play him because he has a higher likelihood to score in 5min than your 4.5 mid/4.0 def




He rests against villa then plays CL and spurs imo


I think he'll just keep starting and playing 60-70 minutes every game while he's red hot and not tired or having any knocks or tightness


I agree with this but also I can see him play all 3 as well. And even if he rests villa, I’m tempted to start and maybe captain.


> It’s clear KDB will play so captain him Never falling for that one again.


But honestly why would De Bruyne be benched twice in a row?


We *COULD* spend hours building a team of the 21st century's best football minds, and spend more hours of top-notch thought, and extract the best insights, and devise and triangulate what is certain to be the perfect, whole, complete, ideal answer. There *IS* a way to convince ourselves of what will happen in the future, within the MC starting lineup. .... and Pep would blow it all up. Because he's Pep. If you want to believe otherwise, I will not stand in your way. Some people insist upon learning things the hard way. Good luck to you.


Trauma 😂


Yeah it's never clear with pep


I will


Just like it was clear KDB would play yesterday


There's no chance he's resting Haaland for the UCL.


Hmm well, City play United before Copenhagen and then Liverpool after the 2nd game against Copenhagen… out of those, which would you rest Haaland in?


I think both Pep and Haaland are prioritizing the CL this season. So if he has to rest then it will be the Prem games.


He’d rest Haaland against Liverpool at Anfield?


I mean, he could not rest him. Guy's 22.


Yeah, you're wrong.




Got subbed really early. I'm captaining him. Alvarez played 90 minutes too. All points to Haaland starting.


It's not Forrest game that's putting doubt in Haaland's start on Saturday. It is what's coming later, and that's Sevila and Tottenham where Haaland will almost definitely be starting. So the question then is, do you expect Haaland to start 3 games in span of just 7 days?


I know but I also don't think he'd have been subbed off at 68 minutes if he wasn't playing Saturday. That's just my take on it. Also, the way Haaland is playing, him banging goals in quick succession is allowing other players to be subbed off early too, which is great for Pep. We've seen this when Pep has been subbing off the senior players for youngsters to then rest up for the next game. Quicker they kill off the games, e.g. Haaland banging goals, the quicker the senior players get subbed and rested for CL.


Plus didn't Pep say recently that Haaland is young and will recover quickly? By all means, I don't know what's in that baldys head, but it could suggest that Haaland might play more often but not full games, just like we saw yesterday.


You lost me at ‘didn’t pep say’


Haaland is 22, in the form of his life, and doesn't have the World Cup. I think he will continue to stsrt and play regularly unless he suffers some sort of injury. City's entire system has to incorporate him because their goal is to win the CL. You can't perfect Pep's system from the bench, so I think he will be playing much more often than others on here seemingly do. I also think City have an opportunity now to put the league to bed so that Haaland can be rested later once they start playing knockout matches and the fixtures start getting congested. By that point City should have the title well in hand.


>I know but I also don't think he'd have been subbed off at 68 minutes if he wasn't playing Saturday. They were 5-0 up at that point, the game was over. May as well take him off at that point just in case someone clatters him.


68th minute isn't that early to be fair. But yeah, still gonna captain I think.


68 minutes means he missed exactly a quarter of the game. It’s early.


68 minutes, 16 touches. How tired can he be, Pep?


But is it "really early"?


I'd rather he played 68 minutes every game than miss more games entirely though


Fairly sure that is the original point being made.


I think anything before 80 is early. I'm with you, likely captaining him.


He’s probably not being benched lol Alvarez played the whole game and he’s not played 90mins all season


Pep is also 100% trying to maximize points while Liverpool are in lackluster form. Haaland is playing at least 45 mins vs Villa to put the game to bed. City came out for blood tonight as soon as the whistle blew, and I don’t see them taking it easy against a struggling villa. I’m betting on at least a double from him.


Rubbish. You don't get extra value for your wins just because your rivals are in bad form. No football manager thinks like that.


