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There's a type of crayfish that farms sea stars by cutting all their water legs off and eating it's arms all the way to the center, but leaving the center intact. it then feeds the sea star with kelp to keep it alive so it regenerates, and then repeats the process.


That one million seconds ago was last week, while 1 billion seconds ago was 1988


That's a good way to show people how much wealth billionaires truly hoarde.


I remember as a child my mum telling me of the story of the horrific murder of James Bulger. Still haunts the UK now in some respects. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_James_Bulger


When the Challenger exploded in 1986, the astronauts didn't die from the explosion. Nor did they die from depressurisation as NASA has initially claimed. (There is some evidence they turned on their personal oxygen supply.) They died from impact when they hit the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. They were in free fall for two and a half minutes.


Not only that, but nasa was fully aware of the dangers of the launch. Engineers at NASA warned officials time and time again that the fuel o-ring would fail if they launched at such a low temperature (it was pretty frigid the day of the launch) and they ignored them, just because they didn't want to have to push back the launch date.


While indeed partially true, and saddening; the g-forces involved as well as the depressurization actually likely caused near immediate unconsciousness in all but possibly 3 of the astronauts based on activation of their PEAPs or Personal Egress Air Packs. This included both mission specialists Ellison Onizuka and Judith Resnik as well as (possibly) pilot Michael Smith (mostly based on some protected rocker switches which had been moved on the flight control panel nearest his right hand). The packs for Dick Scobee, Rachael McAuliffe and Ron McNair were not activated. The PEAPs were also not pressurized, so likely it would have been impossible to breathe at 14+ km. The PEAPs were intended to be an alternative, clean air supply in the event of a fire or contaminant outbreak within the cabin not an emergency in the event of a loss of cabin pressure. I would like to think all of the astronauts succumbed to hypoxia within the first 25 seconds as the shuttle remains reached apogee, essentially numbed senses followed by unconsciousness.


Spider legs operate via the hydrolic pressure of their blood. That is why they curl up when they die


What happened to the child actor who played Ducky in the Land Before Time.


Parrots often bond with a keeper, from their perspective, as a lifelong romantic partner. If the person dies, or the parrot is displaced, they can go into massive depression and pluck out their own feathers.


That's just downright sad


Recently heard of a women dying of cancer. She had a parrot and while she was on hospice the bird would visit just like any other family member saying goodbye. They are extremely intelligent and if possible this is the ideal way to help a bird have the best chance at handling the death. They grieve, but understand what’s happening. The women’s parrot was adopted by a family member I think? And had as happy an ending as possible. No feather plucking.


There was a lpt about letting your dogs see your body after you die so they know you aren’t coming back and don’t get depressed.


our neighbor passed and her macaw stopped eating and evenentually died.




I learned on Reddit that a woodpecker will tap enough to break into a baby bird's skull and slurp up their brains.


How many skulls could a woodpecker peck if a woodpecker wanted to sate its lust for baby bird brains?


If you have an intestinal blockage you can burp up farts and have fecal vomit which is basically just throwing up your poop


When I was a child my grandmother told me this about one of her potential side effects if she didn't visit the doctor for her condition and I laughed it off as if she was joking.


In most cases when a parasite gets into the brain, they don’t remove it. The just kill it with some sort of acid or something with a similar effect, then just let the body calcify it. It’s weird cause you’d think that the parasite could still do something. Edit: they don’t kill it with acid.


My mother has a (cousin? Honestly not sure but a family member) who got a parasite from eating bad meat on a trip to Mexico. They couldn’t remove it as it’s burrowed into her brain so it’s still there till this day and she’s dying. It’s really sad. Last I heard was her mental health was declining rapidly.


Taenia solium, depending on how it enters the body you can end up with a 7m intestinal parasite, or a cyst in various organs such as the liver, the brain or muscles. That's why growing up nobody i knew ate meat of any kind anything less than medium well. There are other parasites in fish that cause serious illness. In countries were raw fish consumption is common, intestinal blockages from parasites happen relatively frequently


Funny thing is that it's not the adult parasite that's the problem, it's the babies. Those tapeworms essentially gestate in animal #1 and can only mature when animal #2 eats animal #1 and the tapeworms with it (there are other tapeworms like Nana-chan who only need a single friend to live in). If everything goes as planned, animal #1 is a mouse and animal #2 is a cat, or animal #1 is a piggy and animal #2 is you. But you can also become animal #1, in which case the poor baby has nowhere to go and will be in a cyst forever. If this happens, please do the kind thing and arrange for your corpse to be fed to dogs or other people after you die. Anyway, my exciting fun fact: The other super common intestinal friend, Ascaris, really hates anesthetics and they will sometimes make this known by crawling out of your anus and/or mouth after you get put under. Exciting fun fact #2: While most tapeworms will happily wait for you to die and be eaten by superior animals, there's one called Echinococcus that helps you along by making really big cysts full of tapeworm fluids. If these cysts burst, you can get sepsis and die. It's like you're pregnant, except you're pregnant with a bomb, and you can be pregnant in your eye! Or lungs! Or brain!!


goddamit, I simultanoeusly wish I hadn't opened this, and kinda feel thankful for all the new stuff I have that I know to stay away from. Any ideas on how to keep fun fact 2 a fun fact and not, like, a happened to me fact?


