It’s gonna be ranger again


If the ranger spec ends up being called Warden it's gonna feel so weird, cause a hammer-wielding spec with that name was predicted MONTHS ago lol. Like getting a peek at your xmas gifts in june. No mystery to look forward to. May as well reveal last.


I still think it’s gonna be warden tbh


Yeah, most likely. It's got lore connections and makes sense.


Watch as it's something obscure, such as "BishyBashy Zebra"


"Warden" sounds too straightforward to go with the names we've been getting


Catalyst and Vindicator make the most sense of them all. A Catalyst in Chemistry is a chemical that enables a reaction to happen at a lower energy state (iirc) than it normally occurs at. So the Jade sphere acting as the catalyst makes sense. And vindicator is just a standard fantasy name and the legends make sense with it.


I don't know why you specifically latched onto those two, I didn't say anything specific about those two, but saying the name "catalyst" makes sense because the jade sphere is a catalyst is like saying the name "gunsaber" would make sense for bladesworn because the bladesworn has a gunblade. What is the catalyst themself catalyzing? Like I'm not necessarily saying they're *bad* names, they're just generally much less straightforward than past ones and I think the same will be true of the ranger spec.


I mean my major point was really that catalyst and vindicator are better names than willbender. It should have been Zealot or Fanatic if they didn't want to pair it closely with the Zeal line.


Ah, sorry, I see what you're saying. Yeah, vindicator at least makes sense and is consistent with "herald" and "renegade" being more lore-based than role-based. Catalyst isn't bad, a bit more abstract than weaver, but fine. Most of the others I can at least understand what they're going for even if they're a bit odd, but yeah willbender is definitely the worst. The fact that they didn't go with a simple choice like "zealot" is why I think they won't go with a simple choice like "warden."


It's obviously going to be called bunny thumper, as it once was


I thought thumper was a rabbit.


Bladesworn was amber and kurzick themed, I have a feeling ranger will be Luxon and jade themed. Not sure about the name. Warden isn’t stupid, so it definitely won’t be the spec name we get.


Best for last baby


this ;)


But seriously why every time....


Hard times for medium armor I guess. No clue about ranger or thief either.


Seriously. I thought there’s no way they’re going to put the whole adventures caste last but here we are. Sucks to be an Engi/Thief main rn 😂


it is KILLING me, i just wanna know if engi is partial long range with melee focused with the mace, JUST TELL ME ANET.


Right?! It would be cool if the mace acted like a magnetic Mjolnir that you could just throw around


Holy shit, don't give me hope.


I was thinking like a ball and chain. But you could totally engi that up with THE POWER OF MAGNETS.


Or they could channel the power of someone's favorite sport, stick and ball. Where you use the power of a mace to hit a ball far away.


That's actually the ranger but with hammer. The spec is called cricket.


I see. And I take it all attacks apply confusion, no one knows how it really works, and in pvp it makes matches go on for days.


One of the utilities just makes you teleport at a stutter.


GREAT. Now I’ll be disappointed when it isn’t this.


I just wanna know if engi is getting like a single mech suit kinda deal or if it's gonna get mobile tech based minions so we can have minionmancer engis.


if ther spaghetti code is any indication, with the minion rename popping up in game if you press f4 and right click i think, then maybe thats an indication of something, or maybe not


Yeah, that bug had me wondering if Engi was gonna get a single semi powerful golem pet akin to ranger pets.


They're still designing particularly Canthan butt-capes.


that's for heavies, we're getting traditional canthan trenchcoats


Thief here, at least all medium Armor are in the last one together haha


Saving the best for last aye


sitting on the cliff at Domain of Istan controlling the local iboga population, begging for the location through text of their new elite spec


Sitting down in the black citadel using a custom made catapult to hit charr with waterbombs in hope they give me the elite spec details to get me to go away.


I've been only playing Ele since 2015 and now finally considering Engi as a my second character and so been wanting to know about his new spec...I feel you guys...


For HoT Engie was last and PoF I can't recall. Was it Ranger?


I think even with PoF ranger was last in the trailer Edit: nvm it was holo


Ouch. We’re a small portion of the game population so I guess it makes sense…oh well.


