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NTA. Now what your going to do is invite 5 of your friends around and let them use her shit to their hearts content given that she can have no issue with that behavior.


This! You should invite your friends and tell them they can help themselves to all her groceries and pantry items to make themselves dinner


I hear she has a very comfortable bed


hahah won't she be surprised to come back and see someone in it :P


Nah man, you gotta make a lasting impression. Hit her at the source...her stomach. Sugar free gummy bears. The only way to poison a food thief without incurring the wrath of HR or the cops...and you get to be satisfied knowing that the four horsemen of the apocalypse are stampeding out where the sun doesn't shine in rainbow-colored bathroom trips. "Oh, those gummy bears? Yes, I've been trying to diet a bit and the sugar free ones are so healthy and natural!"


When I need a good laugh I love looking at the Amazon reviews for the Haribo sugar free gummy bears. 😄


>Amazon reviews for the Haribo sugar free gummy bears. The buzzfeed article is priceless.


That was the best ever. Those were so funny! It's hard to stifle my laughter.


Best review I've ever read was for a heated toilet seat. Reviewer said his wife had it cranked up to satan levels and don't remember what he ate but wouldn't be surprised if it was 3lbs of haribo gummies


Lol me too. At least once every few months.


Oh god I’m crying. The reviews are so funny.


You're vicious. I like it.


You just need to make sure they take them without asking. Leave them where they are just begging to be eaten. If you give consent, you could be held responsible. If they take the food without asking, it is all on them.


Found the sugar free bears at Walmart the other day- just had to buy them for the friend who introduced me to the Amazon reviews. He’s refused to take the chance….


They share a bathroom though. 🌈


Just take them out and put them into the packaging of normal Haribo..... That way even if they know about the sugar free ones they can never know......


Or maybe a tupperware? I think you can get in trouble for purposefully mislabeling food with the intention of making someone sick. Tupperware you can say it's just for freshness.


Oh god, do they still make these? After the Amazon reviews I thought they’d have pulled them


Sugar free chocolate, sweetened with Maltatol. Leave it all over the apartment. I guarantee she and her friends will spend the rest of the day in the bathroom.


*Anything* sweetened by maltitol. That poison ruins my intestines to the point my dog will leave the bathroom.


Those are kinda hard to find but you know what's easy to find and cheap? Mineral oil. Colorless, flavorless, odorless intestinal lube. Just dump the whole mother trucker into their beverage container (tea jug, OJ, juice cocktails, as regular juices may show a consistency difference) and let the games begin. Be hard pressed to find where the culprit is and who knows, you may get a whole group at once 😊


Oil is lighter then water and floats on top of it. It would be very obvious if someone did this.


Now the question begs... is it mama, papa or baby bear's style of bed?


Commando bear


Papa Bear commando style :P


Mama bear saw Papa Bear commando style and nowntheres a Baby Bear!


You made me spit, snort and guffaw out loud!


NTA invite some guys over to crop dust her pillows….. 😂😂😂


>NTA invite some guys over to crop dust her pillows….. Nasty lol :P I have no idea what that expression even means but it sounds suitably bad :P


You fart on someone’s pillow then they would end up with pink eye lol


This entire thread has me laughing like a maniac in Walgreens! NTA!!


I wonder what kind of shampoo and conditioner she uses.


But before bed, they need to use her special shampoo, conditioner, and loofah.


Maybe have a shower and use her shampoo/conditioner because apparently its a free for all now




Her tooth brush would be a good loafa


Ew wtf is wrong with you? ​ ​ ​ Putting someone else's toothbrush on your body? They make much better toilet scrubbers.


Lol depends where you're scrubbing 😉 I was thinking where the sun don't shine


I don't want some rando's mouth bacteria near my sensitive bits. Humans have gross mouths.


Someone's clearly never had their butt ate out


I specifically said a rando. If I've kissed you that's different. Once I've tasted the mouth bacteria I can build immunity. Gotta have the sample in the system first.


