I've not been on here much lately, haven't said a thing in the last few weeks until yesterday and recieved another RedditCares message. I wondered if there had been a recent influx of supporters. I never recieve them until make my presence known on this sub. Which means I'll probably get another in the next hour or so. Lame Edit: misspelling


Its part of why to us, she also feels oddly liable for the rust incident. They both feed his rage and violence.


Your picture is super beautiful, just had to say


I don’t recall seeing this until griftmas, but this rings true as far as Alec’s behavior goes. I only know one person who has personally met him (that I know of), and he was an asshole to her too; that’s why the everyone at Carmen’s school hates them.


So a reporter gets a microphone slightly close to Larry and it's all, "I wanna press charges against that blonde she assaulted my wife!" But you straight up KILL a woman and your innocent and your daughter wants to unknow it. Disgusting.




Faux News.


Larry got off pointing the blovinator in another direction like a dog to attack an innocent woman. He's as unhinged as she is. Which is why she will never divorce him. They are two crazy pepinos in a pepino pod.


The Baldwins were scrambling at this point because they knew they lied… Hilaria started it with false reporting to 911 and ~~paid cop friend~~ law enforcement, and then Alec perjured himself on the stand. They got away with it, and sent a woman to Riker’s, but they were definitely nervous about getting caught. Any time they play victim, you know they’re hiding something I do wish Genevieve was a more stable narrator because her story is compelling and an important chapter in this whole mess.


This is the story that lured me into Pepino world. That he punished a woman who did nothing wrong except sleep with him. And he had to hide it so Larry didn't find out. I hope Genevieve finds peace and justice one day. And she is sitting back and laughing and laughing at the predicament that big boy is in now.


This incident is what put Hillary on my radar for the first time too . I definitely remember reading that she was Spanish and even then she came off to me as entitled and intensely unlikable .


YES ~ this was a TRUE showing of what they are both made of - despicably toxic together ! OP - why did you have to apologize for Megyn Kelly ??? Did I miss a part ?..


Have you been asleep for the last decade?


It’s likely because Megyn Kelly is a Fox News anchor and Fox News is derided around here as a bad news station that reports inaccurate things and doesn’t mind inciting violence and panic for ratings. Megyn Kelly is also a conservative, and Reddit skews heavily left. I do too, but I don’t actually know anything about Ms Kelly or her views, so idk if the apology is warranted or not.


My God, sooo many things ppl keep track of, about why they don't like others. Must hafta have like master lists; ok >> any body that disagrees w/ this stuff - we don't like. >>everyone who agrees w/ this stuff - is our friend. Exhausting... Thank You though ! For filling me in. Truly was lost over the 'apology'


You sound really disingenuous. Like, tell me you love Fox News without saying it…


survivingGrief13 l You are so right, as in correct.


The thing is that she is a very well known NYC reporter, how did he not know her? oh yeah because he's a cornball from the Island.


Who doesn’t watch the news.


Totally. I agree the most disgusting part of all this is her sending him off like a well trained dog. What was she hoping to achieve? She knows he’s a hothead. She knew he wasn’t going to approach the reporter and talk to her or something like that. She knew he would react violently and she incited him. They fuel each other. They totally deserve each other.


She’s going to use Romeo and Edu the exact same way in the future, get them riled up and send them on attack mode


No need to apologize for including an actual news channel and person.


Is it an actual news channel, though? Even FOX said it was entertainment not real news in court.


Just like CNN and MSNBC and the rest. They're all just biased mouthpieces now.




Hillary is such a liar and instigator. What do either of them say to each other after seeing the footage? When is AB going to realize that he’s lost so much because of Hillary (before he shot someone, that one’s on him). She made up stories that encouraged Alec to go scorched earth on people. He’s been arrested, he’s lost tv shows and podcasts because his wife lies and instigates.




Good points friend. Reading my comment, I feel like I have to clarify, nobody can make us do anything. AB has free will. He can’t put it all on Hillary. But we do get entangled in things that we don’t know how or can’t climb our way out of. But either way, I very much get what you’re saying. And it’s true.


Supporter of women, everyone…. Alec’s hair is very ‘There’s Something About Mary’. Evolved. Intellectual.


I remember seeing that video. It’s her smug look after she sets Alec on her that is disgusting as well as her whole behaviour


I haf something toh say-get away from me! What adult answers a question like that? Trashy bitch.


WOW! I’ve never seen this before. Hilaria whines to Alec like a 4 year old tattling but lying about it. She truly is the perpetual victim. I have no idea how this woman was able to become the influencer she was. I’m so happy she flew way under my radar. What a bitch.


Ah yes, another bid for attention that backfired on dear old Hilarious. Nothing is beneath her when it comes to her never-ending thirst for attention and praise. She needs help.


She effed around with the wrong reporter. Linda Schmidt earned her chops being a reporter for NEWS radio. She has a network. She’s not some nobody.


Yes! I think it’s great Linda was able to immediately report her side to a national audience.