Also, ranger was last with HoT and engi was second to last


Oh…wonder why I mixed them up then. Thanks for the heads up anyway. Still hyped for the next beta regardless.


wait, wasn't Ranger first for HoT? I distinctly remember it being the first specialization to ever appear.


It was teased first, as in we knew it was called driud and it would wield a staff, and both druid and scrapper were also shown in the trailer. But it was the very last e-spec to get revealed, I believe it was revealed at PAX or some other event like that. First proper reveal was chrono, btw.


It was the only one showed at the first livestream event, along with just some info about Reaper, and that's why they posted the Reaper artwork and video first and they did it last for ranger, in late September before the release Edit : Reaper was third true, it was : Mesmer - Guardian - Necromancer - Elementalist - Revenant - Warrior - Thief - Engineer - Ranger


Wasn't reaper third? I believe it was chrono -> DH -> reaper.


At least Holo is kickass. Im scared theyll do one of the three as Herald or Druid. Pure statbots


Love Holo and Scrapper. They’ve been doing pretty well with the specs we’ve seen so far. We’ll see this Friday though.


And it will probably be magic bull golems (maybe reskinned to be made of jade so its "canthan"). Because we need engineer to take a third shot at AI summons. Oh well... At least asura roleplayers might be happy. Not one of them though.


if it means i can finally be long range, then im happy


Still crossing fingers hard for mech suit. But yeah probably will be AI golems.


Honestly, given where the elite specs went, I'm hopeful it won't come to something as dull as some golemancer hiding behind horrible AI.


Let's hope for a cool jadetech cyborg! (or not, I don't want to buy character slots) Anyway, they are saving the best for last.


we finally get to fuse golomancy with necromancy with the help of jadetech


Jadetech cyborg is the best thing ive read all day.


Jadetech golemancer?


Yes let's hope for an AI spec coz every time ANet introduces it on engi it's such a huge success /s




If they want to learn from previous attempts they could always fix turrets....


Unironically they can't. Turrets are dead, gyros changed to wells. Every time engie gets an AI it's a broken mess.


i just want long range, even if its only partial.


Nah,. melee punchy bois with robo arms.


im a long range kinda person but my main is engineer, i picked it before i knew what horror i had tod eal with, with its specs


I forgot this was a gw2 thread and thought I was on the 40K r/admech.


Well until proven otherwise, no they cannot get it right. The latest improvement to pets were gyros, and they no longer became pets. 😂


> The latest improvement to pets were gyros, and they no longer became pets. 😂 Which let's be fair, was a massive improvement when they ceased to have ai :D


I wasn't really implying strictly an AI spec, god I hope it's not a minion spec


I mean, you could get inside the golem... And drive it... Like Taimi... who says a golemancer has to be an ai pet spec rather than a transform one?


So a skill that changes how you look and gives you 5 new weapon skills? Hmm, wait I think it reminds me of something...


Why would you buy a character slot? It's an elite specialisation - just put it on your current char.


I have 5 character slots and they are all currently taken by other professions. No engineer at the moment, even if I've had fun with it in the past.


Ah ok, sorry. That makes sense of course.


Save the best for last


we got half an engi spec yesterday


and Scrapper Ele today..


I like it, its more of a shaman to me. My guess is that you have unique buffs (the augments) that you can place at will like a spirit, or run around with them but then they only benefit you. So wells with active and passive effects.


Can’t wait to try out the screle


Thief Guardian, Thief Revenant and Engie Warrior. Seems about right.


Dont forget thief necro


Engi main, and I doubt we'll be last. Pretty sure once silhouettes start their rounds again we'll see thief first, then engi, with ranger closing it out. Unless they want to lessen the amount of time people are left bewildered by the thief choice, if the datamine was right. Then thief might be last and flip a coin for the other two.


People are hyped for the return of bunny thumper so ranger last is my bet as well.


save the best for last 😤


Wait engi mains? Thought that was a myth


I realized that Anet saved all of the medium armor classes for last... What does it MEAN


Dont think it means anything. More than likely these specs havent been fully implemented yet


How I feel being the only engie main who doesn't want mechs, golem summons, or a mace, tbh.


I want Asuran battlemechs/titans but those aren’t gonna happen so it’s all good, room for both of us.


