What is an annoying myth people still believe?

What is an annoying myth people still believe?


Here in Taiwan people believe you can grow taller by exercising a lot, even if you're a full grown adult.


Einstein was bad at school math.


I read that the origin of this misconception is because Einstein went to school in Switzerland. In Switzerland grades are scaled on 1-6 with 6 being the highest while in Germany 1 is the highest and 6 the lowest. So Germans saw he scored a 6 and thought he failed. It also didn’t help that he attended primary school in Germany so when you line up his grades it really looks like he failed


https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Albert_Einstein%27s_exam_of_maturity_grades_(color2).jpg Einstein's school report card


its not really annoying per se but The tongue map thing the entire tongue tastes all flavors


The fact that I had to study this in school and was actually a question on my exam still pisses me off.


That tropical fish can be kept in a vase or bowl.


Ahhhh this gets me so riled up - thankfully r/aquariummemes provides a very nice outlet for this frustration. This and people who get bunnies as Easter presents for their kids with no prior research or setup and view them as fluffy living stuffed animals instead of actual pets. Gah.


That's how I got my rabbit. Someone released him after Easter. I found him hiding under my car and was able to catch him. Then I did a bunch of research on rabbits and now he's a spoiled indoor rabbit.


That you get warts from frogs. Warts come from the human papilloma virus and come from contact with the virus through broken skin. It is a human specific virus and cannot be spread through different species. Edit: Apparently people don’t realize that toads are a type of frog. Yes, the myth is about toads but frogs can also be included if they have bumpy skin. Most people can’t tell the difference between toads and frogs anyway.


That companies "can't" say that you were fired, or why you were fired, "by law."


“Can you tell me about what John was like when he was at your company?” ”No but would you like to hear about my dog?” ”sure” ”my dog is lazy, seldom turns up on time, can’t get along with anyone, makes absolutely no effort to improve his performance and steals stuff out of the break room fridge,”


I wonder how far you could push that? "My dog also lied about his qualifications and was caught having sex with a prostitute in the office after hours"


"The university listed on his CV had no record of my dog having ever attended."


Would often turn up drunk and smelling of marijuana and was caught “licking his balls” in the company bathroom on more than one occasion


They can, they usually just don't! Also, many jobs I have taken have never called other jobs for references.


Right. Some companies have policies about only confirming the start and end dates of a former employee, and whether or not that person is eligible for rehire (usually, people who have been fired for cause are not eligible for rehire). The reason those companies have such internal policies is to protect them from having civil charges brought against them if one of their employees, (say, a manager) accidentally or deliberately tells damaging misinformation about a former employee.


It's also worth noting that regardless of whether or not they "can," they often *don't have to*. Ignoring how infrequently references are actually called anymore, whenever I did/had to, the only questions I asked were "did they leave voluntarily?" and "are they eligible for rehire?", and that told me basically everything I'd need to know. The actual "why" is almost always irrelevant.


In my country people believe that if you're pregnant and cut your hair, the baby will be born blind lmao Edit: I'm from Mexico, sorry for not replying earlier. For those who ask here's the post where I found this superstition. It's pretty funny. https://www.reddit.com/r/Mujico/comments/oej35e/conocen_gente_que_siga_creyendo_este_tipo_de/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


What country?


He left you hanging


Bulls get angry when they see the color red…


Cracking your knuckles makes them bigger/gives you arthritis. This is an ongoing battle between myself and my older coworkers. https://www.hopkinsarthritis.org/arthritis-news/knuckle-cracking-q-a-from/


If cracking your joints gave you arthritis I'd be wheelchair bound.


There was a guy who spent like 20 years cracking his knuckles on one hand but not the other because his mother told him cracking your knuckles was bad for you and he didn't believe her. AFAIK, it had no effect.


That motherfucker won an Ig Nobel prize for that study. > MEDICINE PRIZE: Donald L. Unger, of Thousand Oaks, California, USA, for investigating a possible cause of arthritis of the fingers, by diligently cracking the knuckles of his left hand — but never cracking the knuckles of his right hand — every day for more than sixty (60) years. [source](https://www.improbable.com/ig/winners/#ig2009)


Imagine finally cracking the right knuckle. How satisfying would that be...


How do you think the 2011 Tsunami happened?


Scholars in the middle ages didn't believe the Earth was flat. The ancient Greeks knew that shit was false. The myth of the flat earth was a post-Romanticism fancy in pop culture, not a serious scholarly movement. ​ ​ That line from *Men In Black* has pissed me off ever since I learned the truth.


