At restaurants you get $28 per person and you can bring two guests. If there are 2 PP restaurants and 3 PP lounges in an airport you and your 2 guests could visit all of them. Don't forget to leave a tip as that's not included in the $28.


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>I saw something that at the restaurant I could register a guest to get a second 28 dollar credit. Is this correct? You can bring the number of guests allowed in your PP membership, unless a different number is set for the specific restaurant. >If so, if four/five people eat there will it take 56 off more than two meals if they are under that credit amount? You get a credit against the total bill (not necessarily $28, it varies by location) per registered person up to the guest cap allowed in your membership or the location (unless you choose to pay for additional guests, which doesn't make sense). They are not likely to check who ate what. Or at least, I never had that happen. >If I use the pass at the restaurant can I still take two people into the lounge after the restaurant? Yes.


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Which airport in Mexico are you seeing a Priority Pass restaurant?


Sorry it's my local airport I'm looking at not the one in Mexico.