[serious] What was the last thing that made you emotionally explode?

[serious] What was the last thing that made you emotionally explode?


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The fact that my failures led me to my bullshit life destroys me sometimes.




I **had** a friend group: A and B (in a relationship for 4 years), C (who I'd been flirting with for a month, which B was aware of), and D (luckily not in the drama). B broke up with A to immediately live with/initiate a relationship with C who it turned out she'd confessed feelings for during her relationship with A. Tried to justify it because the relationship was bad. Lots of evidence of emotional cheating aside from that. Seriously hurt me and especially A. After weeks of silence from me (not talking to B or C), B demands answers from me/why I haven't spoken to her, and I just fucking unloaded. Totally nuclear


In a good way or a bad way? Just trying to understand the question.


so four days ago i lost all my friend and made a reddit comment like 24hours ago and when i going to sleep i thought everything they did to me they made fun of me for my dog dying called me a reeree for having autism and made me not having other friends but them or they will throw me like a toy there never say happy bd to me never got me a gift but i had to give them one and they had to over 30 dollar, so i start to cry and had like a attack on myself had i a nose bleed