But you do get a point difference between you and your rivals when you win and they draw or lose. Haaland is guaranteed goals. The hell lol


This is the point to me … Haaland subbed early, Alvarez got a full game. I would think that trend continues if City cruise


Yep haaland to start, Alvarez to come on after an hour when they are 3-0 up


inb4 foden f9


This absolutely could happen. Foden was first to come off last night too.


right now I'm considering if it's worth it to go both Haaland and Alvarez for the rest of the season


Yes but Alvarez can rest in CL and against Spurs. This is all just speculation, there’s no ‘probably’


Had a brace in like 20 minutes tonight. I’ll just sling captain on him and vice Salah


What I’ve done W


There's no way of knowing whether Pep will put him on late given Haaland hasn't been benched this year. Although he did sub KdB in while winning 5-0, and if Haaland doesn't play at all him being VC is a moot point I guess.


Why is this even a question? He's in sensational form, isn't going to play in the World Cup, is young, and City want league points. He came off after 69 minutes as well - he's starting against Villa and even if he doesn't, you'd be insane to bench him. Case fucking closed, Colombo


Just one more thing...


Where were you on the night of 27th of August? You weren't playing Kane as captain, hmm? Cause I've got a witness here saying you transfered Haaland in gw5 and then did not captain him... It's as if you have total lack of trust in young mister Erling... But that's all speculation, of course.


You know... My wife is always telling me to captain him more *lights cigar*


Exactly! Don’t over analyse it. He only needs 30 minutes to get a Hatrick


He’s extremely injury prone. Just take a look at his time at Dortmund I’m still captaining him, but he definitely needs/will have his minutes managed with this fixture congestion


Not if he keeps scoring this rapidly, Pep can sub him after an hour to protect him and he'll still haul.


Lol injury prone Grealish has also got less minutes than he did at Villa and look at him. Injured again


Play him and might still captain him.


He's punished me enough. I'll captain him until he breaks a leg or gets transferred to Barcelona.


If he only breaks one leg I may keep him tbf, still be better hopping around the 6 yard box than most of the chumps in my team would be fully fit


If it’s his right he’s broke he’d probably still do a decent job in the box on crutches


He’s actually got a third leg so you’ll be fine.


I can't help but think Pep can just play him until 60' each game and that will be enough rest. As in that's good for us in FPL as we've just seen. Rather than sitting out entire games. He's already only played 90 minutes once, bet he feels fresh as a daisy


I am tempted to captain Salah but my GW is ruined if he blanks on the 1st game of the week and it's the early kick off. Haaaland in 20 minutes is good enough for get 2 goals against this Aston Villa side I feel like.


Salah is not blanking vs Everton, but Haaland is going to destroy a struggling villa. How many times does he have to teach us this lesson?


That's if we (Liverpool) actually show up, I know all the signs point to a Liverpool win but the Merseyside derby isn't as simple as that, we struggled against them in the home tie last season when they snagged an early goal, I wouldn't be surprised if it's a similar story this season, only positive is they don't have Richarlison this season but I'm on the fence with this one


Lampard is their coach this time around. You’ll be just fine 😂


He was their coach the last time we played, don't you remember how he set them up? They played utterly shocking football and now this season they're arguably worse and so are we, it's gonna be hard to watch 😅


Lmao yeah I remember. Just going along with a bit of banter. But honestly you’ll have Nuñez back, which puts less pressure on Salah and Diaz to cut in and shoot every time. They can try and find him in the box like in previous games. I expect you guys to win, even if your defense will make sure it’s by a thin margin lol.




This. Any sane manager knows that even a single game week of a premium not playing is catastrophic /s


Armband every week


Fuck you and fuck the pep game There is nothing to do with this guy You play him and that's it We all need to chill


This sub is bonkers crazy. I need to remember that now the season is going, i have a "i dont post in that sub" rule. You simply cannot fix stupid.


