Steal their dates.




Im sorry wat?


What the hell happened here


The person that made the original comment was like how else am i gunna eat children




So pedo now want to be a sexual orientation?




This comment above me deserves to be in r/cursed comments fr




This is really the top comment?


Pedophiles, would gladly have you eat them




Itsy bitsy dumplings of course




Dnt forget those nasty art of zoo fucks


who they


Practioners of bestiality (see earlier comment)


Them Finns. (Perfectly legal here)


Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right


The bad furries


I'd say that they're just zoophiles trying to appropriate the image of furries. We do not recognize them as members of the fandom.


I made the mistake of looking it up and now i want new eyeballs and a new brain.


Aren't the animal fuckers tryna join in too?


They prefer to be called Iowans


Funny way to spell Nebraskan


What would an Iowan know about spelling though😂


Good point


This has been wholesome comedy.


... about beastiality.


What part of Wales is that?


What animals are we Iowans gonna screw? We got nothing but soy and corn fields here. We’re soy boy corn farmers.


Fun fact about the origins of cornhole……😁


Haven't heard anything of it other than what you wrote here.


They’re on Twitter


No I'm not..


Okay, here boy, come with me to the backyard. Its time...


When did the zoophiles start trying to get in I haven’t heard about that


I think it was soon after maps were trying to, basically since quite some time


Yeah they are and we should try our best to make sure they don't get in


Yeah, I heard that a guy called sonicfox was one of those fucks, but he defended his horrible behavior calling everyone homophobic and white supremacists if they called him out


I went to a pride event and they had furrys and puppies gimps so not that far off.


The puppy thing is BDSM


Schools are actually recognizing "furries" as a thing. They can come to school wearing all the ears, tails, and leashes but the normal kids get dress coded for wearing tank tops and ripped jeans. It's F'd up.


Yea the rules on accessories in schools has always been loose as fuck. Ripped jeans is a no no but the girl can be in class with cat ears and face paint… bitch this is high school


and youre saying you wouldnt want an excuse to wear cat ears?


I want an excuse to wear a hat :(


Bro just stick cat ears on it.


Pedos and zoophiles never intended to joined the LGBT+ community internet troll made this up so anti-lgbt people could try to argument against them (pretty shitty argumentation). I don't think pedos or zoophiles would publicly speak out about their illigal acts


What is a pansexual?!


the opposite of hand-tossed sexual duh


This made me laugh more than it should have.


Someone who can only reach climax at a panera


What’s a panera? Am i asking too many questions?


People who are attracted to pans, they get very horny when cooking


That was my initial thought too, but naah turns out it’s something else. I’m alil disappointed ngl


No, no, it's people who have sex to honour the Ancient Greek god Pan.


No, no, it's people who are attracted to flying kids named Peter


No, it's people who get horny when all the continents were 1 big continent


Idiots, its French. It's people attracted to bread.


cmon man , they are people that jack off to wide pictures


Bisexuals with no extra steps


Pepple who become aroused to the soothing sounds of the Pan flute


whats the difference between pan and bi?


Pan is spanish for bread and bi is an abbreviation of Business Intelligence Software


































As a human I hate my own kind.


lets go talk to the aliens to take us out of here


They just want to complete the alphabet /s


Then they realized pansexuals already occupied P


They just wanted to add their little p to it


They like to put Ps in places where shouldn't go


there isn´t someone occuping the m, that´s why they call themselves M.A.P's


They call themselves “MAPs” which stands for “Minor attracted people” and it’s so fucking gross 🤮 These kinds of people are why places like Uganda are so prejudiced against the LGBT+ (not kidding, a “pastor” once went on the national news and declared the LGBT+ are trying to teach children how to sodomize themselves with bananas. After which he threw a banana on the table, it would have been funny if it hadn’t been so sad and horrifying)


What a terrible banana advertisement.