Don't eat fox poop, would be my biggest advice. Also be wary of things that may have been in contact with fox poop, like if you find a fox latrine don't go skinny dipping in it. If you see rain while the sun is unclouded, don't go out. In Japan that's called a fox wedding, and the rain is really a fox golden shower. Really, though, general hygiene is the best way to prevent hydatid disease, and it's not a big concern if you live in an urban setting with animal control. In some rural areas you can't avoid it because the ground is 90% tapeworm eggs, and even then it rarely gets to the "my eyes are bulging out of my skull because tapeworms took all the real estate" stage. But if you want to scare yourself Google has some really nice images of those edge cases, ocular hydatid cyst are the words you're looking for.


Sometimes, old people don't break their bones because they fall... They fall because they break their bones.


The Chiquita banana company colluded with the CIA to overthrow the democratically elected government of Guatemala leading to a civil war that lasted 46 years and directly contributed to the ongoing migrant crisis at the border. They called it Operation PBSuccess.


Hence the term: Banana Republic


They also blocked a 9/11 victims bill because it would have made it so victims of terrorism could sue companies or countries that funded said terrorists. You see where this is going. Chiquita funded militant groups in Colombia for decades. They claimed it was protection money, but they also gave the militants a list of union leaders for them to kill. Oh yeah, and the banana massacre when they led to the deaths of thousands of plantation workers. All because they unionized to push for things like "being paid" and "having toilets"


Josef Fritzl, the man who imprisoned his daughter in an underground cellar for 24 years and raped her approximately 3000 times.


My disturbing “fact” is thinking about how many cases like this are going on right now that we don’t know about or won’t know about


Even more disturbing Fritzl was discovered because he sent one of his children living in the cellar to the hospital, if he were an even bigger monster the whole thing could have go on until today. How many tyrants out there created similar situations that just ended with no witnesses alive? Equally worse, what would have happened to the family if Fritzl would've died unexpectedly?


Omg I didn’t even think of that. If he died no one would have known they were down there smh


What... excuse me what the fuck That's being raped once every three days or so I don't know what to say, hope he's in jail for life


She had several of his kids too, some of whom were kept down there and some of whom he raised ‘upstairs’. The wiki is worth a read.


If your pillow is over two years old, up to ten percent of its weight is dust mite fecal matter.


My biology teacher had a Q&A session before Christmas and one student asked if its possible to be allergic to your own blood. Unfortunately you can. Just imagine your own immune system destroying your red blood cells, constant hemorrhaging, constantly feeling cold and out of breath. When we got back from winter break we saw a new face in class, a former student of my bio teacher who just so happened to have this disease and we spent the whole class asking questions. I feel so bad for the guy but thankfully the medicine available to suppress the immune system has made his life bearable


My college roommate had a similar condition, you can lookup called "DVT" or "Behçet's disease". There is medicine to suppress his White blood cells but yeah its still incurable and he's going to have to take them for life. Cool part : When this dude catches a cold or something (because he's always suppressing his immune system) he has to stop taking his medicines and his ultra WBCs fix him back up :D


My immune system attacks my platelets. I sometimes forget how blood is supposed to congeal.


Yogurt is useful for decomposing dead bodies, since it’s already got concentrated and pre cultured bacteria.


Send him to the yogurt chamber...


A pig ejaculates enough semen to fill a 12oz coke Can. Edit: I Took an intro to agriculture class my freshman year of high school 12+ years ago


The fact that dogs like squeaky toys because it sounds like their prey crying out in pain


We tried to give my dog squeaky toys for the first few years we had her, but the moment it let out a squeak she would let go, start nosing it and licking it in concern, and never bite it again. We stopped buying her those because it was causing her too much guilt. She's an angel.


It's nice to have that little break as I'm reading through this thread


Where's that rabies post?


You mean that very,very detailed story about how rabies kills you and how your brain literally melts from it? No..not that... EDIT: found the post,it was a comment in r/aww about someone feeding a panda. https://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/81rr6f/he_fed_the_cute_trash_panda_and_looked_up_for_a/dv4xyks?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3


Jeffrey Dahmer drilled a hole into some victims' skulls and tried pouring different toxic liquids into the hole. He was trying to make a sex slave that could eat and drink but could in no way fight back or escape. The worst fact is that victims might survive the first hole with all brain function intact and live long enough to be fully aware they were going to get a second or third hole drilled.


One of the victims managed to escape, the police were called, and somehow the police turned the 14 year old victim back over to Dahmer. ETA: thanks for the awards! Never gotten this many upvotes before. Wish it wasn’t such a sad fact though.


What the fuck


He convinced them that an underage teen was old enough to be his gay lover, and that they were just having a “lovers quarrel”


> they were just having a “lovers quarrel” With a drill, as you do.


One of these officers, John Balcerzak, would later go on to serve a number of years of the Milwaukee's police union. He only retired from the police force in 2017. Edit: he served as the president of the police union.


