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My confidence went 📈


Yay!!! I'm so happy about that. Seriously, cellulite is no big deal. Its just how our skin is and there is nothing wrong with that!


I know cellulite is natural, I know people's bodies are all unique and special, but every time I see a cellulite post I always have more than them and it makes it hard to appreciate my assets if you know what I mean


We know this logically but we can all remember the comment of some jackass going on about “cottage cheese”, sadly.


I do know what you mean. My cellulite is all over my butt and back of my thighs and inner thighs. Much more than this lady. But I also don't have a mirror that I can see my backside in so that helps lol. Seriously though, I've been with my partner for 5 years and he knows it is compeltely normal! Real men know cellulite is normal just like stretch marks, acne, and hair are. Its tough to break past this idea of "perfection" that we are fed from a young age, but it is possible I promise you. You're beautiful just the way you are and if you can appreciate what makes you unique and HUMAN then others will too. Love yourself first 💕


Getting off all social media helped me a lot


Exactly. My boyfriend of 8 years doesn’t really know the difference between stretch marks or cellulite. I was talking about it recently and he said ‘I don’t really know what the difference is between them’. I’ve always had a round bum even when I was very thin and i always had cellulite right from my teens but ppl have always liked my bum and my other half loves it. I know it isn’t all about other ppl but I think to myself that it doesn’t put him off so I shouldn’t worry so much! Getting older also helps. You think ‘fuck it!’


Yes! Its so good to hear other men like or don't mind it either. My partner has stretch marks too. Lots of men have stretch marks and some also have cellulite! I feel like they're almost a sign of growing up just like pubes and paying taxes 😂


Some people like cellulite on a woman's body to be honest with you. I mean every single person gets it I thought


Hey, gal, idk you, but one lady to another?? 12/10. You seem amazing, go get it gurl




Do you realize you're basically just as rude as people who criticize cellulite


I'll bite, how?


Implying people who don't like what you like aren't real men.


More implying it's juvenile to to expect women to look like some touched up magazine shoot were everything is completely smooth instead of yano, like real women actually look lol


People can want whatever they want, it speaks nothing to maturity or whether they're a real man or not


>people can want whatever they want You're not wrong there however there's a big difference between media and/or porn and real life my man


Arguing just to argue. It’s an expression dripping in sarcasm. Do you really think N64 walks around thinking “men who don’t like cellulite aren’t men?” Sheesh, some of y’all need to find a hobby or get outside from time to time.


just kind of an odd comment to make on a body positivity post...


Really? Because they seem to stand by it. I enjoy arguing, don't hobby shame me And I'm outside at the time of commenting this


If you dont like butt dimples you dont like big butts, if you dont like veins in boobs you dont like big boobs. They come with the territory and only make them better imo. Same with stretch marks.


Small boobs also have veins. Mine do. And my boyfriend weirdly complimented them the first time he saw me naked. Very enthusiastically “I LOVE your veins!” Lololol, I remember being so put off by it in the moment but now I’m just glad I finally found someone who appreciates ‘em.


I also really love veins in boobs. Dunno why. Just... do. Love it!


Lol, in the same *vein*, I'm waiting for that guy with a strange love of stretch marks.


Just means theyre healthy!


Exactly! Likewise, if you don't like big thighs, you don't like big butts! You can't have one without the other.


That's such a red flag they have a completley warped perception of what women's bodies even look like. The *only* time you see a big butt and not big thighs is if it's a fake butt. And it always looks like something straight out of r/badwomensanatomy Some of these are men being overly critical about women who display slightly more noticable amounts of a trait than they'd like (we all have cellulite, they just wish we had a little less, that kind of thing). But this one is just 1:1, 100%, if there's one, there's the other. Some women have lots of cellulite, some women only have a little. But any woman with a big butt is gonna have big thighs. Thats literally how our anatomy works.


Small butts also have cellulite. I would know because I have such a bum. It's literally just a female secondary sex characteristic, so I might even go as far as saying if you don't like butt dimples, you don't like natural women.


Youre right, I should correct myself to say "If you dont like butt dimples, you dont like butts."


Female butts. I think cellulite is only so-so common in men unless theyre overweight or hormonal issues where it becomes more common. Testosterone just provides so many advantages over estrogen, it's really not fair.


Lots of guys like small boobs and small bums. Luckily I managed to find one!


