Longneck because you can use tranquilizers later on


Thanks alot!


Longnecks are good for ranged attacks and taming whereas shotguns are good for closer targets. When you have the materials, both are great to have, but you should try to find blueprints for them in drops as well as those can deal much more damage (which in the longneck’s case also means that it will help you tame stuff faster).


Which drops will most likely have blueprints?


Yellow, red and sometimes purple drops, these aren’t guaranteed but there’s a chance of finding them




Specifically look for ringed drops in those colors. A drop with a golden ring around has a higher chance to drop better quality loot. Also cave drops and underwater loot crates have increased quality, but I would avoid those for now if you are new enough to be asking about longnecks vs shotguns. P.s. I typically just skip the regular shot gun and wait until I unlock the pump action shot gun to even bother with it. You'llneed the engram anyways, so go it'snot a waste of points, just a tip to help keep you alive. Shotguns work best up close and the regular one only has two shots. If whatever your fighting is close enough for you to use a shotgun, and it doesn't go down in two shots, it's probably going to kill you before you can reload. Being able to get six shots of before reloading is much better.


I just yesterday got a 400% longneck and 500% simple pistol from a ringed yellow drop, probably because the red drop before had a beaver and moose saddle in it lol.


You say that like beaver and moose saddles arent valuable.. 🧐


But red drops have a 100% chance of medium crop plot blueprints though


And water jars


Don't forgot, not one but two compass blueprints.


Caves. But I'd hold off on those until you're a bit farther since theyre....well each one is surprising somehow or another


Wait...there are caves in lost island? Because i need crystals


Yep caves on lost island! Idk about crystal, I get mine from lava biome


So I can fly to the volcano and get crystals?


The desert biome has a good amount as well basically just follow the river and go up the mountain.


There’s a cave in the swamp area behind a waterfall around 43,51 I think it is, has metal, obsidian and Crystal in there, with a flier you can go straight in and out without worrying about any creatures attacking


Thanks you so much


There's crystal near the top of *most* mountains.


Didn't know you were on lost island so sry I'm actually not sure if there are or not since I'm on hiatus.


Well if you have a strong enough mount and good warm armor there is a wyvern trench that has some crystal in it on the lost island but make sure you have a strong mount


Only get pump shotguns the normal ones are trash




Don’t know for certain as I haven’t played on the PC or Console versions but higher level drops like the yellow or red drops tend to have better loot, and some of the caves also have drops that are very good.




Used to play it, but haven’t in a while and my current computer probably isn’t fit to run the game on it.


shotgun's ammo is also one of the more expensive ammo types


Go tame a Rex mate 🦖 or a Trike ;)


You should use longneck. They can use tranq darts and shoot bullets. A shotgun can only destroy dinos.


And even then the fabricated one is better. Dont do a shotty until you have the resources. Crossbow is pretty good and works under water.


Typically guns are better for raw damage. Crossbow is better because it has a higher fire rate and the tranq arrows are easy to craft.


Plus you can also use the crossbows under water. Guns can't be used under water. And spear guns and spear darts take truck loads of metal more than bullets.


Iirc, they are even recommended for Giga taming because of the higher fire rate, meaning torpor won't drop as much inbetween shots


So a longneck can replace my crossbow until i get tranq darts?


Use a crossbow. Fire rate always wins




Once you get the resources, you don't use crossbows. Longneck does more dps than a crossbow for damage purposes and once you get darts it inflicts more torpor than a crossbow could ever hope to, now imagine shocking tranq darts like holy shit that thing will knock out a lot of stuff in 1 hit with a primitive long neck it's crazy. Crossbow's redeeming factor is that it's cheap asf in comparison but rhat tends to not matter later on.


The thing is that trying to tame with a crossbow doesn't always work for every animal because it deals a lot more raw damage compared to a longneck with darts. For example trying to tame a Direbear could very much kill the Direbear in the process.




Narcotics should almost never be a problem. Your first tame is almost always an herbivore that will have no problem gathering berries. Meat is simple enough to get and you just have to split the stack into individual pieces to spoil it quickly. A parasaur or a moschops work nicely. The parasaur needs a saddle, but is simple to tame while the moschops doesn't need a saddle, but you need to get lucky on what food it wants to be tamed. Hell, depending on the map or your settings you could also just grind until you can get a trike for a first tame or get an equus. The trike is an amazing early game tame as it is excellent at harvesting, but also decent in combat and not horribly slow. The equus doesn't need a saddle to ride, but the saddle doubles as a morter and it is also an excellent harvester, with the added benefit of being able to knock dinos out. My go to combo for taming is riding an equus with an ichhtyornis on my shoulder. I can rapidly harvest berries, make narcotics, and turn small dinos and fish into prime meat and prime fish. Plus shoulder pets have the weight of their inventory reduced while on your shoulder so I can carry a lot more weapons and ammo.


