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NTA. Someone who thinks they should have that much control over your life and your hobbies/habbits is a red flag. It's 2021, who *doesn't* play mobile games? Why else would you even own a phone? /s


100% agree. And this was at the beginning of them dating. Imagine what it would have been like if they moved in together etc. If he's this comfortable to be a dick this early on, then not only is the game more important, I would consider it a saving grace.


If OP’s friend thinks the control freak is such a catch, maybe *she* should date him


Yep, only 6 weeks in and, "You aren't allowed to have fun."


Can you imagine how miserable the relationship would be if he's this strung out about mobile games?


Right? I actually loved the line you left with. NTA


Oh, I’m SURE she’s allowed to have fun - as long as he approves of the activity… 🙄


To be fair, that's time she could be spending on considering how to provide more relationship benefits to him... /s


my ex decided that i played world of warcraft too much - i was addicted. we actually both played, roughly the same amount of time too. if i played more it was because he was playing age of empires instead. the difference was that ppl on world of warcraft liked me and he had trouble making friends. i would try to include him but he would simply get huffy because they obviously like me more... probably because I'm a girl and they want to fuck me. this degenerated into *concern* that i was addicted to gaming, so he demanded i stop. i never backed down because 1. i knew i wasn't addicted, i wasn't doing anything he wasn't doing. 2. he had no right to tell me what i could and couldn't do with my spare time if i was keeping the house clean, the kids fed and tended to and a roof over our heads. and 3. this was my only form of socialization outside of our relationship. he had managed to isolate me from anyone else irl including my jobs. i couldn't let him take the only friends i had left. those online friends heard the way he spoke to me, who refused to let him gaslight me into thinking i was playing an unhealthy amount. they're the ones who finally convinced me to leave him. and they were right.. his abuse escalated to physical violence, he went to prison for what he did to me. 9 times out of 10, it is never about the gaming or hobbies. it's never about prioritizing gaming over a partner. it's about control and abuse. fuck that guy.


Please OP, listen.. It is never about the "small stuff". It is about laying the ground for the bigger stuff.


oh I think OP knows that really well already. And good for them. You're right about the "small stuff". The symptoms of questionable attitudes are tiny and it's easy to dismiss them.


Why would you talk to the OP like that? Did you read the post? She literally said the same thing and walked out.


Because sometimes it's nice to share your own experiences and validate others' similar feelings and experiences. Don't be mad, it was actually really helpful.


“It’s about control and abuse. Fuck that guy.” No, that’s what he wants. I don’t think he should be rewarded for being such an AH. Also: NTA.


Reminds me of the recent AITA post about the dude who was “worried that his wife was addicted to gaming” just because she took the day off to play her favorite game during a release weekend and she wouldn’t cook for him. And she only played a few hours per week smh.


No, *don’t* fuck that guy!




Thank God he blew the asshole foghorn early.


Awh yes. I found one recently that has minimal ads and little purchase able content. But you can keep at it for like 20 minutes a go. I've had to start playing in chunks because I'll get laser focused. Same reason I don't have a Tetris app, haha.


I recently upgraded to a phone that can run the KOTOR port. ...Oops?


NTA He called OP an idiot because mobile games are just for idiots. After 1.5 month dating OP really did the best to walk away.


Exactly!! Dude thought he's been with her for long enough and could now try to pull this shit. OP, kudos for you for recognizing the signs of controlling behavior that would escalate down the line, and getting the fuck out. And that "friend" saying you were wrong for looking out for yourself and not taking shit is not your friend. NTA


I literally don't play mobile games because I'd rather be on reddit if I'm stuck somewhere with just my phone, lmao. And NTA. It's not the mobile game that's the real problem here.


> It's 2021, who *doesn't* play mobile games? Why else would you even own a phone? /s Dying laughing.


I totally agree. I am 68 years old and I play two games on my phone daily. It keeps my mind alert and I don’t care what anyone else thinks about it. If this guy is trying to control your free time at this stage of knowing him, I think you saved yourself some misery by leaving right away. He would have undoubtedly found other things he needed you to change about yourself to be considered datable by him.


I keep mobile games I haven’t played in years saved on my phone bc THE PROGRESS


I don’t play mobile games but I accept that I’m not the norm.


same here, but I do play online games? Does that count?


I don't play a mobile game. That being said, no one gets to dictate others hobbies as long it's not harmful to others.


