This is toddler number SIX sitting on her stomach???? Oh mama the grift wasn’t good here.


She needs a moonbump for her flat ass.


Is this family Anti-Shoes or something ? These kids are constantly barefoot.


She's 115 lbs in third trimester.


Sure, Jan


Oh look it’s the hallway


LEONETTA!!!! Take the baby I’m done!!


Take the child!


Using your pregnant belly as a shelf for a baby cannot be comfortable...and she is doing it to take a pic of herself with her free hand?


Has the warden of this insane asylum taken away everyone’s shoes?


Yeah…moon bump couch right there


Wow wow wow that’s impossible




I did this while pregnant but it was because I didn’t want my toddler getting hit by a car in the parking lot…not because it was comfy and I wanted to take a picture.


That's my sweet Leo man...


One does not just sit a toddler on a baby. That shit hurts.


Sorry to body shame but if she’s such an amazing yoga guru master why is her ass so flat




Also, zero muscle mass in her arms. She’s not doing yoga. I go to yoga once a week, and have more muscle mass on my arms than her


Yogis are strong! I used to weight lift pretty seriously and yoga or Pilates would knock me on my ass


That hallway with the cheap,manky tarkett floor and skirting, you'd think she'd know better.


Hahaha agreed


This picture makes every internal organ in my body cringe 🫣




This is such a joke! I cannot wait until it is revealed these have all been faked pregnancies. I’m going to park myself on this thread and sift through ALL the snark.




I would not want to meet her with this expression in a dark alley. Sinister looking. Yikes, what lurks with in.


Hahaha she looks like she'd skin you alive, drink your blood and sacrifice your body to satan. Imagine some fangs there in the pic and it's spot on.


😆😂 Too funny! And most accurate! 😂😂


Looks like a botched Botox (look at her raised eyebrow and her non raised one 😂 you’d think with all access, she goes with a crappy Botox person. Also, I would never post a photo with such wonky eyebrows, in addition to the cringe factor of her kid sitting on her bump. weird.


This was taken while Hilly Mae practiced raising her eyebrow when she smiled as this added to her unique quirkiness and made her look oh-so exotic. If you look at pics of her up until the time she met Alec, her eyebrow does not raise when she smiles. When she was ready, she said on IG (in the form of answering non- queries like she loves to do to bring attention to her) "Yes, yes...my eyebrow arches when I smile...it's just something that I've always had, I can't help it, blah..blah...blah... SUCH A LIAR and SO THIRSTY






Dupers delight


Jodi Arias vibe…


This picture is sooo ridiculous like she can’t help telling on herself. 1. I know every pregnant woman is different but never in my life have I seen someone this far along *supposedly* this emaciated. There is absolutely zero weight gain or even swelling anywhere on her body. 2. Once again everyone is different but when I was *actually* this far along I cannot imagine putting that much weight on my bump or risking a toddler kicking it. 3. This shape just seriously makes no sense when coupled with the rest of her body. It’s just off to me- it cuts off so harshly below her chest and at her lower pelvis/hips. 4. The ridiculous and weird pose that’s obviously only to make her look like *la pequeña sexi mami* 🌶️💃🏻🔥🤰🏽🌶️💃🏻🤰🏽🌶️🔥. Just absolutely nuts.


Here's the thing about anyone that's thin and chimes in she complained about water retention with this child so .. ![gif](giphy|T3nwQFJq5lxFii50fR)


I used mine to hold my plate of food, but that’s as far as it went!


My last was 12lbs…I could lay out an entire buffet on mine…


A carton of Hagen dazs for me.


Phoebe style. Nice.


I held my toddler like this all the way through 40 weeks 🤷🏻‍♀️


That would be too painful for me. Plus…My baby didn’t even like my arm resting on him. He wouldn’t have stopped kicking me till I put that toddler on my hip where he belongs. Lol .


She looks so emaciated.


![gif](giphy|PQKlfexeEpnTq) You noticed! That is the narc supply she snorts up like rails of Adderall! On her behalf, may I say, grathias? This mami is included in the inclusivity!


She does, and it’s AWFUL


That is her goal to look it seems


Totally. she wants to look like a famine victim with huge bolt-on silicone breast balls. What a weird look.


