People who function off less than 6hours of sleep, how?

People who function off less than 6hours of sleep, how?


I don't know if "function" is the word or "do the stuff you have to regardless of feeling terrible"


This. I've recently got back to 6 hours a night but for years I had 3 or 4 max. Didn't matter when I went to bed or when I had to get up, always just a few hours of broken fitful sleep. You get used to feeling run down all the time. It's not the worst, def not fun though.




I've been there. I did almost three years of 2-3 broken hours of sleep on weekend nights and maybe 6 during the week. I felt like absolute shit all the time. My son was critical ill so I had no choice but to suffer for his sake.


I had terribly sleeping babies when I was in university and when I did shift work and somehow I kept going. Even being woke up every 1-2hrs. Nowadays even with 8hrs on board I’m not great. And don’t get me started on if I get woken up by a sick kid or dog. The next day is ruined. I have no idea how I survived with babies/toddlers.


Yup. I was working 10-12 hour days with a 1 hour commute each way for a whole year. I slept probably 5.5 hours on average. It really messed with my head. I have huge gaps in my memory from that year.


So relatable


Yeah, grin & bear it is pretty much my setting. I have short runs of a week or two where I'll get normal sleep from time to time maybe 1-2x a year but most of the time for most of my life I'm running on 4-6hrs. A few times a year I'll get stretches of about a month where I'll have 0-3hrs per night. Those get hard.


I dont think you understand the question. It's not a matter of feeling terrible. It's about your body just not functioning despite you willing it to. Imagine being trapped on a bench press under double your max lift amount, and then claiming to just "do the stuff you have to regardless of feeling terrible." When I don't have enough sleep, I pass through life in a semi-conscious haze, halfway in a dream. It's almost like a hallucination.


built different


And by built different we mean we want more sleep but we can’t because of our schedules, commitments or because we’re just that dumb


Just the last part


I don't understand how people sleep more than 4-5 hours in a stretch. Barring being sick, I haven't done it in years.


Do you just spring out of bed ready to go? Do you just have that much more energy than the rest of us?


Exercise and fresh air upon waking, drink lots of water throughout the day.I will say though it is so much easier during Summer months. Sunlight is magic.


Sunlight makes my tired for some reason for me it’s much easier in the winter


this is the best explanation




I have bad insomnia. So when I do sleep three hours is a fucking win. I function better with three than with none.


Same here. Sometimes being tired actually gives you a buzz when you have a hardcore day. Rarely happens on consecutive days. Hope it gets better for you.


I gotta make up for my stupid decisions somehow man Just a tip......... don't be 100k in debt right out of high-school. Or, don't let your family talk you into getting an expensive vehicle. Get a used car, dont listen to what they say.


How do you even get approved for that kind of loan so young!?


How did you get talked into this my dude...?


Sleep deprivation


How do you have 100k debt out of high school?


Easier than you'd think. I wasn't the worst for credit cards among my friends/classmates, and at 22 I have 7,500 in credit card debt and 94,000 in housing debt. I knew classmates with over 10k just on credit by like 20


Jesus christ. I had like 2.5k on a credit card at worst and I was in shambles.


I usually sleep 4 hours on average, I've been like that for a long time, so can't say. However I do end up taking some naps during the day, when I'm not doing anything. Though if you're not used to it, getting up after a nap can be really hard. Honestly though, I wouldn't recommend it. It constantly leaves you tired 24/7, your motivation can go down, mood swings are more likely, Your brain will process things slower, could be more prone to breakdowns, these are the effects that I can think about on the top of my head.


I'm weird, I can function off 5 or 6 hours, but not 7 or 8, but I can 9 or 10 It's like theres sections where waking up I'll be fine, otherwise I cant function (Also, those are rough estimates)


This is related to your REM cycles


This is kinda me too, 6hours is perfect, couple hours longer and I feel drowsy




You sacrifice your physiological needs so your work or whatever you have to do in the daytime suffers one way or another, physically or mentally. It is possible to function with 6 hours of sleep, just not function at optimum capacity.