Last time I played a mobile game was maybe a year ago and it sucked so much of my time that I quit. I just stick to reading reddit now when Im bored lol.


I play a mobile game & you're right about the amount of time they can take... I tell my friends it's a lifestyle choice. 😂


100% NTA. My 84 year old mom plays games on her phone and tablet. She doesn't play anything she has to pay for, but she enjoys herself. Edited to add: My first award! Thank you! :)


I don’t play mobile games and I think that they ate stupid. However, it’s someone’s choice to play that game or have another hobby or do whatever they want with their time. Nta but this guy is for thinking he can decide how you should spend your time. You did the right thing.


NTA. Anyone that gets that pissed about a mobile game is going to have 1,000 more triggers and things you can't do, because he doesn't deem it worthy. Best to get out early


Willing to bet he wasn't even pissed about the mobile game. He was just testing the waters about what controlling shit he could get away with with something relatively mild.




NTA. Red flag for a control freak. See ya later mate, no thanks.


I'd like to add to this, it's good that she got the hell out of there instead of staying with him and putting up with that bs. NTA


Exactly - this is not about the game, but about his control issues


If he can't see himself with someone who plays a mobile game, then he's the one who made a mobile game more important than a person. You just called his bluff. NTA


Excellent point!


Came to say this. NTA. He drew a line in the sand, you simply refused to let him control you. To be frank, if someone told me I had to quit them or games, I’d quit them just like you did. NJ.


Nta - there's a whole side of it you're probably not even seeing. Yikes to this guy, you made the right call. He told you he couldn't see himself dating someone long term who played the games (so.. you) then gets upset when said game player ( still you) decides to walk away?? What in the hell is that. It's not just a mobile game, it makes you happy in a way, or it's relaxing in your few minutes down time. Same as someone reading a magazine, scrolling on reddit, coloring a picture, or just sitting with a cup of coffee watching TV. So yes, that's more important than the month you've tried a relationship. He can't choose how you relax. Girl run. He's already throwing insults at you "MG Players are idiots" and he expects to put you down while you stand there and take it (upset with you leaving). It's only going to get worse. If he was just joking around about it I would say you're the A, but he doubled down, over a game.. nooope out of there


> What in the hell is that. > A controlling person who’s upset that their chosen victim is refusing to play their role.


Exactly. He was trying to fish for a victim, imo.


I really wanted to see OP's friend reaction from seeing all the NTA responses.


“I’ve known this game longer than I’ve known you.” Love it. NTA


Fucking legend.


Absolutely queenly.


Also loving, “I don’t go in for guys who shit on things I like.”


NTA, everyone has their hobbies. It wouldn’t be any different for someone who plays Xbox or PC games. Let people unwind however they want to.


Agreed. OP needs to ask her friend to exchange (mobile game) with (something friend really likes to do) and see if she feels the same way. NTA.


Attagirl. Don't take any flak from jerks who shit on your joy. You did exactly as you should have. NTA.


I came here looking for this ! You go girl . NTA


NTA This one is easy, yeah if he really dislikes mobile games and their shady business practices that's alright that doesn't mean he gets to belittle you for enjoying them and he was the guy who said "you either quit gaming or I'll leave you" so he shouldn't be surprised you called his bluff


NTA. It WAS a red flag. He had no right to tell you what to do. He could have shown an interest and asked you about it. Instead, he started lecturing you. Your friend is wrong.


Haha, no you are NTA and your response to bf's entitled attempt at manipulation was perfect. I'm worried for your friend, though, if she thinks this kind of behavior from guys is acceptable.


This isn’t even about the game. When someone you barely know feels entitled to shit on your hobbies (no matter how weird they are), then you’re perfectly entitled to distance yourself from that person. Life is too short to waste on people who make it their life’s mission to rain on your parade. NTA


Your friend sounds like a pick me. Obviously it wasn’t simply about the game but about his judgey attitude on a normal past time that most people have nowadays. And who even says something like that to someone actively doing what their judging as stupid. What he probably expected was for you to get all embarrassed and start telling him how intelligent he was begging him to teach you how to find more interesting hobbies. So gross.


Lol I wasn't going to be the one to say it, but she absolutely is a PickMe. And the rest of your comment is so on point. He was crossing every single line there is and thought OP would just take it. Very disturbing.


