A parrot pulling out a girl's tooth.

A parrot pulling out a girl's tooth.

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I like how it looks like he's showing it off to the camera right after he pulls it out.


world class dentist right there


The birb is now entitled to half of the tooth fairy money.


It's all cute and cuddly until her parents get the bill in the mail!


Get the bill in *its* bill.


I see what you did there




*So as you see, this stupid creature has a broken tooth that it can't get rid of itself.* *So in this video, I'm gonna pull it out.* *And there we gooooo...*


Gotta get da snack


Teaching parrots to pull teeth out of human mouths feels like the start of a Stephen King story.


How did he know which fang it was?


The loose one...


Most likely saw the girl wiggling it on the days leading up.


Yeah I have a parrot, had them my whole life, if something is lose they will see it! Lol


I always see lose > loose but I think this is the first time I've seen that misspelling the other way.


I think she meant lost not loose.


Meant Loose. sorry guys. All over the place today :/


You are forgiven, lol. 👍


Haha. 😊




Oh brother do I have news for you...


> Oh brother do I have news for you... Oh brother do *I* have news for you...


bruh savevideobot is back…


WAIT REALLY??? Oh excuse me then forgive me for not knowing and commenting like a moron.


Haha no worries. The bot dm me the link instead of posting it here


I have invisalign. My conure plucked out one of my epoxy attachments clean in one quick go at it. They really have great precision with their beaks. The people who think this is fake are way too skeptical. Don't spend so much time on the internet.


Why are people letting their birds beak in their mouth?? Human saliva is not safe for birds at all.


Well, probably because this kids looks to be about 11 or so and probably didn't receive a course on ornithology, and how foreign micro organisms interact with bird anatomy.


Hey, stop making sence. we're trying to have a conversation here. /s


E: I am deleting all of my comments and disabling notifications. Seriously get out of my inbox, I don't care what you think. Here is a god damn veterinarian saying the risk is practically non-existent. As if you all live in fucking germ insulting bubbles jfc. Source: [Dr. Brian Speer](https://www.medicalcenterforbirds.com/doctors.pml) >To help set the record straight of these confusing issues, we consulted with Dr. Brian Speer, a board certified avian veterinarian, 2000 president of the Association of Avian Veterinarians, and co-author of Birds for Dummies. >Why Mammal Saliva and Birds Don't Mix >Birds mouths are much cleaner than ours. And, ours are much cleaner than say a cat's. When it comes to birds, the most dangerous organism in any mammal's mouth is something called Pasteurella multocida. Once introduced onto or into a bird, Pasteurella multocida can become a "very infectious organism," says Speer, crossing membranes, entering the blood stream, and taking a bird from perfect health to death in as little as one hour. >That means a bird that is attacked by a cat, even if the injuries look minor, can be in serious trouble. The bird's instinct will be to clean the wounds by licking them. Doing so, the bird ingests this dangerous organism and may be starting a chain of events that leads to serious illness and even death. >According to Speer, this same organism can be found to a lesser extent in dog and human saliva. **"Unless it's a really wet kiss," chuckles Speer, "It's not a real danger to kiss them."** However, he warns that safety precautions should be taken to prevent any cats or dogs (no matter how well-behaved) from "kissing" your pet bird -- even if it does look cute. Sharing food with your bird can also be a bad idea. For example, if you bite off a piece of apple before feeding it to your bird, your saliva is on that piece of food and can be introduced into your bird's system. >"In general, the rule of thumb is that you don't want saliva and pet birds to mix," says Speer. **"From an academic sense, there is some risk [to kissing your bird], but I've never seen a sick bird from human saliva. I have seen it with dogs and cats."**


Don't worry, redditors get fucking weird when it comes to Animals.


The bird. Literally. Had their head. In her mouth. If you seriously think it’s not possible the bird tongued some saliva, you’re a fucking idiot. Also since when is proper animal care and safety woke privilege??




Clearest case of projection I ever saw.


Better ignore what they said and attack their character, wouldn't want to risk realising you're wrong huh?




The text says exactly that it is dangerous, even an apple broken off with your mouth... and rule of thumb don't do it...




