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r/UKPolitics is generally very negative and the moderation leaves a lot to be desired. The megathread is good on a busy news day, at least. r/UnitedKingdom is an absolute cesspit of woe, rage and doom-mongering. It has no redeeming features, as far as I'm concerned. I left both these subs because I was getting addicted to the constant stream of negative news and it was actually affecting my mental health, making me feel really down and hopeless. Thank god for r/CasualUK.


This, totally


r/Unitedkingdom is just horrendous, it’s amazing those people are actual real. I have a soft spot for r/badunitedkingdom. It’s a little too “brexity” at times but overall pretty funny.


r/badunitedkingdom is no better. They’re two cheeks of the same arse.


Ah yeah some guy in there suggesting that we are no better off than those in Ethiopia.


What’s horrendous about that sub? I don’t really use it.


People like me.


Here. The mods are shills for Big Rhubarb and Rhubarb related products and they don't want you to know.


I'm saying here also, but because they worship the inferior Custard Cream. Bourbons all the way!


Alright you wanna get banned or something?


I knew something was going on here, you can just tell. Always pushing rhubarb related desserts and custard creams, it’s pretty obvious mods so just stop.


Rhubarb for scale just doesn’t have the same ring to it !


r/unitedkingdom is just an awful doom laden depressing hole of a place. Any positivity about anything is hounded down with negativity.


Yep. Run a mile from such people in real life


Pretty much all of them. This one and casualUK are fine. r/UnitedKingdom is pretty bad and r/greenandpleasant is just a cess pit echo chamber.


Yeah green and pleasant just depresses me, if I’m honest. I know it’s all doom and gloom but just let me be ignorant please


I'll never forget my 15 minutes browsing green and pleasant, helped me realise I'm not as far left as I thought


I discovered green and Pleasant a few weeks ago, offered a politically central opinion, then got called a nazi and banned. Good times


Looking at your comment that wasn’t centrist at all and comes across as sympathetic to nazis. In a very left wing sub and you wonder why you got banned..


Green and pleasant is the worst, just a big circle jerk of soft people that hate any opinion other than their own


UnitedKingdom is depressing, I very rarely go onto it but the front page is pretty much the same day in day out. DAE Brexit bad, Tories bad. CasualUK is pretty good but my god do they love playing up to stereotypes. Britishproblems has the same issue, but it's a lot more prominent. Britpics is cool, UKFood dead.


r/UKpersonalfinance Irritatingly, some of the advice is sound - particularly "the flowchart" but for the most part it's full of really modest people who earn about £80k and want everyone to know about it.


This is a quirk of the Brits, and frankly quite a bit of British scorn if I'm being honest. Someone on minimum wage, real hardship, they'll get good comments, useful, but engagement is low. There are plenty of these topics, and they regularly go amiss, because they're quite simple stuff. Someone who earns a good amount, but doesn't know the basics of finance, suddenly they're twat because they should be paying an accountant, and engagement is through the roof telling them they're a humble brag. These are the ones that get any traction, and people think the sub is full of rich people bragging (although, there are a few instances). Short story, some Brits can't seem to want to see others do well, so anyone who's on a good salary is immediately a show off. This just perpetuates the cycle. You'll get some good comments, but there's always someone who feels like they need to talk them down, even though they're just looking for help. I've seen many high earners just delete their threads because of judgemental comments.


You dare not comment on r/UKPolitics and r/UnitedKingdom unless you’re pro Remain, Left Wing, Vegan and worship Jeremy Corbyn. Prepare to reach unimaginable levels of downvoting if you’ve a different viewpoint.


I'm fairly far left and I find those subs a chore to read. I think a lot of posters are just really young.


Probably. I’m not left or right, I’m independent, so I thought I could have a neutral conversation with those people. I thought wrong


Yeah I was hounded a few weeks ago for dare saying I liked stammer but a lot of the far left concern me.




Yup. It's so bad they should change it to r/we'reshaggingnicolasturgeon. Also the only sub I'm on where randow weirdos send threatening messages but I'm sure it happens alot on other subs


r/UnitedKingdom \- bad r/CasualUK \- slightly better Deleted my reasons as too ranty. /a Bastard ​ Edit: Came across a great example this Morning of why I dislike r/UnitedKingdom (I think I like punishing myself by following the sub). [https://www.reddit.com/r/unitedkingdom/comments/sn5r4p/what\_on\_earth\_has\_happened\_to\_our\_country/](https://www.reddit.com/r/unitedkingdom/comments/sn5r4p/what_on_earth_has_happened_to_our_country/) It took less than a dozen posts until the 'older' generations are referred to as 'Mentally Challenged' for not siding with someone's political opinions. Still makes me laugh how this is considered a great conversation starter. Why not just circle jerk eachother into obvlivion instead of engaging.


r/casualuk is just so grrr idk


Hey look at this street name it sounds a bit like the tagline of an advert from 15 years ago. Or Does anyone else remember having chicken dippers at school?


Oh my god I remember having chicken dippers at school!!


It’s just fake British stereotypes lol I’m northern Irish but it makes me cringe so much, no English person I know acts like that


Any subs that allow politics are best avoided. r/greenandpleasant is pretty depressing. People whinging, virtue signalling and trying to out politically correct each other. God forbid you enter an alternative view point into the conversation.


100% r/greenandpleasant Cannot underestimate how much those guys suck.


Oh god, they're protesting the cost of fuel rising. What do they want the government to do? Create more fuel for free out if thin air?


Britishproblems could be fantastic (and was at one point). Now it's just "does anyone else hate middle lane drivers, people who do 40mph everywhere, and when Hermes, deliveroo and Tesco blah blah blah"


/r/LegalAdviceUK is good for a read of some interesting predicaments


I seem to have avoided the bad ones. I only read r/AsukUK, r/CasualUK, and r/britishproblems. If I had to choose one, it'd have to be r/britishproblems but not because of what gets posted there, and just because it's fairly quiet.


I stopped going to r/BritishProblems when it seemed to just be oneupmanship of social awkwardness


They act as if social anxiety is almost a desirable trait to have.


Socially awkward situations, broken kettles, broken biscuits seem to be the main themes for that sub.


I dont really like any of them that much


This one and CasualUK are the only decent ones. CoronavirusUK used to be fantastic source of information in 2020 but the the mods on there have since gone power mad and delete posts for nothing. The sub should be shut down later in the year now COVID looks like its under control. r/unitedkingdom is awful too but everyone already knows that.


r/Scotland hands down, theres not even any humour in it unless you're a nationalist.


I like them all, however ridiculous rules and moderation have changed r/britishproblems. Once got banned for 3 days for posting 2 posts in one day. If I'd made ten posts then maybe a warning for spamming, but two?


I tried posting in r/britishproblems but was immediately banned because they thought I was 'moaning' and against their 'no Facebook type posts'. Er, no. It was a wry look on life, and anyway isn't that the whole point of us Brits in a subreddit about British problems?? To moan? Still salty about that.


Yeah it's a stupid rule as the posts we make are exactly like a post we would make on Facebook...


I quite like the local subs as the dickishness and politics get controlled, but they do tend to the quiet. My arguing on the internet days are long gone, so anywhere where people engage in groupthink or want a row is somewhere I’ll avoid. I like this place, Probs and Success plus askabrit.


Until I read this post I didn't know there were others so technically that means this one lol. And before I get kicked out that means it's my favourite too lol. I do now have lots of interesting subreddits to check out lol


I got banned from green and pleasant for “brigading”. I had to Google it and still don’t understand what I did wrong. I’m always careful what I say online as I’ve always used my real name for everything online.


Why, bored?


All of them apart from a select few