Yeah, as a Ugandan I can confidently say that advertisement is not and never has been our strong suit 😗


Show you da wae of da banana (Not intending to be offensive)


It's here in the US too. My SIL posted on Facebook and I quote: "First they let black people marry white people. Now we're letting gay people marry. What's next pedophiles marrying children?" Massive backlash from my wife's family because they are black along with all the non Southern Baptist. *"I don't understand what you're all angry about. It's just an opinion."* **Bitch looks like a big toe wearing a wig and has an uglier personality.**


“Hitler did nothing wrong. *I don’t understand what you’re all angry about. iT’s JuSt An OpInIoN.*” It’s so weird how people think exclaiming their horrific views as just opinions grants them impunity from societal judgement and consequences.


People never realize that freedom of speech ≠ freedom from consequences of that speech and it pisses me off.


People don't understand, with freedom comes consequences. You're free to do whatever, but gotta live with the consequences after.


Lol. Like, 'First I ate my breakfast. Then I ate my lunch. What's next? Eating my shoes???!!' It's a slippery slope, I tell you! First you eat a muffin. Then you eat a sandwich. Next thing you know you're all outta shoes! That's how shit works, I tell you!


So the SIL is some r/BeholdTheMasterRace material?


yeah, the pedo argument has existed for a long time, and its fuckng bollocks, there is no fucking way allowing TWO CONSENTING ADULTS to marry lead to people fucking children, that only proves they dont know how sexuality nor mental health issues work.


Why did he bring an actual banana as a prop? Was he trying to insinuate “THIS banana!”??


"Fuck this banana in particular" \-that guy


Lmao those African lgbt videos are hilarious “they eat da poo poo!”


they are less hilarious when you find that they are funded by US Fundementalist Christains in the USA


US Fundamentalist Christians...*in* the USA?!


oh my god nobody told me the US fundamentalist christians live in the USA


"They love it, they eat it like ice cream!"


Why are you ghe


Listen to me, I'm so tired of explaining this so I don't know how much longer I can do this before I have a stress-induced stroke. "MAPs" was literally part of a Pride Month troll campaign by 4chan. Specifically, a small group of anons cause most people don't really give a fuck about that. The whole point was to get it spreading on Twitter to make LGBTQ+ people look bad because they knew that Twitter/Reddit users are extremely self-righteous and gullible and thus would believe this without any effort, which they did. Stop believing everything you hear. Learn to question things and think critically. This will be very important in adulthood because I sincerely hope none of you are adults and still falling for things like this.




[This is a better version](https://youtu.be/yPP5bD8xVhg)


Happier than I should be seeing asexual up there


Down here a few years ago a pedo group tried to join the pride parade. Obviously the pride organization declined. When they were excluded they said they were going to hand out flyers during the parade but eventually backed off. They called themselves the child liberation front. These People truly live inside their own world.


So serious question here. I don't mean to offend anyone. Can someone explain to me the difference between Bisexual, Pansexual, Asexual, and Non-Binary?


The difference between bisexuality and pansexuality is fairly subtle and almost non-existent, but in essence: Bisexuality is sexual attraction to multiple genders Pansexuality is attraction regardless of gender Asexuality and nonbinary aren’t really “differences” with the other two Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction And nonbinary means your gender identity is not explicitly male or female


Thanks for the info! It clears up some of my question but not all. Like aren't there just two genders? Trans become one or the other so wouldn't they fall under male or female? Unless you count them as their own gender in which case I suppose pan would be all three? Or is nonbinary its own thing as well? In which pan would be all 4?


I never understood what non-binary means. Like, gay, lesbian, trans, and queer (it's queer right? Just making sure) are already non-binary, so what those non-binary mean?


Quantum phase transition


Quantum gays lol


Non binary people are people that quote “don’t identify themselves with either of the two genders that are accepted by society”


Aren't non-binary people binary at the end? We are having a new binary system of binaries and non-binaries


Binary specifically refers to the base 2 number system, so no, there can’t be more than two binaries: 1&0


now they are not in a binary system of male or female, but in a binary system of binary or non-binary.


You just confused non binary for me even more. Also, I see you know what a queer is, may I ask what it is.


