The antibody treatment? You mean the experimental treatment that only just recently was approved by the fda? I thought you were against medical experimentation


Woah you and your logic


Also, they should trust their own immune system. Don't take those nasty, synthetic antibodies. Make them yourself.


Why is he in a hospital, funded by federal dollars and staffed by quack doctors?


This is the shit that baffles me with these mofos.


It shouldn't. These motherfuckers aren't making any of their own decisions. They're listening to morally bankrupt "leaders" in their party and morally bankrupt individuals who vote for their party and doing exactly as they say. Logic and decision-making don't enter the picture in any way. They don't even realize they're performing contradicting actions. They never question their side's message under any circumstances.


And listening to their pastors too...


Covered under 'morally bankrupt individuals' 👀


They have a brain. They willfully chose stupidity and the consequences are a bitch.


I don’t know, seems like a lot of them are intellectually destitute. Besides, UFC fighters aren’t generally known for their smarts. Being hit in the head for a living and all…


This is actually a common conversation on /r/MMAPoliticsandCulture . We often investigate there wtf is wrong with some of our favorite fighters, and while yes, getting hit in the head isn't exactly a precursor to genius insight, there is something to be said about the inherent machismo that fighting attracts. The "I'm tough you should be too" attitude often engendered in gyms. Add that to the fact many fighters come from neglected communities with reasons not to trust government, and you really do get a toxic recipe ripe for covid misinformation.


Diego Sanchez is pretty dumb though. He's always been out there. Jesus freak among other weird beliefs.


Yes but this guy was in Special Education in school. People have taken advantage of him. I feel bad for the guy.


It shouldn't baffle anyone too much. It's like the difference between wanting to wear a life vest on the deck of a ship versus when you've fallen overboard.


I think this is the best logic. You don’t think about the consequences until you’re literally drowning in them.


Not only that, the mRNA vaccine has been in testing for literally decades, but these idiots would rather tRuSt ThEiR iMmUnE sYsTeM and ivermectin. 🤦🏼‍♀️


I've come to realize that the most outspoken opponents of "medical experimentation" are people on Instagram / TikTok who have no problem whatsoever injecting botox or fillers.


Lots of them don't mind getting tats either. Do they know where that ink came from and its exact chemical ingredients before it is injected into their bodies for life?


Not to mention the fact that tattoo ink isn't FDA approved


Dude has “a pneumonia”, blood clots, and lungs that look like Swiss cheese yet he still isn’t sold on the vaccine. Smfh…


Yeah, but he might have felt tired and sore for up to AN ENTIRE WEEK if he’d gotten the vaccine. He just couldn’t take a risk like that.


Okay, but don't forget about Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend's testicles! What if that happened?!




Let’s do all we can to keep this ass hat from having kids.


I think natural selection seems to be doing its thing in that regard.


I really need to know what Ja Rule thinks of the swollen testicles.


Probably thinks they’re fyre


I'd be more concerned with covid dick...


Or even simply erectile dysfunction bc of damaged blood flow.


that's too many words though Covid Dick is better


Do I have to???


I am not letting those sink in.


That wasn't due to the vaccine. The one thing that can cause swollen testicles is the mumps. But Minajs' comment was good for a laugh.


Also gonorrhea


Pretty sure that was an STD


oh no, that would be PUSSY stuff giving into a bit of fatigue! SOLDIER ON! Now he's literally barfing up a lung.


Can confirm, have had pneumonia twice. Coincidentally I got the vax as soon as possible.


Seriously. I just had my first Western booster. The first two jabs in China went without incident but this Pfizer one.. my arm hurt so much I had to take a single paracetamol last night. But today it seems much better.


My arm hurt like a bitch the first one, Pfizer as well, but besides that I had a mild headache and nothing else. Second dose was a little sore, mostly on touch. Booster 2 days ago,1 day decent soreness mostly on touch, mild headache and that's it. My girlfriend has had a rougher time but not so bad compared to death by COVID.


You’re forgetting about the injection site pain. I’d much rather take the blood clots over 1-2 days of mild discomfort ANY DAY.