I’m gonna forever call breast implants bolt-on breast balls lmao. That’s exactly how they look






moon bump seat. I just trademarked that shit


Her and Meghan Markle’s signature


People think MM faked? She was obviously puffy during and after her pregnancies though.. like we all were.


There’s a lot of speculation yes, I don’t know if it was for one or both pregnancies but there are some very questionable circumstances beyond this activity - tons of squatting in stilettos at full capacity and changing / squashed bump shapes … I’m not an expert but some people are fully convinced


All I know is there's one pic where she has a huge belly but her center of gravity didn't seem to have shifted.


Great, another rabbit hole I’m sure I’ll get sucked into


I held my 2/3 year old niece when I was this pregnant. Put her on my hip not hoisted atop my actual preggo bump. Uncomfy, extra pressure on the bladder etc etc. this kind of pic is similar to what made me think MM didn’t carry her second kid at least. Pic of big Archie held right on her bump. You don’t carry a kid right up on ur pregnant belly. Why would u but for a sec to jostle then settle on either hip?


I did for short periods like for this picture or across the house. It didn't bother my bladder or anything else. My kid was about 20lb and I geld him on top of my belly right til the very end.


U literally settled ur kid on ur bump as if it was a seat? More power to u. I can’t imagine doing it. Not comfy plus I’d worry about breaking my water, peeing myself etc. this was VERY late term. I wouldnt have dared but guess that’s just me.


Yeah I did haha. Not sure why it didn't bother me! Hard on your back but like I said, I didn't do it for a long time. I have a maternity picture of essentially this pose.


She looks pretty gaunt and flaccid for a’fitness professional”.


Like Aleeeec peen. Flaccid AF.


She looks like the grandma.




Now that I know about moon bumps, and have seen enough evidence...Omg mami 🙄


Where is her ass? 🕵🏼


He’s probably in his man cave apartment, tossing down the scotch and ruing the day he met her.


I am dying


Fucking insane twat. Because it’s sooo comfortable putting a toddler on a hugely pregnant tummy therefore cervix - all of it 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂.


She wasn’t pregnant


This is the only pic I could find of me holding #1 while heavily pg with #2. Yes, we're all different but I could not carry him directly on my bump. And a true delivery photo. I look 12 but I was 30. Crazy how time flies! *


Beautiful and real! I could not carry any baby directly ON my bump either, always sideways on my hip. But like others were saying, we are all rilly rilly diffront y multi fluid 🌊


These are beautiful and REAL. Thanks for sharing.




This is the cutest picture EVER!!! The dress, the kitchen I LOVE!!!


My 90 y/o dad is hanging in that kitchen right now. That's the house I grew up in. The house my mom died in. The house my kids played in. It's our family home. Early 2000 I remember bc I gave this pic to exDH for fathers day and had baby #2 Mid July. It's a happy home full of memories and love ❤️ I pray the B kids look back with happy memories of their childhoods too. Sad no grandparents or any one else involved that's not on the payroll.


Oh my goodness so cute!


Exactly this!!!!




Beautiful pictures thank you for sharing and I love your flair.


Congratulations beautiful mama!


You know what jumps out at me? The soft expression on your face and the soft, gentle hand on your little baby. Hillary appears to be made of cactus spines and ground glass.


LMAO 🤣🤣🤣 Spot on!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼💯


Cactus spines and ground glass 💀💀💀💀💀


That is an AMAZING post birthing photo of you holy crap. I don’t look this good in almost all of my pics aha 😅. You’re literally glowing!!


Oh I swear all Pepinos are BEAUTIFUL!! 💚💚💚💚


I'm just imagining her creepy closet full of moon bumps for each stage of pregNONcy 😬


She goes in there at night, strokes each one, and whispers, "Buenos noches, mis bebes."




I envision a bump closet similar to the shoe closet in the movie “Overboard”


![gif](giphy|YwzDwZGfXe6ze) Annnnnddrrrrrrewwwww! Great great movie 🎥♥️


Is that Goldie hawn and Kurt Douglas movie? Because I loved that film!


🤣 She turns a crank and the next sizes of moon bumps move forward! But is it made of cedar??


