Because they do 2 shows back to back nights, and when they did sat/sun the Sunday show had poor attendance


1. Avoid Extreme Rules and Football Saturday 2. Better Attendance Fri/Sat, than on a Sunday


they only recently starting to put ppv on friday I assume its so that they have better sales on the tapings the day after


Personally, im happy it's on a Friday. For someone who works early Sunday mornings, boy does it suck to not be able to sleep because the show was so good. To answer your question though, they have had a really tough time getting people into the tapings. Ppvs and specials do well so they moved them on Friday and tapings Saturday instead of Saturday and Sundays.


I'm also digging the Friday ppv schedule. Feels nice to get out of work and start off the weekend with a big wrestling PPV.


there are two reasons that immediately come to mind 1. they do tv tapings the next day and it's easier to get a crowd for a tv taping on a saturday than on a sunday 2. wwe has started running ppv's on saturday. like, BFG is friday, and extreme rules the next day. running on the saturday they would have been head to head with wwe ppv rather than wwe tv. that being said, i'm hoping it goes back to saturdays.


They are committed to making sure their product is seen by as few people as possible. They should have moved it to Sunday, which is a traditional wrestling ppv night but I think they are worried about low ticket sales.


Good ticket sales which is encouraging..much better than slammiversary 👍