No one in their right mind would bench a premium player because they expect them to be benched. If he subs on he scores more than your cheap bench players, if he doesn’t sub on then you get a cheap bench player on anyway


Didn’t people say he is likely benched against N. Forrest ….


Some did but myself, and quite a few others from what I read, expected him to play forest and benched villa. 4 days between palace and forest, then 3 before villa. Plus after villa is CL then spurs, so again made sense to play tonight and rest the weekend


He only played 67 minutes and I doubt he had to work hard lol. I think he starts again


I was buying into the "rest at the weekend" logic but having watched the match I agree I'm not sure he needs it... Not saying he doesn't run around but the massive amount of possession means he doesn't need to track back much. His movement is good but it's short bursts. I'm thinking he'll start again and then get subbed off early.


Yeah he does track back and presses a decent amount, more than like Messi or Ronaldo, but he’s definitely not running himself into the ground. And he’s not really getting into clashes with defenders or anything like that. Just normal fatigue. Villa game will be real interesting


Yep this was my thought process. He did get subbed early but I think Pep will always sub him off if the game is wrapped up so I’m not reading into that too much. I expect him to come off the bench or not play at all. I will play him but I won’t captain him.


"People said" alot of things. Go read gw0 hot takes... We are only as smart as hindsight allows us to be.


Most people said he was more likely to get benched v Villa before the CL game, but the reality is we dont know.


Cannot get rid of him at this point, just hope he does something off bench or doesn’t come on at all


Bald man roulette has a new toy, that toy is a blond Norwegian built like a machine hitman who takes out any team on bald mans request. Think baldy will try capitalise Liverpool’s dire start to the season with new toy hitman Roulette and maybe put the hit out on teams and sub him once the job is done. Just make sure you got a good sub and not a troll to cover hitman should he be rested which he will soon.


Captain him


I don’t think he’ll be benched, I think Pep will keep managing his minutes. He’s doing the least running he’s done in his career and he’s putting his team in comfortable positions so he can then be subbed off. The gameplan is for Haaland to win the game in 60 minutes. He’ll do it against Villa, he’ll do it against Sevilla and then he’ll do it against Spurs.


Triple captain.




Just sell Haaland!!!!!!!!!!1


Fuck me the man just scored 6 goals in about an hour of football. He ain't getting benched for shit. Same people were claiming he'd be benched against forest.


He is more likely to start than not


Do you mean "be on the pitch"? Because him not starting seems more likely imo


He is there main source of goals currently, guy is on fire, would pep risk not starting him at the moment?


Pep already said when we play 3 games a week he won’t play every game. He’s got CL midweek and Spurs on weekend. We know he starts those. Does Pep start him 5 times in 14 days? I don’t see it.


I know. But playing him Villa and then the UCL after NFO isn't the most reasonable choice. He's young but can get injured.


If you genuinely think that, you are beyond help and clearly don't actually watch the games. How the fuck is it more likely?


Not playing him is over thinking it imo. Yes he may be benched but last 20 mins against a tired defence still sounds better than most other assets in the game


He’ll rest during the World Cup


Play, no captain. I think he’ll play at least 30 mins based on Alvarez going all 90 today.


Who would you captain instead?


Mo or KdB


We can expect with high confidence he starts CL and Spurs. If he was to start against Villa too that means Pep is starting him 5 times in 14 days. I just can’t see that happening. I think he gets benched vs Villa, 0% chance I will bench or sell him, he will play for me but I won’t captain


Cannot believe that you are actually asking that. The question is do we captain him?


Play him. Captain him. Set and forget for me.


Haaland captain for me. If he starts, good I get a haul. If he doesn't play, it's fine my vc will haul. If he gets subbed in, it probably means City are losing. He'd still somehow score 2 goals so I get a haul.


You know what, I've decided right now to relentlessly captain Haaland for the rest of the season as him on the pitch at any time is dangerous. Even if he's brought on to grab a last minute goal - I still like a fresh Haalands chances of being a hero.


