my most recent autosave is titled “TheIsland-28.10.2021_09.34.48.ark” which seems complicated, but if you just sort by most recent you should be able to get it. Once you have that file found, move or rename the file named “TheIsland.ark” (again using the island as an example, just find the one for the ark you transferred from), and then rename the autosave file to “TheIsland.ark” If youre confused or anything ill do my best to help!


Thx for the tip but I play on ps4


Isn’t there an auto save on the ps4 as well? I always see it saying ‘ saving ‘ on the corner. Check if you can load a save there


This is the worst of all the bugs. They have known about it since the start of server hopping and have never fixed it. It’s absolutely irritating. I only hop servers with offspring of my favorite Dino’s so that I don’t loose them again.


You can never completely quit….it will always pull you back in.


It might, but for now I'm pissed of and done with this game


That's the same thing I just posted!


Always save world before pulling anything out. The Obelisk and Save files are in separate save files. Lost some damn good dinos to this bug


Yup this happens to me, just take one out and wait for like five min between each and you should be good. But your on singleplayer player so just spawn the same dinos in with the same level thats only fair….




Simple solution playing unofficial server where meshing is bannable and report anyone who does it. It works. Don’t play official. It’s nothing but Chinese cheaters.


What server do you recommend?


MTS is probably the best, but very competitive. ArkForever is what I play lately as it has some ORP and I don't have time to defend 24/7.


My experience was brazilian griefers, but the lesson is the same. Official is a toxic nightmare


Only reason I dont play unoffical is you cant really find a server that's in a cluster with 50+ servers and offical never wipes. I also just kinda feel like offical is the right way to play the game. In other words I'm addicted to offical


You're missing out. MTS is fantastic, and wipes every 2 months. A little *too* competitive, but fun. ArkForever is also great and does not ever wipe. A little more laid back, but still busy and still PVP. Bonus with limited offline raid protection.


Didn't mts have an issue of giving admin or something to YouTubers so they could locate people easier to make more content? Definitely a fun, active, pvp cluster though. I liked the scoring.


Played for 5 years been meshed 3 times and never had any problems with any one Chinese. So nice try.


Of you had a problem with any of the huge tribes on official then you had a problem with a Chinese person. They are the big tribes.


And maybe he never had problems with NON Chinese cheaters? Your experience doesn’t dictate all others. Like a black dude saying “I’ve been alive 20 years and never been beaten by a cop”


Lol literally **every** popular official server is littered with Chinese, and they only play official because they can cheat and not get banned. The Chinese don't view cheating as wrong the way most cultures do. They literally don't distinguish. They view cheating as simply being clever. But they are plenty aware of the fact that if they cheat on unofficial servers, they'll be banned in a heartbeat. So they don't bother. They play official where there is no moderation and no enforcement. Why do you think a lot of unofficial servers ban entire ranges of Chinese IP addresses, and allow only English or Spanish in character names and chat? No one wants to deal with the Chinese. They don't know how to play with others.


I’ve been playing online for 2 years. Been meshed 2 times and have had many issues with Chinese cheaters. Literally had one walk up to me naked and slap me, and instantly “killed myself”


I have to ask, what is meshing?


I only play solo or on LAN with my wife but I am curious. What is meshing?


Basically glitching under or into the map and u can destroy bases without getting shot from inside the mesh (map) (earth) whatever u want to call it. It mostly happens with cave bases seeing as they're under the ground and have alot of wall around and above them


You can change that in the settings


Lol you’ve never played ark huh?


It’s one of the very last settings


I’m sorry but you don’t know what you are talking about


I am making a pause from ARK for a couple months now as i am in my final class with all the big exams etc. and it's just to time consuming


I failed 2 exams by 1 & 3%, I can comfortably blame ark for the lack of studying and sleep for this. I retook them and passed, I still play, hate this game.


You have no one to blame but yourself LMAO holy lack of self awareness.


I was aware, just didn't care. Ark is life


Well I hope you figured it out and got your priorities in check, idk what kind of school let's you retake exams just because you've failed them. Maybe high school?


No school, adult life. I was 27, with a mortgage and a child - I should know better, but I don't. They were accountancy exams. Edit: who's down voting me ripping myself - for shame!