Non-Binary are on the transgender spectrum, there are trans men and trans women. And then there are non-bianry for example. Male and female are two binaries, if you are non-binary it might feel like you are between or outside the male/female binaries (all non-binary people feel differently so im trying to explain as best as I can). Some might feel like they are no gender at all and there are a different lable for that (agender) but some of them just calls themselves non-bianry. Non-Bianry are a spectrum, there are non-binary,gender fluid,Agender,demigender and more and all of them fall into the non-bianry/trans spectrum. I myself are a transgender male and my binary are Male and I dont know how it is to be non-binary, even if it is on the trans spectrum so I hope i explained it right.


If non-binary is a spectrum. Aren't we ALL non-binary if you dig deep enough?


Well I would say no, most people identify with male/female and nothing else. I might be trans but I still identify with the male binary 100% and would not be comfortable calling myself non-binary. Idc what people call themself but not everyone are non-binary. Just like not everyone are cis (edit: sorry if I misunderstood your question please correct me if im wrong)




Where is the line between autistic and not autistic? What defines the point where one is considered on the spectrum?


Speak for yourself


A binary has two parts - 0 and 1, male and female - hence "non-binary" people don't consider themselves to fit in the latter binary.


I love how just by looking at this comment thread you can see the chaos crazy stuff like this causes lmao


None and all of the above


MAPS people need help


im expecting a shitshow. welp. what snacks does everone want?


... are you offering free candy?


Are people searching for Pedos because I legit have not seen one person publicly aligning with pedophilia must be a very specific place you find them like threads created and dedicated to themselves? Either that or my algorithm knows giving me Pedo locations would probably be dangerous for the both of us.




This again? Fake 4chan post = became a meme and everyone believed it. They never tried it.


My man if I have learned anything in my years as a /b/tard is that there is no limit to what people will regurgitate as fact without a second thought.


We're Foucault and De Beauvoir also 4chan plants? Maybe NAMBLA was also far right ploy?


I don't identify as any of these but nobody needs a pedophile


They have been trying to "join" the LGBT for MANY MANY years, its like them trying to convince the kids parents they a really in love... its never worked and its just them outing themself lol


Omw to sort by controversial


I thought this was something 4chan pulled out of their ass


Please don't fall for this. It is literally a medium effort 4chan troll.


I have a cure for pedophilia. It comes in several wonderful varieties of razor sharp cold hard steel.


You know pedophiles can be heterosexual right?


It doesn't matter if you try to call yourself a "MAP", a "virtuous pedo" or whatever else. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and offers free candy like a fucking pedophile, it's a fucking pedophile.


Yes Pedos are not welcomed here






You’re all idiots.


You're gonna need to be more specific on this. Pretend you're explaining your statement to idiots.


U all dum (is that better)


Can you type slower?


That's reddit for you bruv. Hardly any based people left


This keeps coming up not because the LGBTQ movement has any actual connection with or interest in pedophiles, but because people who hate LGBTQ people think that comparison is useful. 9/10 times you see shit like this, it's a 4chan op. They keep doing it because it keeps fooling people.


As far as i've read that's not an actual thing. It's just a bunch of right-wing trolls trying to de-legitimize and turn public opinion against LGBTQ people. They play a pedophile and say they should be included just so they can rip off the mask and jump up and down screaming "LOOK LGBTQ PEOPLE WANT TO INCLUDE PEDOPHILES NOW!" when the only people saying that are them.