Annoying mythception, it's well before Ancient Greece. Anthropologists consider it overwhelmingly likely that the mapping needed to travel by boat, even island-hopping, means prehistoric humans knew the Earth was round because of the curvature on the horizon (which they accurately calculated in order to get to places).


Mythconception if you will....


That if you touch a baby bird, its mother will abandon it because of the smell. Birds actually have a very crappy sense of smell. \*\*ETA yes, I realize there are exceptions such as vultures that do have a good sense of smell...but in general, "smelling" a human on their baby won't make them abandon them, as far as I am aware.


Then what's the truth of the matter! Can I put the babies back???


Yes. You can put them back. Just two days ago I had to rebuild a robin nest and climb a tree to secure it and place the chick that survived back in. The mother was back within an hour. One chick left, nest in different spot, made of trim lumber and the remains of the old nest. Wash your hands well afterwords.


> Wash your hands well afterwords. Otherwise your parents will abandon you because of the smell. ^^scnr


yes, you can. nothing will happen to the babies, and if the mother just so happens to kick a baby out of the nest, its not your fault in the slightest.


Think of it this way. The baby bird is already out of the nest regardless of what you do. If you put it back into the nest at least you’ve given it a slightly better chance.


Yes, but keep in mind that you really might not have to. I've heard this myth originated partially to keep (well-meaning) people from placing fledglings back in their nests even though they're supposed to have left by that time. Fledglings can look like they're too young to have left the nest, but that's just how it is. Obviously, if the bird is way too young to possibly be at its nest-leaving-time, put it back if you can. No harm done, at all. You might even save it's life, which there would otherwise be zero chance of.


Wow I fell for this one just a few days ago, I pick up a baby bird that fell out of its nest and quickly climbed up and put it back in the nest and I did it as quickly as I could so that it would get less of my scent on it (even though I was wearing gloves)


Fish only have a 5 second memory. My fish are fed automatically on a timer and they know dinner time better than my goddamn cat.


Yeah. We live on a lake and our neighbor feeds the fish every afternoon. He goes out on his dock and bangs a bucket, and literally hundreds of fish show up for the food. It's amazing.


The fish at Versailles in the queens hamlet also do this. They know tour groups throw them shit and they all come to the surface. I have a picture of it with so many fish mouths that it's almost off putting if you have trypophobia. [pic for those interested ](http://imgur.com/gallery/Kc5fzOx)


I think the reason it doesn't look so good is because it is bland colored fish in muddy water, almost like a solid ground with fish heads sticking out of it.


So true. We would train our tetras to come up for food when we snapped above the water. They’re sweet little fish!


I’d love to know where this came from, I’m assuming it was to make people feel better about keeping goldfish in glorified Tupperware?


"Oh, wow! A castle!"..........."Oh, wow! A castle!"..........."Oh, wow! A castle!"...........


I have such a terrible memory my friends once put a goldfish castle above my TV as a gag


Oh wow! A TV! And there's even a castle on top of it! ... Wait a minute... HONEY! WE HAVE A TV!!! WITH A CASTLE TOO! ... Oh my god, is that a TV!? With a CASTLE!?!?!?!?


People think bats are blind. They aren’t.


I used to believe that rats become bats at some point in their lives. I was a dumb kid.


That's sound like something that would happen in pokemon


Don't be so hard on yourself man. I was told that kids who went missing were turn into pigeons... That's why the main square is full of them... And I believed the shit outta that. Weirdest trauma I ever had


Rattepillars go into cocoons and when they come out, Bats!


that myth about how nasa invented ballpoint pens for space while the USSR just used pencils... basically completely untrue


Yes, the spacepen was developed using private funds and sold to NASA pretty cheap.


Also, the Russian started using them as well as soon as they were available. It's like, every part of the story is wrong.


Yeah pencils are such a bad idea in a zero G environment with recirculated air. Graphite can conduct electricity and is really small. Kind of a bad idea to have tiny pieces of pencil lead in your electronics!


It's always the guy that was the biggest idiot in highschool sharing that on facebook too.. like bro, you really think you're smarter than NASA?!


The truth is we invented the space pen because it’s a bad fucking idea to use a pencil with graphite shavings floating around in zero-G. And the Russians? They bought a dozen pens and a gross of refills from Fischer.


Many people still believe hymens are like plastic food seals that cover up the hole and get popped when you have sex for the first time, and if a girl doesn't bleed she's not a virgin.


If a girl or guy doesn’t bleed it means they’re a 1,000 year old vampire.


I'm a 45 year old vampire and I feel discriminated


You do know that some are 1,500 years old, right?


I didn't bleed. Guess I was born a slut


Had mine surgically removed at 15, guess I was forced into my sluthood


You didn't choose the sluthood, the sluthood chose you.