It gets worse - the city fired the two cops, but they sued and won, forcing the city to re-hire them and give them their pensions back. Then one of them went on to be voted president of their police union: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Balcerzak


The apartment building where he was finally caught is just an empty space of grass with a fence around it today. Kind of like Hitler's bunker, they just can't build over it because of the history.


My mom told me I have my grandma's nipples. Edit: Yes, for those asking, I am a dude.


Apparently, Japan bombed China with fleas infected with bubonic plague during World War 2. Big rain I think


Often people that fracture their tibia (big shin bone) but not their fibula (thin shin bone) think they're okay to stand up and when they put weight through that leg then the fibula breaks too


Right, I forgot legs were shaped like that.


Agh it's actually good to know though lol


There is a type of insomnia that will kill you, life expectancy is around a year after onset. FFI - Fatal familial insomnia


I remember seeing a yt channel about a guy who suffered from this and it was not hard to see him going slowly insane from watching his videos


2 types, infact. Almost exactly the same, however, FFI is genetic, whereas the other isn't. Both are caused by prions. Terrifying. Edit: Forgot to include that the name of the non-genetic variant is called Sporadic Fatal Insomnia. Enjoy the nightmares.


A man named hisashi ouchi in 1999 suffered immense radiation poisoning after a nuclear accident. In fact he is known to have taken more radiation poisoning then anyone else in history. Because of this radiation it messed up his chromosomes aswell as his cells and mine system He was kept alive for 83 days by scientists and doctors During that time by day 20 almost all the skin on his body had fallen off leaving his entire body in constant pain. Later the skin around his eyes as well as his eyelids also came off so his eyes were always open even when asleep. His eyes would also something leak blood making it looks tho he was crying. His intestines were so messed up that he started to have constant dihereaa which soon started to have large amounts of blood because his intestines were starting to decay from the inside. On day 53 his heart stopped 3 times but scientists and doctors were able to restart it. He was basically only being kept alive by machines at this point and the doctors started questioning if it would be more humane to let the man die as he was in very obvious unimaginable indescribable levels of pain and suffering. Some doctors even said that it was torture forcing him to live like this Due to the radiation almost all the muscles in his body had been destroyed the only one that wasn't was his heart which was still being keep alive from the various machines. The worst part of all of this is that ouchie was completely concious throughout all of it and while he couldn't talk due to tubes being in his throat to help him breathe as the radiation also destroyed his lungs he was in obvious pain everytime someone touched him or even while he was just laying on his bed. And while around the 2 month mark it's unknown of he even felt pain as he stopped reacting to being touched as well as stopped thriving in agony 24/7 his pupils still shrank when light was shown into them suggesting brain activity (hopefully he did stop feeling pain by then if not then that makes it even worse) His body around day 80 was quite obviously to anyone at this point unsalvageable and mold was starting to develop on his skinless body. He was even described as "a corpse with a beating heart" so they decided that trying to save him wasn't worth it and pulled his plug when they did they studied his body and found out that his organs had all started to decay when he was still alive. All of this and more happened to one man who should've been killed out of mercy for his sake. Hisashi ouchie has probably had the most painful torturous slowly agony death of all time.


According to wikipedia [Tokaimura nuclear accident - Wikipedia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokaimura_nuclear_accident#Impact_on_technicians) and according to this XKCD comic [https://xkcd.com/radiation/](https://xkcd.com/radiation/) Ouchi received twice the fatal dose of radiation.


> On day 53 his heart stopped 3 times but scientists and doctors were able to restart it. He was basically only being kept alive by machines at this point and the doctors started questioning if it would be more humane to let the man die as he was in very obvious unimaginable indescribable levels of pain and suffering. Some doctors even said that it was torture forcing him to live like this Fuck. And yet they *still* kept him alive for another month. Calling this an absolute nightmare seems like a profound understatement.


Any details about the Toy-Box Killer's ways of torturing his victims. The guy was a serial rapist, just leave it at that.


I've read the transcript of the tape he played for his victims and just thinking about it turns my stomach.


To make this worse, his lead accomplice and girlfriend, Cynthia Hendy, was let out of prison back in 2019. She already served her parole and cut her 36 year sentence down to just 20 years


That's like Karla Homolka. Actively participated in the torture and rape of 3 (I think?) teenage girls, including her own sister. And only served 12 years for manslaughter, not even murder. There was a bit of a public outrage afterwards when it became clear that she was a willing and active participant and that the police/prosecutors knew this.


She’s literally a soccer mom now and living under a different name. When some other parents at her kids school learned who she was, they started a petition to ban her from school property. I’m not sure if they were ever successful though...


Some of the survivors say he wasn't the only person who assaulted them and they could hear a crowd cheering while they were being raped. So that means that there are people who were involved who were not caught.


He would put on "shows" for his friends, generally by allowing his dogs to use the women.