NTA candy crush is life! But seriously good call dude sounds controlling af.


Counterpoint: Sailor Moon Drops.


June's Journey.


June's Journey. That is a really fun game. Like Highlights for adults. Dragon City and Pokemon Go are the only other mobile games I have.


I was hoping I'd find some love for Pokémon Go here!


Yeah, I like that one, mostly cause I have to get out and walk. . . though right now I really don't do that. Use to do 3.5 km a day, it was nice. Right to my city park, into the old town and back home.




Trivia Crack Adventure, Pocket Styler and Pogo Lol


Obey Me! is my game of choice right now. Harem dating sim with a protagonist of unstated gender and amazing boys.


Nothing happens until I get my Animal Crossing goals done for the day. I'm trying to get the final Christmas tree before the fishing tourney is over--it's GOING to happen lol


NTA. If a guy I was barely dating said something about my addiction to animal crossing, I’d put him in his place so quickly he’d have dreams of the whip lash lol anyone who judges and ridicules people for the simple things that bring them joy or peace should be put in their place and I love how you did it. You were calm and to the point. He showed all of his red flags and you saw your way out.


NTA. Anyone that gets so easily annoyed by a mobile game will get annoyed by anything you spend your time on that he doesn't like. It's a little time waster, a little fun if he can't understand that then you did the right thing. Your friend also sounds like an idiot.


NTA, it'll be funny when you show your friend the comments/judgement


Oh yes, OP! Do let us know her reaction! 😄


NTA - not in the slightest. He's entitled to his opinion but so much of his comments & attitude sounded controlling and aggressive. You stood your ground over a harmless hobbie (since there was no actual gambling involved) and he challenged it. Keep an eye on your friend, if she thinks this type of behaviour is ok, she might be blind to red flags by the sounds of it..


NTA lol


Apollo, Eugene and all those guys love you. This guy?? Not so much.


Nta he sounds controlling and your friend sounds dumb as hell as if any man in the world is worth being disrespected for


NTA. Honestly you're my hero for how you shut that shit down so fast. You're amazing.


How is playing mobile games a red flag??? It’s not like you’re throwing your life away on it! NTA


>He started lecturing me on how mobile games are a waste of money, they’re time sucks for idiots Oh my god; I also have fairly negative feelings in regards to mobile games, but I'm not going to rain on anyone's parade unless I know that it's actually causing them problems, because I don't want to be an asshole. NTA


NTA 🚩🚩🚩🚩. You dodge a bullet there. Hating something is one thing. Belittle someone else over something he believes is another. Those things don't match up at all


Show this post to your friend with a shit-eating grin, because she is dead wrong. NTA How on earth can your friend dictate what’s more important to YOU, over your own beliefs? Lmao She may not understand what you value, but she needs to understand that not everything will have the same level of importance to every single person. This is 4th grade level stuff here


NTA, epic come-back. Good for you! I’m glad you stood up for yourself.


Your friend thinks you properly reacting to a guy being a jerk was... you being an asshole? NTA tf


NTA, why should you change your harmless hobbies just because the guy has a bee in his bonnet. He’s the one who gave you the ultimatum, and you don’t owe him anything.


NTA It wasn't about the game--it was about him trying to mock you for your activities and/or him trying to control you. We don't get extra lives like you do in your mobile game, so why waste the one you've got on guys like that?


NTA. Never deal with people who shit on stuff you truly love.


NTA and I did the same thing once in a very similar situation! (Only my friends understood why I wouldn’t ever want to date a weirdly controlling dude….)


NTA. That’s just where is starts. ‘Is the mobile game more important than me?’ Turns to ‘Is that lunch date with friends more important than me?’ ‘Is that birthday party more important than me?’ ‘Are your family really more important than me?’


NTA, he was negging you about a harmless pastime.


NTA He is the one who said he couldn’t see himself dating someone who plays those games. He also pretty much directly called you an idiot. He is the AH. Your friend may be setting him/herself to be a doormat in a similar situation (ie some guy or gal says something about your friend’s hobby and your friend abruptly drops it just to please them).


NTA. This is a common trend among control freaks. When i was dating, it was video games, now its mobile games. You were right to end it, and its not because the mobile game is more important than a relationship, its because anyone who expects that much control over your free time and hobbies is not worth it.