Septate hymen surgery? My friend’s kiddo had to have that and it was pretty rough. Because of the myth that the hymen is a complete or near-complete seal that has to be broken, she didn’t realise there was anything wrong for quite a while. She found a women’s health/sex ed Instagram explaining that hymens are just tiny semicircles of skin edging the back of the vaginal opening and came downstairs crying to me and her wine-drunk mother at 3am on New Years Eve.


Me too! I was 13 and had been getting my period for a year but it wouldn't come out because of my "stubborn virginity"


Wow didn't know this can happen. How did you find out?


Generally you find out because since the blood has nowhere to go, every period becomes more painful and crampy, so parents take the girl to a doctor for her recurring abdominal pain and the doctor does an ultrasound or a pelvic exam. It may take a couple cycles, because at first the girl/parents/doctor may think it's constipation and feel confirmed in this when the pain seems to go away after a week of stool softeners.


That must be very painful though. If normal periods hurt like hell that must be horrible...


If it isn't diagnosed for a long enough period of time, the uterus and vaginal vault could become distended to several times their normal size because blood is continuously deposited every month but cannot be expelled due to the imperforate hymen. Eventually you will be able to feel and then SEE the massively enlarged uterus bulging from the abdomen.


If you lift your hands above your head while pregnant you will strangle the baby. I am sure it was started by smart women who didn’t want to do all the housework while pregnant and tired. I still hear it every now and again.


I do you another one. If young girls lift heavy stuff, it will rupture their uterus. Not sure if people still believe that but my grandma did.


My grandmother believed that, too. She had a fit every time I'd picked up a big bag of dog food. She was certain my uterus was going to fall out in the middle of the pet supplies aisle at Walmart.


You have to wait 24 hours before filing a missing persons report


I blame movies. "Oh, you know for a fact that your daughter has been kidnapped and is likely going to be murdered? Sorry, we at the police can do absolutely nothing because of reasons. Guess you're gonna have to get her yourself."


This is a plot point for so many movies too. “The police can’t help us, we’re on our own.” Cue sleuthing and chasing around the killer for the rest of the movie


In fact, by federal law missing juveniles must be listed as missing within 2 hours of the report to police, no matter how recently they've gone missing, unless they are located within that time.


Yep i've heard that in most cases of of kidnapping, victims are killed within the first three hours. tried to find a source and found this. https://www.q13fox.com/news/child-abductions-first-3-hours-the-most-critical-in-finding-kids


Reported my sister missing when she was in high school. Police did nothing because she called us through one of those unknown numbers that just says "unknown" with no call back number. They said that since she contacted us, she doesn't count as a missing person. I mean I guess she technically wasn't "missing" but she ran away (because my parents tried to ground her by taking away her phone) and no one had any idea where she could've gone. We went to the friends she had that we knew about but they didn't know either. My dad found her about a week later. Near the restaurant he worked at at the time. The restaurant is like next to other stores and stuff. And her friends and her went into the grocery store nearby and my dad was luckily on break in that store. Saw her, grabbed her. And took her to the restaurant until his shift was over. Those "friends," she was staying with were planning to go to mexico and they were planning to sneak her across the border with them. None of us ever knew these friends of hers. So there was no way we would have found her if it wasn't for this stop at the grocery store. Police did nothing. I don't know how they're supposed to handle runaways vs actual missing people, but that was not a good time for our family.


This is an important one. Lives could be saved.


At some point, a viral video allegedly *proved* that the “beg buttons” at crosswalks are just placebos. Some of them are, but most of them really do add a cycle for pedestrians to get a walk signal. You should use them regardless.


This might come from the fact that most of them don't work how people think. They don't start a countdown to changing the lights, they're more like pressing the stop button on a bus. It won't make the driver stop any sooner, it just indicates they they should stop at the next bus stop. Likewise, cross lights are programmed to change the lights at set intervals, but only if the button is pressed. If nobody presses the button, and a designated change time comes up, it will just skip it and not change the lights. All pressing the button does is flag that the lights should change at the next scheduled interval.


I once had to cross a street with heavy traffic and knew that the button was fake so I just waited at the crosswalk but the light never changed. The second I pressed the button, it changed. I tried the same thing on the way back an pressing the button instantly changed the light again. I guess there was so little pedestrian traffic and so much vehicular traffic that it made sense to only change the light when there was actually a pedestrian trying to cross Edit: grammar


They're also on timers so pedestrians can't fuck up traffic by trolling and repeatedly pressing the buttons over and over again.


That certain animal 'parts' have healing/magical properties. Like tiger whiskers protect the wearer or rhino horn cures impotence and hangovers.