Like Growing Up Skipper? 😆




As a short-legged gal myself, I like to post reminders of her ***normal*** legs. Hillary wants us to think she’s emaciated and lithe, but she’s not. Thank you for the post, u/No-Passenger-4159 https://preview.redd.it/bskvoqnp4rqa1.jpeg?width=1125&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=3fceff521c0e28848dd17940a880efb50e371f17 Edit: from Halloween 2022


She really tries to hide the fact that her right leg is slightly bowed😩 \- am bowed myself, can tell by her ankles which are angled.


Non sequitor but that baby wearing is all types of wrong


ALL kinds.


OMG okay this is insane. I’m 5’3 and always felt like my calves were too big for some reason? But this makes me feel like..normal.


Is that really her legs? Not photoshopped larger?


Not photoshopped. That was her in the wild.


Her ass be like … ![gif](giphy|5zu5JovduWFBS)


Waffles over pancakes any day.




1000% living that moonbump life here. She’s supposed to be heavily “pregnant” (cough, cough) but has ZERO puffiness or swelling elsewhere? And we know she’s not pregnant so who cares if she has all 9000 of her kids sitting on the thing. 🤷‍♀️ Btw, she looks so diffront. How many faces ago was this?


The rub is she complained about water retention with Romeo. 🤔👀


She makes me sick AND stabby!!! 🤮 🔪


My doctor said women gain 20-100% more blood when pregnant (typical is 45%). Yet this woman has zero swelling or puffiness. Sure Jan.


Yes, rhubarbara! They’re such liars and frauds. She has not been pregnant since her first and Zander is 100% complicit. I can imagine the conversations they had (back then) as they were planning their deceit. So disgusting!


I believe that is when they coined that stupid phrase they have on their “wedding” bands. They make a good LYING team… they each lie - and the other swears to it!






I have a pic heavily pregnant with my second, holding my toddler firstborn. I had him slung ALL the way over onto my hip and bump one leg was on my butt, his other leg down the sane side as my hip. No way on earth could I have him sitting in top of my pregnant belly like this. What say others?


Not a chance in hell!!! Not only would it have been painful/way too uncomfortable to possibly put a toddler on top of my heavily pregnant bump, but even IF i could (which, again, i COULDN’T) there’s no way i would have for the additional reason that i wouldn’t want all that weight on my unborn baby!! That’s a delicate BABY in there!! No mother-to-be would do that. You have an innate desire to protect your baby. We already knew she hasn’t been pregnant since her first one but this is yet another piece of evidence, to add to the hundreds of others, that she was faking her pregnancies.




I'm only 26 weeks preggo at the moment and seeing the kid on top of her bump gave me sympathy heartburn! It would feel awful to carry a kid on top of your bump!


Never. Any pressure on my belly was so uncomfortable and with your organs squished upwards it would be extra weight on your stomach too 🤢I could only carry my eldest against my hip but never directly on my pregnant belly


I agree. There’s a pic somewhere of Meghan Markle doing the same ish when “pregnant” with the second baby. Literally who sits a toddler ON their belly?


Came here to say this! When I was pregnant with my second, I would carry my 2 1/2 year old as far over on my hip as possible, and if her leg was slung across my belly I was supporting it with my arm so there was almost no weight on my bump. Absolutely no way I could carry her sitting on my bump like that.


Omg fully agree. I can think of few things more cringey than the thought of pressure pushing down on my very pregnant belly. No way.


N.O. No.




You misspelled different. It’s diffront. You are welcome.


She used her low-slung prosthesis to balance her toddlers on several times a day, day after day, in the many IG stories she used to pumped out, though. As you said, you didn't do it often. Hillary did it always, whenever opportunity presesented itself.


Think back how you really really did it. Chances are you slung that baby all away around your hip


Every woman is different except she's not pregnant.


