Cold temps really hurt MPGs in these. Since there is no electric heat pump the engine needs to run a lot more to keep cabin heat available. Short trips in cold weather will really make the MPGs worse. I am not in the northeast (Midwest here) but when temps are below 30f my MPGs are closer to 30mpg. When over 40f my MPGs are 36-40. Also highway driving in general will not return the EPA estimates (pretty sure EPA highway mileage is calculated at something like 48mph). Over 60mph MPGs really fall off a cliff.


Was about to say the just about the same thing.


I've got the same trim and year, this winter I'm averaging 25, mostly highway driving from Boston to Maine to go snowboarding. The same trip over the summer was getting me 34.


Thank you for sharing. I’m getting similar mpg as well 25-27z Not sure if it’s just how these Hyundai(s) are made. I had a Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring (gas) FWD before this and it averaged the same in winters. Not a big difference for the huge price difference.


Wow. I’m getting about the same (25-27) in my ‘23 FWD non-hybrid.


I also live in PA. I have a 2023 limited hybrid. My driving is 95% highway and I average around 30-31. This past week I drove mostly city and was giddy seeing that I was averaging 36-38-ish. I had read that highway driving greatly reduces the mpg of hybrids so I was not surprised. Coming from a 2008 Hummer H3, I have to say that getting 30 mpg on the highway feels amazing. Sure does beat 12 mpg. LoL I guess it's all a matter of perspective. I love my 2023...💙


Got the same trim and year, averaging ~30, in the PNW. Did better in summer averaging around ~32.


Are you doing a lot of 70 mph driving. I had mine 18 months. Best mpg I get is rural 40-50 mph roads. Winter it does go down because cold degrades battery and engine on for heat. Summer I was getting close to 40. Last tank full it was cold and half of driving on turnpike got 32


At 5K avg 38 mpg, currently closer to 33 not a lot of hwy always at 70 mph max 100% smart mode


I live in PA, got about 4000 miles on my 2022. I am finally consistently seeing mpg ranging from 31-39, depending on my type of driving/destination.


I am in nyc and I am averaging about 30mpg right now. 75% local and 25% highway driving


If I drive civilized I can get 32,5 mpg mixed driving with our Tucson HEV. It’s not a small SUV anymore. Just a tad smaller than a Santa Fe.


I’m in DE and I get about 30-33 with my lead foot


I have a heavy lead foot as well and I think that’s probably a big concern. But still the price and perf is not worth compared to my 2019 Mazda CX-5 FWD.


As a fellow lead footer, I don’t ever see myself getting above 34-35. I’d have to use adaptive CC almost all of the time. I had a leased 2019 Ford EcoSport before this so it was easily an upgrade. It’s been almost a year but I’d be lying if I said I don’t look around at similar cars to see where I could’ve saved money.


NYC here. I’ve had my 23 Hybrid for almost 2 weeks now. Mostly street driving and my dash reads almost 24mpg. Super low. My RPMs are way higher than I feel they should be making the quiet times I expected of a Hybrid rare. I’ll leave a stop sign from a full stop and it’ll shoot up to 3000. I’ve read that it’s charging the battery; but still seems excessive. Making me wonder if the extra $8-9000 was worth it.


Can’t agree with you more. Same feeling.


Thank you folks for the replies. Sounds like weather has a big impact. I think my driving is also a contributor. I tend to reach max speed limit from a stop as soon as I can, but I don’t drive rashly. Maybe I should have more control on this going forward.


Once the car reached 25-30mph, I usually let go of the gas and the engine will turn off. Then step on the gas lightly and cruise down the road as EV. I get low 40s mpg during the summer time by doing this.


Ok guys! Happy to report that it is possible to achieve an mpg close to EPA estimate. But it’s not very exciting if you love to DRIVE. Drove from Downingtown, PA to NYC and got an avg. mpg of 37.8 over the round trip (~300mi). I used adaptive cruise control extensively (~90% of the time). I only used the non-toll routes, so it was a good mix of highways, city, and local roads. Once I entered PA, it was full of rolling hills. Temperatures were in mid-30s throughout the day. Beware: Adaptive cruise control works fine most of the time but fails terribly in some easy & obvious scenarios. I have no idea why. In addition, lane maintenance assist also fails on multiple occasions. It is best to be alert at all times.


North east region of what ?


Sorry, I meant North Eastern region of the US. I can’t edit the post title now.


Ahh because I live in the north east


I bet your driving speed is over 70mph mileage starts to drop after 60, hybrids are city cars mostly.


Up in Canada, had my 2023 since December. Average has been 29 mpg and best has been 31 mpg. (That's over 5 fill ups.) I'm waiting for warmer weather to see how it goes. I know on some of the warmer days I've gone up to 5km on battery alone so I'm optimistic.


Upstate NY here, with a new 2023 SEL/Convenience. I'm getting upper 27 mpg to lower 28 mpg. I live in a very hilly region. I've had my Tuscon less than a month and the check engine light was on for a bit which seemed to affect the EV, which affected the mpgs.


Yep, I imagine that hills hurt any cars gas consumption, hybrid or not. I live in Florida and get right around 38 in the summer months in my 22 Tucson Hybrid. In the Florida “winter”, I get between 39.5 and 41 mpg. I drive on smart cruise even in town. Then, the car brakes for me too. But, it is pretty much all flat roads here. Biggest hills are the bridges going over the InterCoastal. I rarely hoof it anywhere…no reason to…I’m retired 😬. On I95 here, even at 70 mph, I still see the EV signal go on a fair amount.