Not to mention the pangolin. Sad deal.


What’s the deal with pangolins? I’m not familiar with that one.


They're the most trafficked non-human mammal.


The saddest part is they take the scales, but the scales are just keratin, so they could just consume hair or fingernails and get the same 'benefits'.


The Great Wall of China is the only man-made structure visible from space. First of all, it's not, and second, other ones are. EDIT: It's not visible from.space with the naked eye, defining "space" in the usual way as starting 62 miles up.


Which other ones are visible from space?


any home depot parking lot


and amazon fulfillment centers


Here ya go: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_structures_visible_from_space?wprov=sfla1


I love the detail that the dumb myth *predates space travel by centuries.*




I had an aunt who was convinced cutting it under the full moon would change hair growth, too.


Sure, but that's for werewolves only.


One day my dad was talking about beards and he said “if you cut your beard it’ll grow back thicker”. Some how my brain came up with a huge existential crisis that I could only shave my butt hair so many times throughout my life before it would get too hairy.


Don't worry, as you grow older you'll have hair growing out of your ass, your nose, your ears, and your eyebrows...like how weeds grow out of the holes and cracks in a sidewalk. I'm serious about the eyebrows thing, you'll wake up one day and notice that some 3 inch whopper will be hiding among the rest of your normal hairs, just sticking out like a bug antenna.


The ONE thing everyone thinks they know about lemmings is bullshit. They're not "suicidal," and will not succumb to herd-mentality and follow each other over a cliff in a big group if they're scared. This "fact" originated in a Disney-produced nature documentary (documentary in a very loose sense). They literally made shit up whole cloth because it looked cool on camera. They *chased* the lemmings over the edge of a small rise, and used camera tricks to make it look like they were falling to their deaths. Then the lemmings became a pop-culture metaphor for harmful conformity, and cartoonists all over still reference it.


Where I'm from, Norway, there's a myth about lemmings that you shouldn't interact with them because they can get so angry they explode


The highest tax rate means your entire income is taxed at that rate


Along with that - just because you can write something off (tax deductible) does not mean it's free. You just don't pay taxes on that amount of your income.


There's that and also not knowing the difference between a tax deduction and a tax credit


I watched an entire scene about write-offs on Schitt’s Creek and realized I’m David in that situation.




Oh boy, this is a big one. I hear people all the time that say “I don’t want a raise ‘cause it’ll put me in a higher tax bracket, and I’ll make less money than I do now because they’ll take more taxes.” Like, no. They only take that percentage from the ADDITIONAL money you’ll be making. You’ll still be making more money! For those who don’t know, let’s just say the tax bracket you’re in at $30,000 a year is 10%, and $30,001+ is taxed at 20%, if you make even $1 a year more, you might think the government will start taking 20% of all your money. Which, if that were the case, then yeah, $27,000 is more than $24,000.80. That would be bad. But no. They only take 20% of that $1, or 20¢. So you’ll be making $27,000.80 after taxes, which is more than $27,000. Say you used to make $30,000/year, but they offer you a raise of $1,000, so now it’s $31,000. Here’s how it works: $30,000 at 10% $30,001-$40,000 at 20% Previously, at your earlier salary: 30,000-10% (or 3,000) = 27,000 That part stays the same. Now, you make $1,000 more. This is how that works: 30,000-3,000=27,000, so that part’s the same. Now, they ONLY tax the additional $1,000 at 20%, so: 1,000-20% (or 200)=800 Your grand total take home pay is now $27,800. That’s $800 more than what you made in the previous year! If you get a raise, it’s a good thing*. If you’re getting paid more money, you’re always going to make more than you made before, even when it puts you in a higher tax bracket. (Well, unless they raise the lowest bracket percentage much higher the next year. But that’s very unlikely. They almost always only raise the taxes on people making six figures a year or more. For example, Biden’s tax plan would be raising the top marginal tax bracket from 37% to 39.6%, which would only affect those making $462,000 or more a year. In other words, only those in the (roughly) top 1%, so most likely, not you.) *The “raise being a good thing” is assuming you are already above the benefits cliff. If it would prevent you from receiving any government assistance you are receiving, that could be a bad thing if that raise is not to a self-sufficient level. Edit: Thanks for all the awards!!