She wasn't kissing it with dry lips, it was extracting a tooth from inside her mouth I was actually surprised by how out of touch were your answer, and then how you turned that into ad hominem with the OP you were responding, and I wanted to say you are not so reasonable as you perceive. I don't know if your angle is to be an asshole (which you are definitely succeeding then), but you are an abrasive arrogant weirdo. I mean, the text itself could be directly used exactly for the other side of the argument, as the dude literally says to rule of thumb don't do it, but you act as if we are so inferior. My conclusion from that would be exactly what he said, if I had a bird rule of thumb I would try and not have it extract any of my teeth. I was just going to say you should try and let kindness be with you more, but your comment history is just a sad combative personality with zero purpose but to try and prove people wrong from a high horse. I hope you find your better side again. Peace, person.




Who said anything about upvotes, my person? Votes can be deceiving, if you took time to read and understand. I'm saying YOU are arrogant, not that you are downvoted or not. But if you think my downvotes bring internal confort to who you became and who you are on the internet, feel free to again feel superior.


No, don't leave! We need a grown up with a little critical thinking whose lived in the actual world around. I mean this is fun, and all...


Birds love cleaning their humans. It's great bond building.


Just because a bird likes something, doesn’t mean you should allow it to do it if it’s unsafe.


Ok Karen. Don't call the bird police.


Excuse me for wanting pets to be healthy and safe?? I’m such an asshole wow. So embarrassing.


Would love to get this excited about something again. Then my skeptical side steps in and tells me this is fake. Sigh.


The reason I believe this is because pet birds will take care of you like you are a bird. So they pull out bad looking hairs, bite skin blemishes, and poke around at you for things that are off so they can pull it out. I wonder if she opened her mouth hoping the tooth was today's job for the bird. Edit: I should add that people are filthy creatures and you should avoid mouth contact with birds. It can present bacteria to them which birds are not good at dealing with.


One of my birds likes to eat my hangnails. I tell my husband she's developed a taste for human flesh.


We are filthy, aren't we? Good point.


all creatures are filthy, are bodies are just better dealing with our own filth. better the filth you know then the filth you don't.


Also you can catch psittacosis and other diseases from birds.


This is true. Moral of the story: Don't lick your pets.


As a veterinarian, can confirm this is good advice.


My bird used to sit on my shoulder and groom me.


I too have a skeptical side, but to me this post looked legit. The girl sounded sincerely surprised. However...should it have been staged, the girl, the bird and the one recording made a great effort to entertain whoever saw this, so mission accomplished anyway. 😁


I was riding that same roller coaster


I don’t think the little girl would have been able to seem so realistically excited about it if she were faking it. Also, how would she have faked it? Pulled out her tooth, then put it back in the hole for the parrot to take out? Even if she did, that isn’t really fake, the parrot still pulled it out.




Half of my baby teeth didn't bleed when they fell out. If they are bleeding a lot, you are pulling them out too early. If they fall out organically they will slowly lose their connection to the gum tissue and won't bleed much at all.


I remember that feeling so vividly, sometimes I have dreams where my teeth are barely hanging on by a thread.


Yep. I have dreams like that too. Usually when I am really stressed about something.


Ngl that doesn't sound healthy bc I have been a child and neither me nor any of my same-aged friends ever lost blood while losing our teeth. I have never heard of anyone in normal cases letting blood at all while changing teeth tbh. Ofc we all waited untill the teeth would practically fall out by themselves bc if you do it to soon the jaw might not have healed closed yet, so in the case that you pulled them out forcibly as soon as they felt a little loose I can understand they lost some blood. This girls tooth was already really loos bc the parrot could pull it out with barely any effort or effect on the girl so we can safely assume it had been loose for a while in her case.


You only really bleed from losing teeth if you pull them to early


She must be yanking hers out before they are ready. I can't remember losing mine


Baby tooth falling out usually doesn't bleed. It's been loose for so long that it stopped bleeding way before the tooth completely falls out.