There is no low that she will not stoop to if it will bring attention, fame, or money. To her, there is no bad publicity.


She is incapable of controlling herself. Pretty messed up.


True. She calls bad publicity lies anyway, made up by bullies who are mostly women. Boy, she hates women.




Hillary is one of those women that creates drama wherever she goes! which Alec thrives on ! Also what she had no friends.




I hate saying this. I rilly, rilly hate saying this, but Schmidt *did* flick that mic in there really fast, and a wee bit too close for comfort. Obviously not tooth-chippingly close, and Schmidt knew how close to get, and is a pro, but I can still see it being a bit jarring, especially if Larry was as stoned as she seemed. But telling on her to Alex was beyond the pale. But notice how Xandy goes right in on Schmidt, no questions asked. Larry said it; it must be true! translation: He was duped. Only someone who knew she had duped someone so badly would even try this.


I don’t like how Linda tries to answer Aleek while he’s raging for the cameras. I wish she would have said “I don’t speak to people who aren’t in control of their emotions “ or something equally degrading to him.


Hillz was startled for a moment, l saw that, but she held onto and embellished this otherwise forgettable moment for a very long time. There's a lot of malice in that smol body.




There sure is, especially since, by that time, she knew damn well how much malice was in Xandy's body, and she sicced him on Schmidt. And what, exactly, did he want to charge Schmidt with? "3rd degree almost knocking out of a tooth"? such vile clowns




See, ypu and I see things differently. Surprise Hillary as she wiped around? Yes. Anywhere near "chipping a tooth?" I just don't see it. But, Alec, I think we can agree...wasn't there and took Hillary's word for what happened. No charges were filed. He's so litigious. If he could prove it, they would have been. The Bloviator has nothing better to do!


> See, ypu and I see things differently. Surprise Hillary as she wiped around? Yes. Anywhere near "chipping a tooth?" I just don't see it. I did write "Obviously not tooth-chippingly close", so I think we pretty much agree there, too. It was such a terrible look from him, in such a short span of time; from blindly believing his stupid, lying wife, to immediately getting up in Schmidt's face like a rabid dog, to whining that he wanted to press charges. They should have gone away and laid low long before Griftmas. They're just not built to handle this kind of press/attention/scene. They always beclown themselves in these situations.


For sure! They will never lay low because they want to control the narrative. Always the victims, these Baldweens!🙄


He's always looking for an excuse to bully and abuse someone, especially a woman.


Wow. He's always been a piece of 💩 This was just the pre-show everyone. Hey New Mexico This man is a menace to society. 👋👋 As always she's been a pathological liar. Thank you for sharing this. I have never seen this interview, not a fan of M Kelly but she's spot on in this interview and the reporter has nothing but class.


She certainly did ruin him.


This is definitely one of the many times Hillary has been caught in a lie. No one in the press is EVER interested in her. They just want her take on her hoosband's boorish behavior. This is yet another example of her trying to insert herself as the celebrity done wrong. " You know what, guys, no details!" " Ven aqui...go away!" " I have something to say, go away!"




I really do wonder how much of a “United front” they put on for us. I wonder if he saw the footage afterwards and was furious that she exaggerated so bad and made a huge incident that resulted in them both looking crazy. Sometimes I think he’s so mad he’s stuck with her and can’t afford to get away and would look the worst for leaving that many kids behind and he gets her up to the sky dungeon and just hates her for ruining him.


This. There’s a United front when the cameras are rolling. It was clear when he was on the phone her in New Mexico. She didn’t care about what was happening. She was barely listening. She had no interest in going there to help him. He had no idea who Michelle even was. He knows nothing about her life. He only called her for the optics. Get the wife and little kids there so people have more sympathy for him. They have a cold, distant and transactional existence. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when he saw this footage and realized that his wife’s teeth were never compromised. Yet at the same time, I think he knew that when he went after Linda. When he was talking to the cops what does Alec say? “I want her charge with assault. She ALMOST hit my wife’s face and chipped her teeth”. Almost. He knew there was no contact and therefore no assault. He still expected the police to arrest Linda. For what he just acknowledged was an assault that didn’t actually happen 🙄


She "ruined him"? I think they deserved each other. Maybe he does feel stuck as a celeb married to a proven liar and walking joke, but she did not ruin him, he was a shitty person all along.


Not to mean that he was held in such high esteem. You’re right. I guess I mean, he could have flown under the radar as a regular entitles jerk with a drinking problem like any other guy with some money and no sense. I think she just took him to a whole different level of shame. ETA: he went from working and hire worthy to untouchable I guess is what I’m trying to say.


Totally, I see what you mean. The whole española fiasco really put him in the spotlight. And yeah, I guess he was a producer in Rust because no one is hiring him, he must fund his own projects now.


It went from messy to dirty if you ask me. People still work with messy. No one wants to get dirty.


I wonder the same! He has a long history of angry outbursts and spousal/familial tension. I can’t imagine the fireworks when they fight! And yes I know they do…despite the cultivated infatuation he seems to have with her over social media.