This is great! My LGS experience with my store has always been great. There is Cedh decks but people are upfront of wanting to play Cedh and there’s usually 3-4 who do so they have their table. No one usually gets salty, etc. The only time I feel awkward is when I’m at a table and people are new. I do have two 5 colour weaker decks that I built from commander quarters and have upgraded a bit but sometimes I want to play something more focused. Most of my decks are probably a 7 maybe an 8 so I’m more used to playing those. Great post!!


I had this experience when it comes to new players as well, so I bought a precon that I found interesting and sleeved that up for whenever that happens. That way I can be very confident I'm not accidentally pubstomping someone with my other decks that are a bit more optimized.


Can always look to build a well tuned deck trying to accomplish something sub-optimal. You get the joy of both refinement and doing something likely absurd, and your opponents dont have to deal with something overwhelming.


I have a great and very populated LGS with 4 LGSs within 15 miles. Each has their dominating community but all share a greater Commander community pending on the day of the week, though some stick to 1. Once a week, my preferred LGS has 24+ players playing, trading for or talking about Commander. The best part is that the LGS and the 4 others adopted a Pillar of the Community's Power Level Rubric and Rule 0 guide. It has made traveling between LGSs easy because everyone is on the same page. After ignoring the player, scrutiny and adjustments (I think more so about language than function), the Local Casual and cEDH community use it. The cEDH community enjoys testing its validity more so than use it. I think they enjoy that sort of thing. I hadn't noticed its impact until Covid-19 and playing over Spelltable, even over PlayEDH and other Channels with their own Power Level guidelines. With Rule 0 talks on top of that, I still had problematic games, salty people and other common problems too often. I'm glad after ignoring this player, giving it a chance and succeeding, my community reaps the benefits.


Tell us more about the Pillar of Community's Power Level Rubric and Rule 0 Guide, I'm interested in how they handle that. Edit: things and words.


Rubric Like a school assignment or test rubric, it has categories and points allotted for scoring. 5 Categories, 0-4 points: Mana Base, Win Condition, Support, Interaction and Commander. Rule 0 Guide It's a conversation starter sheet with sentence starters for questions and statements. I know he said it was designed for new players and persons who can't or don't communicate effectively to avoid conflict and have healthier games. As for how they handle it, I am unsure. I know the person offered my LGS's owner and TO to give it a try in 2014 because I was listening. They turned it down. I think other shops were skeptical, too. Early 2016, one shop picked it up and had rising turn out (I started playing there, too) and healthier environment after using it. Word of mouth happen, then my current LGS adopted it Summer 2017. I returned because it's closer; plus, the creator started going, too. Maybe losing Commander players on their night cut too deep into the LGSs' pockets? Now, the LGSs I mentioned have it available on tables in plastic protectors (I think the creator suggested it). I can give you some background on it because I asked the person who created it; plus, others asked him the same question while I was around. Background It was a personal Deck Building tool he used to create new decks for Legacy and Extended (Vintage didn't apply for some reason). 2006, he officially got into Commander and built Zur amongst other cEDH quality Commanders that are now banned. He noticed his Pod was healthy though others didn't like their play style or decks. At the time, it was a trend that individuals and Pods based Power Level on Commander alone, not deck strategy and other cards; additionally, rarely did Pods Rule 0, much less Randoms, so problems arose (He mentioned most didn't know or thought Rule 0 and the Rules Committee were made up). This was compounded by Net Decking, which was considerd bad and related to Pub Stomping for whatever reason. When he heard WOTC announce Commander support in 2011, he drafted and standardized the rubric into what we use today (He has updated language though; he's a big words guy). Whenever he heard there were growing problems caused by Commander players, he would offer it. Mostly it's rejected or taken and not used from my understanding.


link please?


I'm sure there is no link to the documents. Its creator doesn't have Social Media and works by word of mouth.


So can you explain how to use it?


I am going to the LGS today. If he's there, I'll ask for the file and post it if he is cool with it. I don't want to overstep a boundary. If he says no, I will explain it then because it's easier to explain when in your hands; plus, I can have a whole post dedicated to it rather than hijacking the OPs.




Are you able to share?