Equus also has a bit of a benefit, hindkick attack does truckloads of torpor, might just be able to ko a trike with and save resources if you're early. Downside is it needs carrots to tame, unless you are on a map where they grow wild, like rag, then you have to grow them yourself.


You can use berries too. It's just going to take a loooooong time. I would know... I've done it. At 2% per feed, it took about an hour to get and I went on one hell of a ride. That being said, the equus really is an amazingly useful tame for early to mid game.


Madman lol! Worth it though, as a beach bob an early equus would be really useful. Actually I still like taming equus, I enjoy taming more than breeding in ark, especially more interesting tames. On my server I'm one of those people who has unusual or more complicated tames. Playing on pve, it's amazing how many people who have bases stuffed with dinos have barely tamed any themselves, alot of them just buy or clone dinos from others.




Tho longneck deals much less dmg when tranquing dinos, with a crossbow you might kill some creatures on accident while taming them, like the bear or the galli, but if you want to tame big dinos like gigas or rexes the go for crossbow, its ammos cost less and it fires faster


Crossbow has low pierce, longnecks and pistols can bop heads. Pump breaks armor


Assuming its pve, it should be crossbow. Pump is useful for obliterating anything. And longnecks/pistols are good for that reason.


Wym? The only point in a crossbow is grapples which almost no one carries in pve


Crossbow is more useful than that. It has extremely cheap ammunition as it only requires arrows. And its tranq arrows are easy to come by because you only need tranqs and stone arrows. Tranq darts come later at level 62. So tranq arrows are more accesible. The crossbow has three functions and grapple hook is one of them.


In pve I tend to walk around with at least 1 grapple any time I go far from my base.


You gotta carry at least 2 and a parachute, that way you can grapple glitch your way home


Honestly thought I was the only one…


I carry grapples in pve and pvp. They’re my best weapon and my best escape item


For taming or killing? A pump shotgun is so much better for killing and a long neck is so much better for tranq


U sure that a 200% longneck takes you overall longer to KO then a 200% crossbow?


Also what is it like 3 or 4?metal per tranq dart so early on it can be a drain


If you don't have a huge stockpile of metal I would stick with the crossbow until you do.


I use both. Long neck for tranqs, shotgun for the ohgodtoomanydinosnotenoughtamesgottablowthemaway moments.


Longneck until you unlock the pump shotgun. Pump is best gun at all ranges


Pump is only good at close range?... Theres a sniper for long range but the longneck has highest ranged dmg.


Pump is fantastic at everything except long range PvP. I take shotguns in on foot for Rockwell and can hit all the tentacles except the obstructed ones. Pumps are what people use on foot for PvP as well and PvE for missions. You use longneck and fab sniper for raids. I never once used the fab sniper or longneck in PvE besides for taming.


Okay but not once have I said “PvE”. I said “longneck and sniper for long range.” You agree, yes?


Coming from someone with 1000 hours in PvP with a mega tribe, where raids last 6+ hours and can have about 100 people in the server fighting, you are correct. I prefer using the longneck during raids because headshots can insta kill. You use a fab sniper for tame sniping cuz it’s quicker(if you’re really cheap you can use a tek rail gun to snipe dinos thru walls). Most people carry a crossbow, with grapples, and a pump with them, so they can grapple a person and switch to the pump to kill em.


Yeah, if im tryna kill someone inside a cave im raiding, where they cant move much, i use grapple pump. Also snipe tames with a sniper, like you said. Still gotta improve my aim with the longneck but nothing more satisfying than the long distance one shot headshot


