Should have put "treat me nicely" in the contract for the business transaction? "My boss treated me appallingly but I had already signed a 9-month contract that it would have cost me money to get out of." Paid-for surrogacy grosses me out.


I read this earlier and immediately thought of Her.


Me too!


Ive heard "Catherine" was Tyra Banks


I think now it was Alexis Stewart: https://nypost.com/2010/12/02/womb-for-one-more-at-martha-manor/amp/


What about Lucy Liu?


I can’t see this! Do the known facts add up?


The time frame matches and at the time she was not married.


Oh wow


It really pisses me off to read PH got a surrogate because she was scared after seeing one birth. Surrogacy really should be reserved for those who cannot, not those who “don’t wanna.”




I hear ya. She did say that the boarding school her parents sent her to performed forced cervical exams on her and it was traumatizing.


Now that I can understand. If she was assaulted in some way, birth and all of that can be very triggering. But to just say “ewww. It looked so scary the first time I saw it!” and use that as the reason behind enlisting a surrogate, that’s not OK.


That’s probably not the real reason. She is in her 40s and it may not have been happening naturally. Maybe she (oddly) thought it would be less embarrassing to use the ‘traumatized’ excuse vs just saying she was having fertility issues.


She has also said that she’s not very sexual and has been sexually assaulted, so perhaps that has something to do with it as well.


Totally agree- the surrogate is risking her life with a pregnancy. And most surrogates have to have given birth successfully so it's safe to assume most are mothers. So it's risking a mom's life because someone pretends they were traumatized by a birth???? Not a traumatizing thing...part of life


>Not a traumatizing thing...part of life Yes it's a part of life but birth can absolutely be traumatizing.


Completely agree that birth can be traumatizing for mom. The article says she (Paris) witnessed a birth that traumatized her, if the child or mother died during birth yes...that would be traumatizing to witness but it sounds more like Paris was just put off/ grossed out by the birth, so why not just pay someone else to do it. It's one thing if you suffer from fertility issues and can't carry a child, but I think it's wrong that these rich narc women are just outsourcing their pregnancies so they don't have to deal with it


There's a lot more that can happen during birth besides the mother dying that would be traumatic to witness. Hemorrhaging, emergency C-section, baby getting stuck, baby getting whisked away immediately for emergency interventions, watching the person you love in pain and distress and being powerless to help... I could go on. Some birth partners experience PTSD after witnessing traumatic births. It's nothing to be flippant about. I agree that the use of surrogates for mere convenience is morally questionable, but I don't know what Paris witnessed and how that might have played into any existing mental health issues so I'm not going to rush to judgment on her situation. However, I am judging the shit out of Hilary for her mashmillion surrogate babies.


Surrogates can like, not surrogate.


Exactly. No one is forcing someone to be a surrogate. They've presumably thought this through, and they're being compensated. Like her or hate her, Paris' reasons for using a surrogate are entirely her own, and I'm not interested in judging her for it.


Right? Wah Wah Wah, a surrogate is risking her life to give birth. Okay? It’s not the Handmaids Tale. She made choices for her body, her family and her finances. I’m not pissed off to read that someone got a surrogate because child birth is scary. Thanks for the honesty that you didn’t owe us and shoutout to you for also making choices for her body, her family and what her finances allowed her. I’ll be in my lane where I belong.


It feels wrong to have anyone do that. Like you're using their body in such a personal way. I don't like it. If you can't have a kid you can adopt.


Can we not use the “just adopt” reply? Some people are not equipped to be parents to an adopted child. It’s not that easy, and some adoptions come with various layers of trauma. I don’t have issues with surrogacy done properly, nor do I have issues with IVF. I have problems with people abusing those things all in the name of money and privilege vs real need.


Pretty sure kids want to be adopted though. So is fear mongering and telling people not to adopt cuz "adoptions come with various forms of trauma" not equally offensive to kids in foster care?


It's more a question of capacity - is the parent capable? can they navigate the labrynthine and expensive systems of adoption?


Agree. I also feel like it's too close to playing God with the IVF


No I have no problems with IVF. If it's your body you have every right to do whatever you want with it. You're not harming anyone with IVF. With surrogacy its one person using someone else's body and the mortality rate for childbirth in America is 32.9 for every 100,000 live births. Paying someone to risk their life so you can have a kid is fucked up. Especially cuz we know the rich are taking advantage of poor women's bodies.


I hadn't see this post yet, and was reading the article. When she started talking about this celebrity, my first thought was Hilary!! "She was standoffish and self-absorbed"; "I'm worried that surrogacy is being taken too lightly — you can order your designer clothes and shoes and your designer baby" - definitely talking about Big Larry & PeePaw


If this woman is 46 now, not Hillary. But I’m kind of dying to know who the celeb is…


A similar article from a different source was posted here a few months ago. Speculation was that it was Martha Stewart's daughter.


Martha Stewart 's daughter is not an "A-list star" though.


