I think the time limit is something like 25 days maybe 30 I’m not super certain. That’s what I know about depop shipping labels at least. It’s best to ship out within a week for the best customer service because no one likes slow shipping lol


Depop advise to ship within 7 days and after that, the buyer can open a claim with Depop


This is a good question, because oddly enough when I tried to mail a box off at the post office the worker was feeling really uptight and wouldn’t take it because the ship out date was the actual day of sale (this was a day later). Then I noticed on ALL of the shipping labels the date of shipment is listed as the day of sale. Doesn’t make much sense to me but literally nobody cares except for USPS ass licking try hards. Your good to ship whenever, since 99% of us don’t ship the same day, technically all our labels are “expired”


how were you able to ship out the packages then? xx