Which DAW did you use the most before switching to/adding Bitwig?

Which DAW did you use the most before switching to/adding Bitwig?


hiphop ejay > fruity loops > reason > ableton > bitwig


Ejay brings back so many memories. I remember my childhood with techno ejay


[Hip hop jam, gangsta slam.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3jXB0CMFpg)


Cubase and Reason in rewire mode


Did you switch because the new Reason dumped rewire?


no, I switched way before that


I started using reason after they got rid of it it would be so useful but they say they don't need it because of the vst 😭


you can use JACKD to "rewire" reason into Bitwig but since Reason is a VST now, there really isn't much of a point


Could you be more specific? I googled jackd and it's a gay dating app apparently so what you're talking about didn't show up haha I just like reason's midi editor and have hardware that integrates well with reason but not the reason vst


they meant JACK


What do you mean the midi editor? Piano roll?


Yes. I like being able to split each drum sound into its own lane and giving them different grooves with the groove mixer


Oh, yeah groove is one of the things that I liked.


Ardour and Reaper.


A Linux guy?


Haha yup!


Reason. Weird you've not included it (& Cubase, for that matter) in the poll.


I wanted to, but this is the maximum amount of options for the poll. The DAWs I chose there were just the ones I was more familiar with. I didn't know that Reason was a more popular previous DAW for Bitwig compared to say FL Studio. Now I know! Thanks for letting me know about your use of Reason :)


I think not just the popularity why it is missing, but the similarity in some main concept. Because of how Bitwig is focused on modulation and modularity, it always felt like a mix of Live and Reason, for me at least. And to answer the question, Impulse Tracker, Reason, Live, Reaper. I couldn't pick one that I used the most, different workflows in different time.


Logic, for over a decade. Was tempted by Ableton many times but always felt like it was missing too much for my workflow (things like: being able to select clips A and C but not clip B in between them, and then adjusting the length/fade on both at the same time). It took me a month of watching YouTube guides and tweaking settings/creating third-party macros before I could actually make music in Bitwig without feeling like I had one hand tied behind my back, but now that they just added comping I feel more or less locked in. Biggest thing I miss is Logic's vertical track height zooming (Ableton's and Bitwig's are both trash, and I suspect that since so many Bitwig users come from Ableton it's not as common of complaint as I'd expect).


> being able to select clips A and C but not clip B in between them man... this is truly something Ableton should've implemented a LONG time ago!


Renoise. I never left Renoise though - I'm using each for a different set of reasons. So far I'm really digging Bitwig


Renoise is total underdog. Insanely powerful DAW for 60 bucks. Deserves to be way more popular


For sure! For me it's a no-brainer because I was into trackers as a kid in the 90s, but in general it's a powerhouse. One of the things that both Renoise and Bitwig have in common is strong modulation. Another is Linux support. I won't buy Ableton until they come out with a Linux build :D


Over the course of 15 years I got dabbling with a lot of software such : Cubase, logic, reason, ableton, sonar, pro tools, fl studio, reaper. Other people’s mileage might vary, but for my current needs bitwig is the best out of the bunch. Edit. To answer your question. It was easy adapting to the bitwig workflow after using ableton live for a while. Without reading anything I could bang out some sweet sounding techno. It’s like a relationship, you accept the software for what it is and go on about your business and it just keeps getting better, can’t wait to upgrade to v4 🤟


I personally went from Ableton to Bitwig too and I found it very intuitive and made a composition pretty quickly as soon as I opened it the first time. Given that you tried so many other DAWs, which one do you think has the most similar interface and workflow to Bitwig? Would you say Ableton? Or maybe Reason?


Both Ableton and Bitwig




Audacity / Bandlab. I used the school's copy of Cubase once for a project in college. I have much more experience playing and performing music than I do with producing / DAW, but when I tried Bitwig I was immediately very intrigued and inspired and I have found the UI/UX very pleasant to work with so far. I'm just enjoying learning more about DAW and audio in general as I also learn Bitwig!


Ableton > Bitwig > Studio One ;D


GarageBand -> Logic -> FL -> Ableton -> Bitwig By time used, GarageBand wins, but by how much I developed in my time using it, FL wins.


Live. I still struggle with some stuff. I miss ctrl+F. I prefer Ableton's browser. I miss Live's diverse stock plugins. I miss export to mp3. I miss tracks being numbered. I miss when selecting time accurate measures of how long in min:sec and bars it is. There's probably more. ​ ​ But, in Live I miss being able to modulate anything. I miss bouncing!!! A LOT. I miss not having graphical delays, that happen in analysis in Live. I miss being able to edit multiple clips at the same time. I miss being able to select a top folder, search for something and go straight to results, without needing to go inside each folder. I miss being able to edit automation by typing a value. I miss having plugins be displayed vertically in the mixer. ​ ​ I guess that';s mostly it. I used to find Bitwig a bit less stable than Live, but it doesn't to be the case now. Things are much more solid and fluid in Bitwig. So, I'm usually using both.