I really can’t express how much I needed this


Lighting is everything! I have a BA in fine arts and just learning the ways you can manipulate objects with light in photography us astonishing. [Here is a video you may also like.](https://youtu.be/6sgpeoWpO9w) It shows how our facial structure changes based on lighting and shadows.


In that video there’s this one part of the lighting that obviously looks the best to me. It’s where her cheekbones are very visible/defined almost like theres a dark line under them. What sort of lighting would that be? Like where is it hitting her from?


Butterfly lighting


Seriously I started just binging the Sanity Sunday tags and it’s made such and impact on my outlook. We’d be so much better of as a society with more of this.


SS really showed me the power of editing as a male. I’m always on the hunt for edits now, but it also made me love catching raw, unfiltered photos. I used to not be that way.


As a guy I need this too. I shouldn't have high standards like the one on the right. But it's tough when that's all you see.


I’m a guy in my 20s, started getting into fitness during quarantine and I’m in fantastic health now. I have a body fat percentage somewhere around (and probably a little under) 10%. I say all of this because I have cellulite and stretch marks on my ass, hips, and thighs. They’re as normal as having moles or freckles and have very little to do with anything if you ask me. It has no bearing on anything


Yes! And while it's more common in women, men also have cellulite and stretch marks! My partner has stretch marks and cellulite on his arms, shoulders, and hips from growing so fast as a teenager. There's nothing wrong with that! It just means we all grew up and have real bodies instead of being Barbie and Ken dolls. These "flaws" are what make us unique and human.


But we all agree those without pores are the most beautiful right? /s


Oh totally. I was diagnosed with pores at birth, been trying to photoshop them out but apparently that only works on digital media and not in real life ):


So true! Even when I was down to 14% body fat (as a woman that is low), lifted weights multiple times a week and ran half marathons, I STILL had cellulite and my thighs still wobbled. In my head I was supposed to look how those rock hard influencers do on pictures. Now I've come to learn that's ridiculous because even these influencers don't look like their pictures from every angle and every kind of lighting!


I love this woman’s IG; such a nice bit of sanity in my feed.


Isn't she great? I follow a few profiles that are similar. Showing cellulite, hip dips, stomach rolls, etc. Its nice to see every girl looks this way when they don't have perfect lighting, the perfect pose, make up, and photoshop.


Only recently found out this thing about people having and having hip dips and it blows my mind. It's just the shape you are. Who assigned a worth to it? Likewise, cellulite is genetic. My mother has never had it, and I don't seem to either, unless I've never noticed it. No one would call either of us skinny either!


I'm 50, a size 12 and I don't have any cellulite. I have one small stretch mark, but it's in my pubic area so it doesn't show. I'm not sure how long I've had it, I just happened to feel it one day. My mom is 80 and has beautiful skin, so I'm lucky to have her genes.






Yes 🙌🏼 I follow her too and it makes me feel so much better


I love body positivity, but the first big she’s also flexing her butt making the cellulite stand out even more, exaggerating it


I've never understood why cellulite is made out to be a flaw or a bad thing. It's literally just part of being a woman, it's not a flaw. Honestly when I first noticed cellulite on my thighs I kind of liked it lol, it just looks cute and soft and jiggly 😂


I NEVER understood either. I always thought that's just how my skin is. And it is! We aren't plastic, we're human and that means we're lumpy and bumpy lol and that's okay!


Our bodies are made to have texture, we aren’t barbie dolls. I have texture on my elbows and knees, cellulite, hip dips, and acne scarring but I love myself. I’m a pretty healthy person, and I’d rather be healthy than a doll


Exactly! My aim is health and fitness so I have a long and happy life. I don't need to look like a barbie to please others. I don't have to please others at all. My body, my life, my happiness!


That’s a good way to look at it, I hope you have a long and healthy life :)


I think it's because it sells stuff: anti-cellulite creams, health foods, exercise stuff, surgeries and procedures


This is exactly right. People exploit every single thing one person doesn't like and convince everyone else that it really is a bad quality. That's capitalism for you!


Hahaha part of it is marketing — women have convinced other women men don’t like ‘X’, in reality most men don’t even notice or even know what ‘x’ is. I remember the late 90’s and early 2000’s when fashion model thin was being criticized, photoshopping was being criticized, and it looked like we were into an era of body positive… then Facebook, Instagram and FILTERS did a 180 and made it 10,000x worse than eating disorders of the 90’s.


