As soon as I take him out, I know he’s going to haul.


lfc supporter here, pls take him out now


I don’t even know where i would use the extra cash


I currently have 1.9 ITB, 2 FT & am likely to go Trent to James this week. No idea what I'll do with the spare \~3.5m


Upgrade a 6.5+ to Sterling?


Question is which. Currently have Zaha, gross, martinelli, toney as my cheap/mid price


As a Palace fan, now the transfer window has shut, move Wilf on and thank me for it later


Good team! Would definitely keep Zaha & Toney for the long term. As a Sterling owner from GW1 theres better options than him. Strengthen your defence?


Just get an extra Haaland, easy


I'm considering Salah + archer to mitro and sterling


That would mean a benching headache every week tho right?


Better than a blanking captain headache tbf


Captain Haaland then.


6M ITB is the new trend


Preparing for the recession


Wait for KDB price drop and get him in


Sterling / Kane. I did it last week.


I am a kane owner and looking to use my 2FTs on Salah + 4,5 fwd > Haaland + Harrison Second option is kane to Haaland this week and Salah + 4.5 to Sterling + mitro. the week after..


How do You not own Haaland up till now!?


i’m doing salah + 4.5 fwd > kane + one of the leeds boys. i already have haaland


After todays replay I would avoid all leeds assets (i also own Harrison + Meslier ffs)


If you've already got Haaland and rearrange some midfield picks you could likely get 2 of Isak, Mitrovic and Zaha rn.


But if you’ve already got Haaland you want Jesus next to him


Why? Jesus is behind 5 other strikers now and fixtures don't look good for him


Everton and Brentford next two?


Depends on the fixtures, I took Kane out when they faced West Ham away.


Why would you want extra Cash Villa is trash


As an Arsenal fan I’m considering replacing Salah with Kane, that way if he does well my FPL team does well, and if he blanks I can still laugh at Tottenham.


I’m probably going to Wildcard in 9, holding until then I expect - Sterling, spread the funds with Man Utd and Arsenal mids, KDB all options


For who though? Son? KDB? Hardly firing on all cylinders either….


Is one premium now a viable option? Perma-capping Haulland?


Every time I’ve gone against Haaland it’s backfired so I’m just going to keep the armband on him for the foreseeable.


I’m on this.


It is. But then there will be benching headaches every week. But I suppose that’s better than a 13m asset that’s underperforming.




sterling a shout. I took salah out a couple weeks ago for kdb but looking to bring sterling in depending on how todays game goes. Sterling still playing like his usual self, and chelsea have fulham next, with good fixtures after liverpool game.


To be honest, Liverpool not looking that bad a fixture for attackers this season


agree. The fulham game is tasty & the liverpool game isn't all that scary right now. Tuchel is known for his big game management. I've got 2 FTs, one for Trent to James & the other could be to bring sterling in as my 3rd premium. Eagerly awaiting the game.


Leaning towards Salah —> Sterling & Greenwood —> Isak/Mitro


Shhhh.... ;)


I’d been eyeing up Sterling for Chelsea’s great run after the Liverpool game but I think I’m gunna just accelerate the process and also upgrade elsewhere with the funds. Just don’t see the value in Salah when he’s not my captain.


Put Kane in instead of Salah and you even save some money


for many that would require dropping forwards who are currently performing well, like jesus, mitro, and toney, and there aren’t a ton of standout mid options at the moment.


IF you want to swap salah out you can afford to play kane/haaland+ whoever of those 3 you want though.


What OP meant is the cheaper options are playing better than Kane


I think Kane is better replacement for the long term, while the cheaper options mention might end their hot steak sooner, I would guest it to be Toney


Aging like fine milk


almost exactly after I comment too. Theres a reason for my 5 million rank


yeah, obviously. the point is that those cheaper players are currently outperforming kane, especially in terms of points per million, and so dropping them for kane feels like a choice dictated more by the need to use up the money rather than a strategy for getting the most out of each pick


kdb has looked good, though. Even after he came on last week. Reckon he could haul this week. Salah (& liverpool) aren't looking good.


After wildcarding yesterday and losing Trent and salah (only have Diaz) I was watching the derby praying for no Liverpool CS or salah goals. My prayers were answered. They still got the CS but Trent was subbed off at 58 mins! Bet some people are fucking fuming.


At peace with a trent blank. I care about where I'll be after GW38 and the top100k by then will have pretty much all had trent this week. Non owners almost all casuals that will drop off anyway.


KDB blanked in only 1 out of the 4 he started


which is 2 blanks out of the 5GWs - the same as Salah


Except that salah was never benched


Not being benched is a part of the reason too if you didn't know


which is one of the reasons to still own him


I'm considering going from Salah and Dasilva to Sterling and Rashford. It's crazy that it's even a possibility but Rashford is only 6.4...


i suggest sancho over rashford if u have enough currency


Honestly with Haaland a captain lock, no need for another premium necessarily. Spreading the money around maybe. Or maybe Kane with 2 FTs.