Thanks for this detailed comparison! Very helpful


Sure :) Happy it helped


And with Bitwig 4 Export to mp3 is available I think. One of your problems gone haha


Yea! haha. It's still buggy in the beta though


I went from Garageband on my old iPad, to Reaper, then very briefly tried FL Studio & Ableton, and finally landed on Bitwig. Of those, I definitely used Reaper the longest (Before Bitwig that is) After trying all of these DAWS, Bitwig's interface actually gelled really nicely with me almost immediately and felt the most natural by far. In fact, I would say the interface, in conjunction with the experimental nature of Bitwig, is the biggest reason I made the switch in the first place. Every other DAW I had tried until then gave me some sort of trouble getting started on a song, but Bitwig felt intuitive enough for me to get things going pretty quickly without having to go searching through loads of tutorials/manual reading. Can't same the same about any other DAW, even compared to Ableton. I think that's mainly because I come from a more linear-DAW background and so I rarely find a use for the session view/clip launcher workflow, and honestly Ableton's arranger view did not feel nearly as intuitive or enjoyable as Bitwig's. But yeah anyways, Bitwig's interface/UI is undoubtedly one of my favorite things about it.


Soundbridge > Studio One > Bitwig


Why the switch from Studio one?


For sound design and efficiency purposes. Arrangement in both daws is good [even though I find Bitwig to be a bit superior here], but the amount of modulations, sound design possibilities that you can do with Bitwig isnt comparable to Studio One which does not even have a proper Macro knob or an LFO. All you get in S1 is an equivalent of the remote control knob that you have in Bitwig. Also Automation is the only way, no modulators. And I was hopping between plugins too much! I really felt relieved with the horizontal layout of Bitwig's plugin chains. Stock instrument plugins were trash. And many other minor issues which adds up to slow down my workflow. Only thing I miss about Studio One is the Stock Reverb plugin, the feature to export midi & audio wav files by directly dragging and dropping into the browser, and the dark arrangement area [not that much now, it seems that i've gotten used to the grey background of Bitwig lol].


Came over to Bitwig from ableton after using ableton for the past 6 years. Love it so far. Interface is nice and everything is smooth. The reason I made the switch is because I record vocals and ableton has a slight latency issue that they never address for some strange reason. Excited to learn more. Cheers to everyone making great music


Reason, Acid


Madtracker2. I was poor, didn't get on with some of the other DAWs at the time. But Bitwig looked fresh, stylish and had lots of promise for current and future features.


Renoise, it definitely has its moments


I tried Cubase, but found it really difficult to understand, and the stupid dongle pissed me off. I tried Renoise, but ultimately didn't discover very much capability there. Tried Bitwig, and the community, the videos all really helped, and, difficult as learning a DAW is and all the terminology and jargon, I've kept with it and really enjoy working in Bitwig now. I appreciate I can buy one copy and load it on my windows box, on my linux laptop and use in both places.


Nice! I tried Cubase once too and I didn't even know where to look, I was lost


Cakewalk on Windows 98


Reason for years, started with cubase first time (way before fl studio, but i had no idea what to do) learned producing with Logic. Took a break from producing, used Reason to learn others making music, then got back in to producing with reason. Now primarly bitwig, but often with reason rack


pro tools user and i find i need to use both, still. i come from L to R timeline environments .. more old school production/editing, live-band-in-studio recording sessions. never “got” ableton , it always seemed so clunky , although i recognized its power. bitwig finally has got me crossing the rubicon into an expanded idea of music/sound creation where the app rules the session, and is ready to work with you, the creator, and all your chosen tools, in a really beautiful symbiotic way. hope it keeps getting better and better.


Studio One


Technically I still use Logic but plan to switch when the sale hits. Mostly? I was looking for a Windows-compatible DAW and Bitwig was the first that I actually liked making songs with. I had tried FLStudio, Studio One, and Ableton Live demos before Bitwig. Oddly enough I tried Bitwig in like 2015 but didn’t enjoy it too much and continued using Logic. I’ll probably never fully get rid of Logic as long as they keep updating it without charging. Recording is great, MIDI is good, and it has a lot of musician support like track alternatives, project versions, showing chords, etc. But Bitwig after doing modular and hardware a lot is exciting because I can do more dynamic workflows, automation, and loops for performance to get more varied performances without programming every little thing.


Cakewalk, Cubase, reaper