Yep I was gonna say that too. Women sell this to other women for followers, envy, acknowledgement, money. The female body is basically a commodity


This is it. Companies make us hate natural aspects of our bodies!


i had cellulite when i was 15 and 110 lbs. i thought it made me disgusting. it took 6 years for me to realize it's not a defect it's just a part of me. now i agree, i kinda like it :)




Eh, men can have cellulite as well, my husband has it. Oddly enough I (a woman) don't have it as it's genetic whether you have it or not. I read somewhere once that there's these bands that some people have kind of like string around a ham, and that's what causes the subcutaneous far to altar the way it does. There's a cosmetic treatment that can actually cut the bands and rid you of your cellulite.


I don't think that the commenter was implying that men can't have it, but that it's way more common in women


Seconding this. My fiancé, who is a skinny man, has it on his bum cheeks and upper thighs a little bit. 🤷🏼‍♀️




She’s clenching with direct light in one then posing in the other. Yes different light but it’s more than that. Also the image on the right is clearly touched up. Look at the blinds. To me this is still as disingenuous as a photoshopped image. It’s asking for attention while disguising itself as being humble like most.


Holy shit I did not notice the blinds but they’re so obvious????


The low light setting on my iPhone results in high contrast outlines around people that look a lot like this, but no idea if that’s the case here or not


Not trying to defend her but I thiiink it’s a curtain? What do you think?


Right?! It’s so obvious! As well as her skin smoothing. And even her left thigh is clearly edited.


Had to scroll too far for this.


I sent you a video that planny shows that it is the lighting changing things. Whether this particular image is photoshopped or not, the video is plan and simple.


It is. Which makes my point even more valid: Photoshopping something about body positivity is defeating their initial point.


The point is that she posted a photo of her cellulite and compared it to a "perfect" image of her that is staged. It definitely does not defeat the purpose.


I disagree. You don’t edit your image while trying to be body positive. It makes you look like a complete hypocrite. Why edit it if you’re just showing differences in lighting? It’s simple. You don’t edit if your intentions are genuine.


Thanks for sharing 🥲


That second pic looks way more than just a lighting and angle change




Also social media. IG and TikTok are generally the worst perpetrators, I think.


Those two would be correct. Other media just don’t emphasize the personal life part as much. Anyway, it’s just awful.


I showed it to my husband with the second picture covered. He said "nice butt" lol. I asked if the cellulite bothered him. His response? "What cellulite?" He didn't even notice. 😁


I don’t mind cellulite at all and I even think my gfs cellulite is cute cause it puts little dimples in her butt when she flexes.


I was really down today after seeing the amount of cellulite i had on my glutes, thighs, legs..sigh everywhere. Thank you for this


I really can’t imagine this is only good lighting but okay


Also a more flattering angle/pose


Definitely because it’s a different/nicer shape too in the second.


I mean, she's probably squeezing to accentuate the cellulite in the first, and is posing in the second so that it's not there as much, but yeah. EDIT: after finding the post, she said: the left is relaxed, the right is posed and with softer lighting.


If you light up every single crevass so that there are no shadows, anyones cellulite will disappear. That's how lighting works.


Wow she has a gorgeous body!! I love this


Both good buns


I mean, both bums are nice!


In fine art conservation, we call this kind of light a racking light. It can also be used as an adjective as in "you should rack the light to get a better view of the texture." Meaning moving the light more parallel to the surface of the work. To fill the cracks, we need to see the cracks.




Not everyone has it, and some have it worse than others, but it is completely normal.


I don't have any cellulite, but if I did it would probably be hidden by my stretch marks. Kind of like how my freckles are great for camoflaging sebaceous filaments.


agree that even skinny models can have it but not everyone has it


Whoever posted this is a badass human.


I love this trend.


Do we all have it? I'm 32f and 100lbs and was in the dressing room this week and noticed for the first time cellulite. I low key freaked out and felt really ripped off that I've been underweight my whole life and now for some reason I have it? I asked my best friend who's a few years younger than me and she said she didn't have it, so ive been confused about my body this week and i feel to old to be feeling this way.


I'm 27r and 130 and very VERY active. I have it! Despite running and martial arts and weightlifting to the point it TOOK OVER my life. I've had it since I was 20 or so. There are *some* genetic/biologic factors, but the point is most have it. Even men!


*27F my bad*


I've never really been overweight or underweight(57kg to 170 height) and I exercise daily for many years and I have them too. It's totally normal. And I don't think it has anything to do with old age lol I mean I hope so bc I'm 28 and have them for some years now.