I think 6hours of sleep is pretty good for me rn, I’m pretty active most of the day and just might need a nap, now 4-5 is just crazy imo


Well, there was a recent-ish study that showed 6-hours messed with your brain the same way that 4 or less did, it's just that you can't tell and think you're just fine. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12683469/ https://www.fastcompany.com/3057465/why-six-hours-of-sleep-is-as-bad-as-none-at-all


Drugs and hatred




Just barely.


we don't


i dont drink coffee or any energy drinks, u just get used to it after a few years


When you get used to it, you get used to the fact that it will not be otherwise


4-5 cups of coffee a day, sativa at nighttime and a healthy dose of horrible insomnia 🥰


why not indica at bedtime?


At that point you're just bringing the insomnia on yourself


I honestly misread that as salvia and was like "you *what?*", haha. Dunno about sativa but indica usually knocks me out hard. I don't smoke often but I like knowing it's there as a last resort. If you can switch maybe it's worth a try!


It just… happens. I’m currently practicing this right now; it’s 2 am and I have to be up by 7.


Why do u do this to yourself? Go to sleeeppp


It's 3:45 and I have to be up at 4:30 yay


Y’all are crazy


Plot twist: you're already awake


That's how it's going, getting ready now, no sleep tonight


How’s it going, still awake?


Yeah I work at a golf course and have been cutting grass for a while


how straight are the lines?


Not straight enough for someone asking this question to appreciate but good enough, my greens perimeters are always decent


Its 6:00 for me and I just woke up from the 2 hours of sleep I got last night. Leaving for my 14 hour shift in about 15 minutes. Here we go again


I felt this on a spiritual level


You run on autopilot, just hope nothing out of the ordinary comes up or you're in for a headache. Used to go on 4 hours on weekdays at work and then crash on weekends.


Cuz I don’t have an option not to.


This is my time to shine. The answer. Idk. I go to bed late and naturally wake up earlier. I don’t drink caffeine. I have energy. I just think my body doesn’t know what well rested feels like so the function button is activated


Can you please share a little bit of that with me?


Coffee more than once a day


It’s something you learn in college


My father ingrained it in me starting in Elementary school. 4:30 am 4-5 mile runs every weekday morning before school and labor on the weekend. If I stayed at a friend's house on Friday I would have to set an alarm for Saturday at 7:00 so I could get home early enough to start yardwork with my father. Then when I went to college it was party all night, class starting at 8am in the morning, team coverage in the afternoon, dinner, then party/drinking. Work time during the summer between college years was a full time construction job starting at 6:15am, then lifeguarding until 9pm, rush home to eat then party, repeat daily.


The number 13. It's so ridiculous to avoid labelling the 13th floor of a building. We even had a project at work once skip versioning from 12 to 14.


Here you go lost redditor https://old.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/plkv01/what_is_the_stupidest_superstition_in_your/


Wow. So the solution to all of my sleep deprivarion problems is the number 13? Thank you for enlightening me kind redditor, all of my problems are now solved at last!


I don't know. I once stayed awake for 21 hours having slept only 1, but on the other hand I'm tired on a full 8 hours of sleep. Someone please help.


I can feel this, I’ve found 6hours is the sweet spot for me and it has to do with rem cycles, any more or less and I feel grogy


Shit a few adderall and i can game 50+ hours of the weekend easy lmao. *edit: 50 hours straight*


Studies show, that depression and having a constantly bad mood results in the body needing more hours of sleep. Happy people don't need as much sleep. This said, between 6 and 8 hours is healthy. Sleeping more or less is oke occasionally, but if it's the norm it can cause problems.


I thought it was the other way around, hmmm interesting


Feeling always tired and sleeping the days away is a sign of depression if it is persistent over a longer timeframe. The famous "I have no energy for anything" thing. EDIT: This said, there are ofc also mental states that prevent you from getting enough sleep.


