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Just what exactly is it you think they scammed off you?


nothing yet. wondering if confirming my phone number and address could be the start of trying to scam me and get further personal information. or if its a common call to get


doing so can make you be added to some more scam list because now they know that the number belongs to somoene who is willing to chat. Just be vigilant, you may fidn yourself receiving more scam calls that you ever had before.


I think maybe a call to check your number prior to further scams by text or call. National Grid would never call a homeowner


No, you didn’t.


Why not just ring them and ask if they rang you, or if they are aware of any scams like this?


> why would national grid call from a with held number? IME, a lot of companies actualy seem to try and make it very difficult to contact them by phone ... don't publish an numbers, etc, so that could just be so that you don't get a number for them


How is this a scam? What have they scammed you out of?


Post to r/scams


Seems off. National Grid have recently taken over western power distribution- you haven’t reported a power cut lately have you?


Yeah, you fell victim to the awful, terrible "spam calls" scam. Prepare for your eyeballs to fall out and leprosy to commence. ಠ_ಠ


Since the pandemic lots of people in utilities WFH so they have company mobiles instead of a landline. If they were legit then they most likely withheld their number so you can't contact them directly - you have to go through their call centre instead (do national grid have one of those?) You ought to be able to contact National Grid to check if the call was legit


If they haven’t asked for any information I wouldn’t worry. What I do, and might give you peace of mind in the future, is anytime a company calls me and asks for details, I tell them I’ll find their details online and call them back from that number. If it’s a legit company they’ll be fine with it (I’ve done this several times and never had anything but politeness from genuine companies)


It's possible. Could be the start of a vishing situation. What you told them isn't much trouble, its fairly easy for a scammer to know your name/dob/address anyway I wouldn't worry about that at all. If in doubt the best way to validate is to simply call the national grid and ask if any of their agents called you.


Almost all big companies come up as 'number withheld'/ 'private number' as they are calling out of big networks/ through whatever a switchboard is called nowadays.