This is the most valid criteria for "would I let you eat my ass" I've ever heard




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Sometimes u gotta be petty to get the point across though.


And by roommate’s logic, OP won’t be responsible, since she won’t be the the one to have actually eaten them. I say go for it.


I’d go after good liquor that tends to be something important to people and costly too.


Does she do makeup? Girl's night makeover session. Use her newest eye shadow till you hit pan.


OP if you do this. Please dear god post an update


And when you invite them over, and tell them this, MAKE SURE SHE HEARS IT. ​ Because she has set that as the precedent. She can hear you telling everyone from now til she pays back the chocolate, that its 100% okay.


Absolutely so long as OP doesn't eat any of the groceries herself, it's all fair. Those are the rules.


Right ... wait until she goes grocery shopping, buys special dinner or food for Easter and have your friends scarf it all up... then use the same excuse on her. Then put in place a rule that if a roommates friend eats it/breaks it/ruins it/spills it ... the roommate is responsible for their friends ... or no friends allowed.




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Specifically her shit that is only seasonally available and limited in quantity. I'm 99% sure stores near me are sold out af. I'd be fighting mad if somebody ate all of my Cadbury eggs like that


My target seems to have had a good supply since I keep buying every time I visit.




yeah, and also Cadbury Eggs are sacred! NTA


If you really wanna hit her where it hurts, use her beauty products. Have 5 people come by and use her shampoo and conditioner lol


This! I'd offer them something of hers, then tell her that it isn't your problem they took her cellphone charger, IT WASN'T YOU.


I am not a woman of violence but we throwing hands fer sure if you eat my snacks and don't replace them. NTA.


Lol love this journey for OP.


Not helpful but the petty child in me squealed with glee at that possibility. Wait... how long until the lease is up? If its soon, fuck being helpful. Do it OP!


Lol seriously. Have 5 friends over to take the amount of money she owes you, then say it’s not on you to pay her back because your friends did it. All joking aside I’m livid that someone would actually behave this way. Sorry your roommate is a garbage person, you are definitely NTA.


Maybe OP's roommate has a computer? OP could suggest to a friend that it is going free....


I hope you have a bunch of hungry friends! ITS OPEN SEASON NOW MOTHERFUCKER


"You realize... this means war"


Wabbit Season!


Duck season!


Wabbit season!


Duck season


Duck season


Duck season, FIRE!


You're despicable !


Wabbit season


I know at least 3 people with Bottomless Stomach Syndrome* if you need more friends. *not Prader-Willi syndrome, they just really like food


I am a breastfeeding mama and I am hungry ALL THE TIME! I volunteer to come eat all your roommates shit on a daily basis.


This is the answer


This is what I came to say!! Make sure your friends eat out of her cupboard real soon. Like wait until there’s something good in her cupboard and then invite people over to eat it


This is the way.


NTA. Take all of her food and give it to the homeless, just make sure not to eat any yourself.


I like this one. If she does not reimburse you. You should take her food and donate. Or have your friends come over and take her food. Time for you to get a lock in your cabinet or a new roommat


That's not within the rules of engagement. Bringing the homeless people to their place, however...


Agreed. OP should not touch any of roommate’s food herself. But if an invited guest were to be made aware of the location of said food… well, who knows what could happen?


They can sleep in her bed!


To be petty, I'd probably have like one slice of bread and hand her a dime.


NTA at all. Cadbury Eggs are expensive and limited supply. That's shitty of them to eat anything that isn't theirs without asking but not to reimburse or get more is just crazy. Sidenote - my ex cheated on me and got someone else pregnant. But the biggest argument we ever had was over the overnight disappearance of 30 Cadbury Eggs he bought as a gift for me. Years later in hindsight, I think it was the dog. But boy, that Easter weekend was ugly. So frankly, no holds barred when it comes to Cadbury Eggs.