Holy crap on a cracker. His lungs look like they're stuffed with cotton. I think it's his brain that looks like Swiss cheese.


>Holy crap on a cracker Sorry, he can't even have any of those per slide 7.


Well, maybe not the cracker part but he has the crapping down per slide 8 (and thanks to Ivermectin, probably).


I'll get my medical advice from Fauci, if I ever need to take a punch to the head I'll call this guy up for advice.


But he took his ivermectin!!1!1! 😵‍💫


Won't cure Covid but he may have won the Kentucky Derby.


He's a real stable genius.


Yep, so was Mr. Ed.


Was he out of Clorox Chewables?


Clearly bleach injection is the way. Or maybe he did load up on his Flintstone vitamins?


i could make a killing off bleach injections.


The most effective ivermectin brand is made by Rogan 'n Rodgers. I highly recommend it.


This guy's fighting career is likely over too.


It already pretty much was. His corner was some weird Fucking guru


Diego’s been hit in the head way too many times, he definitely has CTE. His last several fights have been hard to watch. If he survives this he should just retire.


Being brain damaged would explain his anti vaccination stance.


he’s always been a nutcase, the brain damage just making it way worse


He might qualify for the *walking frame* class. They don't do physical fighting, just bicker over meaningless issues and see who remains standing the longest.


To be fair to him, the vaccine gave me a big ouchie on my arm and made me a bit sweepy for a whole day!


It was horrible for me. I took three painkillers after my first vaccination and two after my booster this week. I dislike painkillers and hadn't taken one for ten or twenty years before then. As I said to the nurse who jabbed me on Tuesday last "It beats drowning in my bodily fluids while my family watch on video." I guess my career choice of not getting kicked in the head for a living has finally paid off.


Gotta be alive to have side effects. Still though, good work protecting yourself and everyone around you


“reasoning will never make a man correct an ill opinion, which by reasoning he never acquired.”


Bro he’s still doing his research


He also has serious brain damage. Truly the only reason that makes sense to be hesitant about the vaccine at this point


I’m no doctor but, if I were, my professional reaction to seeing that shot of his lungs would be “Oh shit!”


And that’s not even close the worst chest X-ray I’ve seen here. There’s parts that aren’t solid white.


Give it time.


Like finely aged milk.


Or cottage cheese


I had to look up what "good" lungs look like. If the Xray shows black, that means there is air flow-- no damage. The more white, the more congestion, no air flow. Here are pics of vaxxed person with breakthrough infection (not bad), and unvaxxed: https://www.12news.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/vaccine/covid-19-lung-x-ray-shows-vaccine-effectiveness/75-3a015b4c-00b2-4ba2-aadd-94fb7cec10ce


“There’s a tiny amount of white with the vaccinated lungs therefore vaccines don’t work.”


My BIL literally said something similar to me when I came up positive yesterday. “If vaccinated people are getting sick what are we doing?” Well I’m barely sick despite being overweight and asthmatic and my wife tested negative despite being a teacher and in close contact with me this whole time. But go on and tell me the vaccines don’t work.


They really don't understand this shit isn't all or nothing. ​ There are gradients, but that requires understanding subtlety like "you might not have long term damage even when infected."


They can't think at a system level. It's only anecdotes


And that's why this subreddit is so important. Folks need to understand that we don't celebrate death and we want millions of redemption awards to flow but while it's an issue, we're here to show the anecdotal evidence that anti-vax kills.


Plus the frustration that can build in society when they continue to be selfish, and not do what helps the community as a whole.


Their brains are so simple they can only think in black and white, but they can be surprisingly complex in contriving reasons why they're always white no matter what.


It explains their thinking in other subjects as well. Someone is committing welfare fraud? Eliminate the entire system. A country attacked US interests? Turn them into glass. We have 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country? Deport them all. There are no nuances to their thinking.


