When did you first find out about CoryxKenshin?

When did you first find out about CoryxKenshin?


When he got his first Ankles.


Barry Sanders


Mans ankles are STILL in that room


I heard he stores his leftover ankles and his most prized ankles are used to decorate his house...


I stumbled on him in his return video in 2020. Since it was no gameplay and just him talking and doing memes in between updating us on his life. I felt like he was just this super cool guy. He was creating content in a way I thought was way more fun than anything I was watching at that time. It had stuff in there all ages could pick up on. I found him inspiring.


Back in 2016 I was at my grandparents house scrolling through the seemingly endless and daunting YouTube feed before all this global pandemic and political bullshit came up. He was my safe haven from my abusive father. This man has been with me in my worst times without even knowing it. I owe him. My concept of reality hadn't set in yet and all I knew was that this man was a beam of positive light surging through the internet with his amazing content. Now I'm much older and thus more aware of the world turning to shit. He will forever and always be my hero.


I'm sorry you had to deal with that, I'm glad his content cheered you up though


His first Five Nights at Candy's video.


I believe I started watching him around Mortal Kombat, he was around 300-400k then, wow, it's been that long!?!Geez.


Same bro thank god I searched up a lets play in 2015. Mans was a fetus


October-November 2016. First video I ever watched was the joy of creation Halloween edition.


I saw my cousin watching it and I asked her who he was and she told me. It was a Yandere Simulator video. Around 800K I think I've been watching ever since


Those yandere vids are so amazing i hope he goes back to that series again soon.


I found out about him when he first got Sam I think? (edit) I just realized it was actually back in the ‘ol Oni ankles.


I don't remember when exactly, but i do remember that the first video I've saw was one of his Geometry Dash episodes about that FNaF level.


When he first uploaded dhis fnaf 1 gameplay YEARS ago. My older sister was watching it


I’ve been watching since around the among the sleep vids




around the time kindergarten 1 came out i think


I got lost in quarantine youtube and found him first playing minecraft, i was hooked hours later


Was watching him with my sister back in April or May of 2019. If I remember correctly I think I watched SSS#08 and Night shift,Rides with strangers. Then in 2020 I found him again when he came back


It was the video tilted “what would you do if this man walks in and you’re working alone” when he played Night Shift.


Happy wheels


2015 April 06 7:45 PM


Back in 2014 I was super obsessed with geometry dash, later i found his channel, doing geometry dash.


Tbh I dont remember the video but I remember subbing at 400k


It was shortly after he released his Three Years of FNAF Anniversary video. It’s surprising how he went from 2 million to 11 million in just 4 years.


I forgot the name of the video but it was about not eating the same cereal. After that I kept on watching him


Fnaf Sister Location


Way back before 1 mil. I was searching for some FNAF glitches on youtube when I saw a young cory who played the first fnaf game on the 5th night. His reactions to the glitch had me laughing so hard and so I checked out his other videos. Now I have been watching cory for about 5-6 years.


I remember seeing the resident evil 2 irl vid (I haven’t been watching him as long as a lot of you) and just thinking about how creative this dude is, so I clicked subscribe without needing to check out his other vids and here we are! I eventually dove into his catalogue of horror games and sss episodes which immediately made him one of my favourite YouTubers.


I first saw his Sprite Cranberry horror game video during that whole trend and I’ve watched ever since


I started watching him when he finished little nightmares in 2018 I think


His 800k special chicken


I think the first vid I watched was his 1st Baldis Basics video


Back in like 2015, i used to be really into rpg horrors nd stumbled across his gameplays nd slowly fell in love with all of his other vids


Five nights at Freddy's Been a samurai for years


2015/2016, I watched his geometry dash vids


10 years ago it was his Xbox live arguments video




The first Corykenshin vid I ever watched was the ghost pepper challenge back in 2016.


Think I first saw one of his Happy wheels videos in 2016 and ever since then, it’s been a vibe


I started watching him all the way back when he played The Forest. Been here as a huge fan ever since. Still my all time #1 favourite YouTuber.


The first vid i remember watching when i went to his channel after seeing him on Dashies was Corpse Party and i still watch that series of his every now and then.


Either sss number 18 or weirdest commercials


March 2019 try not to laugh


Five Nights at Candy’s 3


Ngl, I'm not entirely sure and I don't even remember,I think it was the duck season videos,First videos I watched on his channel,since then,Been watching him


He played a dora the explorer horror game, the next day, I decided to look up his channel and binged it then subscribed.


His Life Is Strange gameplay popped up in my recommendations in 2016




SCP Breach Containment. Never stopped watched Cory ever since :)


I think I found out about him after he went on a break for 9 months and came back in 2019 or 2020, I forgot which one, but ik it was around those times.


His 2015 happy wheels videos


When he did the online jerks skit after that i loved his channel


At which hour he didst the online jerks skit after yond i did love his channel *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


Back in 2017. There is this one recommendation of Cory's video. I don't remember exactly but I think it's tjoc video. I was watching Pewdiepie's Outlast video and then YT start to recommend me some other Let's Play channel. That's when I know about Coryxkenshin, Poiised, Dashiegames and 8-BitRyan. I still watch these four because they are amazing! :))


Emily wants to play


I saw his Watson-Scott Test playthrough and have been watching him since!


It was either his Five nights at Candy's video or his Sneak theif bank robbery video


Escape the Ayuwoki. Went down a rabbit hole one day on creepy stuff, as you do (horror freak), and came across the game. I wanted to see a trailer or footage of it. Cory's second video on it had just dropped and was the first result. Hadn't ever watched a let's play before and wasn't planning on it then. Figured, "I'll watch a minute..if he doesn't get to footage asap I'm skimming." Laughed. My. Ass. Off. Subbed immediately. Huge fan ever since.


I remember being his 90,000th subscriber so around 2014-2015


In 2015 when I watched him play Five Nights at Chuck E Cheese's. Been subscribed ever since.


All i remember is when i first found out ab cory i wached him from 9 in the morning till 2am


I was watching happy wheels videos and I found him


I don't remember honestly, I've watched so many of his videos I can't remember which one I watched first for the life of me


I was trying to find hello neighbor walkthroughs and ran across him


Tbh I found out from the tjoc series


3 years ago I was scrolling on my recommended then found the samurai himself


My cousins and I watched him play SCP Containment Breach about 4 or 5 years ago and I've been watching him ever since


I found some of his videos before fnaf, he must have had like 10,000 subs then. I got recommended more videos, but his among the sleep and fnaf gameplay are the reason me, my brother and sister still watch him to this day many years later.


Ao oni his first pair of ankles


Found him from my lil bro, around the early geometry dash days 🤣


His first try not to laugh, istg i love try not to laughs, he is just so funny


My cousin told me about him. It was 2014 or 15 and he was at around 500k


When he broke his first ankles


When The Resident Evil 2 Remake was about to release, I got recommended Cory's "Resident Evil 2 in real life be like..." by YouTube. I watched the Video and I found it hilarious, but didn't subscribe. After some days I got Cory's "Granny" game video on my feed...... and rest is history. Probably saw those videos at least 13 times now.


When his first Emily wants to play video released, damn I was so confused when he took that hiatus after the car crash


outlast 1


dying light part 2 is when I started watching coryxkenshin