> I then left and never contacted him again because I don’t go in for guys who shit on things I like. You're the GOAT and you should give lectures for young women ❤️ NTA


NTA Who is he to dictate what you do in your free time. You’re not even spending money, but if you were, still doesn’t mean shit, you’ve been dating a month. Your friend who thinks you were the AH has a pretty low threshold for acceptable mates.


NTA I might be reaching here, but someone telling someone they have dates for a month that an innocent actively like playing a mobile game for free is a red flag, is either misunderstanding the consept of red flags entirely or on a slippery slope to be a tad controlling. Especially since he escalated when he backed it up with not being able to see himself date someone who played them, essentially giving you an ultimatum to see if he could make you give up a small hobby to keep him around.


INFO: What game


Inquiring minds want to know...🤣


Oh fuck that preachy, insecure, negging mansplainer and his superiority complex. He’s bad news. And fuck your clueless, men-pleasing friend. She seems to have low self esteem issues, if she thinks this is a acceptable way to be spoken to. There’s more to life than appeasing fragile male ego. NTA




Definitely NTA


NTA. You’re better off.


NTA and you're awesome for being strong and not letting him pressure you.


NTA. That’s the thing. We get to decide who and what is important to us.


NTA. You weren't married for 10+ years and you aren't obsessed with the game. It was a small point of contention that you spotted a red flag in him talking poorly about something you enjoy.


NTA. You saw the red flag and wisely packed up and left. Your ex bf was taking the first step to control you and not respecting your point of view or feelings. Your friends are absolutely wrong.


Did you show this to your friend yet, and how embarrassed was she?


NTA. Awesome to stand your ground.


Now, see, you have your priorities absolutely straight. Whatever brings you happiness stays in your life. That's a damn good rule, whatever you apply it to. NTA.


NTA. It's not about the mobile game at all. That attitude about anything would make me walk out of the door.


NTA. You were honest about what you want in a relationship.


NTA hilarious. He was incredibily dis respectful. That alone is good enough reason to break it off. He called you names.


NTA tell your friend its not the issue of thinking mobile gaming is more important. Its that the guy for no reason was being super critical over something that you enjoy doing and doesnt harm anyone because it doesn't even sound like you have an unhealthy need to play this game.


NTA Its not about the game. The problem is that he believes that his opinion on how you spend your time is more important than your opinion and that you MUST embrace his opinion.


NTA!!!!! Wtf is wrong with your friend? If he’s trying to control you like that already, imagine how he’s going to be a few months to a year from now. Situations like this where one partner displays very controlling manipulative behavior early on have all to often escalated to abuse. Big red flag. Never go back to him.


NTA You're awesome, and your friend is dead wrong haha.


NTA. You playing a mobile game was a red flag? That's a seriously stupid fucking hill to die on. Your clapback was entirely warranted. He gave you a relationship ultimatum over your hobby, fully expecting you to drop the game out of fear of losing him. You accepted the ultimatum and made the right choice. Your friend is either conditioned to accept toxic behavior from males or has bought into the idea that as women we're supposed to protect everyone else's feelings but our own. Sad for her, because she's a lot more vulnerable to abuse if that's what she truly thinks.


NTA So this dude insults you, and expects you to keep dating him? lol Edit: hit enter too fast lol I disagree with your friend as well - what exactly did she expect you to do here, agree you’re an idiot who didn’t realize what you were doing was wrong, and that you should immediately stop playing mobile games forever, just to keep dating him? Saying the game was more important may have been awkward - but ultimately he was as you point out, shitting on something you like. So functionally you are correct. You picked the game over him. No big loss.


He pretty much called you an idiot for a simple game. NTA.


Oh boy, is your friend gonna be surprised... Here, have a high-five for being awesome! ✋✋✋✋✋ Edit: NTA


NTA You're in charge of who you date. If someone, that early on is making nasty comments about what you enjoy there's no reason to continue to see them.


Your friend is dumb NTA


Your "friend" is an idiot. NTA and a good move (out) BTW.


*47 yo, hurriedly evolving the Pokémon from today's community day* Ugh, yes, sure, mobile games are a total waste of time!


NTA, he sounds like a judgemental AH.


NTA. It isn't about the game. It's about his reaction. He belittled your harmless hobby. I'd've noped out at that point, too.


NTA. How would your friend have suggested you handle the situation differently? Clearly the two of you weren't compatible. Yes, you were blunt, but so was he.