My niece got covid last week. She lives in a house with her mom and grandparents. They have all consistently tested negative despite being in close contact with her all day every day. My dad has severe COPD and other health issues. We were very worried about him when covid first hit. Now he has all three shots and no issues despite being around my covid positive niece.


Tell them the immune system is their army and the vaccine is a training course. The tiredness after vaccinating is the funding to pay for the training. A trained army doesn't win all battles, but would you rather have an untrained soldier or a trained one by your side?


The best analogy I've heard is that the vaccine is like a bulletproof vest. It won't stop someone from shooting at you, and if you get hit it might still hurt like hell, but it will stop the round from penetrating.


They look like Wagyu beef


You’re not gonna ruin Wagyu beef for me! Gimme that deliciously marbled lung!


Looks like he broke his shoulder too at one point.


Dude's been fighting for 20 odd years. Id be curious to see a rundown of his injuries.


Brain damage at the least


Collar bone. I imagine that happens in his line of work.


Curious he trusted medical science enough to let them totally rebuild his clavicle into a robo bone, yet not enough to get vaccinated against a serious communicable disease. Well, ignorance isn't painful like a shattered bone, so....


So..he got Regeneron and it didn't work?


But…but joe rogan said it would work!!!JOE ROGAN!!!! How could these untrained, armchair medical professionals be wrong?????


A lot of these people spend a week or two insisting it's allergies or just the flu. ​ Compared to me, the hypochondriac. I sneezed twice the other day, and ran and got a negative test a few hours later. If I'd tested positive, I'd have that IV in me pumping antibodies before dark. But these refuseniks won't even get the test till they are finally dragged to the ER.


I'm convinced that people that say its just the flu have never really had the real full blown flu. I've had it once in my life and it destroyed me for a week and a half. I honestly felt like I was going to die and called my wife in to start getting papers out. This was when I was 26 and perfectly healthy/fit. Respiratory diseases are no fucking joke they will kill you.


100%. I have had the flu two times. The first time I could physically not even drive my car, go up steps, get dressed, anything. I sincerely thought I would need to be admitted. Luckily, I was able to recover, but it was nothing close to my seasonal allergies or a cold. This argument has always confused me. I think a lot of people say it to comfort themselves because they are too afraid to admit the truth.


Fist time I had 'proper' flu, I remember thinking holy shit, this is how old people die from it. You could have dropped £1000 beside the bed and I wouldn't have been able to get out and pick it up


Same here. Had the flu and it laid me out. Couldn't walk 4 meters without being completely exhausted. I was in my early 20's and I thought I was gonna die. All I wanted was Gatorade, Nyquil, and my bed.


I got the flu in 7th grade and had fever so high I was having vivid hallucinations. I remember taking a sip of water with the trash can beside me cause I knew it would come right back up but I absolutely had to drink something. That sound of jostling the wastebasket hearing the entire thing slosh like a bucket full of water and being told we have to check your fever every hour to make sure your brain doesn’t start to fry are something I can never forget.


Another reason so many of them die or are ventilated and damaged for life; if you catch covid, especially if you aren't vaccinated, you need to treat that shit as early as humanly possible. It's akin to the difference between catching cancer in it's first and fourth stages.


That is super interesting to me. It doesn’t seem to have made a difference.


I'm beginning to think Regeneron is like AC in the winter.


I am not a doctor so my opinion here is useless. I believe Regeneron is most effective as an EARLY treatment. Folks who get tested all the time (I’m looking at you Aaron Rogers and Joe Rogan) test positive well before symptoms appear so they get the treatment super early.


Yes and that's a problem in the US. Lots of stories on HCA where the subject is home with flu like symptoms for days before going for a test or maybe the first test they get is at the Hospital Emergency. Because of co-payments people are conditioned to not want to go see a doctor unless they know it's serious, it might be too late for effective use of Monoclonal Antibodies in such cases. It's probably going to be true of the anti-virals that are up for FDA scrutiny.


>My boy @luisbaboon warned me I had no idea it was this evil!!! My theory is that these people have contempt for the sick. Like: "This disease is a motherfucker, it kills!" "Yeah, it kills pussies, I am not a pussy." And now I bet his friends won't listen to him either, because now he will be seen as one of the "pussies" that got their ass whooped by covid.