Kane and Haaland up front, has worked wonders for me with the extra funds you could upgrade to odegaard, zaha or jesus depending on your team


I have Haaland, Toney, and Jesus up top so its hard to pull the trigger on replacing any of them.


In just a few months, we went from having nearly no viable forwards, to struggling to pick 3 starters


Yeah, I transferred out salah and my 4.5 striker for Haaland and Groß last week. Now got Haaland, Kane and Jesus up front.


First 5 GW: * Mitro: 34 * Jesus: 32 * Kane: 31 * Toney: 28 Hard to choose Kane when the mid prices are firing. Assuming you have to have Haaland, Jesus + Mitro/Toney seems better than having Kane.


Salah - 35. People are exaggerating big time imo. Not really worth dropping and he’ll come good sooner or later


Tbf salah on the same points as these cheaper options is sorta the point. Why have someone like salah at 13 when you can have cheaper options doing the same


Because they’re overperforming and he’s underperforming. I think there’s more question marks around Salah and Liverpool in general this season certainly, but I’m still in the ‘be patient and write them off at your peril’ camp.


This. The £13 mill can be distributed to across mid/strike. Kdb or Son are not the only answers.


He has six goals in 33 appearances from open play since AFcon


Surely this can't be right


Indeed it is


Salah and TAA replacement please


Don’t forget Robertson


Can I keep Diaz?


Yep, the only one besides Firmino that actually looks dangerous upfront, just unlucky.


Yes. If the 2 shots he made in the last 2GWs that hit the post go in, the conversation chnages. Unlucky. He's good and consistent. It's just that the overall team sucks. Salah though, 🤢🤢🤮🤮


They look so dire in the final third bro


My plan now is Salah + Archer to Sterling + Isak/Mitro/Toney. Then keep Robbo another GW and bring in James/Perisic. TAA is staying until wildcard.


Trent would've gotten 6 points if Klopp kept him on for one more minute to be fair


His price still hunts me bro😓


Haaland or kdb and James?


Shhhhh don't let the Salah fan boys know Since AFCON, Salah has only scored 6 goals from open play in 33 games.


I mean it's like TAA, you have the option of literally anyone in the game.


I follow the opposite of this sub so salah captain next week


As much as I am tempted, feel it’s a little knee jerk. Everton away is always a tight game for Liverpool. They’ve had a poor start but he’s still gained some points. He could turn up for supposedly tougher fixtures coming up.


Think after last season where they won comfortably, we’ve all forgotten that Everton & United away are often tough games for Liverpool where they drop points. They’ve won one game at Goodison since 2016.


That blows my mind


Outside of Bournemouth, where Salah was a dud, Liverpool have hardly performed to the same standards as last season. How many more chances does the team deserve?


Difficult run of fixtures compounded by a poor from for the first two games. I expect a bounce against wolves but yeah, not at the same level as last few seasons


Wolves, Chelsea, Brighton, Arsenal, City is a very rough set of fixtures especially with champions league mixed in. Opening fixtures really weren’t too bad. We’ve been unbelievably poor and lucky to not have dropped more points.


Is Chelsea rough this year? They've dropped goals against everyone they've faced except Everton GW1. The team has no coherent identity right now.


Compared to the likes of Fulham and Everton they are.


Before people brigade the post and laugh at you, like they did to anyone who suggested selling Salah last couple gameweeks It's absolutely viable, His upcoming fixtures are : Wolves(H), Chelsea(A), Brighton(H), Arsenal(A), City(H) These are difficult games against teams with solid defences - Salah is certainly not captain material for the next 5 gameweeks. Premiums on their own are poor value, their value comes from captaincy. Salah does not offer captaincy right now and he looks well below his usual standards.


I would've gotten rid of Salah by now but the problem is that I don't see a viable replacement. Like sure I'd free up extra money but it would end up just sitting in the bank. Need someone like Son to take off




Exactly. You could save a lot by going for Sterling, Diaz, Kulu etc. Even Son means having an extra million to use elsewhere. I'm thinking of playing my wildcard to shift Salah and massively invest elsewhere.


So so tempted by Sterling, at least until I WC in a couple of weeks, and possibly after.


Exactly Plus throw champions league games in there


bang on. Nunez is the better 2nd liverpool attacker (if you want one).


What about diaz?


The thing is Salah out means WC to reshuffle your team. Else you're going to take hits to make the 4 or 5 changes this will afford you (including shifting from big at the back to big at the front).