Yeah, I did the sleep-a-lot depression and have since transitioned into the don't-sleep depression. Even with seroquel and ativan on board, sometimes I'll just sleep maybe 15 minutes a couple of times during the night. Last night I slept 3:30 am - 5:30 am. It depends. Don't sleep at all during the day, either.


You just gotta


Four cups of coffee and a nap after work.


Honestly? It started when I had kids. You literally get used to chronic sleep deprivation. Now that everyone is older, the hour or two after everyone else is asleep and I can pour a glass of wine, read a trashy novel, or watch whatever *I* want to watch on TV with no one yelling for Mom is precious to me. The morning wake time doesn't change, so you just...get used to it. And then every couple of weeks I have a mega-sleep-in, nap on the couch all day kind of Saturday to help balance it out.


Sleep schedule got changed so adjusting sucks


don't have a choice....insomnia :D


The world doesn't function according to my body clock. On weekends and holidays my body would immediately go to a 2 am - 9 ish am sleep cycle but my job started at 7:30 am. Short of sleep aids I don't fall asleep until 2 am. So coffee at 7, 9 and lunch. 10 minutes of deep breathing and meditation at the end of my lunch half hour and again around 5 pm at least relaxed my body and seemed to recharge my energy. I functioned like this for 35 years. Now I'm retired and getting my 7.5 hours a night. Should have found another job but loved teaching and not many schools run 10:30-6:30.


Because I have to :(


I turned 51 this year and made a commitment to stay healthy for the rest of my life. Part of that commitment is developing discipline, which does not come naturally to me. I go to bed between 10:30 and 11:00pm and wake up at 4am to do cardio for 30 minutes, Monday - Friday. Barring sickness I have managed to do it for the last 2 years. I'm fit as fuck and feel great. There are several other things that I do to stay in shape but that is the foundation for the rest of my day. For me it is all about discipline. I have two kids under the age of 13 and work 50 hours a week. Trying to retire in the next 5-10 years and simply need to stay healthy and be financially stable enough to do it.


Your amazing, people like you inspire me to work hard👍👍


A positive attitude and a *lot* of caffeine.


people always ask me how I'm so "upbeat" when knowing how tired I should be and my answer is always that or crawl in a corner and do nothing so I need to push on that positiveness to keep up, but the crash is harder after


I just do. It is all about DNA.


Is DNA slang for cocaine?


Meth, actually


No, it only means not everyone can do everything.


You must be fun at parties


I just have to. There’s not a technique behind it 🥲


I can function just fine on 6 or less, but I know I could be more effective on 8. 5-6 is the bare minimum.




Caffeine and spite.


For 38 years I have slept for 3-4 hours per night Mon thru Fri and usually sat and sun I get 6 or so. If I don't get to the extra on the weekend I can't cope. I want more sleep but can't and if I take even the weakest sleep med I'm out for 16hrs.


sleeping pills, insomnia, coffee , cocaine, alcohol in order


Sugar and Caffeine


Is what it is.5 hours max for me.i feel fine.


From 22-24 (I’m 26 now) I was just always tired and slept a lot. Could have been depression, but that feels like a cop out. I just always loved sleep and enjoyed how it felt. There were times I’d take 3 naps a day and still maintain a normal 8 hour sleep schedule at night. After so long I realized I was sleeping my life away and decided to change it. I know it sounds weird but that’s really all there is to it. Now I don’t take naps and only sleep 5-6 hours a night at most. I’m too afraid of losing more time


Drugs, trauma, caffeine. Oh, and power naps.


Methamphetamine and spite.




Soul crushing depression seems to do the trick.


Coffee and stress.


No coffee. Very big brains.


I’m fueled by caffeine and hate.


It’s not a matter of choice, it’s a matter of how long will it take to put my phone down before I go to school


We sacrifice our firstborn to the moon god


I’m normally about 7 but taking naps in the day helps a lot


7 hours is good compared to what everyone else be sleeping


I kinda just do lol. It's moreso keeping a consistent sleep routine than the actual sleep time, at least that's how it's been for me. I do sleep in on weekends to make up for sleep debt though


You get used to it to the point where getting to much sleep makes you feel off


Exercise and fresh air upon waking, drink lots of water throughout the day. I will say though it is so much easier during Summer months. Sunlight is magic.