This tooth was probably barely hanging on by a thread. And birds Looove nibbling on teeth. Source : have multiple birds and have been a child


I have an umbrella cockatoo (same bird in the video) and can 100% verify one would do this. Mine picks at hangnails, my hair, any bumps or freckles, rings, wounds, etc. Obviously we don’t let them pick at anything dangerous but they try, especially with cuts.


I was always told that human saliva and birds do not mix very well. Is this true?


It is true. People are fucking idiots. The average Human's saliva can absolutely contain certain bacteria that a bird's immune system is not equipped to handle at all, or, is very weak at handling and dealing with well enough to prevent a really serious illness which can end up being lethal as well. Parrots and other pet birds definitely are prone to this.


Good to know. Thank you


Kinda gross but it’s a kid so whatever


Why do I think this isn’t the first time that bird has been in her mouth.


Now she’s coming for the others... RUN


Cockatooth pullah


had to pause this and quickly check the subreddit before that went any further...


I keeps what I finds


Ah, hell no!


This is awesome until you forget to put the bird in its cage when you go to sleep


This is adorable (╥﹏╥)


That’s some flint stones shit right there.


well that was a great idea for everyone involved.


You all are insufferable commenters. I am unsubscribing. I feel like I'm in one of those edgy teenager outrage farms like publicfreakout. Let people enjoy nice things for fucks sake.


Took the words right out of my mouth


r/nobodyasked might take ya


Freak out in terms of what? Everyone says it’s adorable save the few people that care about the bird enough to note human saliva is dangerous to them. Neither of these warrant your outrage, but ok.


I've seen this so many times now but everytime I ask myself how he knew what he was supposed to do. You can't practice it. Do you just shove him up your mouth and hope he won't bite your tongue?


Plot twist : it wasn't a milk tooth


Like has been said before under this post, do not do this! Don't let them anywhere near your mouth in general. They can carry diseases that won't affect them but can kill you!


You know that its way way way more harmful, the other way round, right? Because i actually dont pick any sarcasm here. Even the smallest bit of human saliva is lethal to a bird. Yes, they can die, and it isn't a one off or rare case, its absolutely possible. And, if they dont die, they can get real close to dying, thats how bad the illness can get. So even if your concern for human's is fine, let me tell you that its the bird that needs a thousand times more of that concern and care of not coming in contact with human saliva.


Right that was it, my bad. I couldn't remember which way around it was and I couldn't find it again. I just thought it was important that someone said something at least. But I got burried anyway so ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯


And now she's infected with bird flu 😐


The chances of the bird dying are considerably higher than the girl catching bird flu.


I have no recollection of ever losing my molars. Just the front teeth.


how is she not in 300% pain before during and after this?


Because loosing baby teeth shouldn't hurt. Have you not been a kid?


a long time ago yes. she's not young enough looking I would think it was baby teeth tho.


What? She looks to be like 10 years old..


Every tooth i gave up to the rabbit HURT!


Has Covid taught the world nothing about animals in our mouth?


White people at it again






She was obviously proud.




“Where did you put it?” *gulp*


dentists hate parrots


Bird to parents “Here’s my bill for the treatment”




Also the beginning of a horror film...


Oh, nvm then😂 my thought was logic to me😂


....why was she just sitting there recording her bird sticking its head in her mouth


Bird is like "Hey, give me that back, I earned that"


I’d heard of an orthodontist, but a parodentist is new!


Birds are smart as heck. I miss my Lovebird


These are the moments I live for


I think that bird is cleverer than anyone knows.


Why is no one talking about how unsanitary this is? I have pet birds too and I love them but there’s no way in hell I’d let them do that. I’ve literally seen them eat their own poop.


I thought this was utterly adorable. 😍


Salmonella for internet points! Yaaaay!


This is fake af the kid can not act, plus its a repost of an 2011 post


Rigt? way too subdued, i would lose my shit and have a kid seizure if it was me as a kid


Same she's like 9?, 9 year old are not that composed on the fly


That’s fucking gross


same thought, not to mention the risk of infection


Everyday we stray further from God.


Nightmare fuel


*discovers a disease that has been thought to be wiped off the face of the earth for over 2000 years*