Like a CPA exam?? Well damn, that's too good a career to pass up for Ark imo, glad you got it sorted!


I'm in the UK, AAT level 4 it was. 70% required for a pass for the last two and I ended up with 67% and 69% (snigger), got them in the 80% post ark at least.


Good on you!


Not necessarily lack of awareness but lack of discipline


getting wiped as a solo player can really drain ya...


Literally over night. And I was on the cups of upgrade city. Wake up to a wyvern just demolished my home and stripped me naked ha [E] cuffs??*** idk words


Cusp for future reference.


Thank you!


Bro even offline sp... Finally feeling like you won't get murdered and yet there's more to murder you.


thats what behemoth gates are for. and yeah ive been asked why dont I play PVE, well..bc i have. and it gets boring after a while. I guess bc i stuck to the island for so damn long and i didnt have any other maps, but by the time i went to SE, i was bored. i like the excitement of PVP, i stay hidden and small anyway so i dont lose much. i could take a few days off of it if i needed to bc i dont have anything really holding me down to, but i just like to and gen 2 made any solo players life a lot easier.


I'm solo and don't have gen 2, I'm guessing I need to change this? What does it improve?


uhh everything. tek stryder, mission loot, space is awesome, maewings u can basically raise dinos without hand feeding for hours. its amazing. heres a link to the space https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/-Space-\_(Genesis:\_Part\_2)




Just temporarily.




How in single player the host drags the other player


Ughhh yea this almost drove our small tribe to quit until we decided to just rent a private server. It helped a lot.


^ we decided to try it for one month and will never go back, it’s been months and for like 13 bucks a month it’s worrh


Yea it sort of shows how the game is designed to be an always online, server experience and everything just works so much better. No more weird teleporting / dragging anytime the host leaves or someone walks near a cave.


Uh do you know you can put like, 9999999 in the “host tether distance” option, and the host stops dragging players because you increase the disrance so much it’s bigger than the map?


That doesn’t work anymore or on console atleast


I can't deal with the constant stress of official servers anymore, honestly. Like, I love the game to death, but everytime I've lost interest for a few months but still had to go back to every map and feed dinos it was literally soul-crushing to a point where I didn't care anymore and let all my event-coloured wyverns starve and months of work go to waste. Soooo now I just try my best to save my single player worlds on a harddrive so I can go back whenever I want and not be stressed out. :} All grandma-style, nice and relaxed, cranked-up rates and blissful ignorance. I can raise wyverns in half a day and spend the rest of the weekend actually having fun with them.


Getting hit for 10 hours straight on small tribes wears on you… 😳


I'm "taking a break" rn. Got married, started grqd school. Can't afford the time sink that is Ark


Burnout/getting bored… the game takes too long to do anything like breed, tame, imprint… anything in the game takes a while and the cycle is just repetitive


Having no friends


I went into the ice cave in the island about ready to go threw it and fell in one of the black pits and lost all my stuff and like 4 150 lvl Dinos in cyropods


You can use a grapling hook to pull your body out of those. Takes some work but I've done it.


On the one on the very edge of the Arctic?


My leave ending and going back to work for 12 hours a day


same here bro. we went from 8 hours 5 days to 12 hours 4 days but still feels like theres not enough time on the weekend slol


Then don’t work?? LOL cope


No work = no monies = no house, which is worse than no ark, which would also happen without work.


Finally taming a high lvl anything then having someone on a lvl 450 mana drop from the sky and murder you both.


I almost got dont taming a 150 argy with starve tame and 2 guys with manas killed my tame then me. After they was trying to come off as friendly.


That last wipe where I lost all my single player data I’d had for years .. was that around April ?


Yep right around the Easter event.


Wait what happened? Did everyone get wiped? If I get online one day to find it all gone just randomly, I’m definitely uninstalling.


I think everyone got wiped but it was the people that logged in while it was wiped weren’t able to get their stuff back? Idk, you’ll have to hear other people’s experiences. My character and their high level were still there, but all my builds and tames were gone.


