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Welcome back! For about two years now it’s been hitting it out of the park with some amazing matches and performances. We need more folk giving it a shot, as I’ve only seen a couple disappointed…


I feel like Impact also have an issue when it comes to advertising their shows. The only reason i knew Vicory Road was on was because i just so happened to subscribe to plus. For the casual fan, i have no idea how they would discover it these days. But yes, a very good show and clearly a lot more for me to catch up on.


This is true. Type impact into Google and the first questions is “does it still exist”. It’s hard as they don’t have the schedule, cash or backing to make the serious inroads, so instead are doing it gradually…whilst having their talent raided over and over!


Yeahh, hopefully with the new member to join them at Victory Road (not tryna spoil it) it can be the start of them taking back power if you will.


I have seen more commercials for WOW in the last couple of days than I have seen from impact ever. Thankfully they hired a new marketing head that has worked in ECW and WWE


This wasn’t even one of their strongest shows. If you have the time, you should 100% check our Emergence, Against All Odds, and Under Siege from this year! Looking back at Emergence, I’d recommend Alexander vs Shelley and Grace vs Yim as they’re two incredibly strong title matches that I think are must watch. I think Against All Odds had Trey vs Speedball which was a bonkers, great X Division Championship match


Plus specials they have don’t miss!!


Welcome back. I'm glad you enjoyed an amazing night of pro wrestling, which match was your MotN?


I really enjoyed the gauntlet match.


I started rewatching around Slammiversary time myself. I think it was Josh vs Moose that got me watching more regularly on youtube for a bit, and eventually deciding to get a youtube membership. Been a great purchase and probably my most used subscription right now.


Welcome back! Impact has had a blast this year. Their booking makes sense, but it's still unpredictable in a good way. Victory Road wasn't their best event this year but every special this year has been satisfactory. Matches are usually pretty good (couple of misses here and there, but that is normal). Impact is the most constant main US promotion at the moment. TV episodes being solid 7/10 every week and specials and ppvs being 8+


Welcome back dude, Impact has been easily the most consistent show of the 3