No it doesn’t Salah > Sterling 4.5 fwd > Mitro / Isak / Toney etc 2 transfers


Think he means to say that most people don't just have Salah. They also have another or even 2 expensive Liverpool assets and from the looks of it, they're currently not worth. I'd want to shift out Salah & TAA for example, which means WCing for sure. Got Diaz as well but feel like he's worth holding on.


You know once you transfer him out he’ll haul, gamblers fallacy


I hate Salah because of this lol. He does well overall for me, but everyone has him so I don't find much joy in owning him. I've sold him a few times over the years and he always punishes me. That experience makes me think twice when I want to sell him which in turn punishes me for holding onto him when he is in bad form like in the 2nd half of last season...


sold him 3 weeks ago. completely at peace not having him until he looks good again. For those that actually watch the games, we only transfer out players like salah for good reason. I'll bring him in when Liverpool start looking better & Salah picks up again. For now I'm not worried.


Who did you replace him with?


KDB. Didn't start last week which was a shame but even when he came on looked good. Will start this week & a haul would make me rather smug


Salah was decent today. Could have had a Goal at the end, even an assist before that which Nunez headed over. Haven't checked the underlying stats yet, but on another day, I think he could have hauled.


Honestly he was invisible tbh, barely noticed him for 98% of the match. Of course, his danger of being able to return despite that is always there but he was largely anonymous.


Gamblers fallacy is for random independent events. Football players performances are neither random nor independent (outcomes of previous events can influence future events).


shh dont bring your facts here. We use technical terms to prove our point, doesnt have to be accurate in any way.


False, this assumes independent events. Which is hardly the case (form)


Yep but assuming a player will score ONLY because they previously haven't been as some kind of statistical regression is born of the gambler's fallacy... whether there is some deeper truth to it or not


Barely anyone in this sub understands this... They think someone overperforming means they've 'used up their luck' and that the next few games they'll underperform by an equal amount. Then justify it by saying gambler's fallacy doesn't apply to football...


Gamblers fallacy would captaining Salah once again, doubling down on your pick cause he “gotta haul sometime”


i actually just did an analysis on this. im still writing up the report, but in short: ur right. salah isnt worth 13m. however, does that mean you should sell him? no, because the best players on fpl rn are so cheap that you can afford to pick some players that arent worth their value just to increase ur points total. salah is probably that player; even if he underperforms his value he is still going to get 200 points


Does that account for combinations, though? Would Salah plus the cheap player you have in order to accommodate him get more points than the two players you could have otherwise?




Even with Auba coming in?


Maybe more because Auba is coming in. I see them starting up front together.


Sterling had his best season when he played in a front 3 with Aguero. He performs better with an actual 9 with him.


Fair one. !thanks


Still has a broken/busted jaw, maybe will take some of the pressure off Sterling to be the goal scorer, I don't think Auba cannibalizes Sterling's output as much as he might unlock his potential for more points


sterling doesn't carry a team on his back. He needs to be part of a firing attack.


Could upgrade a forward and have both


He very very nearly got the match winner in the last second.


But then again you expect him to score more than 1 goal at the end of the game, it’s a weird one this as at the start vs City (community shield) he looked really good, first GW looked really good and then something changed he plays super wide so more of an assist asset, I have a feeling it’s the midfield ? Maybe when Thiago comes back things will change ?


I agree. With the amount of time liverpool hit the pole today, you'd think they were strippers.


Yes the pole, as it's very commonly known




Idk man he may have hit the post but he was fucking awful today once again. I'm not keeping him around because he hit the woodwork once because he finally got some space after 90 minutes


Nice to see an Oceansize fan in the wild haha


Ssshhh let all these people knee jerk


I transferred out Toney last week ​ dumb


Don't worry you're not alone. I did too, and essentially chose to keep Trent over him on WC and play 4-4-2 instead of 3-4-3.


im still an owner, i was surprised to see his price fall before leeds at home?


The Salah hate is odd rn since he has earned the 4th most points this season with a struggling Liverpool. £13m is a lot of money but who’s worth replacing him? Son & KDB arent worth it imo.


I wish flairs on here showed their rank


there’s a nice idea


I'll keep him, always a tight game for Liverpool at Goodison, and there aren't really any replacements in midfield I'd go for right now apart from Mitrovic at striker


Finally Salah will be on the Most Transferred Out list so he can score a brace next GW


I think this is a kneejerk reaction. if Salah scored today instead of hitting the post you wouldn't be feeling this way brother Liverpool (and Salah) have underperformed their xG this season massively. You'll only regret it when he gets points against Wolves and Chelsea


Ah well a new victim on the hit list by the sounds of things, guess a price drop is inbound


One more chance….


Do that bro, he’s gonna haul Vs Wolves, trust me


Same. I’m giving him one more game, because I can see he’s gotten chances but been unlucky.