Dont lie, you spend all day in bed with your funko pop collection eating fruit loop cereal.


I prefer fruity pebbles and squishmallows


I don't understand how people sleep more than 4-5 hours in a stretch. Barring being sick, I haven't done it in years.


I think at this point I count as having a polyphasic sleep schedule. I take a 20min nap on my lunch, a ~40min nap when I get off from work, and get 4-5hrs of sleep a night because I’ll usually stay up doing random unimportant BS. If I disrupt it then it sucks for a few days, but if I’m going steady on that then I feel fine.


I couldn’t take a nap during the day at work, I’d end up to tired to go back to work


Don’t really think about it I usually get 2


Bro get off the game, or do you have insomnia?


Yes coffee , chasing the buzz , it becomes it's own viscous circle.


Lots of coffee


Procrastination and determination should do the trick!


Don't have a choice.


ADHD and mania, mostly.


May be it has do with requirement of sleeping hours differing from person to person. Without setting an alarm, I easily get up after 6 hrs of sleep (at the max 6.5 hrs if I'm tired). On the other hand, my sibling needs 8 hrs of sleep (on an average).


Same way one gets to Carnegie Hall Practice.


Lots of caffeine and just keep moving.




When you've had clinical insomnia since you were 9 you tend to get used to it qwq


It's 4am and I work at 9... Good point I should go to bed


Pure spite.


Function? No. Sleep less than 6 hours? Yes👍


Intermittent fasting.


Well, in my case it’s barely functioning, but the fear of missing class/work keeps me going.


Can't sleep longer, I just wake up after 5-6 hours


Money, business, too much to do and not enough hours in the day. It's not for everyone obviously, but it's what drives some successful people.


Not me that's for sure


Well i have ADHD, so with a few coffee's iv'e lasted 3 days without sleep


Have a nap in the evening


Procrastinating sleep


I have really bad acid and haven’t been able to sleep laying down in over seven years. It also wakes me up every hour or so, so my normal sleep pattern is just really disrupted now. I’ve been getting between 3-6 hours of sleep a night for the past seven years and your body just gets used to it.


It's possible. Take a 30 min nap before lunchtime. All the best.


Easy, I don't function at all


"Function" is a strong word.


I worked a crazy schedule that only allowed 4hrs of sleep for about a year and now I can't get back on a normal schedule. Any time I sleep I always wake up within 4.5 hours now regardless of when I went to bed. I feel functional but I know I would be better off if I slept more.


I went to bed at 20 past midnight. I didnt fall asleep untill 6:30. I woke up at 8:40 and spent the following hour trying to fall back asleep, didnt work. I think at this point my body is so tired all the time it has forgotten the meaning of tiredness and i just roll with it.


Acclimatise to the lower amount of sleep. Once you get used to functioning on less sleep for soo long, it just becomes normal and you know how to manage it. Coffee helps but isn't a neccessary and only have 2 cups a day. Tried to get more sleep & felt no different.


Just do it? I sleep like 0-5 hours a day and i cope with it


As someone with insomnia, I try and nap or at least rest when I have the free time to and it helps me feel a lot better.


I've been functioning on between 2 and 4 hours for the last 2 years. If I knew how I managed to make it work I would tell you. I can tell you that I really dont think I'm going to be able to manage for much longer.


I'm built differently, coffee 3 times a day, sleeping at 1 am waking at 7, then my secret ingredient...... sleeping thru my holidays lol


Easy. I have to.


Some people naturally don't require as much sleep as others. I'm not one of these types and have insomnia constantly. You get use to it.


I get about 4 hours a night in total ( between11-6) I function because I have to, what choice do I have. The key for me is staying in bed while awake but still resting my eyes and body.