Something like 90%+ of women have it. It's considered a secondary sex characteristic. Also, it's not just on the back of legs. https://health.howstuffworks.com/skin-care/problems/beauty/cellulite.htm


I’m 43 kgs, very thin, and my butt and thighs are swimming in cellulite. Way more than the lady in the photo. It happens.


Everyone is different but look at the Williams tennis sisters: absolutely bonkers athletes *who have cellulite*! Absolutely normal, no matter who you are. Also, I have no idea but just based on your comment, if you’re underweight / have disordered eating **please please please** see a therapist / get help / start treating your body right!!


I didn't realize the Williams sisters have it too! That's reassuring. Thank you, my doctors have been getting on to me about it. No disordered eating, just don't like eating in general. I was 96lbs a few months ago but recently went up to 100lbs from purposely trying to eat more, the highest I've ever been, so i suppose that's what sparked me looking at my body differently lately.




Also let’s not forget that a lot of women do water retention (hormones! yay amiright?) and that also gives cellulite or that wobbly effect. If you’re around your period you’ll usually notice it more.


The vast majority of women have cellulite because it's literally how our skin and fat cells are structured! Men's skin is different so they usually have less. It's totally normal at all weights :-)


When I was a skinny 18 year old I had cellulite. When my mum was young and thin she also had cellulite. It's genetic, the majority of women have some no matter how thin they are, female athletes are seen with it. I hate my cellulite, but it is not a sign that you are fat by any means.




I dunno, I can grab a chunk of meat and really squeeze it together and make cellulite dimples appear, but when I just stand regularly I don't have any. I don't think that means I have cellulite just because I can contort some into existence.


I don’t have any either and I’m still not convinced everyone has cellulite lol. Not to say there’s anything wrong with having it, but it’s not true that everyone does


Yeh I’m the same. If I squeeze my skin together it kinda looks a bit similar but generally I just don’t really have it. 🤷‍♀️ I have stretch marks everywhere though!


Me too, plenty of stretch marks, just no cellulite. I even have stretch marks on the side of my knees. I guess my kneecaps grew too fast?


No, we don't all have it but many people do.


Also important here to note, this is \*not\* just lighting. She is squeezing her buttocks tightly together in the first photo which is exaggerating any cellulite she has, whereas in the second photo she is slightly posed and relaxed. Just something to be aware of.


I only follow people on social media who show themselves in a real light, who are honest, and who encourage us to show off how we’re all different, and I have to say it makes a real fucking difference! 10/10 would recommend.


This is really nice to see. All my friends growing up (high school) did not have any cellulite, except myself. I didn't understand why and thought that meant I was fat. I mean, I was a little chubbier than I am now, but I wasn't fat by any means. I've grown into my body and I still have cellulite. I'm a pretty good weight now.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤ Pun intended😉


Love this. I was self conscious about my stretch marks and cellulite from about 13 years of age. I got stretch marks in puberty and I'll never forget the dad of one of the kids I babysat for saying to his wife on the beach, "Is that normal? Don't you only get those after having a baby?" He looked at me and pointed while saying this. I felt like a freak and it took meeting my current partner in my 30s to embrace my body as sexy rather than being ashamed of those things.


Thank you thank you thank you. I needed this today, so badly. Thank you. I’m going to pin this so I can look back and remember when I feel down on myself.


Cellulite or no cellulite, still breathtakingly hot ♡


I follow her too!!


Omg yes, YES to this! I'm so happy to see more such eye-opening and honest Instagrammers that show how your body's "undesirable" features can be hidden by specific angle, lighting, or yeah editing. Confidence boost +100


Oh I would enjoy those :) Perfect to me!


Buts is buts i love em


How I see me vs. how my husband sees me.


Estrogen leads to the distribution of fat that forms cellulite. It is **normal**. I’m only a medical student, but [this idea is well supported with evidence](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6232550/). Shaming cellulite is shaming the female body.


Why the fuck isn’t this marked nsfw though


Doesn’t Instagram ban porn? The one on the right looks like a bare ass.


Couldn't give it two flairs, sorry! I would have if I could have! Pro tip: don't check reddit while at work... that's all I can say 🤷‍♀️


I work from home, that has nothing to do with the fact that this should be flagged.


