I ain’t forget

I ain’t forget


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Still can’t believe that happened on live television. 🤦🏾‍♀️


And fucking ABC/NBC called it a peaceful protest all fucking day. The whole thing was surreal watching it in real time!


It was one of those things where my brain couldn't process what my eyes were seeing. I was fucking *seething* all day smh.


Just remember that hundreds of thousands died to prevent that traitor confederate flag from being carried inside the capital building during the civil war, and this man just casually walks inside and no one pumps him with bullets. It was surreal


They weren’t black or brown…why they didn’t get pumped with bullets even before entering the grounds.


Yeah, I'm not sure *white* was stopping them filling those fucks with holes.


You can pump him with bullets, bit it's the 60 to 70 people directly behind him, and the 300 people behind THOSE people that is the problem. You can't really stop a charging crowd like that with a pistol that holds what, 12 bullets? Especially when it may take 2 or 3 shots to take someone out. You'd basically need a vehicle mounted machine gun. It's why Eugene Goodman needed to lead rioters away from the Congressional chambers. You can't fight a crowd like that with 3 clips.


These aren't hardened soldiers that will continue rampaging after the first few fall. Many of them are accountants, lawyers, people with money. None of them came to DC to die. If the cops did open fire, the rest would run away and trample each other on the way out


This would have worked for the ones who saw them fall. Trump refused to supply the capital police with the national guard because he knew what was going to happen. They didn’t shoot because several of them were in support of the crowd. What will the rest be able to do against a crowd without fear? The few that would have seen their fellow traitors die would have run but the ones outside coming in wouldn’t have seen anything and kept coming. It would have ended in more officers dying. These traitors are getting slaps on the wrist already. It’s infuriating!


And that's what I expected to see. But it wasn't BLM, so they saw no need to shoot. The SS had no such compunction, and blew that chick up for climbing through that door! I never understood why they didn't keep shooting. They woulda cleared that room!


I'd stop calling it that (live) the moment the camera zoomed on the makeshift hanging noose made for Pence and Pelosi.


They was trying way too hard to be unbiased lmfao


I was able to get some work done until a good friend messaged me saying "are you seeing this shit on TV? What the fuck is happening an why aren't they getting shot?" Followed by people at work IMing on Teams. After that, i was pissed to see a bunch of fucking white racist insurrectionests get past the doors of the Capitol without being welcomed with a hail of bullets. The motherfucker with the Confederate flag still pisses me off. I would've shot that treasonous piece of white trash. The ancestors would've approved. Jan 6 was one of the rare times where I actually had to be stoned just to make it through the day.


Best part of working from home… once that shit started to look like it was gonna go sideways, I knew I was done working for the day.


My sister lives and works in DC and her company had a “are you safe? Do you need a place to go?” hotline


Must have been a rough day for her to work at a travel agency. All those tourists and not one itinerary between them...


I work from home too and my team was just "baby shark doo doo doo" while shit went down in DC. I remember IMing one of my coworkers like, "do they really expect us to be able to concentrate when the Associated Press keeps blowing up my phone with horrible updates?" Like damn, I remember when I was in school during 9/11 and the teachers were basically like, "...yeah, we're not getting anything done today. Free period for the rest of the day."


We got sent home on 9/11


No kidding. I turned on CSPAN that day to watch the verification (I'm petty enough that Pence reporting their loss and certifying Biden won makes for great background work noise) and not a lot got done that day.


I could see the Capital from my apt window. They were wild that day.


Still cant believe the GOP are acting like it was some kind of ice cream social


That's because the GOP doesn't give a fuck about this country. So of course traitorous activity is a party.


Hypocritical greed is the GOP motto. Fuck those weak willed band wagoners.


Just boys being boys


I still can't believe friends saw it live with me and still think nothing wrong happen


You need new friends then.


They were legit caught in 4K and wanted to deny how it went. My dude, we had to make highlight videos to consolidate the amount of fuckery that happened.