Not even my point but ok lol


It's not your point but it is mine. Every mother is different with how they can manage being pregnant and handling a toddler. The thing is Hilz has a moonbump. So of course she can lift anything. ![gif](giphy|26AHPeO7icaHU0pVK|downsized)


I am so glad I am not on social (anymore, was briefly), because I just don't understand this constant taking pics of oneself. I mean, I take selfies, but don't post them. This idiotic trend of taking a pic in the mirror while staring at your refection -- I.can.not. I wish social media would just die off. It's fucking toxic.


yesyesyes! oh you should see the effects it's having (I'm assuming large part from SM) on my daughter and her fiancé's wedding planning. everybody has lost their god damn minds and it is ONE DAY of their lives. the hype is beyond comprehension. yes, I agree. Dear Social Media, Please could you just Die Off already? Sincerely, Everyone older than 40


Oh I can only imagine how it effects young folks. Even when I was younger I just never gravitated towards social. I'd rather read a book.


Ummmm…. Reddit is Social Media? 🫤


Not really to me. But I can see how it is for other people. IG and Tik Tok and FB are the worst.


Yes. The ol’ looking-at-my-phone-while-I-stand-in-front-of-a-mirror classic pose. I don’t think I’d mind it so much if there was an interesting background. But the hallway? The worst selfies for me are people who take them in the mirrors of public restrooms.


Lol! You mean a public restroom such as was featured in one of her emergency breast-pumping sessions? It was a gala-level washroom, but a john's a john.


I am so rarely photographed gearing up for our son's wedding in 2 weeks but I won't be taking selfies. I don't think.


No one who is actually pregnant ever props their toddler on top of your belly...🙄 your uterus would be screaming, just like I am looking at this


I am 36 weeks pregnant… there is no way in hell I’d be putting my 3 year old on top of my belly like that!!!! That and I do t have a space between my boobs and belly like that?!


☝️this, 💯%


Completely untrue and I despise Hillary. I did this frequently, until I was ready to pop.


For me it was really difficult. I had to do it and I did it but my back killed me.


I could do it but I held as much of my toddler's weight as possible with my arm. Ol' Larry here is holding a beverage and a phone so probably not supporting any of that kid's weight.


Same. I could do it for a few moments. I wasn’t living my life like that, but I could pose for photos or pick my toddler up and hug and carry him for a few minutes. Wasn’t my favorite, but I could do it and deal with it. It truly didn’t hurt my stomach just my back!


She doesn't do it for a few moments. It's in thousands of photos and videos. This is how she carries kids all the time, ontop of her moonbump. You being able to do it for a few moments is not the point of this post at all, even though you keep commenting it on this thread


Just like the pictures of her carrying Carmen on top of her Rafa bump outside of Lettetman. She posed like that for a rilly long time and the zillions of pictures prove it. Plus the bump got squished left, right, up, down 😂😂


Actually it is. Prove to me she’s walking around like this. Do you have videos? Because you’re assuming based off PHOTOS 🤪 I can take all the photos doing this as well and people would ASSUME I did this all the time. And I commented twice? LOL Calm yourself.


Andddd literally no one agrees with you lol


Andddd you’re fighting with yourself. Bless your heart you think I care ❤️ Take care.




I disagree


You disagree with what?




Where are his shoes? You know he's not walking around or he's coming from somewhere with the nanny just using this as a photo op. Look at me, I'm so skinny and I've got such a cute little guy I can do it all jealous Karen's.


Here we have a six foot long left arm. The grift that keeps on giving.


If she straightened her arm it would drag the ground LOLOL


Shit! That must hurt!!! But she's not pregnant so whatever.


I’ve been unsure about moonbump but this pic is really moving my bullshit meter over to the liar end. I just had a baby a couple months ago and have a 4 year old. I would NEVER put the older kid on my bump like that, it is already insanely heavy and uncomfortable. You just wouldn’t hold him there, it would be on your hip.


Hurts my uterus just looking at this. You just don’t and won’t naturally carry a toddler this way while pregnant. Nobody. Even if you’re a super mami


Hurts my bladder. I didn’t need much to make me have to pee every 15 minutes while pregnant but, holding a 2 year old like that I would’ve had to wear a diaper.