Pump has most damage at all ranges




The Longneck has more power per shot. The Simple Pistol has higher damage per minute, as you can get off a full cylinder and reload in the time it takes you to get of a shot with the Longneck in reload just about. The Longneck can also use Tranquilizer Darts. But the Simple Pistol ammo is cheap and the Simple Pistol has no sway in aiming it with the reticle returning to exactly where it was after a shot (provided you don't move your cursor). But the Longneck has a bit more range as well. So if you need something cheap, easy to use and effective at close to mid range. Go with the Simple Pistol. If cost of repair and ammo isn't an issue and you need high power shots with the versatility of being able to make those shots do torpor. Go with the Longneck. For either I would only recommend the Scope as an attachment. When you get to where you can unlock more guns I would stay away from the Assault Rifle and the Fabricated Pistol (they just suck over all). Simple Pistol is not a bad stand-in for a Fabricated Sniper Rifle. Though the latter has more range (They have about the same DPM). The gun you're probably going to fall in love with is the Pump Action Shotgun. It's a real work horse. For that I suggest the hollow scope or flashlight attachment (probably good to have both and swap out as needed). The Simple Shotgun is it's little brother. It's not terrible. It actually does more damage than a pump action but has far less range (It's pretty much a belly gun. As in stick it in something's belly, unload it, and run). But you get more out of a Simple Pistol or Longneck. Really Simple Shotgun should only be used if it's the best gun you have (like you find a good one or a BP for on in a drop and it has higher damage than anything else you got). Silencer is useless if on PvE and not the most useful on PvP (though some would swear by it). Laser attachment just kinda sucks. You're better off with a free always on reticle program like Crosshair V2 (if on PC). For more detailed information [this](https://www.youtube.com/c/TrafalgarIsSoGodDamnCool) youtuber has done some fairly short and informative analysis videos on some of ark's weapons.


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I don’t speak a lick of it either. I saw it in a clever taco commercial.


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omg what matters is your gonna die. make some bolas


Long neck first for taming purposes, shotgun for defending yourself




Long neck 👌🏾 satisfying af


Unless your aim is piss poor like mine and you miss


Theongkneck is the bees knees


Double barrels is cool, but lackluster when it comes to actually being useful. If it doesn't kill in one shot, you are probably dying before reload.


Neither. Both suck until you get a good blueprint. Ascendant Pump = Insane Damage Ascendant Longneck = Insane Tranqing You can velonasaur cheese the lava elemental on ragnarok for a great chance at ascendant pump bp. Save your metal and gunpowder until you get good bp's.


Actually the longneck is half decent for prim pvp and can crack prim flak in about 2 shots.


Nobody does primitive PVP. People hide until they get good bps/mounts, and then continue to hide.


Longneck always. It’s the only mid game weapon that stays with you forever once you have it. It never becomes obsolete surprisingly. I always thought it was weird that it didn’t get an upgrade version for tranqs, but I wasn’t complaining since it’s easy to use.


But does it become better with blueprints?


You can find improved blueprints for the longneck rifle. The wiki says you can find them in yellow beacon drops. I thought I had found one in purple as well, but perhaps I'm misremembering: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Longneck_Rifle




Yes you can. I farmed most of my top blueprints from cave drops, the two top ones being the swamp cave and the left side underwater artifact cave. The caves were more consistent with good drops once you got the hang of their respawn times.


The shocking tranquilizer darts are the de facto upgrade for that. Same gun, more torpor.


I know it gets better because of the ammo, but what I’m saying is like a faster reloading rifle in the same vein as the longneck. Something like a bolt action rifle like a Springfield.


True, that would be a nice addition. And it's a bit annoying to have to go to the smithy *and* the fabricator every time one wants to more more ammo (to say nothing of the fact that it spoils, albeit very slowly). OTOH, if you only use it for taming, you don't need many shots (nor a high rate of fire), so it could be worse.


I’d argue the better version rifle would have better range and slight higher rate of fire for better use against the bigger creatures out there. I know traps are probably what kept the longneck from getting an upgrade, it’d be nice to knock out a bit faster with the rifle. Equus knock out method will have to do for speed for now.


Longer range would be especially good to have, and would make a lot of sense - the existing range seems very short, especially for something that is intended to be a single-shot rifle.


defently longneck


Long neck for tranq darts and shotgun for killing things


longneck bc you can use for taming and killing


Shotgun for defense. Long neck for Tranqs.


Long neck, it has more range and acuracy, plus being able to use darts


Longneck for tranqing, shotgun for general purposes.






Metal foundation 🥶💪


Longneck than simple pistol


That's messed up you left the simple pistol out of the post


Long neck is much more versatile. I don't think the basic shotgun is worth the cost personally and the simple pistol is better as a quick reaction weapon. But the combat shotgun later on is the best weapon hands down.


Long Neck for tranqs, shotgun for murder


The correct answer is both. But probably rifle first because it can kill and tame


Longneck! It does less damage but you can also use an alternate ammo type(tranquilizer darts) to knock out Dino’s!


Long neck can be used to tranquilize. Make that first but I definitely recommend keeping a shotgun in hand. You can dump both shots very quickly if something gets in your face unexpectedly.


