The photo does look retouched as hell, to be fair


It’s because she has no hips. That dress’ cutouts are specifically placed to emphasize curvy hips, which she does not have. Thus the sad droopy napkin bows.


Those ugly bows are sad and depressing https://preview.redd.it/qkjzg6640zqa1.jpeg?width=200&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=aa30c9346096ca5f0d3e980e2994a4058da1cc9d And Alec looks like he’s 80


The bows look like last minute sanitary napkins added for “decoration”


Like a DIY prom dress competition


and she literally stinks (holds nose, waves hand in front of it)


Now, now, she took a bath that one time and we know because she posted about it 🧼


I still think the dress is ugly, but Hillary made it look worse by posting a photo from her iPhone taken in a dingy hallway. This other woman is a proper influencer, it seems, with much higher quality photos. Also her photo is taken from a low angle looking up which is also more flattering.


that 34th st dress? it was cheap looking no matter who wore it, white bow had me laffing .


👍 Perfect description; that’s totally a shit-store-on-34th-Street dress! Conway? Or is there a Zara’s from eTHpana there now? 😂


That dress is ugly af and the girl you posted in it seems to post the exact same kind of content yall bash Hillary for… some of these posts are just straight up hypocritical let’s shit on one woman but praise the next for doing the same thing just looking better while doing it…. It’s all so tacky


Amen. Im just looking at another mess. I literally was like, this girl looks ridiculous in her one-piece 100 dollar bill bikini and I’m just as unimpressed by yoga mami. I’m in Miami. Sure, we’re ridiculous but there’s so much money here and so many people who know how to wear it. Hint: not on a bathing suit. Usually in the form of a timepiece.


That’s why I’m just not on social media besides Reddit. Can’t stand the wealth flaunting when I’m over here struggling… 😅✋🙅🏼‍♀️🛑


Miami isn’t all yachts and exotic cars and plastic surgery. There’s normal people here and extremely wealthy people here who would never ever wear that crap.


Personally I want to visit Fl for the gators 🐊😆


There’s plenty of that up around central FL (Gator Land, Gator Jungle). It’s a lot less frequent to come upon in Miami.


But not unheard of right?? So ur telling me everyone in florida does not own Burmese python 🐍😢


I’m howling. Because how is it that I’ve never seen one yet, they’re always turning up out in the Everglades cause allegedly people had em as pets and turned em loose. But who are these people?!


It’s the gator boys 🐊🐍😂 Well if u see one feel free to capture and send to me in Cali 🙏🏻😁


This is a trashy dress no matter who is wearing it.


I agree!! It looks very cheap.


Agree, it’s just awful and looks like something a 16 year old would wear to a prom but instantly regret when she sees the photos.


Not the same dress. H was velvet and had a turtleneck. But the cut outs in this version certainly look a little better on this lady. The design is clearly to show off the curves of the waist and H does not have any curves.


I didn’t look clearly I was like “must. Post. To. Reddit” without even doing a side by side.


It's all good! I shouldn't know what the dress looks like without even having to look it up. 🤮 😆 It is similar though!


Larry's so cheap that if she lived in a house long enough, its value would plummet. *Oh wait*




Whoa! You aren’t kidding! That horrible dress looks beautiful on this woman! And the shoes are perfect. It’s so nice to see appropriate shoes.


This is a different dress than that crushed velvet maxi length mess we have all come to know and love.


They all look the same to me, I should have done a side by side. I saw the bows and cuts outs and had to come to the sub to post lol


Larry definitely bought the knock off 😂😂😂


In her mind she is the distorted images she produces. She has no sense of style because she doesn’t know who she is. She makes dumb decisions on a whim, she dresses against the guidelines of the events and this dress choice was just another example ..


💯 Hilaria wore pastels to the Black, Red, White party and her husband wore khakis and dressed like Skipper from Gilligan’s Island. 🧐Accidental find— how old was this actress? https://www.gettyimages.at/detail/nachrichtenfoto/actor-alec-baldwin-actress-daisy-eagan-and-actress-kim-nachrichtenfoto/484798355


Daisy Eagan was born around 1980, so she’s perhaps twelve here. She’s the youngest Tony Award-winning actress ever (“The Secret Garden,” 1991). So show some *respect*, Grampperv!


She has a great podcast, too!


Goodie. Thanks!


Ewwwwww! Looks like that young girl is sitting on his lap! She was 12 (born 11/4/79)!


Just re: his hand placement- would it be the same for a photo with an adult sitting next-to him?


Ewww Alec has his hand on the kid. Daym … He’s a long time perv - buddies with perpetrators and creating kids yearly with a hired “wife,” wth js actually going on that house of horrors.


that dress was made for women with womanly hips. it just fit hillary’s body all kindsa wrong.


She thinks she’s good at fashion and tries way to hard to be unique and different.


Larry Lynn herself is cheap and tacky and it's reflected in her "style". She also doesn't dress for her shape and size, so things look wrong on her.


She is working that dress and it does look way better here. Pillz is a 🤡


True, especially a few years ago when she was invited to events or on air. She just doesn’t have good taste and looks like she exclusively shopped at Forever 21


I’m not going to lie, I still buy things at forever 21 and h&m. It’s not about what exactly you’re wearing as much as it is how you out things together. However, I don’t post selfies of myself in my forever 21 linen shorts that I bought last week, so that’s a whole other story


Those stores are great! But you know Hillary prob was shopping at high end stores and still looked like she was wearing fast fashion. She had access to a lot of stylists and prob accounts at high end stores but always looks cheap. At least she dressed like a girl her age though! Now she looks deranged in her gold vest and strawberry shortcake jackets!


Which she knows since she’s moved to “this country”