What was the worst punishment you received growing up?

What was the worst punishment you received growing up?


A beating with a belt.


Yeah same… but it was anything in his hands. Sucked when it was a hammer… never used the metal part but that thick handle against the back of the legs… that hurt




Being yelled at by teachers, and then put in a small room as punishment. I was a special-needs kid, so I got easily upset by things and had trouble understanding things that other kids did. Instead of helping me, some teachers were quicker to yell at me or punish me even when I didn't/didn't know what I did wrong.


A couple years ago I got the same punishment in school. They had a small room that I used to sit in for the entire day. My psychologist said that’s not something good to do. Have autism, and even the “special needs teachers” didn’t used to get me. They used to call the room “the empty room” then they changed it to “the safe room” That was all bs, I got in there when I refused to work, not when I was a danger to others.


I'm on the spectrum, too. Growing up, I seemed to make more teachers mad compared to other kids, and I didn't understand why at the time. It just made me feel like there was something wrong with me, especially when coupled with years of kids bullying me.


I used feel like I was treated as a baby by the teachers, but I was more emotionally mature at the time then anyone in my class. Was a Hard time for me. People started taking me more seriously as times past over the years.


Holding out the hand to get struct by a belt. Always pulled away last minute so the parents got themselves on the first go.. Soap in the mount was never good either.


Idk if I can say


Eating soap for swearing


Couldn't go outside..


Grounded for 6 months after admitting I secretly drunk alcohol at 16 Ended up becoming a full blown drug addict, so the jokes on you Dad! (I'm clean now)


Having to review r/AskReddit for buzzfeed. If I didn’t boy would I get a whoopin


Lack of discipline was far worse than any punishment


Getting with my knees on the corn seeds scattered on the concrete flooring.


Okay so TW child abuse, I have received multiple punishments over the years, but the 3 most memorable were - He one time picked me up by my throat choked me for a bit then threw me against my metal bunk bed.... (I was like 10) - He picked me up and choked me for what felt like 45 seconds because I was playing tag outside with my brother (I was probably 11) -Not a physical one but definitely left me scarred from learning math... He once picked up the house phone and threw it across the room in rage because I didn't understand.... Bonus( not punishment justore abuse) - He pushed my head under water and held me there, then pushed me down in the water further (to teach me "breath control")


This was my mom's ex husband by the way


probably anytime I ended up in the vice principles office in elementary school, anytime you went in you didn't feel too bad. After leaving however it was like the five finger death punch. Five steps and you started balling like a little baby. She knew how to cut quick and deep. I seen full grown men go in and leave crying.


Dad smashed my gameboy and locked me outside of apartment naked.


forced isolation/removal of all things that interest me. I have autism and people who don't understand me would often do this.


Depression from the very myself