He said yes. He's going to combine the files, lock the new file and write how it works himself. Then I am going to post it once he's done. I am working on his time, but I know it will be better than what I can do.


This is the best news!


I'd kill for a link to this! I own an LGS and we have wanted to implement pretty much this. The other shops in town are great and would likely adopt if it worked for us.


I’d really enjoy a link to the Rule 0 guide. I am just quite frankly not that great at conversation with strangers and a literal rule 0 guide would help


I'm sure there is no link to the documents. Its creator doesn't have Social Media and works by word of mouth.


I love seeing this! My LGS is great as well. I've been playing since '98 and have a massive collection of cards but I love the casual EDH rather than CDH. We regularly have multiple pods with different skill levels from just started today to veterans with 50+ decks. Thank you for showing that there is more than just negative out there


I agree, I have great experiences at my LGS too. Where are you located? Give them a shout out! My LGS is Tabletop Gaming Center just south of Hartford, CT. Great place!


I'm in Montreal I mostly go to Face to Face in verdun or Le Secret des Korrigans.


This is one of the things I really enjoy about MTG - it all comes back to having fun in a good environment. That was part of the reason I started a gameplay YouTube channel, I really love visiting new stores and seeing what makes each one unique. I've found so many interesting shops within a reasonable traveling distance, and so far all of them have been staffed by friendly, knowledgeable folks.


I love my lgs! The meta is good, decent spread of people who know what they’re doing but dont overdo it and noobs/budget players. Most everyone is respectful (it’s a sausagefest and I’m a girl so there’s always a bit of a worry), and i usually find myself amused by the decks and in-game interactions!


This was really reassuring to read, I have the new cards to do a budget upgrade the Neon Dynasty Gruul precon on the way and I'm going to try EDH in person at an LGS for the first time soon and I'm not going to lie I'm a little nervous. I haven't been into a LGS for a competitive card game since around 2004 and I've read some horror stories on this subreddit. Ps. If anyone in the Denver, CO metro area has a suggestion for a good shop to play in I would definitely take it, planning on going to a Sunday at Iwantmorecomics in the next few weeks.


Same, all the horror stories on here make me thankful for my LGS and community. There's always 20+ people for commander nights 2 days per week. No prizes to make people take games too seriously, no dumb rules, and proxies are acceptable and even encouraged by most people there. Just a bunch of people who want to hang out and play Magic 🥰


Great post! I also have a great LGS with a diversity of players. My LGS has some players that like high power or CEDH games, but everyone has decks that are lower powered. The people I play with all know what type of game everyone is looking for and the conversations are usually fun. Occasionally there will be one or two people who just aren't that fun to play against for personal, not deck, reasons but that is way rarer then the fun people you get to meet.


LGS positive experience? I think you are on the wrong sub, friend.


The encourage to switch pods is a bit weird, but Im a creature of habit and like a consistent playgroup myself


Although they encourage it, people only switch pods if they die early or if someone in their pod leaves


I played once at an LGS and got stomped. No salt though, the dude just liked getting collector boxes from every set he liked and did not know his Mana Crypt was 100 dollars lmao


Does your store like discourage high power magic or do you mean like there’s just no players interested to play (actual) cEDH? Honestly I would prefer a place with a better rule 0 experience than anything else so I do like that. Wish more people were vocal at that point of the game other than giving a 10 scale rating. Glad you had a good time!


No the store does not discourage cEDH it's just the crowd that shows up that isn't interested in cEDH!


I just wanna get an understanding I would normally think about deck power if people are just talking number scale would be a 1-9, then tier 1 and tier 2 cEDH. Are you meaning cEDH in that sense, or more just top of the power scale?


By cEDH i mean decks without budget with low land counts a lot of the most efficient mana rocks and can threaten the win as early as turn 1, but generally 1-4


My LGS is amazing. Everyone there is fine with rule 0 conversations and respects power level. Everyone at the table knows ahead of time if it's cEDH, tuned, casual, etc... I've never seen anyone get salty there. The LGS is incredibly generous with the promos they hand out on game nights....and that's with no entry fee. I have terrible social skills, but I've managed to go there enough now that when I come in there are multiple people that greet me in a friendly manner.