Tldr: Don’t retire in Vegas. In some states in the USA particularly Nevada, your doctor can basically “sell” you to a company. If you’re a senior with an untrustworthy doctor they can throw “memory loss, hysteria, confusion” etc on a piece of paper and hand it over to a company. This company can claim guardianship over you without you ever meeting or hearing of them. And they can take you out of your house, sell your house and all of your belongings, put you in a nursing home and have full control over your finances. They can force you to take medication every day for the rest of your life that make you confused and unable to think clearly, until you die. They can bar your family from visiting you as well. And it’s all 100% legal. Before you even find out it’s happened to you, there’s already been a court hearing where the judge is persuaded into signing your life into some stranger’s hands based on your doctors false claims. Not that I want to unlearn it though. I think more people should know about it.


Isn’t that the premise of “I Care A lot”?


That children are currently being decapitated in Northern Mozambique right now


Starfish can get infected and rip themselves apart


So the bikini bottom horror could be real?


There was a French dude named [Tarrare](https://allthatsinteresting.com/tarrare) who ate just about everything, including a fucking infant.


Every single fact about bedbugs.


I read a story once about a woman who actually came to Reddit seeking help, she was blacking out every night and terrified. Thought her husband who was a doctor was drugging and raping her. Got to the point where she got separated and was looking to divorce but he swore he wasn’t doing anything, and the behavior was completely out of nowhere. One redditor suggested she go look at her bed, and asked if she saw a bunch of little black dots in the creases... Turns out she had bed bugs so bad they were giving her a strange reaction and giving her fuckin amnesia every night.


I thought it went deeper than that. The account that posted it and the one who answered it was thought to be the same person. It was a work of fiction basically gaslighting people who are drugged and raped into believing it could be bedbugs. I remember someone commenting on the account that suggested it was bedbugs being odd because the poster only replied to that comment and other odd things about when the comment was posted. As of now I believe it to be a work of fiction with the OP and commentor being one person.


We thought we had bedbugs once and I’ve never been so afraid


My friends old apartment had to get bugbombed at least 5 times. Everytime they'd think it was taken care of, and I'd come to spend the night and get eaten alive. For some reason my blood is like ambrosia to bedbugs, even the people who lived there didnt get it as bad as I did. I was a the canary in the bedbug coal mine. Years later I had and apartment in the city and I found a single bedbug on the wall and had a full scale panic attack. Somehow I was lucky and it really was just the one but I was ready to burn my whole life down.


For fucking real. Fire is too good for them.


As we all read this on our phones in bed, no less.


When someone has their head cut off, the screaming when they sever the throat sounds just like pigs. I unfortunately saw a video released by a terrorist organisation many years ago and it still haunts me


The one were there was like twenty five people just hog tied and they're throats were delicately sliced so you could hear them slowly drowning in their own blood...


That a dolphin committed suicide after falling in love with its handler that used to jerk the dolphin off.


kinda don't blame him. it's tough to go back to hunting shrimp and dodging orcas in the wild ocean after all you've known for your whole dolphin life is recreational LSD and regular handjobs.


I watched a documentary about this and he didn't go to the ocean, he went to a basement in a tank the size of a dolphin coffin where he had to sit in his own shit and couldn't move... "Since the building lacked sunlight and space, Peter quickly deteriorated and eventually committed suicide by drowning. Dolphin activist Ric O'Barry explains, “Dolphins are not automatic air-breathers like we [humans] are... Every breath is a conscious effort. If life becomes too unbearable, the dolphins just take a breath and they sink to the bottom. They don’t take the next breath.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Howe_Lovatt


This is actually really sad.


They also lived together in an otherwise normal house that was half flooded on the first floor. Also, this was all part of a project where NASA was giving LSD to dolphins to teach them to speak English (From what I remember they were even partially successful) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret\_Howe\_Lovatt](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Howe_Lovatt) Edit: maybe a bit less than partially sucessful


It was a dolphenarium that they later converted to a normal house. It was designed to have a flooded first floor. They didn't take a normal suburban house and flood the first floor. In case anyone was wondering.




I -- They -- successful??


I just looked it up again, and it isn't as impressive as I remember it being but you can tell the dolphin is trying pretty hard to imitate the words [in this video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNhR-16r5lM)


I wonder if a different language would have worked, or even a made-up language consisting of sounds dolphins were capable of making.


What the fuck


Surgeons used to operate on infants without anesthesia, including open heart surgery. They have stopped this, however. In the 1980s.


I had ear surgery to put tubes into my ears as young child. My parental guardian opted to NOT use anesthesia as she was worried I would become addicted to drugs later in life. The single most painful moment of my life. It felt like sub zero ice picks were digging into my ear. It was so painful I had an out of body experience. Still did drugs later on too, so that didn’t really work out at all. Edit: can’t type tonight.


> My parental guardian opted to NOT use anesthesia as she was worried I would become addicted to drugs later in life. I did that thing where I blinked at the screen in disapproval


At work we call that the stupid squint.


I think parents who want to deny their children pain relief should be made to go through the pain themselves. These days we can simulate it with electrodes.


In the fucking 80’s?! This one is the most disturbing by miles.




And other limbs like fingers, hands, toes, and feet Edit:and a lot people are also saying hair and eyeballs too. So that's nice




I was a lot happier before I knew that tonsil stones were a thing.