NTA the game is more important than him.


NTA. I love you and your backbone.


NTA. Anyone who gets that pissed off about their date playing a mobile game is a red flag. XD


NTA After six weeks, he thought he should be able to control every tiny activity that you do. Sounds like you dodged a bullet.


NTA. People are allowed to have activities. I'd say it'd be an issue if like, you played FEH or Genshin etc. and had a gambling problem, but this is him just making assumptions and shaming you for playing a game, which is completely ridiculous. This guy decided to crap all over your hobby and try to shame you for it, so you decided it wasn't worth it. Totally valid.


Does your friend change her hobbies depending on what a guy is into? Yikes! NTA


NTA - You didn’t leave him because of a mobile game. You left him because he threw a hissy fit about a harmless pastime of yours for no reason, and you did not want to see what else he’d want to control.


No, what you were was smart to see the warning signs of a narcissist and AH and get out of the situation without wasting any more time with him.


NTA - and greatest reaction on your side ever. Tell your friend, this was not about the mobile game, but about a dude trying to tell you what to do and that the stuff you like is wrong.


NTA dodged a whole field of red flags. 🚩


NTA! He was trying to set you up to fail, and you didn’t take the bait!


Yeah, it's not really "a mobile game is more important than him", but rather "a healthy relationship with someone who's not controlling is more important than him". NTA


NTA. What if it was any other activity that other people deem 'important' or 'valuable'. No, you have a hobby, something that doesn't take a lot of time, and he wanted you to drop it for him. Total red flag for me. So long as it's not a sink of time to where you're neglecting other parts of your life, there's nothing wrong with it.


NTA. Unsolicited opinions about something completely harmless are an AH move.


NTA that guy knew you for barely more than a month, and he dares get all judgemental and try to manipulate you into giving up your game to stay with him? The level of arrogance he displays is staggering! I love reading. If any BF, especially a new one, tried telling me what I read is a waste of time and he couldn't stay with someone reading such books, I'd have been out of his life faster than you could say "bye". OP, you're well rid of the moron, and your friend is an idiot.


NTA Your friend sounds dimwitted for hearing this story and thinking you left because of a mobile game. It's like a dating sim. This dude saw you playing a game and had two options: Option A) Ask you about the game and use it as a bridge to learn more about you and potentially have something in common. The charming path. Option B) Talk down to you like you're an idiot child who doesn't understand that mobile games are profit driven. The asshole path. Dumbass picked Option B and got the bad ending. You taking a clever pot shot on your way out doesn't mean you were literally leaving over a game. You left because he was waving red flags and you weren't about to put up with that shit. Good on you!


NTA. Because it's not about the game. It's about someone who is actively dismissive of the things you enjoy. And that's the line.


NTA. He's the one who said he didn't want to date a mobile game player like you. You two were just not compatible. C’est la vie. >“Uh, yes? Especially considering that I’ve known this game longer than I’ve known you.” I don't care whether this was really said or not. This was a beautiful response to read. (*chef's kiss* 👩‍🍳 )


NTA I can't even stop myself from laughing. The entitlement of some random dude you just met. He literally told you he doesn't respect you or is interested in dating you because of your interest in mobile games. You then left, what's the other option? Start sacrificing interest before the relationship even begins?


As a mobile gamer permanently stuck in Gacha Hell; NTA, and I take offense to that statement. Mobile games aren't time sucks, they are awesome and anyone who says otherwise can pound sand.


NTA He insulted you. You don’t have to put up with that. He doesn’t like that you play games on your phone? Wants you to stop. You’d been dating a month and a half. And suddenly he’s telling you what to do? Not to mention that he said that he could not date someone who plays “ those games long term.” He was kind of breaking up with you at that moment anyway. *He* had a problem with *you*. So *you* left. You felt it was a stupid problem, not worth arguing over. *You* should not change who *you* are for *anyone*. Period.


NTA, that guy is a jerk. And your friend is a jerk too. Sounds like your new boyfriend had gotten to the part of the relationship where he felt comfortable giving you his unsolicited opinions about your habits. Congrats, you got to red flag territory without having to sacrifice too much time.


NTA. It wasn’t about the mobile game, it was about him telling you what to do.


Nta. That’s super bossy for someone you just met. You made the right call.


Lmao go off queen. That guy is the asshole for lecturing you like he's your dad, without even knowing your engagement level to the game.


