AITA for trying on a shirt when the store wouldn’t let me use the fitting rooms?

AITA for trying on a shirt when the store wouldn’t let me use the fitting rooms?


You made a big fool of yourself for writing out a whole post about something those employees don't get paid enough to care about. Try on the damn shirt!


I did; just not in a changing room or bathroom, and in view of other customers.


Yeah we know we can read.


You should lose weight too. To be at that level is ridiculous. You will likely also find that you have more money that way.


It's funny, if you were telling someone to quit smoking you would be up voted. Somehow eating one's self to death is different.


100% I don't understand why that's the way it is but I always expect it now. Either way, I'll carry on with the crusade.


The thing I don't like about AITA posts is that sometimes the judgment isn't "you did the right thing," but doesn't quite rise to the level of "asshole." I don't think you did the right thing. I don't think that necessarily makes you an asshole. There were no fitting rooms, but you said that there were restrooms. You could have paid for the shirts and tried them on in the restroom (unless the restrooms were closed to the public) and then got refunded for the shirts that didn't fit... all without leaving the building. I have three kids to buy clothes for. I understand the pain of not being able to try the clothes on, having to take the clothes home for them to try on and then bring back the ones that didn't fit. It's a big pain in the ass. You were pressed for time. You needed something fast. You didn't need the hassle. But I don't think you made a great decision.


Definitely made an ass of yourself. I work retail and our dressing rooms are also closed for COVID and people do this. It’s incredibly rude and obnoxious and we judge these people hard. The customers don’t wanna see you have naked and neither do the employees. On top of that it’s disrespectful to the employees working there for shit pay and dealing with idiots all day. It’s not the employees fault you waited until the last minute to shop You could have even purchased the clothes and then tried them on in the bathroom. You didn’t insult goodwill, you insulted the employees




Yeah, your the asshole. They have rules for a reason. What were you gonna do if it didn’t fit? Put it back? Regardless on if you hid behind racks you don’t just undress in public like that. Follow the rules or don’t shop there