I like the CAMP system a lot. I think it’s pretty cool to build up your own little residence in the wasteland. Raiders and scavengers do it, why can’t the player character?


It's the best blend of on the go and the settlements of 4


I hope the quality of the writing carries over, combined with the "unique" quality of having the locations you go to be actually relevant to the story rather than being a generic backdrop for shooting raiders who might have a note or two describing the location.


Yes! The world design and how it integrates into quests is awesome! Exploring and figuring out stuff was so fun when I started getting into it


I think Wastelanders is a pretty good indication of how 5 will look like. I don't expect much to change from what we are seeing there.


I like that opening the pipboy, terminals or npc inventories don't pause the game. You can't sprint through an area full of turrets or robots to a terminal and then hack it in perfect safety, or open your inventory right before being mauled by a deathclaw and take every drug and healing item known to man. I also like action VATS. I hope both of those things move forward as options that players can choose to enable or not.


Fuck yes to both of these things. 2 subtle things (guess not so subtle things) that change the way you play. Especially in a single player saving style I think it would feel even better. The real-time vats is so quick and fun I honestly had a hard time playing fallout 4 when I went back to it. Funny enough New Vegas felt better to me


We'll see how much of it impacts the game design of Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 before Fallout 5.