As a kid I never knew what those stinky rocks that I would cough up were when I had bad allergies, as an adult I asked my dentist and she pulled out out the size of a pea...I hate them so much


I feel that. I cough them up all the time. I asked my doctor what can be done, and he said they would have to remove my tonsils :\


I had my tonsils removed when I was around 20 and it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was getting really bad infections about 3 times a year. It would spread to my glands and ears. It would be about a week of pure misery. Finally went to an ear, nose and throat specialist and he recommended having them removed. I’m 33 now and haven’t had an infection like that since, and I don’t get sore throats when I get sick.


My tonsil abscessed in my 20s swelled up so much my throat was almost closed. Went to emergency & a doctor pulled out this huge syringe. Explained that he would poke the abscess & drain to find the infection. I had some kind of topical freezing. The first spot he jabbed, depressed syringe. Blood. Pulled it out & tried another spot. Again blood. Mind you the freezing agent only worked for the top so I felt everything. The third try he depressed syringe and it looked like yellow milk. After that he got out the scalpel and sliced into the tonsil at the third spot. Then with tongs pushed & it was like a huge zit my tonsil gushed out all this pus. I had one of those suction siphons they use at dentist. For like 20 minutes they told me to create suction and spit into the cup. Afterwards I was placed on an IV & kept there for 3 days. They said I was lucky for not getting blood poisoning. After that tonsils were removed. Wish I never had them. Almost every year before once it got cold I’d get sore throats. Without tonsils almost never happens.


Paratonsillar abscess. I had one in college too. Same thing for me too, two unsuccessful jabs and then the third yielded a disgusting yellow green red fluid. It was such sweet immediate relief though holy shit


I had one so bad the doctor tried to cut and find it but couldn’t. He said it should “pop” sooner or later after all the cutting. Sure enough later that night I felt a random pop sensation. And it was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted. But the relief was so good. I was finally able to sleep after days of barely sleeping.


Tonsil removal gang reporting in, also agree it's so worth it. I also used to have ear issues because of infections.


Only through Reddit I’ve learned what these are, and apparently how common they are. I’ve never had one in my life.


Seals raping juvenile penguins. Edit: and then eating them.


I saw an xray video of proper hand position when you're at a computer. The way the forearm bones moves is disgusting.


If I think about bones for too long I get all weirded out. Makes me feel a bit sick.


There is a chance you might fall in a sleep paralysis-like state when under anesthesia. Meaning you'll feel your surgery while being unable to move. I feel bad for Diavolo now.


Fuck em. He never told anyone how to add dots in his dyed hair


I’ve woken up twice under anesthesia and the second time was before my procedure. I heard the doctor and nurse arguing about whether or not to go ahead with it because my heart rate suddenly skyrocketed and my nurse was insistent I was awake. The next day, my entire body was sore from trying to scream


Did you tell the doctor that the nurse was right? I'm reminded of a story of a man who went in for an "EP scan" - a heart operation that involves trying to stop the heart so the defect that causes an arrhythmia that can be corrected, which the patient needs to be conscious for. So they gave him a drug that causes amnesia so at least he wouldn't be traumatized by the memory. Supposedly at one point, he said to the doctors, "Hey, remember when I died a few minutes ago? Well, *I do, too!* Give me more!"


Not as severe as heart surgery, but my mom also underwent a procedure that they use the "you'll forget all this" type of drug for. It didn't work for her. Since you're technically awake for this and can react, they restrained her for it. She fought so desperately that she broke one of her own fingers just by struggling so hard.


I had an echocardiogram done when I was about 14 years old where they had to pass an ultrasound probe down my throat into my stomach so they could image my heart with more clarity/resolution than they could externally. At the beginning of the procedure they explained that they were going to sedate me to a "twilight sleep" state, so that I could be conscious enough to swallow the probe or whatever, but I wouldn't remember anything. They gave me the sedative, told me to count backwards from 50 and I made it to 0 without losing consciousness. The doctor asked them to give me another dose, asked me again to count backwards from 50, I again made it to 0 without losing consciousness. They gave me another dose, didn't bother with the counting part, and assumed that I was unconscious at that point. I remember everything about the procedure, they were testing a new piece of ultrasound equipment at the hospital, so the operating room was filled with representatives from the company selling the machine(hewlett packard). After a few minutes, one of the representatives from the company realized I was conscious and came over and held my hand to at least give me some reassurance. After the procedure, I told the doctor that I was awake the entire time, he doubted me, until I told him some of the corny jokes that he told during the procedure. My mom, who was in the waiting room during the procedure, was understandably livid with the doctors. A few years later, I had to have an endoscopy done under twilight sleep again and I told the person administering the drugs about my previous experience. Apparently he took this into consideration when he prepared my dose, because not only did I not remember the procedure, I didn't remember the next 2 or 3 days after the procedure.


I'm very afraid of this ever happening to me. When I had my wisdom teeth extracted this didn't happen, but I had a dream and heard drilling and what not. I remember before and after the procedure. It wasn't like a quick in and out type deal. I have to ask, is there a known reason for this happening? Do some people just need more anesthesia? I'm sorry thats happened to you.