Longneck is far more useful... Shotgun is about dropping dinos with big hits... Kind of like an "oh shit" gun. Pistol is good for early game PvP cause of quick fire


Never used the pre-industrial shotgun. Longneck all the way


Long neck first. Then all the tranq darts you can manage to make. I suggest farming alot of narco berries now so your not needing them later. You can't have to much


Already have 408 in stock lol


Go for the longneck so you can uses bullets and tranquilizers


when it comes to dps longnecks are pretty shit unless it's pvp, shotguns do a surprisingly low amount of damage, all the primitive guns do actually, you shouldn't be making guns unless you have a high % BP or just need a rifle for darts later on


Rifle for tames, shotgun to put them in the dirt


Longneck, Shotguns are usually only used in Pvp for closed ranged combat, but long ranged weapons are always good


Longneck, also if I were you I'd turn of folder view it's a hassle.


Longneck because you have to make two different types of ammo you have to make pistol and then shot gun but later on when you get a pump action shotgun its completely worth it also pump shotguns are great for cave runs ao good luck have a good day


Thanks for the input!


Depends on what you plan to do with them, if you have creatures you plan to tame then I’d go with the longneck as you can use tranq darts, but if you’re planning to use it for combat then I’d go with shotgun because of its use in situations where you can’t rely on your longneck (you’ve been ambushed by something). Basically: the longneck has more uses and the shotgun has less uses but they’re much more commonly used uses, if that makes sense


Yes it does thanks


Long neck first to get better tamed


Long neck is the most useful out of all of them and I consider it the number one needed item for all Ark players who plan to get far into the game in PvE or PvP.


Pvp? If you want to bola an enemy and them run up and destroy them then shotgun. If you want longer range go longneck, and if you want more of a spray option go for the pistol. Pve? Probably longneck. Or you can go shotgun to blast away any creatures trynna get you quickly, but that things range is ass.


They are both good as the longneck can take out things from a distance and you can use it for taming and the shotgun is good to fend off some small to medium threats that come your way


Longneck first, then shotgun later. Longneck lets you use bullets and tranqs, reducing the need to carry around so much extra gear but a shotty with good damage is good to keep in your back pocket for when you get jumped by a predator. Not too many things will stand up to a double-tap or two straight to the dome.


Longneck. Cheaper ammo, longer range (and takes a scope), usable (but inefficient) to a degree on close range, can take tranq darts, and highest damage per shot of all the rifles. Shotgun will eventually be completely replaced by the fabricated shotgun and while having better close range capability then the longneck also costs a lot more for each shot and is absolutely useless long range. You can make due without it and instead use a crossbow or pike if you need to and in most cases be fine.


Da neck


Longneck because the pump shotgun is a lot better then the double barrel when you get it farther on.


For first weapons pistol and long neck. The long neck will become very useful for tames the shotgun can come a little later for general mayhem.


Mainly depends on your goal but I’d choose longneck 99% of the time


Longneck!!!!!! And the advanced version of the shot gun.


Shotgun for raptors and sabretooths long neck for birds or long range




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Longneck for tranq shotgun for defence.


Longnecks for taming animals, once you can afford it get a shotgun aswell but the one from the fabricator (try to get some blueprints for better ones). I had an ascended shotgun ans that thing killed most stuff in 2-3 hits. And I mean big stuff.


Anybody else use pistol?


long neck if u want smth for tranqs but if u just want a gun for killing things then wait until u get the fabricator bc fabricated weapons r cheaper and better overall


Longneck for tranquilizer darts when you unlock them, shotgun for self protection if you enjoy going around on your feet in marshland, red woods forest, etc. I once survived a level 200 croc attacking me just with this shotgun and a flak armor. I had my argy help me but still.


On the bottom left islands there big mountain with lots of metal and crystal everywhere


Alr ik this is late but it really depends cause if you’re in need of a weapon for caves then probably shotgun but if you need to take or would rather snipe Dino’s off from a distance use the longneck and it can also be used for tranq darts later on and I’ve personally experienced to find more LongNeck rifle Blueprints in drops but in caves I mostly find shotguns Edit: the pistol is good to but only if you have a good blueprint for it but I for the most part prefer the fabricated pistol which you do get later on because of its increased magazine and damage


longneck for tranq darts and sniping. shotgun for damage. nothing hits harder than a point blank default shotty. not even a pump shotty


I would like to recommend the shotgun because of the amount of times it’s saved me when I’m mining metal and a saber tooth slaps the back of my head. I can just spin around and not have to worry if I’ll hit. _yuh need gud spread_ This all depends if you want to tame dinosaurs or kill dinosaurs. Because clearly the shotgun can’t use tranq shots so pick your poison.