I said I would not (C) Salah and would have Toney(C) and everyone called me a Mad Man, let’s see how mad I am now…




So far so good


Ayo what a genius. Como é que sabias 😭


Hahahaha tive um feeling 😂😂


Massive massive feeling lol


I got him out last week, won’t bring him back in until he gets rid of those frosted tips


Oh my god this thread is music to my ears. Bringing out the popcorn and will read each and every comment!


Still the joint 2nd highest points scorer (at the time of writing!)


He’ll do better against the better teams coming up as they will leave space for him when they attack compared to teams who mark him out and sit back


Holding out hope Liverpool can get their midfield sorted. Thiago back early next week according to Klopp. Right now they can barely get the ball to Salah.




sold him for Diaz asap. using the extra money to fund metro and maybe KDB


I did last week. Now I have haaland and 4 8m mids.


No one till I wildcard, he'll be serviceable for the next 2 GWs and the other premiums run rotation risks. Definitely on the chopping blocks if I need money for a transfer though


Exact same thoughts, no need to transfer for him out just yet


I’m thinking Salah -> Sterling Cucurella -> James Archer -Mitrovic Would take a -4 but do you think it’s worth it?


I’m thinking Salah to zaha then 4.5m striker to Toney for -4


I had a nap after the 3pm games finished.had a fever dream and woke up to the thoughts of salah to Bruno Fernandes.scary stuff


Sell him on WC, you can then upgrade a lot of players.


KDB is an obvious like for like. Or WC and invest the money to upgrade several positions


Is kdb worth it given he still gets rotated?


Nobody's saying the obvious thing but....you don't have to spend every penny in the bank. We are in a weird period where very few premium assets are really firing. It's the slightly cheaper players who have been the best value so far. So downgrade Salah, and bank a few million for a time when you do need it! You don't need to pick up another premium asset to feel like you made a positive transfer. I know it's all psychological, but if you can stomach having 3-5m in the bank waiting for a time when you can jump on a premium who has started to perform well, it's worth it. I have 2.5m in the bank and I'm 88k atm.


Yes yes. Transfer the fuck out of him. And convince your casual friends to transfer him out too. Please.


Liverpool replacement thread


I won’t ship him out till GW8 for KDB.


Also looking at replacing Salah and Robbo (but maybe keeping Diaz). Whatever you people do, don't rage transfer this weekend. We have European games this week. You never know who will get injured.


I'm thinking Sterling + Greenwood to Sterling + Mitrovic


I considered sacking off Salah, but despite his run of bad form, I think he’s too much of a gamble to get rid of. He’s going to start firing again, it’s not “if” it’s just “when”. TAA has probably run his course with me, and that £7.5mill will come in handy in strengthening other areas. It’s all personal opinion and decision making. Go with your gut


If I could get an extra forward spot that's where I'd spend the Salah money. At the moment I'm happy with my forwards and I have 3 city players so I think I'll stick with Salah for at least 1 more GW.


See you in Rant thread next week.


KDB seems like the logical choice but two premiums from the same team limit the captaincy options. Kane Haaland would be great but that only leaves one spot for Jesus / Toney / Mitro / Isak . Maybe sterling?


Keeping for one more week.


Replacing him with de Bruyne this week no hesitation. I am done with “essentials” or score 1,2s & 3s every week when I have people on my watch list who keep delivering. Sooner or later you just have to play your own game. (I realise now this comment should be in the rant section.


6 factors: - haaland is perma cap - Liverpool and Salah underperforming - 13m, means anywhere between 6 and 1m tied up that could be spread elsewhere - several high performing forwards to choose from and a couple differentials, to go big at the front - multi wildcard options should pool and Salah come back to form - cheaper options like Diaz to hedge your bets


This sub never ceases to amaze me




Yeah he's a busted flush now with Haaland at 11.5 He'll still almost certainly get 225 points or more... But it's not enough for 13.0 when you're not captaining him regularly Sterling is 3.0 cheaper and will absolutely fill his boots playing for Tuchel this season Think it's also absolutely worth having a 9.0 striker slot for if/when Vardy, Nunez, Auba hit form Basically, an oversimplification, but Haaland + 10 better outfield players beats the pants off Salah + 10 weaker outfield players


shipped him last round for KDB only to get cucked by pep roullette


For people wondering where to spend the extra cash, who said you have to spend it all? Plenty of good cheaper options especially in midfield this season. Why are people so keen to spend every cent


Salah is overated he is fucking 13m! 13!!!


might start looking at Sancho/Antony see how they play the next few games first




“Incels” 🤣


What’s an elitist in FPL terms? And an incel? Could you elaborate?


incel is just a buzzword they picked up and decided it means "person who doesn't agree with me" pay no attention


Was already planning on letting him go. Diaz can cover Salah. Might throw Kane up top with Haaland