If a freaking phone game is a deal breaker for him be glad you found this out now. NTA


NTA. He fucked around and found out. Forget him.


I would rather play mobile games than mind games.


NTA, dude was throwing up red flags like he's getting paid for it XD


Well send this post to your friend because she’s 100% wrong and the majority of people here agree with that judgment. NTA


NTA huge 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 of him dismissing something simple you enjoy


NTA Congratulations on having standards. You shouldn't be with a guy who isn't only shitting on what you like but is also shitting on you as he's strongly implying that you are an idiot.


NTA. who wants to be in a relationship with someone who looks down on something you do for fun?


NTA. It's not about the game, it's about the fact that you've been seeing him for 6 weeks and he's trying to be controlling and pull power moves about something as petty as a harmless mobile game. That's a red flag of epic proportions. You made the right decision by leaving and I hope you don't take any advice from this "friend" who apparently tried to push you into an abusive relationship.


NTA. I like mobile games too - the free ones and again, play until no lives left. (Love Dig out, but my phone is too old to manage it). Anyway, it's harmless fun and condescending of the person you were dating to put you down.


NTA I feel like if he had said "I hate that book you're reading, go and throw it out or this relationship won't work", your friend would have a different take. It doesn't matter that it's just a game, it's the principle of who is in control of your time. You did the right thing!


NTA. His opinion and your opinion are not even close. This happens quite often with people. The major issue is that he went straight into degrading your interest/opinion & then said he couldn’t be with someone who played those games, fully expecting you to declare you would never play again. He was quite shocked to find you are quite able to decide for yourself what you will or will not do, what you find important, & what you will or will not put up with from a partner. Good. For. You.


Hahahahahaaaa your friend is completely wrong, fuck that guy. NTA


NTA. Your friend just lets men disrespect her to avoid hurting their feelings.


NTA, it really isn’t even about the game, it’s about the gross belittling attitude 🤢


He said he couldn't see himself dating you. So you showed him what it looks like to not date you. Gave him what he asked for as far as I can tell. NTA.


NTA - maybe if you were in a serious relationship, but you weren't.


That’s kinda funny ngl😩


Turns out that mobile game was even more valuable than you thought!


I dislike mobile games would I ever play one for more then 5 minutes? No. Would I throw out ultimatums about mobile games in New relationships? Also no. NTA


NTA Angry Birds 2?


I wish I'd had role models like you growing up OP. NTA


Would you mind telling us which game you are talking about?


Nta but do you mind telling me the name of the game


Walking away was the best choice you could make in that situation. After all, he told you straight up he didn't want to be with you.


NTA. I think this is hilarious


NTA--that was awesome


NTA- it was a red flag for how controlling he was, you saw it and you made the right choice


NTA. Legend.


NTA and you might want to reconsider this friend who thinks you are…


NTA, all games are time vacuums. Do you find the game fun? Yes? Then play away and know your time isn't wasted because you enjoyed it.


NTA but the mobile game wasn’t more important than him. You having autonomy to decide how you do or do not spend your spare time was more important than him.


You are definitely NOT an ah. You are a free person and don't need to be told what to do. Good thing you made the break early and didn't make the mistake of finding out before you got married.


He's TA, and so is your friend. Can't wait for you to show him/her how wrong they were and put them in their place😂


NTA hes the red flag here


NTA OP. You did the right thing by up and leaving that controlling jerk. Please update with your friend’s reaction to the judgments here!


NTA, congratulations on the dodged bullet.


NTA. I love you.


NTA, even if you were sinking money into it, it’s *NONE* of his business! As far as I’m concerned, he’s the AH for being a controlling dick. Your friend is kind of an AH for not understanding that he was stepping way out of line!


Obviously NTA - but why is no one asking WTF is up with the friend?


NTA he showed the first sign he was an opinionated controlling ahole who had just backhandedly called you an idiot, you got out of there quickly good on you.


NTA. I agree with him but he's still a judgmental ass that should have kept his mouth shut. I waste way too much productive time on mobile games that I wish I didn't, they're awful for us.


Do tell us what your friend thinks when it comes out that you're NTA. Friend can go date the AH instead and see how she likes it.


NTA. Good on you for standing up for yourself and leaving. Assholes aren't worth your time.


NTA and omg that was so embarrassing of him 😭


Awesome… NTA