Ooooh I can imagine she’d be… difficult.


It’s so weird she claims the second baby, Malibu, was the surrogate baby. What company or companies allowed her to indulge in such an unethical transaction while Edu was already viable? I guess you can do whatever you want, but she needed to be ended at that point and banned from further surrogacies


Alcea surrogacy company.


I just now read this and thought THE EXACT SAME THING 🤦‍♀️


Nothing will ever overcome HB’s dash delivery during the pandemic, being pregnant (who knows though) herself, having a bunch of kids already…. 🥵


Agree agree agree. This continues to irrationally irritate me. While people couldn’t get needed health care, she was door dashing the baby. Worse than her Spanish grift.


And claiming they did it because of "fertility issues"


Yeah having 5 kids in 7 years and wanting a 6th before that 7th year is up definitely does not sound like fertility issues. She has to co-opt everything doesn’t she??? Spain, fluid-identity, code-switching, historical witch hunts, bullying, suicidal ideation, fertility issues etc. I’m sure there’s more but I’m pre-coffee. . .


Well we all know they did it because of “mental health issues”


When she said her celebrity had gotten a baby from another surrogate while she was pregnant too, I had big time Hilaria vibes. No clue who the celebrity was though.


I’ve read the timing matches with Tyra Banks, Lucy Liu. Some have said Martha Stewart’s daughter fits but others have said the timing doesn’t. 🤷‍♀️


Definitely not Lucy Liu. As a mom and mom friend she is wonderful and kind. She’s hosted many meetups at her home with her kid’s friends and their parents and has been nothing but lovely time and time again.


I’m glad to hear that I think she’s very talented.


I honestly thought it was Amber Heard until i read that the baby was a boy and that it seems to have happened years ago


Yes I believe some of the smarter sleuths calculated it would have been 2011. (Basted on the articles surrogates age at the time vs now. )


So anyone guess who ‘Catherine’ is?!


Finally someone posted this ! I read this months ago and wanted to post it here . I am thinking the rude lady is a kardashian


Khloé is my bet. "I'm appalled at your coldness" sounds like something Khloé would say.


Aren't they based in California though? I believe they said they met in NYC which, combined with the rest of it, is why I was thinking Larry at first.


My guess was Khloe too ! But don’t know enough about them to know dates and such to be sure


Oh good call on the dates.. I didn't even think about how long ago it would have been, I just knew it couldn't be Paris because they mentioned her in the article lol


The surrogate is 46 now so I imagine it had to have been at least 10+ years ago.


My first thoughts too!


Hillary jumped into my mind as well. I don’t have any problems with people using surrogates. I have an issue whether they lie and make out that they have a had baby themselves and merch the poor little thing. I wonder who that sounds like 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


The celeb was single with no other children so definitely not her. Whoever it is sounds like a real pos though 😩


"Catherine" in this article is Alexis Stewart, Martha Stewart's daughter. I would not say Alexis Stewart is a celebrity. Perhaps the article framed her that way to better disguise her identity? (I am not outing her, btw--Alexis did that herself)


Alexis makes sense. Her personality is..different..and I can totally see how she puts most people off!


Ok I’ve been googling around. The only celeb that I found that had a son as single mum via surrogate more than 4 years ago is Lucy Liu but she doesn’t seem like she’d be an asshole??


I’ve read the contrary. She’s not been in anything in ages, she was apparently horrible on Charlie’s Angels.


Didn’t she have a successful TV show for a while? I think she works pretty steadily.


Her sister did


Her sister was on Elementary in a starring role?


No, her sister is a journalist. I’ve never heard of Elementary


Are you talking about Lisa ling? I don’t think her and Lucy are related.


I think I am. Oops! But I do think Lucy Liu has a reputation for being a jerk.


I think bill Murray would agree with you but a lot of ppl say he is a jerk too. 🤷🏻‍♀️


I Googled this after I read the article and the consensus was it’s Alexis Stewart, Martha Stewart’s daughter. I had never heard of her, but it turns out she’s an absolute piece of work. She co-wrote a book with someone, supposedly her best friend, and then ditched her. Only she still had to promote the book with her - she is HORRIBLE to the ex friend. There’s one super awkward, uncomfortable interview and I just felt awful for the other author/ex best friend. Alexis Stewart is just a terrible person.


I have a friend who worked as a hairdresser for Martha Stewart and said she’s an absolute nightmare.


Martha has a house in mount desert island , near where i live in Maine. She regularly calls the police on people for being anywhere near her property . A classic story is her calling the cops on a car that turned around outside her gate (just another lost tourist) and having her security escort them far away .


I have a friend who grew up there and she now has a summer home there as well. She told me the same things you did.


This isn’t Hilary. She’s not A-list🤣 but I doubt she treated her surrogate any differently


This has to be about Hilary!


Larry wasn't single.


Nah. The description of the women involved isn’t a match