In both cases he showed that he couldn't be trusted around other people's eggs.


Mic drop


I wish I had an award to give you. And that would have been the perfect line to hear when I was out drinking with girlfriends after I found out about the kid. 🏅


>Years later in hindsight, I think it was the dog. I lost it at this line. What a great sidenote.


You'd think the dog would have made it obvious a few hours later. I know chocolate is supposed to be poisonous to them, but I swear some dogs are immune.


On New Year's Eve a few years ago my dog was being really strange, looked to be in pain (dilated pupils), but we couldn't figure out what was wrong and after a few hours she seemed fine. A few days later I was taking something out of my closet and found vomit inside the centre folds of a curtain I had rolled up and laid in there. She stuck her little nose inside the cylinder and vomited there to hide it 🤣 We still couldn't figure out why she had been sick. A few days after that my sister opened a box of Christmas chocolate she had on the table and realized the corner of the box was all chewed and half the chocolates were gone. She was lifting the lid on the box, stealing chocolates, and somehow (maybe luckily) lowering the lid back into it's place!!! My point is dogs can be sneaky as fuck and maybe there is hidden dog vomit somewhere.


Found my pupper sitting VERY quietly on the couch… with his head stuck in a microwave popcorn bag. https://imgur.com/vr4D6EJ


"Nothing to see here, just a normal dog doing normal dog things on a normal couch not misbehaving in any way"


I also still wonder why she ate only half the chocolates. We even noticed that, where there were 2 of each type of chocolate (it was one of those variety boxes with caramel and nougat etc.), she mostly ate either both of the same type or neither. Is she a discerning chocolate lover? Did she realize halfway through that she didn't feel so good? I'll never know.


It’s a quantity thing. Milk chocolate doesn’t have that much theobromine, where dark or baking chocolate are where it gets scary. A lab eating a king sized milk chocolate bar? Meh. A dachshund eating a 70% dark bar? That’s a problem. Always a good idea to call animal poison control if it happens so they can tell you if your pup is safe or needs a trip to the vet.


When I was a kid, our dog once managed to eat several week's worth of my mother's medication. She called the vet in a panic. He told her, "Well first of all, those particular medications all have to be given to dogs in much higher doses than to humans. Second of all... he's a lab."


My dog once ate half a chocolate cake and never showed any illness as a result


I was told, after my puppy ate a bag of m&ms and I was freaking out, that they basically have to eat their weight in ounces for it to be a major concern (ie a 20 lb dog would have to eat 20 ounces of chocoloate).


For milk chocolate yes. For dark chocolate, no.


Well, considering my dog was part beagle-basset and part German shepherd, that would explain a lot lol


Nooooo. *Theobromine* is always toxic to dogs. However, weaker forms of chocolate (like cheap milk chocolate) will have less theobromine than strong chocolate (cocoa powder or baker’s chocolate). Weight also matters. A Great Dane can eat a Hershey’s Kiss. But that same Hershey’s Kiss will really fuck up a chihuahua. [Here’s a calculator that helps show how much trouble you’re potentially in when you discover a chewed chocolate wrapper. ](https://www.petmd.com/dog/chocolate-toxicity)


No lie! That shit is running $3.50 ish for 5 eggs! I'd totally be asking for my money back.


I mean .. if she thinks she’s not responsible for her friends that she invites over, she had better give you that friend’s phone number and Venmo so you can contact them directly for reimbursement But also it’s completely unreasonable to invite anyone into your apartment that you don’t trust enough to be accountable for their behavior. A firm line needs to be drawn. After inviting your friends over to help themselves to her shampoo, food, whatever else she’s left around.


I'm really curious now, what do they cost in the states? A pack of 5 in a supermarket here in the UK costs £2.00 ($2.60). I got myself a box of 48 from Costco back in January for £16 ($20.80), down to 13 left now! 😢 Those prices include VAT (UK sales tax) at 20%. The Cadbury Creme Eggs here are 40 grams (1.41 oz).