He is my captain until I see a reason to not captain him lol


He'll start. He was taken off at 62 mins against foreest


You could have copy and pasted this from last week and just changed the team name (JK but this will be the dilemma a lot) *im terrified*


If I'm definitely going to bring him in (in place of Kane) but I don't think he's going to play vs. Villa, should I still bring him in immediately now or should I wait until GW7? Like is it possible or probable that his price will increase tomorrow for example?


Bring him in later.


Just one comment here as loads of people seem to forget - Pep does not care if someone is in form, this does not get you out of his bald fraud roulette - prime example aguero I think 2 seasons ago where he scored a hat trick then 2 goals the next game just to be benched for the next 2 games… just make sure you have someone on the bench for 2 pointer, set your VC properly and you’ll be fine even if Haland does not play 1 game it’s not the end of the world.


I'll be captaining him. Fuck it.


Do not move the armband for the rest of the season unless he has a broken spine


He's cost me back to back hatricks trying to smart, fuck off, I'm captaining this donkey until the rest of the season




Norway aint at the world cup either so I think Pep will be very aware that Haaland will get a break mid season. He'll play way more than this sub is worried about.


He’s 22 years old and isn’t going to the World Cup. He’s playing every game, he wants a record goal scoring season.


You think he is going to start 5 games in 14 days.. because he is 22? And not going to the World Cup which doesn’t even start for 3 months time? This is some grade A wishful thinking


Technically I didn’t say start, but there’s every chance he will start in my opinion anyway, I believe he’ll get meaningful enough minutes for every game to return for fantasy football purposes over each of the five games.


I think that last night WAS his rest (62mins) Non owners should be very worried now imo.


Back to back hat tricks, 9 goals in 5 games and there are idiots still trying to guess when he’ll be benched? Play him, captain him, and pick a good vice. It’s. So. Fucking. Simple.


Problem is who else to captain? It’s either Salah or Gross for me


Gross hahahahaha


Gross is legit.


What a choice you have there


Gross will do well today but he’s still a risky captain choice hasn’t proved it much, just saying I don’t have a lot of other options


gonna C him anyway as long as he is not red flagged


(C) this man!


He's playing. He barely had to move the whole game, the ball was in Forest's half the whole game so he just had to stand on the penalty spot - don't overthink


My only doubt is whether to captain Haaland or Kane. Normally Haaland every day of the week, but seeing as he may well be benched, perhaps Kane is a better choice. Fulham have proven to be a tough nut to crack and Spurs are a bit dull, may only be a couple of goals there, but Kane should haul.


I have both and I'll probably captain Kane.


Play him. I’m going to captain him and vice captain Kane.


I can't believe this is being asked lol. Unless you're trying to trick people into benching him


I learned my lesson with Haaland after game one. I am more likely to transfer Jesus out than him. I am captaining him. He’s going to destroy villa. He doesn’t have to teach me this lesson twice.


Might bench him for my trippier


If I have him as captain and he comes in a sub do I get captain points or is it only if he starts. Would my vice then get double points?


If he plays at all he is your captain for the week.


captaining sterling this week- london derby, chelsea desperate to bounce back, westham poor, sterling in form


Captaining and hoping he either starts or gets benched completely


Salah (C). Haaland has played 3 games in 7 days: 27 mins in the Barca Friendly 84 mins against Palace 68 mins against Nottm Forest Ill start him but chances are hes coming off the bench.




Starting him, giving him the armband. Ask me again in gw7 and the answer will likely be the exact same.


Play. The real question is do we captain him...


For me if haaland or Salah are in my team they will always start unless a manager clearly states that they won’t play. Too explosive


fucks sake i’m not ready for this every other gw. it’s going to be too much stress thinking about if he’s gonna be benched or not.


People bang on about the CL like they wont qualify or something. They don't even need Haaland to play and are still going to cruise the group


He plays all three, tears a hamstring and has 8 weeks on the sidelines.


Start Haaland, cap someone else is the safest way to go. Im still tempted to cap him though


dont get fancy, just captain haaland


Fairly likely to get benched? He played 60 min last night.


