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I've seen this scene so many times and In just realizing it's a beam of light and not a wooden beam. This whole time I just assumed the second guy was afraid to cross cause it was dark and he couldn't see the wooden beam well and thought he'd miss it so the other guy offered tonlitht his way. Now I realise it was a beam of light and I feel dumb.




>You cut one of the biggest Holups of the story. ?? You realize you're not responding to OP right?


That guy is probably a karma farming bot. His reply is literally a crtl+c/crtl+v of [this comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/HolUp/comments/vhx89g/can_you_understand_the_joke/ida9lbh/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


He could have just knocked him out by choking him, right? You won't necessarily die if you are choked. You're actually still alive after being choked just as long as your wind pipe or neck isn't snapped or broken. What actually kills most people who were choked isn't the choking but the fact that they weren't placed properly after being KO'd that their tongues block their throats thereby making them lose oxygen and then eventually dying. It's the same as when you're choke holding a person. They're actually still alive and will wake up a few seconds later if you let go right after they pass out. But stay in that position a minute or so longer then you would have effectively killed them by denying oxygen to their lungs.


Why is this guy being downvoted? Almost everything he said is entirely correct.


Technically yes but if you've seen or read "the killing joke", where this scene comes from, you'll know that's where joker did some of his most horrible atrocities in the history of him and batman existing, and in both the film and comics, it is heavily implied that batman finally broke and chokes the joker to death, breaking his one rule to not kill.


Oh, understood. Now it makes sense


I remember reading this as a kid. I always thought it was fucked because it's implied Bruce kills the joker after this joke.


Yeah it looked like batman would strangle him after the end


He does.


Really ? i remember the movie ends here


[Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/HolUp/comments/vhx89g/comment/idaauu9/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) Edit found video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PppqpubWkHs


I mean, it is called The Killing Joke


Finally, Batman grows some balls.


That's some Killer Joke


A killing joke


even better


In the literal sense it’s that the guy thinks he can walk on light after saying “do you think I’m crazy?” Metaphorically it’s that Bruce can move on from his trauma, Joker can’t


You can’t walk on light If he can could the other guy would just shut it off I don’t know I’m stupid


The joke is that they both fully believe you can walk across a beam of light, because they both just broke out of an asylum and are therefore crazy.


Or that the 1st one is talking about a wooden beam and *the crazy* think he's talking about a light beam


Unless we're in a Forerunner installation in Halo, that's pretty much the point




It is you are correct


It is not.


People not understanding downvoting you. Yes "do you think I'm crazy" it's part of the joke but it's not why that is the joke Joker said in that moment, and not why it's funny to both Joker and Batman


It is not. The joke is pretty much analogous to Batman and the Joker. Batman would make it across to the next rooftop, Joker is convinced Batman would give up on him part way through. Joker is never making it across.


No, it just means the 2nd guy was stupid to think he could walk on light and was afraid that the 1st guy would turn off the light and he will fall if done so not realizing you'd just fall after you step off the roof.


No, dude. That might be the deeper meaning behind the joke, but thats not the joke itself nor the punchline


You can’t walk on light


Yeah, cause people are always turning it off! Not a safe gamble!


The joke in itself reflects more of a psychological values to the characters. Batman and Joker are the two crazy person who needs escape from the asylum of their mental dysfunctional state. Batman is the crazy who jumps across cause he was brave enough and trying to figure life out in his own way but Joker is afraid to do so. So when the other crazy guy suggested to shines off the light across the gap, it reflects to the fact that Batman offers help (which even he wasn't certain exists or not) to Joker. But Joker being afraid of being hurt again and left mid-way is scared of help.


Or maybe it's the other way around. The Joker is the one who jumped across, he lives life how he wants and not in fear. Where as Batman is restrained by morals and laws, the fear of tarnishing the symbol. Batman will always be trapped, he doesn't really have choice.


I understand how this is possible interpretation but just before this scene batman asks joker to leave his current life behind and come with him and try to assure him that he'll help him in any way possible. https://youtu.be/l3DWn2OPwvM


and then people belittle cbms


I think the light metaphor is about him being un-helpable not his lack of trust for Batman’s intentions. The second part although is (him turning it off halfway).


What's the music name?


Dido - Thank You


Thanks for telling me!


isn't this from Eminem's Stan?


Stan samples Dido's song


yep slim had done a collab with dido for stan, but dido came out with her song before stan was even made. i dont exactly remember how long before the song was even shown on mtv or vh1. but it happened.


I sample granola and sausages at Costco




Ayo hold up wait a minute...... something ain't right


But it is and dont come with things over jokes with auzwitz


The 2 guys were escaping from a “lunatic asylum” + when the one guy told the other his flashlight plan the other guy said “do you think I’m crazy?”. They’re escaping from an asylum. They’re both crazy.


Then he told the same joke to jason. It was the last time joker laughed.


Why the musik ?


Is not so bad


Man this movie is really sad. While joker is your comical evil, he really was a common man with one bad day too many


I guess I can but I am not sure.




Ive been pretending to get this joke for years.


They both broke out of an asylum. One guy jumps a gap to another roof, the other doesnt jump because hes afraid of falling. The one who made it across suggests using his flashlight so that the other one can walk across the light beam (totally ridiculous idea, you cant walk on light). The other responds "do you think im crazy?" which makes you believe hes not stupid enough to think he can walk on light. But follows with "you'll just turn it off when im half way across". So turns out he actually also thinks he can walk on light, and hes crazy too. Because they broke out from an asylum, makes sense they're crazy.