No it's not, it's gonna be ranger.


the last and the strongest....they have to finish their training at a gym before comes out with bulky buff arms (buff arms icon)


Bladesworns being sad about being banner slaves and engies be sitting there like “another dps spec?”


engineers whole thing is like, guns and being mid range, but of course we are forced to have TWO close range specs, they shoulda given us a short/longbow engineer spec right away


Hoping it’s thrown maces but I really doubt it


if its a mecha suit or a golemancer golem pet, id just let it tdo all the work, im tired of feeling useless cause i find close range hard.


nahh ranger will be last again


I'm crossing my fingers for a combat suit you can mount/dismount, but I won't hold my breath.


Someone Will be last, and Even then there Will be months until we can play it anyway. Why worry? The glory Will Come to us all. I look forward or it


they tend to be one of the best ones tho! so excited for golemancer


A Thief here— I feel like saving the best for last means, pretty much gives them more time to tweak or fix little things. ( assuming they’re play-testing… ) I don’t think waiting another month should be a bad thing, although just like the rest of you, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for medium classes!


I'd take a turret rework over new spec tbh


Likely better than willbender, you be fine booboo


Plays thief. Sits knowing we getting chappy scepter instead of samurai ninja greatsword


Greatsword would be mildly infuriating, considering both elite specs already got 2h weapons. Also Daredevil is basically a ninja already, carving a niche for a samurai seems borderline impossible.


Completely agree about the 2h thing, thieves have been waiting to see new dual skill combos since HoT was released. I really wanted focus OH, thief offhands get just as many buttons as mainhands so it would’ve created more options.


Scepter is more exciting than greatsword though... Thief already has sword and dagger for slash slash stuff.


Thief already has two overwhelmingly fanservice-y RP specs, I'll be happy if they can finally get something that gives them a reason to exist aside from being raw damage in 95% of cases.


Yea and its sceptre, they can duel wield with dagger


Really hope for a cyborg or augmented armor. Not a poor asura hazmat suit elite bis, but a kind of mech can be cool. By mech, I mean exoskeleton allowing to perform impressive moves and use and arsenal of jade weapons / electro bullet / surgeon lasers!


No lie: Golemancer or my wallet stays closed.


Metal Alchemist


I may be wrong, but I think Thief will be the last. Until now, with EoD, they first introduced a profession from right (Mesmer, Revenant) then from left (Necromancer, Warrior) and finally from center (Guardian, Elementalist). It may not be a pattern, though.


Good thing medium armor isn’t last in line for cool looking armor skins though! ….oh…wait. :cry:


sorry but im more on the "You are breathtaking" phase yet. super excited for our spec!


And that's sad we are in the last round, but I hope it means they had time to make an awesome one and not just a kit.


I’m fine with it


An engi sitting in front of all his AI seems accurate. (engi main and I'll be happy with AI but i know a lot of ppl will be butt hurt if that's the case)


It's gonna be a JOJO reference too xDDD


Everyone else is getting their own version of all our class features, but the joke will be on them when they’re crushed into cubes by our jade juggernaut mechs


Always engi


Engineer in the waiting room be like "Oh boy I hope my turn comes up soon." Necro: "Hey Engie I'm just gonna take your elixirs." Warrior: "Hey Engie, I found this cool big machine pistol sword in your blueprints list so I'm just gonna take that now." Elementalist: "Hey Engie I heard you had an elite spec that was an orby hammer guy. Can I just like... take the entire thing?"




Last or not, I'd just hope that it won't be just another close-ranged spec. Which is very likely because of which weapon we're getting. So I'll rather hope for the spec mechanics being fun and not dependent on kits or braindead ai.


They are waiting to reveal the greatest last, of course. 😃


Cant wait for another melee engie spec


Yeah but it's also gonna be the best. Holo and scrapper are both amazing.


So far the reveals have been: Mesmer(light) - Necro(light) - Guard(Heavy) Rev(Heavy) - War(Heavy) - *Probably Engi* Then Thief(Medium) - Ranger(Medium) - Ele(Light)


The next reveal is Ele, unless they are giving Engineer's the Scrapper Elit again.


Ele silhouette has already been revealed, so they are going to be the next after warrior. Medium armour gang had to take a big L here :(


Nah.. it will be light light heavy | heavy heavy medium | medium medium light so eli is last


Ele was already teased on friday, so it's likely that today's reveal will be ele.