I lost my world too, I just left the game without saving and went back in a week later, all my stuff was back


This is what almost drove my wife and I to quit. We lost absolutely everything during that wipe. However for some reason we decided to try again and ended up rebuilding and have played for several hundred hours since then. But we were about to quit for a minute there.


This sub rekindled my spirit and taught me I could force events whenever I wanted (I’m a noob and didn’t know) so now it’s Easter colored dinos all the time lol


Yeah, I had collected a ton of easter colored Argies before I lost all of them due to a factory reset on my PS4. Learning that I could just set the event on PC and collect a bunch more made me feel much better


I got wiped and almost quited too but I decided to push on and start fresh. Doing a lot better then I was doing before so 🤷 whatever


I had parked my level 300 argent inside the tek cave and went in on foot to see how it was. Game crashed and my bird had a lot of my high level tames in cryopods. All gone. R.i.p. Hera.


I’ve never really quit persay. But the game is so big and time consuming I take a few months off at a time to recoup. I’m also already really devoted to Warframe and Genshin Impact and they take a lot of time as well.


Wildcard making DLC maps overpowered, meaning you almost have to get them to compete on official servers. + Astrodelphis


Spend half a year building a base on a pve server, went on vacation for 3 weeks, and everything gone. Full metal base... my vaults fell, (timer got reset) and people blocked them, so i couldn't get to them...


The RIDICULOUS download times on pc for really small files.


The tether distance, so annoying to stay that close together in a game where you really need the distance.


You can increase it, dont use the slider tho. (put 999)


I played for several hours with my husband, we built a cute hut and tamed a triceratops. Right after we tamed and named him (after my dog I recently lost at the time), he ran off and attacked a brontosaurus unbeknownst why to us (didn’t know about passive, aggressive, etc settings). I don’t think I need to explain the massacre that followed. But I gave up, I was sad about the poor trike. I wasn’t going to play the game again, but my husband kept going (& I watched him die of mosquitoes many times trying to do it himself). Finally I felt bad for him having to go it alone, and started playing again (which began our many year stint).


playing pvp and finding a good server, then getting insided


I think it would be faster to say the things that made me not quit.


Ark mobile player here and I love the game but it’s gotten rly stale since the devs refuse to add anything new. If only I could afford a pc


Blue screens and lag


I was looking for a comment that said rubber banding, so I could upvote it, but this one is close enough. I have top tier internet and PC and my character was all over the place bc of the lag. Said fukkit primarily for that reason. Shame too, cause it seems they tried to make the game pretty great. Def watched all the cutscenes on YouTube.


Being bamboozled by a wooly rhino while being a solo nomad, thinking my level 250 crystal wyvern could take it, then getting killed in about 5 seconds by it. Turns out it was level 450, I'm assuming pumped into melee and health. No clue how you get that high of level in official pvp


Lots and lots of breeding, by someone who definitely has time


450 on official is like months of breeding. How someone can even last that long on official to do that much breeding is something I surely don’t understand.


Gigas on official are at over 1070 melee when they hatch no imprint or anything...thats been years of breeding on them


My final year exams but now I’m back on it!


Ark constantly crashing for no reason


Extinction and everything afterwards.


A game is how to have fun on downtime. Ark isn’t that. It’s a full time job


Seeing that 4K hours of my life were put into it


I frequently quit. When you put a few weeks into a server and finally get wiped, then you take a break for a while before starting again.


Went to do alpha overseer with 19 Rexes, 19 Allos and 19 Theriz plus Yuty (had most of them in cryo for the first section). Had Tek suit, shotguns, rifles, hundreds of rounds each and tons of soups to get me through, meat and healing items. Got jumped by a hidden microraptor when I dismounted to snipe the giga with a theromone dart. Went over the edge. Tried to fly back up but couldn't because the little shit was still on me. Died and lost everything. That was a bad day.


I’ve gotten pretty close to playing it, but then they tell me more about it or show me gameplay and I gotta turn to play something else that’s actually entertaining.


Structures not building where the green preview structure shows.


There's this bug that kept deleting my animals when I took them out of the obelisk. My game would crash, and it would delete my animals. It deleted all of my Halloween animals the first couple of weeks of the event, and I remember getting so upset because I worked hard for them that I almost quit.