The two escapist are batman and joker, joker doesn't trust batman


The joke is that both guys think that walking across a beam of light is possible lol it's actually pretty fucking funny


You cut one of the biggest Holups of the story. The part where Batman kills the Joker. They laugh as the screen fades to black and then Joker stops laughing but Batman continues. It's up to the audience on whether or not Joker's dead or not but it's one of the possible outcomes. Comic had it as well. It's part of why it's so iconic.


But what about the next episode/chapter of the comic? Does the joker never appear again?


Was a standalone arc that gained enough popularity that it jumped into other canons where Batman didn't kill him. Batgirl became Oracle because of this comic. It's like Dark Knight Returns or what ever the Batman v Superman movie is loosely based on. in that, Vigilante's are illegal and Superman is the one who enforces it for President Reagan. Superman cut Green Arrow's arm off for not complying and it ends with Batman "dying" after he beats the shit out of Superman.


You can't walk across a "beam" of light. Ha ha


2 lunatics cant help each other escape their fate


I do not but really want to.


The guy rejects the plan to walk across the flashlight beam not because he realizes it is impossible to walk on light, but because he suspects his fellow inmate will turn the flashlight off when he is half-way across, thus causing him to plummet to his death when the "light bridge" disappears from underneath him. They are both crazy (or stupid), so they both really believe they can walk on a beam of light, but it is a lack of trust that foils the plan, not the fact that it is an idiotic plan.


I only now realize that they meant the beam of light hahaha. Thnx for the explanation!


First dude was able to jump really far, farther than the other at least. The first one was Superman. He was being a jerk again. Just like the Empire State Building fiasco…


u/savevideobot u/savevideo


That first guy is batman and second one is joker


The killing joke


This comic is dark as hell. Batman strangles him after this joke.




I cried.


The two crazy people laughing at a joke about two crazy people


Pretty metaphorical scene where Batman finally understands he has to kill the Joker so he does


and this the batman who laugh was born


Is this Batman the killing joke?


Isn't this movie where Batman and Batgirl-


Completed the sentence


The best love story in history. And the best comic ever.


What Im interested now is who made it across the gap and who couldn't cross it. My interpretation is that since Joker is the one telling the joke, he thinks he is more free from his own prison (which they both have). He thinks he's more free cuz of his "nothing matters and it's better to embrace chaos" interpretation to his tragedy.


How can i save this to my phone


This joke was used in a Filipino movie but instead of his buddy turning it off, they said "What if the battery runs out when we're half way through?" That shit is just hilariously stupid


okay, gotta hand it to joker here, that was pretty funny


*Batman laughing* Mom come pick me up I am scared






My personal take is that only one person actually escapes and the other is the reason he's in the asylum in the first place. He's 'crazy' after all. The conversation is between a broken man and his imagination. But he's not broken enough to he oblivious to it. He knows if he trusts himself, he'll die.


Well friends here’s some knowledge, at the very end when the video cuts, Batman snaps jokers neck knowing there’s no saving him. Therefor this making it jokers “killing joke”


[Not true](https://batlore.wordpress.com/2022/06/02/creators-on-the-ending-of-the-killing-joke/)




This is very much wrong but I understand why anyone would think this would be the case. Because in comic Batman holds Joker and then it zooms to the floor but there are still laughing marks. After that part it zooms further to floor but laughing marks go away. Like I've said I understand but it's not true, look at the link u/khemikalxxx posted below.


Is there a full video?


It’s a full movie, Batman the killing joke. It doesn’t show but that’s what happens


The joke is subverting expectation, using wordplay and breaking the 4th wall depending on which way you take it. When one guy comes with the solution of walking on light from the flashlight, you think to yourself that that's nonsense because you can't walk on light. Then the second prisoner calls him out on it "Do you think I'm crazy?! [You can't walk on light!]" But instead he says that he believes he could walk on the beam of light, but is instead afraid of the first prisoner turning off the flashlight. Which is of course nonsense in itself while seeing the nonsense of walking on light as perfectly fine. The word beam is used to describe a ray of light as a light beam, but beam by itself can also be understood as a large, sturdy piece of wood. Meaning that the first prisoner might be referring to a wooden beam, not the light beam. Alternatively, they are of sound mind and the second prisoner is afraid that the first one would shut off the light before the second one could cross the wooden beam, therefor potentially misstep and fall to his death and we just laughed at completely sound reasoning or imagined that a person would think of walking on a flashlight beam. So who's mental now? Them or you?


Hahahahahaha, that's amazing.


The punchline is batman and joker tagteamed Robin after this scene


What's the name of the song?






Haha reading the comments I don't know if people are trolling or if the world just turned stupid. The joke is that you can't walk on light so the guy thinking his friend would just turn the light off half way through makes no sense... and that is the joke.


Thanks for clearing that up


ill explain this joke it not a joke its just funny to batman cuze he's kinda crazy too so when the two people were tryna escpae the other one said ill turn on the torch and the other one said no ull switch it off in the middle and ill fall the message is that two crazy people can help each other cuze even if he wouldn't switch the torch of the other guy would die its kinda complicated but theoretically both batman and joker are crazy that why batman laughed at jokers joke




ikr big brain time ![gif](giphy|v3LxMGs7TObBO5Uqik|downsized)






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