Y’all coming back for me or? I aint fuckin selling that’s for sure

Y’all coming back for me or? I aint fuckin selling that’s for sure


I’m with you, I have 38 at 124 holding strong!!


No holder left behind!


30 at 165 dont stress it


I’m numb to losses at this point. I live in the red


I went full retard and got $35000 invested at $118 average ! Losing big right now but I ain t selling a single coin till ETC hit $500!


sometimes ya gotta lose big before ya win it!


You’ll look back and laugh at this in 3 months when your up 4K


My ether classic on coinbase I bought at $7.50 then more at $15 then more at $50.. my Robin Hood account I bought 89 at $113 road that shit till 2k profits. STILL HOLDING. I’m done. Buying since my portfolio is spread to 18 other coins.. I DONT DARE LOOK AT MY ROBBIN HOOD ACCOUNT LMFAO. HOLDING FOR A LONG TIME... all I can say is ELON SHOULD BE BANNED FROM TWITTER LOL AND FUCK DOGECOIN


We will be back!! 575 coins at a $118 average here. I got you boo.


Holding at $134 from Utah haha


We’re coming brother. Just HODL a little longer.


Give it a week we will pick u up by far...


I almost bought in at 76 today but held my shitty penny stocks instead...tilt.


My first buy was at $148. Averaged down a couple times since. Didnt gave any more funds to put in for this dip 😢


Ya I want to get more into crypto. I bought ADA and SHIB yesterday but I thought about milking my pennies and buying this on my RH...I’m down 33% so I thought about recovering here but I’m stupid and still have faith despite getting murdered for 3 months. Edit - RH is severely limited on crypto...so that’s why I was looking at ETC.


Wait a few weeks..


I was thinking today was a sale...are you expecting it to get worse?


By the charts that I have been seeing on YouTube they say it will dip down to the mid to low 40s then bull back up to a all new high. up in the next up coming weeks to two months. The whales will get back in once they secure a # to buy in Then it will be a up roar.. this was bound to happen with Elon or without. I’m keeping long term so it doesn’t matter.. don’t get scared they want to make the market shake so they can buy in cheaper. Wait till btc goes solar or all renewable energy I feel like musk will be behind that plan as well solar..


https://youtu.be/BLEwUs7MLQo watch him on YouTube. Remember everything is based around bitcoin.. even tho ether is slowly breaking away from it but still


My friend decided he'd finally sell right at the bottom... Then put that money into AMC stock which then proceeded to drop. The poor guy




This is what’s happening. Hold let’s get them. [link](http://www.digitalcurrency.fund/2021/05/13/gsi-shorts-etc-into-the-ground/)


Not many coins only 23 at about 133 but i aint going anywhere. Matter of fact hopefully can buy another 500 worth tomorrow.... I AINT FUCKING SELLING


ETC isn't even my main bag and I'm down more than you, relax mate it'll rise back up soon






Don’t worry bro! We are coming back for you and going to pass that by 2x in less than a month! Spread the word that “Grayscale is trying to short etc!” We could easily become the new crypto GME. They need it to go down to $45. If we keep pumping they have to buy back to cover their losses at a tune of multiple millions. What can we do? We are a small army that can easily grow if we all do our part! •We need to tell all our crypto friends to invest in etc, even if it’s just a little •Let the internet know hedges are trying to short etc, and we know a mob will form, if we tell enough ppl. •Use YouTube, Any subreddit, and other social media platforms to spread the word. •Comment and like all posts about etc and the squeeze potential If greyscale doesn’t meet $45, we will skyrocket for a massive pump! Hang tight fam! ETC baby LFG!!!! What a time to be alive!


I bought in at 189.09 LOL. I was able to get my average down to 107 now with the $74 dip today


lol we hold pretty similar positions. 2,000usd @ 122.70 Right there with you sister.


Good hedge for us doge / btc / eth hodlers. We’re staying till at least $1500+ 🥂


$175 the view up here is breathtaking






So you’re saying there’s more time to average down? Hot damn I’m gonna have so many shares!