How much memory it takes on my laptop... Actually i quitted ark for that




The idea of basically wasting hours, days, weeks just to get raided. Still played pvp since pve and single was way too boring for me. Have not played ark for ages which is quite ironical since now I've got a crazy powerful gpu which would run ark amazing but still


For me it was terrible building mechanics.


Taming a Giga just to see it's health pool drop like 90%...


I lost my save that I dumped a lot of time into. It's also a fear of one mistep causing me to lose everything like a random alpha.


The game being stuck updating on steam




The fact that being "Arked" is a verb meaning you lose everything.


Had been in an official pvp mega tribe for about one year and it got to the point where we owned roughly 6 servers a valg, center, island, extinction, gen 1, extinction, and abb at our peak. In the span of roughly 2 months we went from 6 servers to 1 to 0 due to insides and other mega tribes hitting us constantly. Honestly i felt like i had lost a year of my life. I went from having everything in the game to waking up to nothing all because of someone insiding but hey tribes come and go on ark. Especially on console. No tribe fan last forever on ark.


Did an artifact run for my first alpha ascension of the island to do all alpha bosses, i put a quetzal to fly back to red obelisk because it was closest at the time, went to get a quick drink and blam i come back im dead and my body is nowhere to be seen and my quetzal gone, no deaths in chat, just a stupid bug even though i was flying low, i know that you die from going higher than the obelisks


The amount of grinding you have to do to get anywhere in the game


Weekly updates....i guess that nobody likes that, then i remembered that i can start steam in offline mode and it is since the Halloween event. I hope someday they change that


Back when I played PVP while going to school full time I was in a toxic tribe that made it their life mission to piss off the alphas and then they would always sacrifice my shit while I was offline but keep all their stuff intact. I’d come back everyday to find almost all of my tames except for the ones I’d hidden away to be dead with my part of the base destroyed while theirs was still standing. I ran the tribes farm and taming parts of the tribe so everyday I would have to go back out and retame the same creatures so that the tribe could be replenished then I’d have to always go and repair the farm because of course my tribe got it destroyed with my part of the base and then they would demand that I hurry up and get them an argy or get them a direwolf. It wasn’t till after I cut contact that I actually began to enjoy the game again. Oh and they refused to breed good creatures hence why I always had to go and tame new ones, I actually had some great breeding pairs for direwolves but then the tribe idiot bred all of the high level females with his level 36 direwolf that he randomly brought home one day so by the time the breeding timer would’ve been back to normal, all the wolves had died in a raid the alpha did on us.


I quited ark when I joined a tribe who did not know it was meshing on extinction. They were alfas but then we all got banned.


Two T-Rex cruising down the beach right towards my beachside property which "was" also my only property....past tense.


One time the game completely broke it took 2 months multiple hours and customer support many uninstalling and reinstalling until it finally worked I goes to show how much I love this game if I was willing to go threw all that.


It being ark Level 150 giga and bass is no more


The repetitiveness made me quit until Ark 2. That and the fact it’s so addictive.


Not close to quitting ark, but completely quit ark for now. I've put 300+ hours into my first island playthrough and nearly beat the bosses until quitting out of frustration. My dinos kept running off somewhere without any reason whatsoever, I started mutating theris only for my dinos to kill the babies with the mutations (which I didn't even think was possible since I already imprinted them). They just suddenly charged at a health mutation, obliterating it and I decided I was done. These are just some of the reasons why


Getting hwid banned


My game has been resetting my world and optional settings constantly everytime time i turn off my pc as well as deleting my single-player worlds it has been annoying the shit out of me im pretty close on the edge because of it


Losing my fav argentavis that look liked and was named candy corn by a dumb heir ember wyvern that came out of the den


Aside from "Ark" itself... you mean?


I quit when tek came out and just now im playing again but only vanilla the island, kinda salty about tek Dinos but I just fucking kill them and drop the mats


One time a person came onto our private server and spawned in a mek and destroyed everything before we kicked them. Luckily because it was an undedicated server we were able to restore everything we had when we last had a save


When I lost a rockdrake to the loading screen after beating Rockwell I found him 2 years later


Never, ark is amazingly painful


Playing official servers


I play pretty conservatively; I always try to have the means to replace anything important before any loss even happens, I don't push into uncharted territory without serious muscle, I go into especially sketch situations like boss fights with the crappiest stuff I can afford to use/lose. So far, no real issues. The worst the game has done was that time a few months ago that most SP worlds got erased; pretty depressing, but I also didn't feel bad about using the console to replace what I lost.