That historical armor was basically useless, only increasing the chance of maybe deflecting a blow if you were lucky. You still see it in movies, shows and games where a knife or sword or arrow will go through armor like it's cardboard. In reality armor was very useful. Very good armor, like a knight's suit of plate, made the wearer virtually invincible. The best plate could stop even early firearms. A knight in full plate and wielding a shield was pretty much the tank of the medieval battlefield. Doubly so if on horseback. Specialized weapons and a concerted effort was needed to defeat one, although typically no one would try to *kill* a knight since you can't ransom a corpse. But even simple gambesons, which were made from layers of fabric, could resist a sword cut. High quality gambesons could resist all but the strongest cuts from specialized cutting swords. Also: that swords were super heavy. A typical one-handed arming sword from the middle ages weighed around 3lbs, 4 max. A two-handed long sword could get up to 5lbs. Rapiers weighed around the same as other swords, which is contrary to popular belief. Yes, swinging around a 3-4lb object would tire someone out, but the people doing so were generally more fit than the people reading this thread.


My god how I despise this one. They out here saying a knight from the middle ages spent ridiculous amounts of money, lugged the stuff around with them on campaign, wore it even when it was hot out, and maintained/cleaned their armor all so they can have a 2% less chance of death on the field lol. When it comes to warfare throughout human history, as a rule of thumb if people did something often (meaning the idea was wide spread and commonly used) it was probably because it was DAMN effective.


The people trying it "the other way" end up dead and don't get a chance to repeat the effort heh. I saw a video on historical accurate armor and the dude was nimble, tripped me out. Of course they wouldn't voluntarily put on a suit of suicide or something because it was shiny.


People grossly underestimate the problem-solving capabilities of the humans living in the past, our brain hasn't even evolved that much in the last 300,000 years, they were surely bound by the technology of their time but they were not fucking stupid.


To elaborate further Chain mail was *extremely good* armor. Videos where they put chainmail on a dummy and casually stab through it is braced on a log or something. When hit you get knocked backwards greatly diminishing the piercing power Chadiversity on YouTube goes into great length about it.


Black belts have to register their fists as weapons... I can't believe I was dumb enough to fall for that


What's more interesting than that is one of the reasons (If not the only reason) that the myth propagated: Wrestlers and well known martial artists back in the day were constantly being challenged in their personal time at bars and stuff. This got super annoying and they just wanted to have peace without people trying to fight them all the time. Many of these fighters learned that having a "lethal fists" card that they could display gave them an excuse to turn down fights without argument for fear of "accidentally killing them". It also worked as a deterrent.


"To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill." - Sun Tzu


Has a black belt Gets arrested, charged & loses right to arms Hands get chopped off


You can "detox" your body from toxins and parasites by drinking certain teas or taking some weird medication. Repeated diarrhea and frequent urination doesn't indicate toxins leaving your body, your liver and kidneys do the job. If your liver is not functioning or you have a kidney disorder, obviously you need help but it won't be teas that someone on Instagram is boasting about.


I remember hearing a doctor on the radio field questions about a "colon cleansing" that is basically an enima with (I assume cold) coffee. His response was something like "Yeah, it technically works but it's your colon. It's not going to stay clean for very long."


Gave myself a coffee enema once, didn't go well. I expected the people in that Starbucks to be more helpful.


Also, some of those detox drinks can drastically worsen kidney or liver problems. They aren’t regulated


You mean my lead tea isn't safe to drink?


We're onto asbestos kombucha now.


Next up, Organic mercury infused super fruits!




In the last 6 month, I've legit had 3 patients who have put themselves into liver/kidney failure doing this. They're all in their mid-20s. Naturopathic detox garbage isn't harmless, people.


People with OCD just repeatedly wash their hands and like things clean and organized. This is how it presents in some people. There is so much more to this mental illness that people aren’t aware of that lead to people not getting diagnosed or help.


I love the episode of Scrubs where Michael J Fox play the OCD doctor. His OCD is played off as a joke for part of of the episode, and many of the doctors are jealous because his OCD makes him a good doctor in some ways, but the episode ends with JD watching him have a break down because he can't get satisfied with how he washes his hands after a surgery. I know you specifically called out the washing hands stereotype, but in this case it's not just "oh he washes his hands a lot, ha ha ha" it's "he washes his hands so much he literally can't go home after a long day at work". It's a good dichotomy of how OCD is often viewed versus how it actually affects the people living with it.


There were so many things Scrubs did an amazing job at portraying. What a great show, you know, up until it neared the end.


I always hated the dumb kids in school who would go off saying "Oh, I like things a certain way because I have OCD". It was ALWAYS self diagnosed, and it was always stupid stuff like preferring books to be in rainbow order or some shit. Never was it an obsession or compulsion.


