Your setup is fine. You should see the mix match of “amateur “ equipment that people bring to the beach. Don’t rule out using lures with that setup, your setup is basically what I use to cast lures from the surf


Think I saw a beach casting episode (or two) on TA Fishing Channel - [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtElDjbNvNG9UkhC-T54HJA](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtElDjbNvNG9UkhC-T54HJA) \- where Graeme is using a carp rod as one of his 'surf' rods. Phil


Perfect set up, just be aware that fresh water gear doesn’t like salt. So you’ll need to give your kit a rinse with some fresh water before setting it to dry off. A classic bass rig is a simple running ledger, also known as a fish finder. On a clean beach all you need is a 85g lead. Bass absolutely love peeler crabs if you can get some. Cut them in half up the middle then help them stay on the hook with some bait thread. Fresh shrimp are also really good, but you almost always have to catch your own. Don’t worry about hammering the lead over the horizon. The art is to go and have a look at where you want to fish on a neap tide. What you’re looking for is gullies running parallel to the beach, that’s where the stuff the bass feed on gets washed in. You’ll then go and cast to that spot on a falling tide, around dawn or dusk. Don’t point your rod at the sea. Keep the tip high, and preferably keep the rod in your hand. Bass bites are initially fairly subtle. Once they’ve got hold of the bait though, they go like a train.


I've used small bass rods to surf fish successfully. Not ideal but it can absolutely work


Lost in translation matie. US English bass rod = spinning rod for bass, UK English bass rod = surf casting rod 11.5’ long casting 2-4oz, compared to your average beach caster which is ~13’ 4-8oz. Essentially a light beach caster useful for clean beaches and summer fishing. Light enough to be held in the hand. Bass are fussy buggers so lighter tackle helps. Also good for estuary fishing and float fishing.