I usually try and find a pistol bp if you want something for damage


For me the Longneck is the best weapon in ARK, closely followed by the pump, but the normal shotgun is trash, because th costs more than the pump an only holds two shots! Hope i could help you out!


Longneck I would say. Cheaper bullets and can be used for more than just bullets


For pvp shotgun for pve longneck if you have a good shotgun in pvp and are accurate you’ll be fine lol. Longneck for pve with tranqs are very useful


Longneck more easy to tame creature and also easy to lure enemy, you can use a like or sword instead of shotgun but the thing is shotgun gave you shit ton of xp so if you’re low on level mass crafting shotgun in a way to go




Longneck rifle will serve you better in the long run for picking off dinos (or humans if you’re on pvp) but it’s very useful to tranq dinos, a shotgun will only help you kill dinos up close (or humans if you’re on pvp) and has no other use


what map are you on and are you playing pve or pvp?


Longneck first, for tames Shotty second, for mass destruction


Id argue that a longneck is also useful late game, whereas youll be unlocking the next Tier if shotgun sooner or later, making the double barrel obsolete


If your on pve simple pistol is really the only choice in this situation


I mean how good is your aim




only craft the longneck, save the other materials till you get a fabricator then craft a pump action, much better weapon all around


make a longneck and make the fabricated shotgun when you get a fabricator


Don't use a normal shotgun they are bad and use alot of rescources. Wait until you can craft a pump. Use a long neck for tranq darts. But at the stage you are at id use tranq arrows and bow /cross bow to knock things out. Then kill things with dinos like a Carno or rex if you get one, even argies are pretty good in a fight because they heal once they harvest. Carry a mele weapon for defence a sword or pike. Bolas are good for some tames like raptors and sabers if you want to immobilise them and kill or get away.


Longneck got more uses than a shotgun (Scope, silencer, tranq darts , etc)


You will be able to get a stronger version of shotgun later, the pump-action shotgun, which deals huge damage up close, but is less effective against armored creatures. Nontheless, it's still good as a weapon, as if you're skilled, you can even solo Broodmother with it if you climb to a giant mushroom in it's arena on Island, but you need a Procoptodon for that.


Everybody gangsta til the caveman whips out the ar15


In my opinion longneck is better unless they are closer then shotgun so probably get both if you can... Also not sure how you or anyone feels about mobile bases but a really good starter base is the raft that you build a base on. Mine holds catapult and ballista on top if the roof. fireplace, mortar and pestle, smithing table, and keg barrel inside.




longneck > shotgun for utility amd single target damage shotgun > longneck for pvp and killing mobs if you turn up your dino count




Crossbow / longneck until you can get a pump shotty.




Use longneck,ts better for killing and taming bigger dinos


Shotgun because raptors


I love seeing these types of posts


Use longneck for tranq darts, or long range killing. Like LOOOONG range. Otherwise use crossbow for DPS. Pump Shotgun should be skipped. Get fabricated semi auto shotty. Kills stuff close to medium. Including bosses.


Longneck is far more important in the early game. You need it for tranqing the big boys.


For taming you need a longneck but shotgun has good damage


Both? Although I never really use shotgun until the next tier. I'd always pick Long Neck, just overall the better choice. However if your exploring with out any dinos, a shotgun will be good for surprise attacks


Shotgun, then use said shotgun to go get some blueprints.


long neck is the most useful in general, but shotgun is a beast in close combat early to mid game


Oh man fuck you. I haven't played ark in a while and now I want play right now even though I got an exam to study.


Longnecks are nicer in my opinion, because tranqs exist


If you have to choose one, you will never choose right. Make both, go get what need. No matter what you’ll be farming it anyway.


Longneck for range/tranq Shotgun for caves/unaliving


Shotgun for killing effectively, Longneck for taming fun. Keep in mind you need to find blueprints with better guns than primitive. ^^








As your first gun, i'd reccomend using the longneck. The longneck has insanely long range which allows you to snipe enemies from basically across the map. The weapon can equip tranq darts, which also allows you to tame dinos such as rexes, argentavis' and brontos. If you get your hands on a scope, the gun has reached peak power. The shotgun is excellent weapon at close range and is perfect for cave runs. The majority of enemies in Ark have to get super close to attack you, so the shotgun will deal with them easily. The only problem is how expensive the ammunition for the shotgun is. That was my overall opinion that you should get the longneck rifle instead of the double barrel shotgun.


Longneck for tranqing Shotgun for damage


On that level pick the rifle