For years I was compulsed to match the actions on each side of my body. For instance. If I was laying in bed and my left foot twitched, I had to intentionally twitch my right foot exactly the same way it felt before I could sleep, or I’d end up in a twitch fit. That’s the most basic simplest explanation I think I could give for what I dealt with as a kid. At some point it was so overwhelming I wanted it to stop. I began trying and mostly failing to resist the mirror action. I lost for a long time but eventually I won. Over time I broke the compulsive behavior. Not everyone wins.


My grandfather had real OCD. Basically ruined his life. There was nothing cute or funny about it at all.


My OCD dad almost got himself fired because he kept leaving work so much to drive home and check that the oven is off. He does this like 4-8 times a day.


Seriously the amount of classes at college I was late for and times late for work later, is insane. Check the stove and check the door lock fifteen million times. Only thing that helped was taking pics and videos to look back on to prove I had done those things.


As a fellow traveler on this route, I highly recommend little cameras pointed at the things you want to check on. Live feed, all the time, from anywhere, confirming that I did indeed close the dog’s kennel door.


I just started bringing my hair straightener with me in the car I’d be insanely worried about it to the point of turning around, usually only during times of high stress like around finals in college. I never left it on but I was never sure and didn’t want to come home to a burned down house and dead pets.


that tryptophan in turkey makes you sleepy during thanksgiving. no. chicken has more tryptophan than turkey, and we only get sleepy on thanksgiving because we eat so much.


I always understood it as it was a mixture of the colossal amount of food and also the heat coming off the food. Match made in sleep heaven.


MSG - a lot of people still believe it's basically poison. It's no more harmful than regular salt.


On the Netflix show 'Ugly Delicious', they asked a group of people why they don't like MSG and they all said they get headaches or some other issue when they eat or smell it. They then give them chips with MSG in it and they enjoy it until they are told they have MSG. One even had the audacity to say he felt a headache coming on. This was on the Chinese food episode.


I recall one show giving a group of people a meal coated in msg, not telling them then asking them how they felt etc. Everyone was fine. The following week they gave them a meal with no msg but told them it had it. They all complained about headaches etc. They all looked stupid when it was pointed out that they had eaten msg the previous week but none that night.


I was about to order from a Chinese restaurant the other day, but went to a different one after the first's website said they didn't use MSG at all Like, that's the whole reason I'm going. Give me that sweet, sweet umami. Edit: *savory, savory umami* didn't have the same ring to it


MSG= Makes Stuff Good.


My dad taught me how to use MSG. *Add what you think would be a good amount, then add a little bit more*


Just don’t get drunk and experiment with it. Otherwise you wind up learning that msg is good and whiskey is good but whiskey with msg is weird and not in the way your drunk brain had hoped


I added it to a chocolate protein shake once, I used far too much and it was disgusting. Further testing needed for a pinch.


That probably wasn’t true either. It’s all bullshit either way. There was a Chinese restaurant I used to frequent on my lunch breaks years ago when I lived in Orlando. They had a large sign that said “No MSG!” On their menu. Well, they ended up being shut down by the health department due to a roach infestation. The only problem was that the roaches were getting into the giant tubs of MSG. It was noted on the health inspector report and the media got hold of it. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/os-bz-oviedo-mall-health-inspection-20170628-story.html


Nono you don’t understand. “No MSG” is the name of the restaurant.


Now that I think about it, you're right, that's like a restaurant claiming their food is healthy by proudly advertising "we don't salt our food." No thanks.


It's like the same as "fat free" stuff at fast food places. Bitch I ain't here to lose weight.


Fat free means they add a ton of sugar to make it not taste like garbage.


Hayyya, that's disappointing.


Ugh….I work in hospitality, and the number of people who insist they are allergic to MSG, then proceed to ask for extra ranch dressing blows my mind. 90% of ranch dressings, including Hidden Valley, have MSG as a main ingredient.


Yeah my mom is one of those people who will always get sick after eating food she thinks has MSG, but doesn't have an issue with foods she doesn't think has MSG but actually does. The nocebo effect is wild.


History is filled with this stuff, but I'm gonna go with general misconceptions due to an inability to read history in context. Often if you read a funny and strange story where you go 'haha those dumb superstitious people in the past' in reality there isn't superstition behind it, there's politics and power. For example, if you hear of someone being excommunicated and declared a witch / heretic for some odd reason the truth is the given reason is just a made up excuse, and the real reason is political intrigue.


That sounds just like an excuse a witch would use.


More weight!


I’ve always figured that was super true for the “omens” before battles. Generals needed to pick their moments carefully, but couldn’t be seen as cowards, so they had the “gods” tell them to not attack.