They are $3.99 (£3.06) for a four-pack here. Though you usually get them as singles for anywhere from $1.25-$2.00. Pre-tax. I can't decide if I'm more jealous of the notion of being able to buy a box of 48 (our Costco doesn't carry them) or that yours at 1.41oz -- ours are a mere 1.2oz (34 grams).


Depends. At Target it's $3.49 for a box of 4. Same box at Walgreens is $5.99.


You can get a 48 pack here in the states for $35 (£26.87 if google is telling me the truth)


>But the biggest argument we ever had was over the overnight disappearance of 30 Cadbury Eggs he bought as a gift for me hahahah :P Sounds like something Agatha Christie needs to write about :P


NTA Of course she needs to pay for them! She didn't eat them but she gave her friends permission to eat them. She did not say to them "do not eat those they belong to my roommate" did she? So she allowed them to eat them which means she is now responsible. They were her guests!


Honestly, I would write a message to her friends like 'so friend told me that you had all agreed that you would replace the eggs that was eaten last Sunday, and that I should ask you directly instead of going through her?' I bet her friends don't know she's such a cheap ass


My thoughts. Probably interesting to hear for the friends. But I feel I'd just let the landlord know their tenant steals from other tenants, and file at small claims. It's theft.


NTA. Your roommate stole your food and refused to reimburse you. To quote Bugs Bunny, "Of course you know ... this means war."


I love the war tactics suggested here so far;; donating roommate’s food away, giving the food to OP’s friends, so petty but great lol. Tbh I’d personally still feel uncomfortable taking someone else’s food though... I’d suggest uploading this post on social media or sending it to the roommate/ their friends/ egg thieves so they feel ashamed. Hopefully they’ll pay OP back after seeing the error of their ways.


NTA have your friends come round and eat her food see what she says then about not having to pay someone back


NTA-Your roomie is an AH. Your roomie may not have eaten them, but she was aware that her guests were not to eat them and that you did not give permission for them to be eaten. That makes it her responsibility to replace it. She needs to pay. The petty me would tell you to eat something of hers that you know she's dying to eat or toss it out.....but instead, I'd say......If she won't pay and won't take time to replace them, I'd make sure everyone knew this. I would contact the friends and explain to them that your roomie allowed them to eat your food without permission and you want the Cadburry eggs replaced. I would also make a way to have etiher your own fridge and a lock so you roomie would not have access to your food. Your roomie sounds like an AH.


I was envisioning a Facebook post to her page so her friends and family all see what sort of person she is. I would think they would express their dismay and question their friendship plus anything that has ever gone unexpectedly missing if she is so cavalier about stealing from you. Who knows what else has been taken unnoticed. Also, I would lock up everything I own while I look for a new place to live. War is bad even when you win.


This! Because I can see OP's roomie doing this again and again unless put in her place.


>I was envisioning a Facebook post to her page so her friends and family all see what sort of person she is. This \^\^\^ I am a huge fan of shining a bright light on someone's crappy behavior, particularly when they refuse to make it right. Nothing like a good old fashioned public shaming to make someone realize the error of their ways. I'd be counting the days until the lease was up.


Also you know she totally ate some.


Of course she did.


Absolutely NTA. Your roommate is responsible for her friends. Had the roles been reversed, I'm sure she would have felt as you do. It sucks because she has no regard for your property and basically slid thr blame on her friends, knowing that you don't quite have the ethos to tell them that they owe you for the eggs, as they can just say your roommate said it was ok. And if you insisted or even brought it up, you would likely be accused of being petty. Either way, it would further harm your relationship with your roommate. Although I am ALSO concerned that her friends were able to polish off 20 Cadbury eggs in one night, where I would get the sweats after just 2. RIP Cadbury eggs...