Beautiful bum


Could you add NSFW to these posts please. My boss thought I was looking at stuff and it took like 10 minutes to explain it. Just a suggestion


Sorry! I definitely agree! I could only give it one flair 😩


I don't have it?


Nothings wrong with the left though


Of course there isn’t. She’s just showing what her body, with cellulite, looks like in different lighting and that even though she’s in great shape, she still had cellulite. That’s all.


Cellulite or not they both still look amazing


Not true. One has her arching her back and putting one leg in front of the other, the other she is clenching her ass cheeks a bit and legs are even. This isn’t just lighting




Not everyone has it... You're not a bad person if you do, but be realistic here.


I've literally never seen a woman without cellulite. Sometimes it's minimal, but yes, we all have it, even if you have to look closely to find it.


No, we don't _all_ have it. I get that it makes you feel better to think we all do and it _is_ very common but we do not all have it.


Do we all have it? I like never believe that when people say it. I think I only see it if I sit weird so it squashes does that count?


I don’t have it and never have. I’m not sure why I don’t have any, maybe I’m just lucky? lol


80-90% of women have cellulite. No matter our size, shape, or race. I have never met a woman who doesn't have cellulite.


In my opinion, left looks considerably better than right, if it means anything to you.


That’s cool, Why? Sorry just curious because obviously she’s posting it because she knows this is normally something people want to hide.


I don't know. I guess it just looks human. Something you would want to touch or squish, etc. Its skin. On the right, it's like I'm looking at plastic.


My partner of 5 years also prefers cellulite. He says its natural and has never seen a real girl without cellulite anyway. Its just human. Men and women who think it isn't normal need to just get off their phones and see more people in real life tbh. Everyone is plastic online but if you go to the beach, you'll see cellulite everywhere!


I like them both


Both are hot


ass on the left looks great too tbh


looks better with it too


I don’t have it lol


Cellulite is the best honestly


That's not lighting..... That's a grainy filter?!?


It may look slightly more grainy because the camera cannot pick up as many details when the light is muted in this way.


If u zoom in its a whole f pixel jungle, this might be better/different lighting but on top there's clearly a grain filter set on max level


Have you never taken a photo in low light?


Ja I have, this picture on the right isn't even low light, its just not direct light. I do also know how the result of a grainy filter looks like, and this right here is just that


Okay you clearly don't understand how lighting works. Here is a quote from this article explaining and then the link since you'll ask for it. ["Poorly lit images are horrible to edit because certain details cannot be recovered from shadows and grainy areas. Lack of light also produces blurry images which are not sharp and detailed. Colors also suffer in poor light, decreasing the overall quality of an image."](https://medium.com/hd-pro/the-relationship-of-image-quality-and-image-resolution-581c35fc0b39)


As someone attracted to females, ass is ass. She looks good in both.


I like the original better.


I like the left one more.


Honestly I like the first picture so much more. It’s real and beautiful


I need this so badly


Quite literally everyone suffers from these lighting tricks. The amount of times I’m in my bathroom looking at the mirror which has a window right behind it shining bluey light into my face. I go “damn I’m ugly.” After I’m ready and dressed I sit on the side of my sofa where the light is much more behind and above my head. I look into the door mirror and boom, I look dare I say good. Lighting is most things, don’t take a knock just because the light isn’t hitting right.


This is so good to see. I don’t know why but cellulite is still the one thing that I hate seeing on myself and of which I need to actively convince myself that everyone has it. Like, I know it, but I need to really KNOW it.


My fella just said she looks like she's got those peach leggings on.


I read somewhere that only 1% of people don’t have cellulite and no matter how fat or skinny you are MOST people have it. Someone could probably fact check that, but still that always gives me a little more confidence bc it seems the smaller I get, the more it shows, and that helps my personal self-worth bc I don’t mind being a little bigger…


I have lots of scars from health issues and surgeries. I call them war scars. My surgeon gave me a new belly button too lol. I don't mind them cuz I'm just happy to be alive. Embrace your skin uniqueness. It makes you you :)


If I'm going to be completely honest I like the left one better. It's just... what I'm used to butts looking like, that's what I picture when I picture a butt. And all the dimples and veins and marks just reminds me of the other wonderful butts I encountered. Its tangible if that makes sense. The right one, if you really think about it, is kind of spooky, skin that tight doesn't exist.


I actually prefer the one on the left tbh




Obviously, but that’s not the point is it? It’s the same person, we don’t look ‘perfect’ all the time.


make this nsfw?