Got really close to that once... Having hand surgery and they had given me the anesthesia and did the count down from 100 thing. I'm counting and I guess was just counting in my head when the surgeon turned around with the scalpel. Idk if I could've moved much but I was able to clearly make a face that apparently scared the shit out of him when he realized I wasn't out. He gives the anesthesiologist this look and suddenly it's all "count backwards from 10" and the gas thing again... He cranked that way up apparently... I made it to Te---


I had hand surgery, and woke up at the end when the doc was putting sutures through my fingernails. I looked at him and said, "I'm awake, and I can feel everything." He said, "Ooooo, sorry. Can't stop now. This is going to hurt " He was right.




Most schizophrenics kill themselves during a lucid period. I leaned that fact, but I regret the day I *understood* it. I'm a Psychiatrist (MD) and, during medical school, I had the privilege of working at a NGBRI building as part of my psych rotation. My very last day, I stayed late to check up on a man with schizophrenia who was generally pretty disorganized. When I was questioning him, he seemed more lucid, and he mentioned something about studying literature. Having recently been half an English major in college, I engaged him, and he started rhapsodizing about Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, really insightful comments. Then he moved on to music - Jazz especially. I spent an hour after my shift with that man, just listening. I passed an attending when I went to write my notes, told him what had happened, awe and joy in my voice. He informed me that the man was a former professor, had two PhDs. He said that many people with severe mental illness are "living in one, two rooms of a mansion, and once in a while, the lights come on in the rest of the house, and you can see what it once was.". And so can they.


This reminded me of the last time I visited my grandmother. Her cancer was pretty bad and she wasn't with herself most of the time. She talked about little fairies coming out of the ceiling lights and strange sounds, but for one brief moment she was totally clear and knew where she was and why she was there (the hospital). It's a sickening feeling getting someone back for a slip second just to lose them again a minute later.


My grandmother was similar, she had Alzheimer’s. Every now and then she would slip back into full memory. She’d suddenly look at you, properly, look around, and register what was happening. She’d say your name and start crying saying she was sorry she had forgotten us. Then it would be gone and she’d go back to just humming to herself.


My great grandmother was in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s before she died. She was scared of what was happening. Family dinners became very sad and uncomfortable because she would forget how she got there, realize that she couldn’t remember, and eventually start crying. 20 minutes later she would just be content carrying on conversation like nothing happened. She often talked about the president and how much she didn’t like him. She was talking about Ronald Reagan. It was 2010 when that happened I believe.


A friend of mine used to work summers at a camp for developmentally disabled people. He said there was one guy who was pretty much just a happy smiling and laughing guy who couldn’t do much for himself and didn’t talk. But then he would have these lucid periods. He didn’t want to live this way. He hated it. He wanted to die. He could perfectly communicate all the things he felt. These periods were brief and then he would revert to being happily quiet. My friend said it was the scariest thing he had ever seen and that it terrified him on a personal level. I’m inclined to agree.


Tragic, man. That cuts deep. I looked after a former concert pianist who just barely had the capacity to seek help after he hadn't peed for about a week. Poor guy had a completely expressionless face and could only repeat a handful of odd phrases over and over, his schizophrenia was so bad. Drained about 2 litres out of his bladder that night and had to detain him so that further treatment could be administered.


Parmesan cheese and vomit contain butyric acid and it is responsible for the most distinct aspects of their smells.


Also why hershey's chocolate has its distinctive flavor.




And female ducks have evolved convoluted vaginas with various dead ends to avoid being impregnated by rapist duck males. And so rapist duck males have evolved wacky corkscrew penises to impregnate unwilling female ducks with maze vaginas. Circle of life.


Also that their penises regularly snap off.


There’s such a thing as fourth, fifth, and sixth degree burns. Fourth degree means all the layers of skin at the burn site are gone. Fifth degree means the muscle under the skin is damaged. Sixth degree is literally down to the bone. Yeah... I was a lot happier thinking third degree was the worst


Is seventh degree just cremation


They way flies eat, they land on your food and they freaking puke their digestive juices into your food and slurp the vomited juices back in


There were ~4 HS suicides in my town a year for 10-12 years. The amount of mental health issues is was so high that when Stanford came across the street to help set up a mental health counseling service, 500 appointments were made. In a school of 2000 students. But people were happy because more people went to Stanford each year (15-20 academically pressured, also a few prof children) and Harvard (15) than committing suicides so it was ignored until the CDC INVESTIGATION.


Cornell had so many suicides they installed catch nets under the bridges over the gorge.


The story of John Jones . The cave explorer who got stuck upside down inside nutty putty caves . For close to 24 hours he was jammed between 2 rock formations head first. Basically hanging upside down. Unable to move. He breathed in and wiggled into a crevice thinking it got bigger and he could turn around. When his lungs expanded he was stuck. He died because being stuck head first made all the blood rush to his brain and his organs started to shut down. His brother tried to rescue him and his pregnant wife was outside the cave. To this day his body is still stuck in nutty putty caves. Do not look at the pictures if you are claustrophobic


That to find people who download cp police have to upload cp with a virus or something to track them down :(


The Australian Federal police ran a dark net site called child's play For many months posting images and pretending to be the site admin. The podcast "hunting warhead" is quite interesting and fairly disturbing.