One approach would be to cheerfully call them and say Op: “Hey! Roommate gave me your number. She said you guys ran out of food the other night and that you promised to reimburse if you could borrow my eggs. What’s your venmo?” Friend: “I uh... no” OP: “Oh, you didn’t eat the eggs?” Friend: “Yeah but” OP: “What’s wrong? I was happy to lend them to you! What’s your venmo? Friend: Roommate said it was ok! OP: Did she say they were hers? Friend: No, but OP: So you knew they weren’t hers, you knew they were mine. Don’t worry - I was happy to lend them because you were in a tight spot. What’s your venmo Or OP could insist that the roommate PROMISED they’d pay you back and throw her under the bus for conflict. I personally think OP should get their friends to take either roommates booze or own chocolate hoard to make a point.


That's a fiendish, underhanded, conniving, and downright gaslighting method of binding the roommate with courtesy. I love it.


The cost as well?? I swear 20 Cadbury eggs would set you back almost 50 quid


I thought this was Cadbury creme eggs we're talking about? The ones the size of actual hens eggs?


yes, 50 quid is equivalent to $65 in US dollars. they're expensive and decadent as hell and no way they ate them all in one sitting. unless it was a weight watchers convention!


I'm totally happy with my one Cadbury Creme Egg a year.


NTA, she’s responsible for her guests. That’s life.


NTA, that's just a shitty roommate. You're responsible for the people you bring in and the things they do...


NTA - her friends stole your food. She shouldn’t have let her friends take it and should have to reimburse you for this. Your roommate sounds entitled.


NTA, but you live with a jerk, and I wouldn't expect it to get better for you. The friends will continue to pull stunts that she won't take responsibility for. Been there, done that in college. Your stuff may start to get broken, but it won't be an issue for her, because it wasn't her that specifically caused it.


lol what??? SHE didn't eat them but let her loser friends eat them and thinks she doesn't owe you? What the hell kind of logic is that? You should let your friend trash her car and say sorry, I didn't do it so I don't owe you for the damage. Sorry you're living with such a selfish person. NTA


NTA she may not have eaten them but her guest did. She’s responsible for her guests actions.


NTA. She's absolutely TA. She is responsible for anyone she invites into the home.


NTA...what a terrible roommate. She should be more than happy to replace them. You might have to start locking your treats up


Not just treats Id start locking as much up as possible and potentially start considering a new living arrangement if possible based on the lack of responsibility taken by roommate. Its not just about the cadbury eggs but the general behavior and poor response by the roommate. If they can do it with this case what else are they using or willing to use or take or let friends of theirs get away with as far as stuff that belongs to OP?


NTA have friends over and then hide several items of hers. When she complains say you didn’t eat them so not your problem. You can then say you’ll replace the items if she replaces your items.


NTA. Shame on your roommate for allowing her friends to come over and eat your food. She knew they were yours and did nothing to stop them. I would tell her if they were so inconsiderate to steal your food who knows what else they might take the next time they're over? I'd tell her people like that aren't allowed in my house or around my things. If she wants to meet them go to their place or go out but they are not to step foot back inside your house. Maybe consider getting a lock for your cabinets or even your room? I doubt she'll stop this shitty behavior


NTA. She needs to pay for them. She is responsible for her guests (mis)behavior in your home. Also, sounds like it's time to find another roommate who's not such a total selfish jerk. Until then, hide your stuff from her very, very well.


NTA host is responsible for guests. They were your roommates guests. Roommate needs to replace items or reimburse you.


NTA - shitty roommate. Invite your friends over and let them take things from her closet and see how she likes it.


I was gonna say this. OP should invite friends over and feed them roommates food. And say the same crap back at her. NTA.


Invite your friends round, they can eat all her stuff. When she gets annoyed tell her it was your friends and not yourself so there's nothing you can do about it. NTA.