Driving with interior lights on at night will get you arrested


I thought that it was that interior lights just make it harder to see out the windows/windshield cuz of the reflections. Idk if that’s true with modern cars (or at all)


That's the real reason, and it's still true. Not sure why some people's parents told them it was illegal instead of just explaining that it's risky. Guess it's easier to say that.


My mom took it a step further and told me that it's illegal and this is why. My guess is she heard it was illegal from her parents and figured out once she could drive that it does make it harder to see, then, still believing it's illegal, came to the logical conclusion that that's why.


Some kids are just fucking stupid, or they don't give a shit. I was one of those kids. I didn't care that it ruined her night vision and made it harder to see. My gameboy was the only thing that mattered. It wasn't until she started telling me that they passed a law making it illegal that I cared. "We could get into an accident and die" is less scary than "The police will arrest us".


But Mom said!


She only said that because you were being annoying.


Daddy long legs are venomous/ poisonous but too small to bite you. They’re not.


They're not... which one? You're scaring me.


Cellar spiders are very slightly venemous, as in like less than a bee sting's worth of venom. Harvestmen are not venemous. Both of these creatures are called daddy longlegs. EDIT: Also, both of them can bite you, although neither are particularly likely to. I've handled both species a number of times, and I've only been bitten by a single harvestman, which, tbf, was trying to eat me, not attack me. EDIT 2: The harvestman that bit me was, I think, trying to eat the salt that accumulated on my skin after being outside for a while. When I picked it up, it started nibbling, which caused a tickling sensation. I was kind of fascinated, so I simply watched it do its thing. *Somehow* I was surprised when, 5-10 seconds later, it got serious about the meal and actually bit me. It didn't break the skin, though. Either way, don't be too scared of harvestmen, because they won't bite you unless you literally sit there and let them do it, like I did.


Also “daddy long legs” means at least three different creatures depending on where the speaker grew up.


Papi big feet


Not sure if this fits here exactly, but the McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit being a frivolous case filed by a money hungry customer. That poor lady was a real victim who suffered legitimate injuries who only wanted her medical costs covered.


And McDonalds was serving their coffee (at that time) at almost 200 degrees; just barely under boiling. For comparison, coffee is normally served at closer to 150 degrees, and will usually have cooled down further than that by the time you actually start drinking it. In the year prior, over 700 people had told McDonalds they had been burned by their coffee. Stella Liebeck (the woman from the lawsuit) was burned ***so*** badly that the skin on her thighs **FUSED TOGETHER** and she quite nearly died. Thats how bad the burns were. And as you said, the only thing she actually asked for was her out of pocket medical expenses covered; roughly $20,000. McDonalds came back with an insultingly low offer of $800, so she had no choice but to sue. Even then, she still only *asked* for her medical bills to be covered. It was the jury, *not* Stella Liebeck, that decided to make McDonalds pay millions of dollars, because they found that McDonalds had acted *so* irresponsibly and *so* negligently, they absolutely had to be punished. EDIT: Thank you for the awards all that, and, to answer a few of the common responses I see popping up here: * Thats 200 degrees Fahrenheit, not Celsius. Yes I know the imperial system sucks and metric is better, you can save your witty remarks. * McDonalds wasnt just BREWING the coffee at 200 degrees, they were KEEPING it at 200 in the big storage/dispensing containers they use, and then SERVING it at 200. To all the coffee snobs saying "um ACTUALLY the ideal temperature to brew coffee at is exactly 206.79669 degrees, so" and other such comments, thats real neat. But Im pretty sure that the ideal brewing temperature is not the same as the idea *serving* temperature. * Yes, Stella Liebeck did spill the coffee, and so yes, she was partially at fault. And the court took that into account already. They found she was 20% at fault, and so reduced the judgement amount by 20%. * To clarify a bit on the amount and the reason for it, the jury initially wanted to penalize McDonalds by the equivalent of 2 days worth of national coffee sales, which came out to several million dollars. Liebeck never asked for anywhere near this amount; the jury decided on that number in order to punish McDonalds. That amount was then reduced by the aforementioned 20%, then the judge reduced it further, then it was further reduced on appeal, and eventually McDonalds and Liebeck settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. Liebeck did not receive millions of dollars as a result of that Lawsuit. She also had her name dragged through the mud and had her life greatly damaged by the unfair reputation the whole thing gave her. * The reason why so many people think the suit was frivolous and that it was a greedy lady trying to get rich quick over a little booboo was because McDonalds (and other big companies) funded a decades long smear campaign in the media to trash Liebeck's reputation, and make the public at large think that frivolous lawsuits were a rampant scourge upon our country, in order to discourage people from suing over perfectly legitimate grievances. * To those still saying it was Liebeck's fault she got burned and not McDonalds, you miss the point. Even if Liebeck HADNT gotten burned, McDonalds was still serving coffee they ***KNEW*** was unsafe. They knew it was too hot, knew that people were getting burned and they chose not to fix the issue. That is what they were really being punished for.