Yep. He let the side down by getting seriously ill and admitting it's no joke.


At least he will be antivaxxx to the very end.


Covid variant Omicron is here now. It has been detected 8n Belgium... That definitely means it is already here in US. Just when we thought we were about to wrap up this sub, we get another season three... With the number of unvaccinated walking around, things will get really really bad...


Can't say no one saw that coming. It will keep evolving until these idiots get their shit together.


These idiots will never get their shit together. Went home for Thanksgiving...my family was talking about how COVID isn't a real thing, while also talking about my cousin who died from it last week. They're doubling down on the narrative, despite watching family suffer for months in the hospital...then die.


It's like these people are sitting on a train track and watching a very slow train hit them and when people say "get off the tracks!" they scream "No! The train is not real and it won't kill me if it does hit me!" and glue themselves to the track.


The American right has devolved in over-the-top machismo most easily proven through self-harm. Covid is just another step in their devolution.


The very definition of "toxic masculinity".


I was thinking the American right has become more a suicide cult than anything else, since women are in on it now..


Murder cult. These people don’t think death-by-Covid will ever happen to *them.*


Yep, they never say "I'm ready to die", they're begging for any treatment and every prayer worrier to come to their aid. They're okay with other people they don't know dying.


You can tell one from their inclination to use survivorship bias as evidence over anything.


In order to devolve they had to evolve first. That's still highly questionable in my book.




Those lungs earn him the nickname Dirty Sanchez.


Even if he makes it, those cement lungs 🫁 are a harbinger of suffering and doom. No joke. We’ve tried everything to get you to understand BEFORE it comes to this.


*If* he lives, his career could very well go down the toilet due to the lifelong health complications associated with Covid. I don’t know much about mma or sports in general, but I’m pretty sure you have to be healthy and not have cement lungs in order to do those things professionally.


He is exceptionally unlikely to fully recover. Regeneron may save his life. But it’s no guarantee. Those are some wrecked lungs.


He doesn't have much of a career at this point. He's been pretty bad for some time and was basically being forced to retire.


He was definitely in the twilight of his fighting career, being recently released by the UFC. But, he was still planning on fighting in bare knuckle boxing and who knows what else? Maybe coaching could’ve been in his future. Losing your career is one thing, but losing your life is something else. Very sad.


*gets COVID to avoid retiring voluntarily* That's a bold move, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off.


My neighbor is fully vaxxed and got Covid pneumonia. He was in the hospital for a week and came home on oxygen. He may not be able to return to work as a firefighter and EMT. BUUUUUUTTTT, he is ALIVE and will get to see his two little girls grow up. I swear he’d be gone if he hadn’t been vaxxed.


My daughters psychologist just recovered from double Covid pneumonia. He is fully vaxxed with a booster and probably every damn comorbidity that could be deadly but there he sat, right in front of us. He even said he would be dead if it weren't for the fact that he had the vax and booster. He did have his little oxygen tank close by and apologized if he needed to "stop and catch his breath" but he said he's feeling better and better each day.


I've been reading that vaccinated people's covid pneumonia cases cause less lung damage than unvaccinated. They typically stop far short of the immense chain of events that damage unvaccinated lungs. Edit: the very very few vaccinated people who get pneumonia that is.


Good to hear he recovered. Firefighters sacrifice their lungs for their job no doubt. Having that job must be a comorbidity.


20 years ago, the average lifespan of a firefighter was something crazy, like 58. These people breath so much toxic shit.


“I got people I love on both sides of that shot”—slide 1. And do you now realize which side was *correct* sir?


"I can't say I'm sold on the vax" WHAT DOES IT TAKE?


From what I’ve seen, a death of someone they love due to COVID, and it had to be someone they knew and talked to on the daily Anything else just won’t do it


Even that isn't a guarantee.


“Covid is no motha f*cking joke” Ahhh you don’t say?