>As far as i've read that's not an actual thing Yeah, pedophiles are not just trying to join lgbtq, they were a part of it for quite some time. Notable names include: • Simone de Beauvoir, lesbian feminist superhero second to none, of "every woman is homosexual by nature" fame, was one of the signers of the 1977 petition against age of consent laws demanding "recognition of the right of children and adolescents to maintain relationships with persons of their choice". It was in reaction to three men being taken to trial for grooming boys and girls under 15 years of age, but allegedly "without violence" • Michel Foucault, practically the Pope for LGBT dogma, also advocated for eliminating the age of consent laws and called restricting kids from having sex with adults as "an abuse" "[assuming] that a child is incapable of explaining what happened and was incapable of giving his consent are two abuses that are intolerable, quite unacceptable” • Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in California, of Oscar winning biopic about his life, and has a Navy ship named after him. Milk took advantage of his work with at-risk youth to groom at least one 16yo runaway Jack Galen McKinley who had substance abuse problems and lived on the streets of NYC (where the age of consent was 17). Jack would end up committing suicide years later. • Gayle Rubin, "queer intellectual" author of Thinking Sex, widely regarded as a founding text of Gay/Lesbian studies and Queer Theory. Defends "boy lovers" and their "erotic orientation". In her own words: “Like communists and homosexuals of the 1950's, boy-lovers are so stigmatized that it is difficult to find defenders of their civil liberties, let alone their erotic orientation. Consequently, the police have feasted on them. Local police, the FBI, and watchdog postal inspectors have joined to build a huge apparatus whose sole aim is to wipe out the community of men who love underaged youth. In twenty years or so, when some of the smoke has cleared, it will be much easier to show that these men have been the victims of a savage and undeserved witchhunt. A lot of people will be embarrassed by their collaboration with this persecution, but it will be too late to do much good for those men who have spent their lives in prison.” • Judith Butler, arguably the most influential "gender theorist", wrote about "non-traumatic incest" that becomes traumatic due to the socially constructed stigma associated with it. She sees incest taboo as working towards heteronormativity and asks that prohibition on incest be rethought to prevent the "violation" that is heteronormativity. • John Money, early luminary of modern "sexology" and the study of gender identity, advocated for "gender affirming" genital mutilation back in the 60s, truly a trailblazer. He's the doctor behind the infamous case of David Reimer, a victim of a botched circumcision and subsequent Mengele-style sexual corruption that led David to suicide after decades of suffering. This were Money's views on boys having sex with adults: “If I were to see the case of a boy aged ten or eleven who's intensely erotically attracted toward a man in his twenties or thirties, if the relationship is totally mutual, and the bonding is genuinely totally mutual ... then I would not call it pathological in any way” • Magnus Hirschfeld founder in 1897 of an institute deemed "the first advocacy for homosexual and transgender rights", considered homosexual "ephebophiles" as something common and nonpathological • Henry "Harry" Hay, pioneer in US Gay rights, founder of the first sustained gay rights group in the US. Supported NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) and marched in the pride parade with a "NAMBLA walks with me" shirt • David Thorstad another pioneer in US Gay activism, in the 1970s was president of both the Gay Activists Alliance, and Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in NYC. He founded the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). He compared being a pederast in the US with being "a Jew in Nazi Germany". In his own words: “Pederasty is probably historically the most common form of homosexuality in Western culture, as well as many other cultures” • Pat Califia, renowned trans essayist on LGBT matter: "any child old enough to decide whether or not she or he wants to eat spinach, play with trucks or wear shoes is old enough to decide whether or not she or he wants to run around naked in the sun, masturbate sit in somebody's lap or engage in sexual activity." • Guy Hocquenghem, French gay rights activist, "queer theorist" and novelist, another signer of the age of consent abolishing manifesto. His own words: "This notion of consent is a trap, in any case. What is sure is that the legal form of an intersexual consent is nonsense. No one signs a contract before making love... When we say that children are 'consenting' in these cases, all we intend to say is this: in any case, there was no violence, or organized manipulation in order to wrench out of them affective or erotic relations." • Camille Paglia, author of Sexual Personae and prominent LGBT historian. A militant lesbian feminist, allegedly the first openly lesbian woman at Yale. Supporter of NAMBLA and "erotic fondling with any age.". Her own words: “These days, especially in America, boy-love is not only scandalous and criminal, but somehow in bad taste. On the evening news, one sees handcuffed teachers, priests and Boy Scout leaders hustled into police vans. Therapists call them maladjusted, emotionally immature. But beauty has its own laws, inconsistent with Christian morality. As a woman, I feel free to protest that men today are pilloried for something that was rational and honourable in Greece at the height of its civilization” • John D. Stamford, founding father of the LGBT press with his first of it's kind massively successful magazine Spartacus International Gay Guide first published in 1970 and still operation as an app 51 years later. An active "boy-lover", Stamford also run Pan: a magazine about boy-love later renamed Paedo Alert News in which he promoted the "Paedophile Information Exchange", a British organization dedicated to promoting paedophilia. Stamford died in custody awaiting trial for publishing information aiding paedophiles to solicit child prostitutes in third world countries. • Ian Dunn, founder in 1969 of the Scottish Minorities Group, the country's first LGBT rights organization, still operational under the name Outright Scotland. He helped establish Britain's first gay newspaper, Gay News, and worked as an editor for Gay Scotland magazine. Dunn co-founded the Paedophile Information Exchange (UK's own NAMBLA). A room at the Glasgow LGBT Centre was named after him. At his funeral, a young man claimed to have been raped by him at age 15, and stated he was attending "to make sure he was dead". Dunn's own words: “I am not one of those homosexuals who get cross or nervous when the subject of love between men and boys is raised” • Allen Ginsberg, renowned gay poet recipient of the 1974 National Book Award and 1986 Poetry Society of America's Frost Medal. His work prominently features graphic homosexuality and was the subject of milestone court cases on obscenity laws and free speech, catapulting Ginsberg to legend status in LGBT literature. He was a member of NAMBLA and read a "graphic ode to youth" in a documentary about the organization. • Alfred Kinsey, prominent sexologist and founder of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction which was the academic source cited by the Sexuality Information and Education Council (SIECUS) to design Sex Ed policy for schools. Creator of the Kinsey scale of sexual orientation and recipient of funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. His scientific malpractices are too many to mention: from faking data, to having sex with test subjects and students, to using paedophiles as a source of information on pre-adolescent orgasms. A 2016 review stated that Kinsey, a bisexual, likely overestimated the frequencies of non-heterosexual attractions in his reports.