They were parading with effigies of Obama being lynched during his inauguration so I unfortunately wasn’t surprised and even expected something similar. I remember in a Philosophy of Race class how he wasn’t even running yet but our professor showed a pic of him and some Becky blurted out he was the Antichrist when asked what folks thought of him.


It’s because of me calling this and a couple other things happening before it did that my family won’t question me anymore when I say something predictably bad is coming. Still waiting on the wage riots to happen when they drop the UI they’ve been having and sending people back to $7.25/under $15 minimum wages.


I can. Charlottesville 2.0. I saw a girl get killed by an idiot in a Challenger. I saw a fool get shot out of the door, breaching a door that was locked by federal authorities. So, what they do is never a surprise. It's becoming expected. It just can't be allowed to become accepted.


[Not all of them lol 😂 ](https://www.insider.com/all-the-us-capitol-pro-trump-riot-arrests-charges-names-2021-1)


That court sketch is both the saddest and greatest thing I've seen in my life lmao.


You can click on the list, find your state and see who was charged. The court findings include screen shots of videos they posted, social media screen captures, and stills from security footage. It’s glorious.




A lot of those are the plainest names I've seen, almost sound fake.




Timothy Hart: „Hart wore a QAnon sweatshirt inside the Capitol and prosecutors allege he smoked marijuana inside the building.“ I would‘ve died of paranoia


This is awesome!


My mans


This is about to be a Country Club thread real quick.


/r/Conservative already mobilizing


That sub is the most toxic shit I’ve ever seen. Bunch of assholes patting each other on the back and saying “look what the blacks and Libs are doing!”




What's crazy is when news comes out about anything important, they never have links to it. It's always some meme about Hillary. HILLARY! They are a waste of space and I'm horrified that they get breathe my air.


When big news stories happen I just do a tour of various sources to see what people are saying and it's always bizarro world in there; most the time they just flat out ignore bad news for conservatives and pretend it's not happening the way everyone else sees it. The rest of the time they spend just thinking about the left. It's weird, so often the very first thing or the only thing r/conservative can talk about is "oooooh the dems are gonna hate this!" or "the left is loving this and I cant stand it!" Or "liberals are ruining..." I've just never seen one group of people living so deep on another group's minds in such an asymmetrical way


Yes, I thought that was so odd. Whenever there’s any important news there’s no post or links. But if someone does manage to post, the comment section is crickets. I figure they have some secret discord.


If anyone ever questions whether or not /r/Conservative is the shit-stain of reddit, they can look at the absolute vileness in any thread about Kamala Harris or Ilhan Omar.


Nobody gives a hootinanny about these nazis.


We now see the value in this sub getting people verified. For years they would target the sub, derail every convo they didn’t like and have it closed down.


Verification is deadass what made me come back to the sub after it first got popular back in 2014. Mod team was on one with that decision


And you can tell why r/conservative, r/joerogan and the other bigot subs are always crying about black people twitter. Because they dont control it anymore lol


“They took away my minstrel show 😭”


God, r/joerogan is such a shithole. Some guy told me to kill myself there and the mods didn't do SHIT about it. I messaged the mod team and they told me to stop whining! EDIT: For context, the only reason I went there was to make fun of him after he came out anti-vaccine but still, no reason to tell someone to kill themselves.


Isn't every post here country club now?




Nah not to start but, trolls make it that way pretty quick.


They don't see the hypocrisy of it because what they were doing slots right into their warped American civil religion worldview. It's what makes that shit so pernicious, they believe they were protecting the country because of the blatant lies about the "stolen" election.


The greatest thing Trump did for this country was show us who has less than common sense and then slap a bright, red, hat on them. We're about to find out how far the "Your Honor, my client is pathetically fucking stupid" defense gets them.


Unfortunately, what that one lady said about being white, pretty, and successful is going to go a long way for a lot of these.