I’ve followed Diego his entire career. He’s always been the stupidest in a field of stupid. He’s been taken advantage of by coaches, managers, and other fighters the whole time. Im not surprised at all by this.


Me too. I’ve been a fight fan for years and always liked Sanchez as a fighter. The man has all of the characteristics of the average anti-vaxxer though- religious, gullible, and stupid. I hope he pulls through, but at the very least, I think his days as a fighter are probably over.


Thanks for posting here. The mma thread is very sympathetic to him and I wanted to say he belonged on this sub. I don’t doubt for a moment he has had a hard life and suffered brain damage, but he’s also gone too far. The UFC, imo, released him partly for this reason - it wasn’t ethical to let him fight again


He seemed like a good natured dude though. There's that video were he does the MMA match with the kid with downs. Everyone loves that. Diego just isn't smart, or really super sane. He's exactly the perfect target for this misinformation campaign and it looks like it's going to kill him. I'm not trying to defend him in anyway but he's a victim here like a lot of people we see posted on this sub


Damn this virus got hands This guy probably


Looks like he didn’t achieve his goal of upgrading the quality of his life


Diego (half-dead) Sanchez: “my body is way more fucked than it ever has been from literal brutal fights buuutttt I’m not sold on the vax” Can ppl be this dense?


Who specifically is telling these people that Covid is a joke?


Oh no one, only the ex-president, sitting president at the time who said it was a hoax and that it would be gone by Easter


They hear it all the time in their echo chamber


He'll be surprised when he's carrying oxygen around instead of fighting


He’ll still be fighting… for breathe.


Too bad about those lungs. Nice titanium-reinforced collar bone tho.


Dibs on the spare parts!!


Slide 5 - "You are not responsible for the programming you received as a child. As an adult, you are 100% responsible for fixing it." He's in the hospital with covid blood clots in his legs yet almost 2 years into this pandemic he admits to being caught off guard about how serious covid can be. If he was unable to to get a clue about the very evident severe virus going around, how sure is he about his level of vaccination knowledge? Maybe he should act like a responsible adult and find the fuck out.


How many religious nutters have reposted that slide not realizing that it is about indoctrinating children into religion?


Diego has ALWAYS been a complete moron. At no time since episode 1 of TUF has he ever given even the slightest clue that there are any brain cells firing in that head of his.


Too many hits to the head. Probably is not fully functional mentally that’s what years of fighting, boxing, sports like football do to you.


Diego Sanchez is notoriously insane and likely has a brain absolutely riddled with CTE. He once speed walked to the octagon before a fight holding out a crucifix to his opponent. He also invented the “yes cartwheel”.


Yeah, he was notoriously insane before the mma stuff too. I knew him slightly in college because of some overlap between his friend group and mine, and we went to some parties with that crew. They were all completely nuts and I do NOT mean in a fun way.


Man, I hate spending time with people like that. The whole time they're around you're on edge waiting for them to do something stupid/violent/dangerous. They're like the guy Tuco on Breaking Bad. Tucos-in-training.






I believe it. I’m starting to get to the point where I’m not even surprised by craziness and stupidity anymore. The duality of HCA lol.


Imagine thinking 800,000 children go missing in America every single year. That’s nearly 1/3 of the number of births in a given year.


Like all propaganda it is close enough to the truth while being a lie to full idiots. Each year 800,000 kids are reported missing. They don't stay missing like that image implies though. The overwhelming majority are returned home in a matter of days with around half of that being home within hours.


>I can’t say I’m sold on the vax At this point the vaccines won’t do much good; the damage had been done.


But he could have a shred of decency and advise others to get it to protect themselves. Selfish to the end


Oops? rofl


“I’m going through it right now, but I still can’t say I’m sold on the vaccine.” Right, because lying in a bed in the ICU with lungs that look like cotton candy on an X-ray, that have now also developed blood clots, is nowhere near as bad as what the side effects from the vaccine would have done to you.


I died from the vaccine, several times.


It turned me into a newt.


Hope you got better!