Wasn’t there other posts like this with the fear of him being benched and it never happened?


Who says it's fairly likely? The same people who said it was fairly likely he was benched yesterday? He'll be benched eventually, somewhere down the line. But I don't think that time is now.


Convinced myself he'd be benched last night, so took the captaincy off him. Never again.


Captaining him now for the rest of the year. If he doesnt play at all against Villa, vice captain will be Salah. If he plays, he'll probably score as well. He's not only a superstarter but also a supersub.


Play him, but captain Isak instead


Am sure he will want a hattrick of hattricks. Hope pep back him up on this.


Situations: 1 - he starts. No problem 2 - he doesn't start. 2a - some how man c are losing and chasing the game and so haaland comes on to make an impact. No problem 2b - man city are winning and cruising. I just don't see him being risked at all. No problem.


Nothing. He is one of those players who can come just for 5 mins and score a hattrick.


I'm interestd to see the distance covered stats for Haaland. I suspect it is quite low, and hence meaning that he'll be able to play twice a week no problemo


He’s not getting benched after scoring back to back hattricks. Probably another 60-70 mins appearance.


I’m playing but not captaining


Set and forget captain now surely?


Why would you bench a player who is top form, and has scored two hatricks under 45mins in back to back games, and is about to play Villa who are 19th?


Are we seriously asking this question again after he just bagged a hat trick? This sub is at an all time high


I'm a Villa fan and I'm captaining him xD


He realistically isn't going to get subbed on for 5-10 at the end, so the options are: starts and plays a good chunk (good), doesn't play (not good but fine for captaincy), subbed on for like 20-30 (not ideal but can still score). I'm fine with captaining him considering all this.


Play him and you can even captain him when you're 100% sure he's going to be benched, he's most likely to score even if he plays 10 mins


3 hatricks in 3 games. Going to be another great game day.


am I the only one who thinks he will start? I think he will play for 60 70 mins and subbed off if they are winning


I think I will only drop Haaland if he gets injured. Otherwise, I dont really care if he gets benched here or there. He can do damage in 5 minutes play time


When you ask this kind of question and read the answers. Remember the 3803 that transferred Haaland out prior GW5


He will play at least 60 mins. Why would he need a rest? Have you seen the beast? Also doesn’t go to World Cup so he can have a nice cosy rest then.


Haaland is minutes proof.


starting him but captaining either salah or jesus


Finally added him to my team so we can expect 0 pts from here on out


Source for benching claim?


Just use de (vc) armband in someone like Salah.


It's laughable how you guys are all arguing on whether Haaland rests or plays, when it's entirely obvious that he will play and earn 2 points


Will probably play can already imagine pep saying "you cannot bench a player on such form u cannot"


Captain him regardless and give your VC to another solid player. Even if he plays for 20 mins he’s more likely to bag you more points than other premiums at this rate. I’m captaining Haaland and VC’ing Salah.


Holding on to him the whole year!


Will be benched cos I brought him in. Sorry


Perma cap Haaland is the play


Not worth overthinking imo. Could be a high risk-low reward play. If you’re overly concerned just captain another player. So far he has shown no sign of injury or fatigue and has tons of momentum which I could see Pep not wanting to disrupt.


am I the only one who thinks it doesn't make sense for him not to start? at his level of fitness and the recovery techniques that are used nowadays, he for sure can handle like 60 70 mins and then play midweek again Unless Guardiola loses the hair that he has grown by not doing weird lineups till now


Ill go Salah(C) again, Im stubborn.


He not gonna get benched when he was subbed off early,plus its early enough in the season were there's not much need for rotation


Sell for Mbeumo


Start him. Dont captain him!


Cap Salah.


Resisted the Haaland hype train with all my might, pulled out all the logic to justify not captaining him for the last two game weeks. I'm not playing myself again.


Alvarez is the best third city position bet


You would have to be off your tits to not captain Haaland for this week, or for the remaining weeks too