I've heard that before about them having been told several times already to stop serving their coffee dangerously hot. Do you have any idea why they chose to serve it so hot? I'm trying to even make sense of this. "Hey, can you serve your coffee at a temperature where I can actually drink it?" "No." What do they even gain from this?


Coffee that is kept at this higher temp can sit out longer before having to be tossed. It was all so McDonald’s could spend less money in wasted coffee


And McDonald’s actually ran the smear campaign that made people think it was some ridiculous and baseless lawsuit


Yes, I was looking for this one. I hate how McDonald’s dragged a 79-year-old woman through the mud, when all she wanted them to do was pay her medical bills for the third degree burns she suffered from their coffee. The fact that still too many people believe it was a frivolous law suit just goes to show how successful they were.


Not just third degree burns, which is bad in any case, but specifically she had third degree burns "over 6 percent of her body, including her vagina, inner thighs, perineum, buttocks, and groin areas" for which she spent 8 days hospitalized and received multiple skin grafts.


McD's was afraid that after her lawsuit they'd have to deal with mote lawsuits like this So, to avoid that they launched an unofficial smear campaign to make people think Stella was a money hungry bitch and by extension make people inclined to think other people sueing large corporations are too, to make things more difficult for those people and discourage people from sueing. It worked.


There's a good documentary about this case (I believe titled "Hot Coffee") and how corporations are using false information and smear tactics to erode consumer rights and safety measures all over the place. This is actually one of the best things to ever happen to McDonalds from a legal and financial standpoint.


I've seen the pictures from this lawsuit (can't seem to find them again, maybe someone more resourceful can) and that woman's entire groin was scalded beyond belief. It must have been absolutely excrutiating. Can't even imagine.


That historically, corsets were extremely dangerous. That is false. “Tightlacing”, which is basically just what’s seen in the movies, where they make the corset as tight as they can, was not very common, and only used in the extremely upper class. Most people wore corsets completely safely, lacing down very little, if at all. Women climbed mountains, biked, did sports, and everything, in corsets.


Modern corsets (for actresses) can be very uncomfortable for several reasons. They costuming department may not have experience with properly drafting a corset on the actresses body (which might need padding in the bust and hips to match the desired silhouette instead of restricting the waist). Or, the person in charge of making the corset doesn’t have time to ensure it’s properly fitted and foundation garments aren’t worn (a corset should never touch your skin directly) in order to fulfill the director’s budget/vision. Or, most commonly, the actress isn’t given adequate time to break-in her corset for all-day wear (a good corset is like a good pair of boots, it will *hurt* if you don’t spend the time to make it conform to your body’s movements). I believe actresses when they say they hate corsets, and I don’t blame costuming departments for not bringing in corset-makers (or hiring the work out, since a *real* corset can take months to make and require multiple fittings and weeks of breaking-in). I do, however, blame the leadership on set for expecting their actresses to endure major discomfort when it is wholly unnecessary.


This is useful context, thanks! Not the actresses fault but also not the existence of corsets’ fault, makes sense


If you go outside with your hair wet you will get sick


One of my patients in the hospital kept insisting on having lots of blankets on because he didn’t want to “get sick.” I was like, bro, you’re already sick. And that’s not how any of this works. Eventually though I just gave up and let him have lots of blankets.


to be fair though lots of blankets can be comfy as fuck


can confirm, in a double blanket burrito at this very moment: comfy as fuck


That Napoleon was short. He was average height Edit: average height for his time


I’m average height for the time you jerk!


I believe it stems from the fact that his height at the time was recorded as 5'2", however the French inch (pouce) of the time was 2.7 cm, while the Imperial inch was shorter, at 2.54 cm.


\+his main guard was 10-15cm taller than him, making him look smaller


It didn't help that he used abnormally tall (for the time) people as his personal guard. So everywhere he went he was the shortest person.


So he’s like the point guard on the basketball team


Yeah I mean Steph Curry is 6.4ft but looks kinda small out there


You swallow 8 spiders a year in you're sleep. The thing was created to see how easily fake news spread.


Ah, you have fallen into a trap of your own. There is no evidence that this 'fact' was created to see how easily misinformation spreads. In fact THAT also is a myth. [Look here for more information](https://youtu.be/OjlKIjLWq-Y?list=TLPQMDUwNzIwMjE5RIeLwOuPlw)


Ow...my brain hurts.


I don’t know what to believe :(