Tribemate trying to kill all my baby gigas bc he killed his own otter trying to kill me :)


Watching my Frogs go missing, just to see them getting killed by a Meg.


You either love and hate it to the point where you stop playing, or where you unconditionally keep playing


My storage.


Kept crashing and losing my stuff or phasing through a wall with a Maewing and getting stuck with my giga in a persons base that’s never on


I quit a few times a year


When i tried to defeat the overseer, mid tek cave my sister wanted to play (we share the ps4) then i logged on and everything in the cave got wiped, then i ended the let's play with summoning the alpha broodmother at base vs every available dino and after that i deleted the save and moved to the center new everything and having a good time


Getting raided in a 6-10man server cause no one ever wants to join my tribe so i always do it solo


why do i do the same thing like i plan the whole playthru in my mind just waiting to open iy


I haven’t quit but I do not like the new creatures/ items. The pvp now requires like 12 different items which is a big investment considering there now 12 different ways to dismount people and everything 1 shots. So now I just sit in my cave and wait for the next War


Play As Dino 2.0 broke after update, I was really upset. Now I have vanilla Ark on Xbone and PC if I want to play with mods.


When I spent four hours taming a theri and a kentro only for them both to get killed by a Rex on the way back to base. What makes it especially infuriating is I technically tamed them and got them to base safe and sound the night before but for some reason the game didn’t decide to save that and we ended up back where we started. That part I could live with, just bring them back a second time, but this time a Rex was in the way and we could have avoided it if my kentro wasn’t distracted by a dilo ALMOST quite ark right there


People kiting Rock golems into my base on pve.


ARK crashing whenever loading screen comes on I uninstalled and reinstalled today do imma see if it worked


It's so laggy on Xbox like 70% of the game is lag


Became an admin. Came back as a player only after a 6 month break.


When you guys put the "level up target" next to the "kill target"


Bugs 🐜


When you make a base by the beach but don’t have a bed, but a raptor pack is what stands between you and your base when you spawn in, so when you die you’re fucked


I come back for a couple weeks every few months. Just to kill some time, a change of scenery and to fly a Ptera around and check the map out. I leave when I realize my dreams of being a solo PvP Rambo are still as unrealistic as they were four years ago.


Same tbh


I tried to move to a new place near one of the caves and had my important stuff on me when a bunch of mother f came and kill me. I lost my dinos and and all my stuff


For what ever reason ark is crashing every-time, I try to beat the gamma level boss.(On the Xbox series X) it resets my save back 30 mins. Which isn’t a problem it’s self. Because all I did was level up my spino. A couple levels. Last night i legitimately beat the boss 6 times. I unlocked the engrams for what ever reason. But i don’t get the element. I raged quit and played the division 2


Losing my flyer to 2 alpha raptors


I spent several fruitless hours trying to tranq one of those bastards before discovering that it was impossible.


Not quitting, though had to take a break due to burnout after completing The Island, and SE. Put a few irl days into AB, and uninstalled it for 3 weeks. Reinstalled it several weeks ago, and getting ready for the first titan.


I quit because it\`s not fun anymore and too futuristic


Had to make my own server because finding a peaceful one was hard as could be. Still couldn't figure out how a time with dinosaurs has guns and high tek armor or weapons. I almost feel that Ark should be kept primitive just to keep people on the same skill base. I remember my first week I played on Ark on PC back in the day. I built a base to come on one day and have some blow it all up with C4? Ark 2 needs to work on making maps bigger with more in depth environment so players or tribes can't be found so easily or stick out like a sore thumb.


The ark lore explains that it’s not actually a time with dinosaurs and it’s just a space station which humans and revived prehistoric animals thrown in it


This. The ARKs are structures in space and the dinosaurs where thrown in to test the survivors' skills and see if they can have a chance at defeating the titans that have taken over planet Earth