https://preview.redd.it/t2yewj8afzqa1.jpeg?width=640&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=f1f3c2ae09403d8991422340e7874dc5a69e020f “I must know you”


That face isn’t going to age well with all the procedures she’s done….


I could spend as much as Big Larry did changing her face, and I would still look exactly like my mother, just as she does.


She looks frighteningly haggard


Uncle Jed has basically the same inseam as Hilly Mae. 28? 29" tops. Nannies obviously don't stick around too long. Completely different people from pic 2 to 3. Plus, Pic 3..there's 4 adults for 3 children but to hear her tell it...she does EVERYTHING. She never makes mention either that the kids are ALWAYS out of the main apartment and across the hall with the nannies for the most part. Considering she has beds over there to...they must nap there too. Feel bad for the nannies being stuck in that area with the ferals all the time. Must be very isolating


In one of the alleged “nanny ads” they requested that the nanny sleep with the children.


That can't be true...Mami has posted that she can't even go to the bathroom herself because her kids want to be in her presence all the time and that she is up ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT moving from bed to bed.


Liars are gonna lie 🤷🏻‍♀️ https://www.reddit.com/r/Nanny/comments/p1qnw3/possible_nanny_ad_for_alec_and_hilaria_baldwin/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1




I imagine that's how Rafa spends most of his time. Poor dude 😢


Aw, look at ‘em. One big crappy family!


That second pic she’s in full Quagmire force!!


This looks like fucking hell to me.


Carmen is a Queen, I love her!


That grin is unhinged


The grin and her neck cords are terrifying. Grim Reaper.


Not sure when this picture is from but holy heck baby Larry looks way too small in this pic. Are we back to doll-gate???


That was back when ML was a bebe. She hasnt brought them all out for a pap walk in forever.


Alec the environmentalist😂😂😂😂😂


4 kids and 4 adults! Worse parents ever.


Really? Ever? 🤣


It’s called hyperbole




Yeah let’s all just criticize my ability to express hyperbole what a pressing issue


they loved it till they didnt, it was her daily show. In her head she planned the walks I am so sure.


& the paps alerted before hand. NYC is filled with a lot of celebrities - mightier than them - and paparazzi know where to go and when. In no world would a sane photographer sit around west village waiting for these two, hoping for a shot and a paycheck. 100% phoned in. If you check out their most ridiculous “candid” pap shots, you’ll see Backgrid owns the copyright. Search this sub for backgrid and it’ll track.


Her rictus grin is scary.


As someone a few years younger than Shooter (58) I can honestly say after raising two kids this looks like an absolute NIGHTMARE


He’s aging like it’s a nightmare! He doesn’t even have to do much but he looks like absolute hell


They can't go for a family walk without servants?!? How fucking lazy can 2 adults be? Why do they have more kids than they can take care of?!?


That poor nanny who can't bring herself to fake a smile has on a shirt that says "Happy New Attitude" which looks like an expression you'd see on a sun visor at Daiso but anyway I'm sure she wears it to try to remind herself to 'check in with her breath' and stay positive. Poor thing.


It should be a rule that you can’t judge anyone for ANYTHING if you don’t have a grasp on basic grammar.


Shut up… it was talk to text…chill


Pic 2 all you see are the jokerish fillers in her face.


Poor Manhattan. That environmental waste family.


I would need at least one person to help if I had 7 kids instead of the 2 I have which is *why I don’t have 7 kids.*


The world is so overpopulated, and this is how these bogus environmental warriors contribute to the chaos.


I still can't get over how completely and irrevocably he destroyed his life and his lifestyle. After the career he's had, he should be in the wine and roses phase, instead he's doddering around with this fraudulent shrew and her endless horde of crash test dummy babies.


You and me both, rc. It still stops me in my tracks and has me shaking my head thinking about it. It’s as if Mr. Hollywood summoned Alex to his mansion, thanked him for his years of acting service, handed him a huge sack of money (the 30 Rock payday) and the keys to a Bentley, and told him to go enjoy his autumn years. Alex threw the sack in the back, peeled out of the driveway, and crashed into the first tree he could find, bursting the car into flames. Bloodied, limping down the streets, the Bentley on fire behind him, clutching a few shekels in one hand, he drops to his knees, and with his last breath, he offers up a pitifully hoarse and week “Mi Vida!” before exiting, stage left.


Holy shit. That was hilarious !!! You are an amazing writer.


"If it makes Mami happy..."