I just couldnt physically have done it. I wasn’t a supermodel during pregnancy by any means but I was fairly fit? The pressure of seeing a baby sit on that bump makes me cringe. It’s so uncomfortable I can feel it through the picture. I had sever pelvic/hip pain throughout all three pregnancies. I think just due to babies settling, pelvis shifting, etc. Walking was hard after month 5. My last pregnancy (full term pregnancy 3) my pelvic bones shifted early and I had pain and pressure by the beginning of my second trimester. It was muscle memory. I was full on waddling by month four. Longest 5 months. Every women is different but every single woman I’ve know for decades could not do this particularly after multiple pregnancies. You’re bladder, my hips. If you’ve ever been pregnant and more than once you know this isn’t reality


Yeah. So this isn’t real. No pregnant person does this. Where have I seen this before🤔🤔🤔🤔 maybe in Montecito


HAHAHAHA! Best friend.


Ok I am 100% team moonbump and think she’s a narcissistic idiot. Also never been pregnant so will take your word that you’d never sit a toddler on your bump. (Never seen anyone do it, for sure) But question.. from what I’ve seen moonbumps are just a strap on thing. How is the moonbump supporting the weight of a toddler? Maybe Mami rilly is a witch!!


I doubt it's fully supporting the weight but it's probably helping a bit, depending on how tight the moonbump strap is it could help alot - there are hip seat carriers that look kinda like fanny packs that you can use to carry a toddler in a somewhat similar fashion, but you still have to support them with your arms it just displaces some of the kid's weight


It’s got a wide dense elastic type back to it, so it fits quite snugly.


Someone around her who has carried more than one child should let her know that no actually-pregnant person is using their growing baby to hold their toddler up. 🤦🏻‍♀️


Why do all her kids look like Charlie Brown?


They all look like Alec


My my my, what a *Sure, Jan* moment.


![gif](giphy|ggHmCDJXx4om4hNWbM|downsized) FFS. Look at her arms 🙄


She looks malnourished thin everywhere except stomach...it just seems...so highly unlikely.


I think the photo was edited to lengthen her arms and thighs to stick figure proportions.


i thought it was eugenia cooney before i scrolled all the way down


Looks anorexic


Her back is going to have problems if that really is a fetus in there.


Her forearm and hand are the length of her thigh.


Stretchy Mami


Her posture is rilly weird


Phone, monster drink, slippers and LEONETTA!!! Waiting outside the shot to take the child back.


That’s not monster.


I know I’m just inserting any drink.


Uhhhh you wouldn’t use your pregnant belly as a shelf for a toddler!!!!!!!! WTF.


No! I remember I tried to rest my 2 year old on my belly when I was like 8 months pregnant. That was a no. I had an actual baby tho, not the Spanish moonbump 3rd trimester special.


And she's not even holding him to support his weight, just keeping him from sliding off. That's about 10 to 12 kilos supported only by her moonbu... I mean belly.


It would hurt like hell and it would not be instinctual because your brain really does work subconsciously to protect that belly from anything. Any person who has experienced pregnancy would know that. So now I’m questioning if she was ever even pregnant with Carmen!!!! (I mean, it’s pretty clear that she was, but what the hell!!!! She’s so sloppy).


She seems to think that because she had an actual pregnancy with Carmen she knows how to fake it. But Larry didn't have another child at that point so she has no idea how to fake a pregnancy while dealing with another baby or toddler


Good point


She looks very thin, almost unhealthily so, but with a big ole pregnancy belly. Wow, she's sooo pregnant, guys


She’s SkInNy PrEgNaNt 💩


People who have been pregnant, does this hurt to do?


Yes everything about pregnancy was miserable for me except my healthy children. I was exhausted sick and uncomfortable. I had to carry my toddler a few times but after the 2 trimester, it was only for emergencies never to just take a vanity picture and never on top of my heavy painful bump!


Heck ya, and toddlers are heavier than they look.


It definitely would have hurt me. I’m petite, 5”2” 120 when not pregnant and this would have been super uncomfortable.


For me I had trouble because it hurt my back. I was also uncomfortable so I would do everything to protect the baby. Can you do it? Of course, should you do it no.


I'm going with yes. It's not a melon, there's a human being under there. Also, my babies would always protest if they were being smushed the wrong way. I could balance a plate on my belly, but not a toddler.


Probably! It’s not something I ever tried! Carried #1 on my hip when pg with #2