Watch em say "love is love"




WAIT!!! Pedos have a group? I thought it was an insult. Not a compliment. FUCK YOU CHILD TOUCHERS!!!!


Pedophile fits more in the mental health spectrum and not "sexuality"


Actually, I heard it's actually a lie by Uber Right wing people to discredit the whole LGBT thing. "If we allow the gays to marry, where will the line be drawn?" Consenting Adults. That's the line.


Pedophillia is not a sexuality, it is a crime. And then fucking Barlo’s have to join in! (In case you don’t know what barlosexuality is, look it up. It will disappoint you.)


I think this is where many people are confused. Pedophilia is not a crime, it is a mental health disorder. But pedophiles are more likely to harm children, which IS the crime.


Not trying to defend pedophiles but they said being gay was a mental disorder not too long ago as well.


What a confusing world we live in.


Psychology isn't a science, thus all the inconsistencies, subjective morality and social acceptance play a much bigger role than objective definitions Everything can be a sexuality, people just flip-flop on what's acceptable or not according to peer pressure. Look up Pitcairn Island, it's an interesting story about a society in which pedophilia was normal and didn't affect anyone negatively until outsiders came (Not defending pedos, I just hate how people take psychology and social "sciences" as gospel and cherry-pick what is "true" even though they contradict themselves and are hypocrites)


It's currently considered a sexuality and a mental health disorder in the field of research depending on the cases. Its subject to change due to the lack of/ongoing research, this topic is usually under funded and scientists/psychologists are reluctant due to the risk of their career due to them finding something that may not align with peoples feelings.


NOT DEFENDING THIS AT ALL but isn’t that what society said about homosexuality 40 or so years ago?


lol non-binary is there but not trans


Pedos and zoophiles are not wanting to join the lgbtq. This is spread by 4chan and twitter trolls who are not representing the groups. Source: zoophile spokesperson and pedo spokesperson


Harry Hay was a pedophile this isn't new


same with zoophiles trying to be furries


That's strange, I thought the catholic church hated the lGBTQ+ community


Made a whole flag and all. A flag that deserves to be burned and trashed


Do they seriously think they'll allow it to happen?


So Pedos want to be in sexual orientations?


“MAPs” now appearantly


Baphomet worshippers


Every seen the MAP pride flag? It sucks.


Pretty sure if lgbt accepted pedo's their credibility will instantly fall and never recover.


I looked at the controversial comments and almost gagged. Sorry OP that’s the only reason why I’m downvoting this meme


I don’t think they are really trying to. I think it’s mostly conservatives saying they should be because they hate queer people.


Too many times ive heard of pedophilia being referred to as a taboo kink. Makes me sick