I love this idea. When flair did it, it was great as well. I think this is how Cena should retire in WWE too. Come back for a big Mania match, lose. Then make him question if he still has it, say the next match he loses will be his last. Then have a year of who will end Cenas career. Every match would feel big. Then put someone over big at mania in basically his “unconfirmed” final match.


It’s just started. It’s going to be a slow burner until someone does retire her. They won’t do it instantly. Even jazz took a few months, and she didn’t even have a history in impact


She kinda is a legend in wrestling. Just facts


Yeah, I get that she is an accepted legend. But even if I stipulate that she is, I'm not entertained by this run.


It's got a long way to go. Whoever retires her will be put over good


Well is not everbody cup of tea, for me is a very good way to retire from wrestling, she have some story on TNA/Impact and she deserves it


I dont find it lame. It\`\`\`s similar to Ric Flair\`\`s career threatening matches. Plus, this is gonna elevate the Knockouts she faces cuz imagine being the one to end her run/career? so far she\`\`\`\`\`s\` alive with 2-0. Giesle seems to be a good test at Victory Road


Well you're a fucking moron, all there is to say about that.