Night shift bread factory worker. At my best I sleep 5 hours maximum. With a strong will I can function with no sleep at all and do my work well, but that sucks. My tips are: Drink two glasses of water right after waking up. Take at least 400 kcal for breakfast, oats in my case. One or two bananas for brunch, or another fruit with plenty of fructose. Work out frequently in order to rest well. A creatine monohydrate suplement, 5g a day makes wonders with your brain function even if you don't sleep enough. And the most important: sleep for 12-14 hours straight in your days off. But at this point it isn't optional, just happens.


Don't have a choice. I always wake up early. Can't seem to control it. Doesn't seem to matter what time I go to bed.


Been working graveyard for 2 years and live in a very active household. Lots of caffeine at work and some melatonin before trying to sleep during the day. I'm good if I get 3-4 hours of sleep.


College student practice you get used to it


It’s kinda like starting off your day with 60% phone battery.




Be an owl.


Functioning is a lie, you just don't notice the dysfunction


Step 1: Go to architecture school


It's called coffee.


Idk don’t ask me


Sheer force of fucking will, and you get used to it.


Daily energy drink consumption, with levels of how much I feel like shit that morning. Mild level of shit: Monster, 160 mg of caffeine Moderate level of shit: Rockstar, 240 mg of caffeine High level of shit: Reign (or **bang**): 300 mg of caffeine


Simply can't sleep longer than 3 or 4 hours at a time. Never been able to. Sucked as a kid cuz I'd be laying in bed in the middle of the night wide awake but be tired when it was time to go to school.


God this thread is depressing, enough about how do you function, my question now is why??? Do u have insomnia, kids, playing too much games?


You get used to it


Just do. 5-6 hours sleep and I'm awake and going no problem. Edit: 5-6 hours is sweet spot. I'm overslept if I sleep for 7 or more and feel tired all day. Always worked this way. Don't know why.


Coffee, exercise first thing in the morning, keeping the same schedule, and when all this fails cocaine




I don't function


That’s the secret! I barely function


I only sleep 4hours i cant slee any longer


"ill just go to bed earlier tonight..." lol.. riiight i dunno man, i make a lot of poor decisions. but i gotta do it, it only really affects me if its slow at work, if i can keep busy for the first part of the day then im all good till the next bedtime. i aim for 10pm but it ends up being 11-12 by time i get there, then i get up at 4:30-5am.


We don’t


I have set days throughout the week where I sleep 12-15 hours a night. All the other nights It's less than 7, often an allnighter, usually because of lightnovels. I don't typically consume that much energy to begin with due to my tendencies, physique and injuries, so it's not like getting by once the morning comes is nasty - the main drag is that allnighters inflict a debuff similar to a mild poison, e. g. wine, that lasts until you sleep sufficiently, and that you'll need to practice living under the allnighter debuff to become able to use it to your advantage.


I have no choice, I'm working


I start off my morning with a shot of moonshine, 3 lines of coke, and scream at my wife and tell her to have my supper cooked by the time I get home from raccoon hunting, and deep down I hope she fucked my supper so it gives me the excuse to take off my belt and put her in her place. Anyway I'm looking for sister wives to join us in our exclusive lifestyle.


whats functioning


lmao first ask their jobs


Drink so much coffee that your blood becomes pure caffeine


Kids. It conditions you.


We sacrifice lifetime for it, since we will die sooner out of fatigue. Is not a big deal tho, life value has decreased so much over the years that we can afford dying sooner without regret


Currently running on 4hrs maybe a little less. I just do what I gotta do


I can do four hours a night for as much as a week, but then I have to sleep the clock around to recover.


A newly identified rare gene mutation, ADRB1, is linked with heightened wakefulness and less sleep necessity, according to a study published today in Neuron. Researchers studied the DNA of several members from a family who function normally on 6 hours of sleep, which is significantly less than average. I have it, and my son inherited. https://www.ajmc.com/view/a-rare-gene-mutation-is-associated-with-requiring-less-sleep-researchers-say


You just do. Also caffeine.