OP, do you need help?


No, Why would you want to put your kid’s through that.


It’s even worse for the kids to grow up seeing an abusive marriage and absorbing lessons from it.


No. I wouldn't want my kids to grow up scared for their mother or think it's okay to treat other people like that. If you need help contact a local shelter. They can help you make a plan, sometimes they have resources like financial advisors and housing agents. Also a local library or church. Even if you don't belong to it.


no. that's the oldest mistake in the book


No! If he’s abusive you take the kids and run before he has an abusive relationship with them. I’ve seen it happen.


So the kids can learn how to be an asshole too?


Or learn that being abused is normal and not to fight back.


I'd like to think I would leave the second somebody hits me, but I know from friends who have been through it that it isn't that easy. But if somebody is abusing you, and you don't do anything about it and stay with them, you are showing them their abuse is okay. You are telling yourself you aren't worthy of being treated right, and you are showing your children to stay in situations that hurt them. So I'll hope you find the strength to leave should you be in that situation.


No, if your being abused it is negatively effecting the children. Source: I'm the child of an abused mother.


For the sake of the kids? How is staying around an abuser for the sake of the kids?