NTA. Ask her then by that logic she won't mind if you have a load of friends over and let them loose on her food and drink, if that's the way she wants to play it. Tell her if the food is not replaced, you will be giving your guests free reign over her food from now on.


My stuff was stolen and I want to be reimbursed. AITA? How spineless do you have to be to doubt yourself in this situation? Unless you go around stealing your roommate’s food too, ofc NTA.


I honestly kind of wanted to vote Y-T-A just for posting this here. There's no moral dilemma in this story.


How have we found this many people who like Cadbury eggs?


Maybe cos they’re not in the UK and they don’t know what they’re missing? Hershey’s bought Cadbury’s years ago and the stuff they sell as cadburys in the USA is vile.


Eh, I find the ones here in the US nostalgic. I eat one a year and that lasts me until next Easter. The Reese’s peanut butter eggs, though…those are the one true Easter candy.


Fair, I am in the USA and the stuff inside Cadbury eggs here is like demon snot.


I most definitely agree. I remember going to an Easter egg hunt as a child and a kid eating 4 of those eggs and projectile vomiting....it was like the pastel seersucker exorcist showed up. That experience was enough for me to steer clear of Cadbury cream eggs for 30+ years now.


Nta. She has responsibility of the people she brings to the house. At a minimum she should have stopped them from eating your food, especially as it was labeled.


NTA. That is not a good roommate. She may not have personally eaten them but since she let her friends have them and they did not belong to her then it is just as if she did. She should go and replace them. At a minimum she owes you the money.


NTA - and pour $56 worth of her food down the toilet, tell her you didn't eat it, you just threw it away.


Like many have suggested, have your friends come over and then help yourselves to her food stash. But WAIT until she goes to the store and replenishes, then have a party with ALL of her goodies. In case you haven't figured it out, your roommate is a selfish, unreasonable creep and many other expletives to boot. Get a new roommate and until then, put a padlock on your cupboards and your room.


Tell her you misunderstood the meaning of divided food in regards to feeding houseguests, and thank her for clarifying how it should be treated. Let her know upfront that you intend to have a few dozen people over and you would be preparing her food for them to eat. When she objects let her know it’s the same thing and reiterate your desire to be compensated for the food she let her friends eat. If she somehow does not object, follow through, and ask your friends a candy restocking fee for the meal you prepare them, like a dollar or two and use that to buy candy. Be petty, because you can push back quite a bit before you get even close to being even here. NTA


Just get some petty revenge. Find other ways to even the balance over time. Take her stuff and give it to your friends. NTA


NTA. Get your friends to start eating her food - in her logic you didn’t eat it therefore should not be accountable for it.


NTA ~ I’d be freaking out if someone stole those from me. They’re literally the only candy I eat. 😂


Your roommate is a B- ad person…rude, ignorant and just not very nice.


NTA Get in touch with her friends yourself and explain that she let them eat your food even though she knew she didn't have permission. Maybe she'll be embarrassed enough to do the right thing.


NTA. I’m super petty and would invite friends over and have them eat any of her food and then not pay for it to show her how it feels but that may not be the best response.


NTA her guests, she is responsible for them, and she absolutely needs to pay you back or replace them. Not sure what you can do legally, though and I'm not sure if small claims court comes with any fees.


NTA and tell her to get her friends to pay since they ate them.


NTA and I didn’t even read past the title. Everyone should be buying more Cadbury eggs. Everyone.


Totally NTA Dude, that sucks, usually things like this are the start to a downward spiral... Now you probably wanna start locking your snacks away, next thing you know is you have to lock your room too because she gave her friend who was cold one of your sweatshirts... Seriously, if she does absolutely not see that she's in the wrong and refuses to reimburse you I would probably start prepping lunches for all my coworkers using her food. Since you yourself won't eat them it's not an issue right? 🤷‍♀️ (Yeah, yeah, I know I'm a petty person).


NTA. Tell her that unless she reimburses you, you will report her to management for theft. She is responsible for what the people she has over do.


