Love or hate the results or booking, but do not insult your fellow community members and treat them with some basic respect.


It ain't like masha looks weak that match was pur fire Bully ray is a two time hall of famer when Josh beats him that will make him more legit.


Nah it added a element of surprise with Bailey dropping his title to a TNA legend in Kazarian and do we really want to see Josh Alexander who is on the run of his life drop the title to Eddie Edwards? Now that would be a terrible decision if they did Masha has a good future in the company and could be a future champ, but it would have been to soon to give her the title. So many people complaining about a very good PPV that was put on, IMPACT gets shit on by marks who don’t even watch the product, which is quite pathetic


Impact has their reasons. That’s all you need to know. You’ll find out sooner


So you wanted Jordynne to drop her title after one defense You know Deonna got married and is taking some time off right? Josh Alexander is the strongest world champion they have had in years. Him beating Bully is a great way to shut the door on TNA's past Outside of Mike Bailey losing all the booking decisions were sound. Seems like your mad about it but oh well


Outside of Bully winning. The CYS I thought it was a great show.


bully has been workin nwa for a couple of months now, its not like he was at home waitin for impact to call him. it seems u made many wrong predictions.


All I get there is: I got all my predictions wrong, therefore the show was badly booked. Grow up.


You’re acting like Bailey and Masha lost a “loser leaves IMPACT match” they’re still sticking around. And this will help them get over in the future. Why does IMPACT always gets marks who trashes the product whenever booking doesn’t go their way?


If you think this is bad, don't look at the spoilers on Impact Asylum every month. The people on there are the biggest gaggle of fucking whiners you've ever seen.


But it seems that IMPACT gets the worst of em. I never see anyone criticizing WWE this much for their booking.


Yeah, the fuckwits on that website are allegedly Impact fans but all they do is bitch and moan about everything. But yeah, you're right. It just feels like these people didn't get the memo that Impact isn't the kicking bag of wrestling anymore.




I thought the card was strong, bro


The show was absolutely amazing even if people who I liked didn't win. I swear wrestling fans hate wrestling more than anything and ignore the work in the ring and only give a shit about everything else behind the scenes. Plus I liked the unpredictability of it all.


It was a fantastic card !! My girl taya with some gold again . Bully ray is gonna lose his cys to Maclin !


I just hope Kaz drops the title back to an impact wrestler and not someone in aew, especially not to Sammy Guevara


This BFG has been a huge classic LOLTNA booking. I haven’t seen a worse BFG since 2014


Kaz was smart booking. Bully was the best move they could of done in that dumpster fire intergender rumble. That's a freaking embarrassment to the industry. I think Eddie should of won the title for now. Impact really has two wrestlers they could pick from to do a Funk ECW type story. Dreamer and Bully. Pair them up with an young up guy. One last title run before the boots go up. Anyone hating on Bully needs to get their heads checked. Also same people hating in Fish who is hands down one of the best wrestlers Impact has. Down vote all you want. But Impact is dead. No one watches this. Time for real change. They getting like 60k people to watch. They are not growing but dying. Watch TNAs first PPV up until Dixie killed it. This is below that.


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.


fish isnt signed to impact so he isnt one of there wrestlers, hes doin a job for them. i agree with kaz winning, bigger name, bigger platform. he will take the belt farther, mike did all he could.


Bully winning the CYS was garbage. This should have been used to elevate somebody within the company and create some excitement, or at least bring in an outside guy that creates excitement. Unless Scott has lost his damn mind Bully is not taking the strap off of Josh. Pales in comparison to how the CYS was used last year. Outside of that the results were acceptable, granted I would have liked to have seen MCMG win the tag belts. Was glad to see Kaz get the X-division title, dude can still really go and he hasn't been a regular for a long time so he feels fresh.


Bully winning made perfect sense ... He will lose to Josh. And Josh gets to beat a 2 time world champ and TNA legend to elevate him further. Classic passing of the touch.


Shoulda been Eddie. Truly cement him as an uber-heel.


No it doesn't make sense. They killed the fun and suspense a Money In The Bank type deal should create because it's so damn obvious Josh will over. Plus Bully has been gone from Impact a long time and that was the last time dude was a top guy. Dude does not have the torch to pass anymore.


VXT have not been prompently featured, it was obvious that they were going to lose. KAZ is the only person that can beat Bailey that has any credibility. Masha VS Jordynne was a barn burner the outcome didn’t matter, either one could’ve won and it would’ve been good. Eddie isn’t a good world champion, him winning would’ve been worse than Bully winning the CYS match. Bully is lowkey good, always has been. Great talker, solid moveset, this is probably a way to establish a better relationship with NWA or they’re thinking inducting him into the Impact HOF.


Eddie not a good world champion? HNM were on the upswing after winning the tag team titles; why not give their leader the ultimate prize?


There was no wrong answer in terms of who wins their title match at BFG, and they played each match exactly like they should.