It turned me gay. I'm a frog.


"I'm going through it right now, but I can't admit I was wrong, not even to myself - that would be a sign of weakness, and everybody knows I'm a tough guy."


It’s so dumb that some people go through this much just to protect their ego. My god I admit I’m wrong 30-50 times a day and make great effort to become better informed.


Even their holy book warns about the dangers of pride. This is quite literally biblical.


He's lying there all IV'ed up, oxgen mask on his face, looking up at doctors and nurses who are all vaxxed and working 12 hour shifts. "I'm not sold on the vaccines that allow you people to be strong and healthy while treating dozens of infectious idiots like me. I just know you all are going to start sprouting 5G antennas any minute!"


None of that enters his mind at all. If you've been aware of Diego long enough, you'd realize all you'd have to do to get him vaccinated is tell him "the elites are trying to hide the cure from you!" Motherfucker would have covid needles in both arms before you finished the sentence


Wow. I love how he slips in bits unrelated to COVID to really make his point. Like the part about NYPD having found a video on Weinstein’s laptop of Hilary Clinton cutting off a girl’s face and wearing it, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 style. Never ceases to amaze me what these (self-proclaimed non-sheep) will believe.


Looks like another casualty as a result by the teachings of Rogan…




Apparently this dumbfuck is gonna keep dumbfucking 'til the bitter end.


Virus put him in a rear naked choke.


Anyone with a brain recognised covid was no joke well over a year ago. Just sayin'


whats the deal with the "guru" comments? has he fallen for this scam before?


Yes he had a weirdo mma coach that led him down the wrong path career and training wise. He basically got kicked out of the UFC because of it.


These people are pig headed asses who can't possibly admit they're wrong. This guy's career could be ruined and he can't bring his hard headed asshole self to help others who are in way worse physical health than he. Fk him.


I’m no doc but jfc that lung X-ray looks horrific


When will Joe Rogan have him on?!


How about a ufc match right there in the hospital room. I’d pay to watch that in lieu of a gofundme for funeral expenses.


And why are these people so narcissistic? They use what little energy they have to take pics while dying so they can post them on social media for internet points that mean absolutely nothing. I will never understand the mentality that allows this.




Eh, I guess he forgot to tap out?


Holy crap. I knew this guy about 20 years ago. He was an idiot back then too. It was a trip seeing him on a reality tv show years later, and a bigger trip seeing him here now.


On his Twitter feed, fans are giving their treatment recommendations-- *5gs of shrooms in the morning and 5gs again before lunch worked great for me.* *Smoke some weed bro, sleep is the most important.* *Have you tryed cannibus medicine...i have a strand called chem squeezy that will knock you out!! Safely!!*


Slide #3: "Our government has a video that NYPD discovered on Harvey Weinstein's lap top of Hillary Clinton performing a disgusting satanic ritual where she literally cuts of\[f\] a little girls face wears it as a mask mocking the child..." I've been a member of [The Satanic Temple](https://thesatanictemple.com) for a while and never heard of this ritual. It is amazing the things that people will believe and regurgitate as fact.


“Oooooooh! He’s hurt!” - Dr Joe Rogan


Diego been in the fight game for along time. Also, if you know anything about him, you know he is mentally unstable. He is a victim to false information and is proof why the spread of misinformation is so incredibly harmful. I wish him the best, as a long time fan.


Having known Diego when we were younger I have to say he has always been one of the absolute dumbest individuals I have ever met. I guess things haven't changed. In the hospital but still not "sold" on the vaccine. He had no problem taking steroids and snorting coke back in the day but draws at the vaccine.


Accusing other people of talking shit...




Hey, could you let us know how your intubation research is going?


Even if he lives, blood clots and those lungs, his career is over.


Loved UFC so much he turned his lungs into a cage.


8 million kids go missing a year? What? "Nearly all kids reported missing in the US make it home" shit I've been reported missing twice and was never abducted. It's always some insane thing. "One million immigrants a month! 8 million missing kids! One million dead from the vaccine!!!!" What the fuck