The South Korean government murdered 200,000 girls, boys, adults, and families with zero basis or even a trial. The Bodo League Massacre, and they continue to cover it up today and hope the world doesn’t find out.


wait what? all of those people were killed for no reason?


Reddit hired pedo-apologist Aimmee Channelor and now Reddit it's censoring people from saying they hired pedo-apologist Aimmee Channelor


Well looks like your account is gonna get deleted.


Based on the username, I’d say this won’t be the first time.


Fetal abductions aka caesarean kidnapping I learned about this as my wife was bed ridden in the hospital carrying our first. Really struck a nerve.


I’ve seen this in a few tv shows and they always portray it as a crazed woman who unfortunately cannot get pregnant or carry a child to term deciding to steal a baby from a woman who is pregnant. One of them even was a women who miscarries, and then when her acquaintance gets pregnant, thinks the newly pregnant woman somehow stole her baby?? It always seems like a psychological hysterical kind of thing, but I also wondered if people ever did it to try to sell a baby for money or trafficking or something.


A woman in my town murdered a pregnant woman and cut her baby out in the garage. The kid is still alive. I guess the woman who did it was insane over the fact that she was infertile I guess.


A queen of Scotland (If my memory's good) was sentenced to death by beheading. Bear in mind that a beheading was always seen as a quick death. One chop and that's done. She got up to the chopping block and made her prayers. The executioner took three swings to properly behead her. I recall reading how she screamed in terror and pain before the second hit cut her voice. I forgot the details of much, but executioners were not flawless in their handling of sentences. Edit: Wow, I didn't expect this to blow up overnight. Thank you for the awards kind strangers!


Hence Dr. Guillotine inventing the guillotine for humanitarian reasons. He was against executions but understood that they would happen regardless so he invented a method that made it as quick and painless as possible.


Funnily, he didn't invent it, only improved it in the late 1700's. [The Halifax Gibbet](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halifax_Gibbet) was installed in the 1500's, in Halifax, Yorkshire, and may be the first mechanical beheader. They don't know the exact date of its installation, but it's likely it was operational when Mary was executed. There is a story that Halifax had a law in place. If you were sentenced to death, you would not be fastened into the gibbet. If you could remove your head from the path in the time between the blade being released and it hitting you, you would just be banished instead, with the death penalty being reinstated if you returned. Only one man managed to dodge the blade in time. He returned to Halifax several decades later thinking everyone would have forgotten about him by now. They hadn't. He was put back in the gibbet and was not so fast the second time.


Damn bro! I feel bad for that blade-dodger


Mary Queen of Scots. Elizabeth I regretted having her executed later in her life. Not as bad as what Thomas Cromwell did to Margaret Pole, the Countess of Salisbury. He had her arrested on trumped up charges for abetting the Northern Rebellion against Henry VIII iirc. She was quickly convicted and sentenced to death. According to Holy Roman Imperial Ambassador Chapuys, She didn't know the crime she was even charged with and her death was among the worst he'd seen. The Royal executioner was in the North with the army executing rebel leaders, so they just picked some kid who didn't know what he was doing at all. He missed the first swing and struck her shoulders, and it took a further ten blows to finish the job.


Thomas Cromwell later got a taste of his own medicine: > It took three blows of the axe by 'the 'ragged and butcherly' executioner to sever his head. https://www.hrp.org.uk/tower-of-london/history-and-stories/thomas-cromwell/#:~:text=The%20execution%20of%20Thomas%20Cromwell,executioner%20to%20sever%20his%20head.


The sound a human makes hitting a concrete floor head first from about 12 feet up. Also the visual.


Care to expand on this story? Fully understand if you don't


An inmate committed suicide by jumping head first and keeping his hands behind him. Landed straight on his face. I assisted in trying the inquest. I wasn't present at the actual suicide, but I watched every camera angle and clipped the footage for the trial. It was not pleasant.


Why am I willingly learning all the facts that people wish to un-learn?


Morbid curiosity


Blobfish. In their natural environment, they are actually not that ugly looking. The reason they look so horrific in all those pictures is because their natural environment is deep beneath the oceans surface, and when they're caught they are exposed to catastrophic decompression as they're realed to the surface.


They’re depicted as pink, bloated, and slimy. Poor guys are normally grey, matte, and wide like a puffer fish


Poor blobbies


The Murder of Junko Furuta. I read true crime stories every now and then but this is by far the most gut wrenching story I've ever heard. (There's a wiki page for those curious enough but I heavily suggest not to if you want to maintain your faith in humanity)


I have no idea how the parents didn't end up in jail for that one. They knew for like a month that their son was torturing this girl and holding her hostage. Every single person who knew but didn't do anything to try to help her should be in jail for life. There are a lot of shitty parents in this world but talk about being a complete and utter failure on a whole new level. I can understand loving your kid but you do not enable that type of behavior by refusing to turn them in. And aren't some of those boys free now? I do not think that anyone who would do what they did to her could ever be successfully rehabilitated, they are literally evil. Most murderers don't keep their victim alive for a month and slowly torture them to death, even among murderers these guys were particularly heinous.