Where was that?


https://twitter.com/dotjenna/status/1375443216720400387?s=19 [Article about it](https://www.dallasobserver.com/news/jenna-ryan-convinced-she-wont-go-to-jail-apologizes-for-having-white-skin-blond-hair-12000445)


Thanks. Also, wow.


Yeah, not even trying to hide it. I hope the judge in her case sees this and proves her wrong, but history really isn't on the side of justice in cases like these.


Because in their sick twisted idiotic heads, they think they are patriots. They think this country is for them and only them and all their shitty little white supremecists hissy fits are absolutely ok. But what else do you expect from people that would drink bleach because a reality star told them to? I would also like to place these articles here for the people that try to use whataboutisms to defend bullshit by bringing up black lives matter. Just say you're a racist and go to bed: Nazi's Caught Dressing As BLM Protestors To Instigate Riots https://bipartisanreport.com/2020/07/27/nazis-caught-dressing-as-blm-protestors-to-instigate-riots/ White supremacists pose as Antifa online and instigate violence https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/george-floyd-protests-antifa-twitter-white-supremacists-far-right-racist-a9544276.html Gov Walz: Organized Groups Now Using Protests to ‘Break the Back of Civil Society’ https://heavy.com/news/2020/05/gov-walz-organized-groups-now-using-protests-to-break-the-back-of-civil-society/ Police: Richmond riots instigated by white supremacists disguised as Black Lives Matter https://www.wsls.com/news/virginia/2020/07/27/police-richmond-riots-instigated-by-white-supremacists-disguised-as-black-lives-matter/ Mystery 'Umbrella Man' Vandal From Minnesota: Police Say He’s A White Supremacist Instigator https://www.forbes.com/sites/mattperez/2020/07/28/mystery-umbrella-man-vandal-from-minnesota-police-say-hes-a-white-supremacist-instigator/#1b39787f48ee Trump’s words show that yes, he has encouraged violence https://www.ajc.com/news/national-govt--politics/trump-words-show-that-yes-has-encouraged-violence/7sIekwrBayVArwRRmZf6HI/ 'No Blame?' ABC News finds 54 cases invoking 'Trump' in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/blame-abc-news-finds-17-cases-invoking-trump/story?id=58912889 Were white supremacists following Trump's advice about dealing with protesters? https://www.newsweek.com/trump-told-white-supremacists-attack-protesters-so-they-did-650622


6 months*


RDCWorld1 deserves all the recognition of memes.


They came a long way from just talking about random anime in their friends houses to a verified meme factory


Sheeit, I remember seeing them advertise themselves on a Berleezy video in the comments and thinking they were just some wanna-be prank channel at first glance. But, after I watched their content, I enjoyed their work and creativity and subbed when they were around 50k. I’m happy for all of them.


Yep!!! Back when their videos literally were taken off their cell phones and they used props from the dollar store. And lmfao at the Berleezy plug, I used to binge his ish where he'd rip on cartoon intros like Dora and Dexter, good stuff lmao. Yeah they all came a long way still


Berleezy is hilarious - he roasted Boots and Dora lmao


Caught in 4k is now part of the lexicon


I won’t forget them ruining my birthday!


1/6 birthday gang gang


I think waiting for our government to hold anyone in power responsible for what happened is tantamount to hoping in one hand.


In their heads, they were “protecting” America. Which is still just… Wild.


I'd turn one in no second thoughts


Something happened. It should be talked about.


Six months ago.


Swear to god I fucking saw a shirt yesterday at a 4th of July event that said "a little rebellion every now and then never hurt anyone". Im glad I was just there to pick up some food from the food truck, because seeing that shit made me feel absolutely violent. Edit: whole bunch of replies not visible. Lmao. Also, I'm aware the shirt existed before this year, but given the context of this year, it's in extremely poor taste.


They still try to say what they did was peaceful as well.


Reminds me a whole lot of [this tweet](https://twitter.com/ladyogrady/status/1350275055834574848?s=21) questioning what the fuck it is that conservatives actually love about America.


Taking a knee... vs taking a life