I'd replace my 945 with a 955


This but 745 to 955


I'd buy exactly the same one, Instinct 2 Solar.


I just bought one about 3 weeks ago and I’m in love with it.


Same. Would just get the white color instead of blue. :)


Have a 955, would probably go for an Epix today. Tomorrow, I'd probably look at the 265/965.


Tomorrow in the literal sense?


Yes. Looks like they are releasing them tomorrow. [https://www.instagram.com/reel/CpNdkQorVta/](https://www.instagram.com/reel/CpNdkQorVta/) https://twitter.com/Garmin/status/1630598901962092546


would that mean tonight at midnight?


I think in the past Garmin has done 7am EST releases


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My previous watch (Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle, running Wear OS) died in December. I toyed with the idea of a Pixel Watch, but the single day battery life (and lack of some advanced metrics) turned me off. I decided that a Garmin was in my future and aaaaaallllllmmmmmooooossssstttttt bought a Forerunner 955. But I really wanted an AMOLED screen if the battery life could last at least a few days. I read rumors that the 965 would be released soon, so I picked up an inexpensive Fitbit Charge 5 off eBay to last me a few months while I wait. I'll be buying the Forerunner 965 soon after it gets released, and giving my Fitbit to a family member who is just starting their fitness journey.


Enduro 2


Mine is coming In Saturday:)


Epix here - might consider a Venu 2+ Love the Epix but it’s overkill for what I do - would be hard to justify replacing it at retail…


Probably the first comment I saw in weeks that talks about Venu. It’s such a nice watch, decent for the main sports-use cases, offers a lot of smart watch capabilities, offers a nice display and a decent battery too! But gets buried between fenix, epix, and forerunner.


my wife loves her venu - fenix display is not good, she wants amoled - epix is too big/manly - forerunner is too sporty in design the only bad thing she wants a new watch and venu 3 is nowhere in sight


Yea I think with FR getting AMOLED display, Garmin probably might not even release another Venu. BTW I have the same dilemma as your wife. I don’t want an Epix even though I am a man, it’s just too big. I wonder if FR 965 is also just about as big. It looks kinda nice.


Yeah, FR965 is as big as Epix2, it has even larger screen, but smaller bezel so it ends up same 47mm... my wife needs to see it in real life to decide. The smaller 265S is just ugly with its black bezel.


955 Solar with a 955 Solar. I bought this just a couple of weeks ago for less than the upcoming 965. Came from 6 years on an Apple Watch and thought I'd miss out on the 965 AMOLED, but honestly I really like the MIP screen. If I really want a vibrant smartwatch I wouldn't have come from my AW. Now that I'm here, the MIP display is great--especially on bright running days. I know some won't feel the same, but I'm really happy with it would would still choose the 955 over the 965.


Another Fenix 7X Sapphire Solar. No other watch checks more boxes for me.


Try enduro 2


My FR255 with another FR255


epix 2 with another epix 2. or the garmin descent mk3i if it comes out and has amoled display (if not, would use it to complement my epix 2).


FR745 I’d be looking at the FR945 LTE. Live track without a phone


Probably replace it with another 955 , but possibly tempted with the 965 - just not sold on the AMOLED yet


I’d replace my 255M with a 255. I don’t see using it for music due to the battery drain and I always have my phone. I also don’t care about the upcoming 265 with AMOLED.


have a f6pro, would get a tactix solar. but if someone offered me to upgrade with this 6 still working for $100, i'd say nah. completely happy with.


Everyone my Vivoactive dies, I upgrade to a new one. I've had the original, 3, and now the 4. Aspiron covered the last two so upgrades don't cost much.


F7xss right now and I’d go to the marq series specifically the adventurer.


FR245 with FR255


I've been looking at both. What would make you want 255 over 245?


I think the FR255 is just an upgraded version of FR245. Personally I love my FR245, it has everything I need for running (also tracking occasional swim and gym sessions). For running I pair it with HRM Pro Plus for more accurate HR data but tbh the watch also gave pretty accurate readings close to the strap. FR255 has also a HRM status which is neat, not really essential but cool gadgets.


I'm currently still using a Vivoactive 3, so most anything would be an upgrade for me. 😂 Thanks for the detailed response! The watches last so long that when I upgrade to a new one, I like looking at it as a long-term purchase.


Anytime! Same here I'm not planning to replace my FR245 for the foreseeable future, as long as it lasts me😄.


Kinda happened to me a couple months back. Fenix 6 pro solar, lost/fell off my tailgate. Went with a instinct solar since they were on sale and couldn't stomach another 600$. Happy with it it and I dont feel as bad when I smack it.


Current is 935, I’d replace with coros apex pro 2


I'd buy another Enduro 2, I'm not sure how I can go back after this.


LOL. I literally just bought a Venu 2 some weeks ago. But if it died, I'd probably buy the same one again. XD


My 4 year old 645M gave a triangle of death in the middle of an activity yesterday, came back out of it after half an hour. It has spontaneously rebooted during activities a couple of times now, was slow in button pressed for a while, but ToD was my last straw. Sorry old friend, time for the 265 tomorrow.


Don't you put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby! I have the 945, I'd get one of the solar watches.


Fenix 7x Solar or Tactix 7 Solar


Descent mk1 for an Epix most likely.


265s, can’t wait for tomorrow.


I’d replace the Fenix 7 Solar with either another Fenix 7 Solar, or an Epix 2


945 with Fenix 7s saphire solar


Fenix 5 with a Fenix 7X. But damn, that would be expensive.


I have the og instinct Solar. Probably get something similar like a Fenix 7


Would probably just get a new 955 through the warranty, but if i end up breaking it in a non warranty way i would wait a day or two and see how the 965 screen handles the sun and battery life before i probably buy a new 955.


A new one


Gonna replace my F5 with F7


If my instinct solar dies I’d replace it with a Fenix 5x or 5 plus


My Instinct is over 2 years old. Going strong apart from the odd glitch. I like the look of the Crossover