Runkle of the Bailey is live on YouTube. It started at 5 PST [https://www.youtube.com/live/eNugnakkSg8?feature=share](https://www.youtube.com/live/eNugnakkSg8?feature=share)


This channel has all the interrogation interviews and I’m watching the Hannah Gutierrez Reed interrogation right now. First, the interview is really long, but what I’ve seen so far, she had no business accepting this position. She’s just outing herself with her attorney right next to her, and her attorney says nothing. Edit to add: I just watched the entire 2+ hours long Hannah Gutierrez Reed interrogation. She incriminated herself. Straight up said she shook the box of what she perceived to be dummies, and since they rattled, she didn’t visually inspect any further. After the shooting, they found half of the box that she perceived dummies were actually live bullets. They also found live bullets on her cart. A lot of other incriminating information in that video and it all points to her negligence. Yes, Alex could’ve checked the gun himself. I don’t think they’ll get him on that. Where they could possibly get him is why did he fire during a rehearsal. To me, that’s negligent because it wasn’t necessary.


he calls aleeek a whiny bitch for complaining about the food 🤣🤣


They didn’t serve roasted kale leaves in NM??


I like how right off the bat, he doesn't answer her first question. "Tell me about the day of the incident" He launches into an entire background of what he, and everyone else was doing for what appears to be several weeks BEFORE the incident. I was this, that, I've been in shootouts, they hand me a gun, my quick checks, blah, blah, blah...I'm 10 minutes in and he still hasn't talked about that day. I can't talk to my wife..He loves to hear himself talk. 11 minutes...he finally starts talking about the day. idk if I can listen to this whole thing..\* sigh\*


My dad was a cop and still at 90 this shit drives him nuts. 'Whatcha doing today kid?' 'Oh I'll be with Molly'. (HI Mol!) THAT'S NOT WHAT I ASKED YOU lol. I raised my sons exactly the same way. Answer the question. Hillz is an expert at not answering the question. 'You're latin?' 'Well, in Spain, you have olive oil'. 'Where did you dance?' 'Many places'. I know this isn't about her but y'all know what I mean. Ok I'll watch the video now. JA is a hotttie!


He said- "but I know Hannah was there." She was on the complete other side of the set. He even draws a pic of "Reed" there. He says Cold Gun not ever really heard loud just said for actors in talking voice. I guess all the lawyers scripted this for him to say but is careful bf he says it by saying maybe his mind filled in the blanks. When he said Producers that are actors have no real responsibility it's just a way to get a big name to sign on I knew he was trying to help ALeeek out. I was really put off that he said he had to grieve losing the completion of the film. Matt & Andros Hutchins are grieving- not this crappy actor for his lost role.


Alec is on the hook for being a producer though not just an actor. He may have made decisions we aren’t yet aware of.


Right! He was a Cheap Producer--not willing to get the crew proper accommodations when they brought the complaints to him. So that is proof he was more than just an actor. He made Producer decisions to let dangerous things continue & not shut down the set.


Alert and all the other producers should be held accountable


I agree


Love how he talks about the self checks he does after 20 some years in the industry and even standing up when they were saying no need. Alec just couldn't be bothered.


yeah, he says its a smart thing to do always...Alec claims to be smart so....lol


Just stumbled upon this video, still need to watch it. Thought people here would be interested too ^^ ETA: after watching the video: very insightful about how Alec SHOULD have handled guns. Jensen also mentions that weapon security was not up to par. Very confronting to hear him tell he sometimes (also on other sets then Rust) wanted more protection for the crew and he would not feel safe to fire a blank or dummy otherwise. That's how you deal with weapons Alec!