Healthcare and dental.


prescription medications


What country are you from?


Taxes. And no I‘m not kidding.


Pretty much everything, there's a reason there's something called the "Australia tax".


Houses. Fuel. Electricity.


fuel and internet


Well, i met my partner lol and knew that all our products was cheaper in his country so does fucking kinder, pizza, cigarette and all basic shit besides alcohol and meds.


I think its Fuel. In the UK there are two taxes placed on Petrol and Diesel. One is the standard tax placed on everything and then theres a second tax called Fuel Duty. This Fuel Duty sits at just under 30% of the price we pay at the pumps. Its my understanding that no one else has this second tax, but I could be wrong. So the break down is like this: Cost to suppler = 45% Fuel Duty = 29% VAT(charaged at 20%)= 17% Cost of biofuel content = 7% Retailers profit = 2% Currently the average price per gallon for Diesel is sitting at £8.98($10.97). £5.57($6.80) of that is tax in the form of VAT and Fuel duty. A google search tells me that the US on average is paying £4.69($5.72) per gallon of diesel. The current federal tax on diesel is sitting at 24.4 cents. With Pennsylvania the highest state tax of 57.6 cents. So to break it down. UK tax on the price of a gallon of diesel = £5.57($6.80) The highest amount of tax on a gallon of diesel in the US = 67p(82 cents) I think its safe to say, we get absolutely thunder fucked on the price of fuel in the UK thanks to how tax is applied. To be clear, the current rate of Fuel Duty could be cut to bring in the price at the pump back down to what it was 2 months ago, and still make the same amount of money the government was making back then too. But they won't.