I think impact is afraid if they book bigger venues for every tv tape they won't be able to fill it out. I think in 2023 impact needs to go live instead of TV tapes. I know it's added experiences but people come out for live events.


It would add significantly to their cost, the only way that happens is if they move from AXS to something else that pays for their shows


Yeah it would add to the costs but people show up for live events meaning better houses. Also rating's go up for live events


Going live also means about 500k more in cost each event which means more TV money is needed not just live fans . It's not cheap to do live wrestling broadcast especially at the quality IMPACT has to do it to maintain brand respect


This is the real reason. Anthem paid a pretty penny for Impact, and it seems to work for them.


Money money money


Having a traditional hard cam was a gigantic improvement imo. Show the fans!


What was crowd number?! Looked about 1k


TBH, I have no issue with Impact doing more gym shows.


It had 2006/2007 Smackdown vibes which is a good thing.


Prepare for those 06-07 RAW vibes on Thursday 😂. I believe they are using the same venue for the next few episodes. Would be easier for them to just keep the hard camera in the same spot. Not to mention the rope color change to red.


It's always going to be hard to sell out a venue twice in a row. Personally I think that they should do a ppv at a venue and go to a different venue for tapings later in the week. The Armory and Center stage are excellent venues that look amazing on TV for them.