One of the mothers of the murderers even vandalized the victim’s grave claiming the victim ruined her son’s life. What the fuck man.


They all went free but I think 1-2 are career criminals


The wiki page is a very, VERY mild version of the torture she endured. I listened to a two hour podcast detailing every single day of her 40 day abduction and I've never felt the need to appreciate my current freedom more. Horrifying.


And what makes it even worse is that the boys who were responsible for her murder were all given a slap on the wrist by the court. All of them are currently free men and living under a new name.


My roommate said, “the feeling, sound, and visuals of a dogs skin degloving from its body after being lost for a week and found in a pond” She’s a vet tech.. she’s learned some shit Edit: Update for you guys asking how this happened or why “The owner had lost their dog, after a week or so the owner of the dog was cleaning up and landscaping his property when he saw something in pond behind his house. After further exploration he realized it was his missing dog. The dog was bloated and waterlogged. It barely resembled what he originally looked like. So the owner brought his dog to us for cremation services. Part of our job is prepping the body for cremation. In this case it was just bagging the body and putting it in the freezer for pick up. When I picked up the dog to put him in the body bag, I grabbed by the scruff of his neck and under his butt. As I lifted the skin and fur separated from the body. I went from holding a dog to just holding the fur and skin and seeing a completely skinless dog on the ground at my feet. Because of the condition of the body from decomposition and being submerged in water for 7-10 days the skin just slid right off with no resistence. I’m pretty confident I’m going to hell for this.”


I’m sorry.. what? How? This sounds absolutely horrific.


I’ve witnessed this happen to human bodies when I worked in the funeral industry. It’s called “skin slip” and is a natural stage of decomposition. I never could have prepared myself for what a human body submersed in water for nearly two months would look like.. (hint: about 3 times its original size, purple/yellow in color, and the smell, oh god the smell...)


Gangrene exists


Throwback to when r/gore was a thing and I saw some guy sitting in the waiting room waiting for his leg to be cable-sawed off in nurses triage room. All while conscious all without painkillers (unless perhaps given off camera). From the lower knee to the ankle it was dry,clean, white BONE. NOTHING ELSE. No other human matter of any kind. Then from the ankle down it was black rotten foot again. Obviously dead for some time as it was entirely disconnected. Russia or somewhere with a similar accent. Comments at the time suggested homeless man winter


So, im tall. And I was especially tall when I was younger. I was probably about 12 at the time, and a local basketball coach was trying really hard to get me to join the team, and I was very close but I backed out last minute and I don’t remember why, but thank god I did. A few years later that same coach was arrested for child molestation and possession of cp. I feel so bad for the other kids who just wanted to play basketball.


Dolphins like raping shit for fun, Wish I could un-learn that since I used to like swimming with them.


Also, sea otters sometimes rape baby seals to death, and sea elephants rape penguins. Nature is fucked up.


Their was a time in England were you could feed your pet to the lions in a zoo to avoid paying


The Tower of London did that!


there were lions in the tower of london??


Yes. There was a "zoo", or rather "royal menagerie", at the Tower from at least Tudor times to the 1800s when it moved to its current site at Regents Park.


They used to take the polar bear out on a fucking leash to fish in the Thames. I want to reiterate: *a polar bear on a leash*. I pity that handler and their lost limbs/life.


They closed the monkey house in the late 1700s. It was set up like a normal house with furniture and visitors could come into the room with monkeys. They closed on order of the king after a monkey ripped a boy's leg off in a "tragic accident".


There is a phenomenon known as “[stone baby](https://www.strangeremains.com/2014/01/17/mommies-having-mummies/amp/)” where a fetus dies and doesn’t get absorbed by the body, so it calcifies inside the mother’s abdomen. People have been known to carry around these mummified fetuses for 40 years, totally unaware.


The entire background story of the admin reddit hired


In Japan, when you have surgery, the doctor shows you what they removed and explain about it. It was a bit shocking to see. “What, they don’t do that in your home country!?” No sir, they do not.


I'd want that


Me too. When I had surgery I watched a video on YouTube of it before because I wanted to know exactly what they were going to do. It was really interesting!


I'm in the UK and had an operation on my back last year.. when I woke up they showed me the bit of my disc that they'd removed. Sadly I couldn't keep it..


Guy who I worked with when I was 15 turned out to be a convicted child molester. He never touched me but he was definitely really uncomfortably friendly around me.


I had a chess club in 3rd grade. Forgot the guys name, but he played chess with will smith and taught nic cage or some shit. Had chess camps and such. Years later I walked by the tv and saw his face on the news and that he got arrested for molesting kids at his camps and “private lessons.” My dad always said he didn’t like him


Only about 50% of the cells in your body are 'you'. The rest are microbes that exist as part of your micro biome.