NTA. I don't even have to read this. Of course not the ah. Cadbury Eggs are sacred. Everyone knows that.


NTA, your roommate is responsible for the actions of her guests.


NTA Take some of her food, drinks or atuff she uses a lot and blame your friends. Tell her you won't replace it because you didn't use it.


Nooope. NTA. Cadbury eggs are freakin expensive. I mean, not that that should make any difference, but ffs


NTA She is responsible for her guests behavior. She owes you for what they stole.


NTA - If she doesn't already understand that she should be responsible for her guests, then she is not going to understand (and this is one of the few times I say, blame the parents). You could "declare war" but if you are going to stay roommates, that would only make things worse, and if you aren't going to stay roommates (which is reasonable, since you can no longer trust her to protect your shared space), then this won't matter.


NTA and I fking hate people like your room mate. The sort of people who don't pay up when the bill comes at a restaurant. Dreadful.


NTA - If they don't quite get that "I didn't eat them" is no excuse; get some of their food and offer it to some homeless people. Then when she gets mad shrug your shoulders and say "I didn't eat them." Petty revenge aside, they are complicit in the theft of your property, I'd find another roommate or another place to live if they don't see reason.


INFO: Do you have a bunch of friends who would like to come over and eat your roommate's groceries?


NTA. I would try finding a new place and roommate if she has such little respect for you and your belongings. But if that’s not an option, start eating her stuff. When your friends come over offer them her food. If she ever brings home a to go box and seems excited about her leftovers devour it with a smile. After awhile she will get the memo and I bet she won’t let it happen again and she might even cough up the money.


NTA at all. Unbelievably rude. Whether she personally ate them or not, we’re responsible for the actions of the people we bring into a shared space. If this isn’t your hill to die on though, just buy a lock for your cabinet and move on. And if you’ve been generous with your purchases in the past you know not to bother anymore.


NTA - have friends over and her food out of the fridge.


Looks like you need to eat her food and refuse to pay her back


Your roommate is insulting your intelligence. # NTA


My SO recently visited Bristol and London (we don't live in the UK) and I asked him to bring me back some Creme Eggs and he didn't. Now I am considering divorce. NTA


NTA So let’s forget food and take another approach. Let’s say you have company over and they break something of hers. She would hold you accountable because they were your guests. A person is responsible for theirs guests and she should pay you back


She won't pay? Time to play. What does she like the most? How can you mess with it/ruin it for her? What does she hate? How can you do a lot of that? Don't tell her why, just make her miserable. Food color in her shampoo (or conditioner is better because you leave it on longer)nis a good start. Especially if she is blonde or lightens her hair. Throw away food she likes before she can eat it. Or just eat it yourself. Leave the wrapper in her area. Refuse to discuss the issue. If you tell me what she likes and hates, I can come up with much more specific ways to play with her. Send me a message if you want more ideas.


NTA And I swear to all if that happened I would want to smear her tampons in mentholated gel. DO NOT EFF WITH MY CADBURY EGGS. She let her friends eat them, ergo it’s her responsibility.


NTA. I would eat the equivalent value of her stuff.


She let her guests eat them. She’s responsible for replacing them, regardless if she ate any. NTA


NTA, obviously


I’d say donate her food to a homeless shelter and refuse to replace it. You didn’t eat it the homeless did. NTA * edit for autocorrect changing a word


NTA, and who the hell eats 4-5 Cadbury eggs (assuming 4-5 friends) in one sitting without going into a sugar coma? Your roommate sounds like the worst kind of rules lawyer. "I didn't eat them myself, so they're not my responsibility." With that and her letting her friends eat *your* food without even asking, you might want to reconsider whether you really want to live with her.






NTA and she owes you $20 at least for the candy. Those suckers are expensive if they’re not on sale.


NTA what does she have that you can help yourself to?


NTA and time to have some friends over and give her some of her own medicine.