[Hell on Earth](https://preview.redd.it/jqudk4adq3ma1.jpg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=28efccd7221155775451113eb8b2b6fbad1f05b8)


And they were that miserable and chaotic with only 3 kids! Can you imagine with 7?? 🤪


What were they thinking? Why did they go into this madness willingly?


Holding her daughters wrist in this picture, her sons in the one above…I remember some pictures recently where she was holding them by the wrists…does she ever hold their hands??


This is a really interesting photo in your link. Is that Edgarlito who is having a meltdown in the stroller? Hillary is giving Alec that "DO something!" look, and Alec is looking at the nanny like he is trying to think of what to tell her to do to make the screaming stop, but the pap is there because Hillary called them to come take pics, and it's not going according to plan because before they left for their walk, Ed promised Mami he would look happy. The nanny looks torn but everyone is extremely aware of the camera and thus trying to play it off legit. Sorry for the run on sentence but I'm going out of town and I don't have time to edit 💁🏻‍♀️


Love the note at the end slay those errors 💅


Best part are all the people on the sidewalk who don’t care who they are, while Hillz eye f*cks the one pap on the corner.


She's always staring a hole through the nearest camera


Crazy Days and Nights has a lot to say about Hillary and the nannies. (There's also an item about Jessica Alba, who wins the "Alec Baldwin award" for being rude on planes. LOL.) [https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/search?q=revealed+baldwin+nannies](https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/search?q=revealed+baldwin+nannies)


Wow! Thanks for sharing, Pepino!


The nannies seem to be different people in every picture.


I love NYC but it just seems like no privacy. Where were they going to the park or store? And need a procession like that smh.


It’s crazy because I was recently asking my nephew about celebrities, as he lives in NYC, and he sees celebrities all the time and he says they’re really normal looking in person and he hardly notices they are celebrities until AFTER they pass. He definitely wouldn’t notice the likes of Hillary or Alec. When I show him pics of them he 🤣🤣 and says they def have to call the paps!!! He says celebs have to really be the “it” celebs to have the paps bothering them “on any level”. He feels a good majority have plenty of privacy.


It's why John Lennon moved there and thankfully it's still true.


They have privacy—see the people around them not caring? They want to focus on the one person with a camera.


There’s plenty of celebrities that live in NYC and are raising kids but manage to keep them out of the spotlight. Hillary and Alec just like to be extra.


Who for example? Just curious! 🤗




They love being in nyc and thinking they are the main character… could you imagine walking behind them on the sidewalk 🤦🏻‍♀️


That's the way tourists tend to walk in NYC.


Exactly. Sauntering along oblivious to everone else and hogging up the sidewalk.


She's baring her teeth at them!


Everyone wearing long pants except the baby. Poor thing.


The thing about the situation it's fine if you can afford help and you need the help. She barely acknowledges this help and will cut them out of the photographs.


Exactly. If you have seven small children and can afford to hire help, I think it would be insane *not* to have nannies. The problem is that it conflicts with the "super mami" image that she wants to project and monetize.


She also mutes their voices on videos. Either a super creepy silent video or music to conceal their voices. So wrong.


More adults than kids. Nice going....


Right? On pic 3 they only had 3 kids - and 2 nannies???? Can’t they push 2 strollers between them?? F…g morons…


Pic 3- Alec is obsessed with carrying a kid- or Hilaria up the streps at Cannes- as proof of his virility. He really has some very f’d up stereotypes about masculine behavior- I don’t mean carrying your child on your shoulders, but no coincidence he took him out of the stroller for the cameras. These kids always look like it was total chaos to get out the door- hallmark of a dysfunctional household. Omg fakery level: Tom 🚢 Cruise. 1:04 ▶️ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Re2BjO9suDg


Wait-- chaos getting out the door is a "hallmark of a dysfunctional household"? I can't stand Hillary and them but some of you armchair psychiatrists here really take the cake.


You’re not familiar with the canon of Hilaria posting videos and pics of trying to get her crying and fighting kids out the door for the past couple of years- wasn’t about this post. “armchair psychiatrists”- only citing documentation Hilaria has provided herself- gaslighting denied.


Maybe that’s when he screwed his back up.


(Last pic) Three kids and TWO nannies. I can't fucking imagine. She must be totally inept. It's one thing if both parents are working all the time, but we know that was never the case with Hilz.


To her it’s a bragging thing. “ see how rich I am I have a team of nannies”.