Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 163 Links + Discussion

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 163 Links + Discussion


Todo🤝Megumi🤝Yuji🤝 beating up delinquents in their younger years


From how gung-ho Nobara was about beating up Baka A and Baka B back in Origin of Obedience, she probably did too


She did. One of the cover pages during Shibuya shows she beat up 2 kids while in elementary school. Sorcerers are legit just delinquients/bullies with superpowers lol.


To be fair what we saw Yuji do was purely self defense


are we sure they were bullies ?? for all we know nobara could've been the bully lol.


What’s make it funnier is that Megumi was actually a delinquent too


Just noticed that on the last page, the gavel blurs into existence in Higuruma’s hand, meaning it actually is a part of his technique


that’s what i was saying


Might be his shikigami talisman


The 2 page spread of Higuruma is so unbelievably cool, I can’t even begin to describe it. Love him even more. Meanwhile blonde dude pulls up with a parrot receipt costume for halloween


Lmao true, probably is part of Reggie CT. Like talismans to invoke a shikigami, explosives or some other stuff.


That’s cool stuff


I think we overthinked about who's the liar between Amai and Remi last chapter...


Chads who knew the scorpion and frog fable were on the money. RISE UP


explain it for this uncultured one.


A scorpion wants to cross a river. It asks a frog to carry it across but the frog does not trust the scorpion. The scorpion explains that it would make no sense to sting the frog because then they would both drown. The frog carries the scorpion halfway across and the scorpion stings it, explaining that it was its nature. They both drown. Remi's hair looks exactly like a scorpion tail.


And megumi makes shadow frogs


Except this time the scorpion's going to drown alone...in a pool of blood


I really really hope Megumi goes thot police on remi


Honestly I didn't expect it to get resolved almost immediately in this chapter lol! Fully expected we were like 3 or 4 weeks away from seeing Higuruma again


Same, I was surprised too seeing Hiruguma this chapter. I'm excited to see what will happen between him and Yuji!


Yeah I'm so curious about Higuruma's technique and it looks like we'll get to see it in action real soon!


Probably Higuruma will beat him. But feel that Yuji is not guilty.


I don't want yuji to take another L as he did with choso in shibuya one on one.


I have a feeling he’s going to take a lot of those for a while until he goes through another training arch like with todo.


That's not a training arc, it's barely a session. Yuji is a very quick learner.


The difference is that Higuruma will actually feel something in Yuji. Like if Yuji defeats him, that will be anti-climatic and boring unless he gets help. But I doubt Yuji will win.


Let's see if higuruma turns ally in the end.


He and Yuji shares similar ideals. Yuji fights so that everyone can die a proper death. Higuruma fights for the downtrodden. Their goals align.


I dont think that the protag actually winning a fight for the first time in 30ish chapters will be anticlimactic personally.


Didn’t he just beat those 2 flying people like 1 or 2 chapters ago?


Hahaha literally last chapter and the one before it😅 thats all on me. Ig I just meant ploy significant battle?




Yeah. Amai knew Yuji, it was unlikely that Amai will betray him from the start. When i first read the previous chapter. I immediately assumed that since Amai knew Yuji that they were friends. Everyone probably thought Remi was telling the truth due to Megumi and Higuruma being incredibly conflicted in their ideals, and both being incredibly great characters. Because of that they wanted both to meet and fight.


There’s still a chance that Megumi will head to Yuuji’s location after defeating Reggie and Remi and fight Higuruma alongside him


Two chapters with him and Higuruma slowly becomes one of my favorites. The guy's off his rockers now since he tries to be do something he previously thought he wouldn't like killing people or sitting in the bathtub full of water. Can't blame him considering that following the law before doesn't give him much pleasure.


Higuruma is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters


He feels like the version of Nanami that Gege was originally planning to be a villain.


Yeah, I totally agree. That storyline was too good to be thrown away


I can't picture him with a voice other than Nanami's lol


God, the fact that we won't hear Kenjiro Tsuda's voice for Higuruma's role in anime ..feels worse than you'd think


>..feels worse than you'd think i think this is gonna become a popular meme soon


Gege's at his best when creating guys who were disillusioned by the crushing grind of neoliberal society. (No idea what it says about me who stans them all)


It means you're, as the kids say, "based"


"Lawyers... are SHIT"


Same! The lil bit of insight we keep getting into his moral code has me really intrigued. Also his shikigami looks badass


Guy had 2 chapters almost goated


Good design and dialogue, agreed


We’re three chapters into the Culling Games and Megumi is already done with this shit


His sister's in trouble. Can't blame him.


literally, he doesn’t have time to play games lol


I kinda hope Remi doesn’t die here though. Reggie can go but I like the dynamic she has with him… struggling to think what more she can do, but surely there’s something


I could see Megumi destroying Reggie then Remi decides to get the fuck out of there lol. Megumi would probably let her go since he doesn't have time to waste


> Megumi would probably let her go since he doesn't have time to waste Thing is, he still needs someone who's familiar with the situation inside the culling game ASAP. She tricked him for Reggie, but she doesn't seem to have much reason (or a deathwish) to lie to him again.


He will probably consider everything she say as a lie now. Plus he already threatened her in the past and he’s desperate for points so I can’t think of anything that could keep her alive :/


I don't see Megumi letting her go. I think he'll either try and use her for her knowledge of the game or if he can't do that he'll kill her for the points. Letting her go can come back to bite him in the ass and I don't think he'll take that risk.


Higuruma's appearance looks like a boss fight in a video game. A chad entrance and a threatening vibe inside a theater.


Reminds me of when you find a boss in Bioshock and you always stumble on them doing some crazy shit lol


Nah I moreso get NMH 1 vibes


Yeah it's definitely got the absurdity of a suda 51 game lol


I swear the whole scene with him and Yuji felt like a boss cutscene.


Reminds me of the opera singer boss fight in Nier automata


That whole scene reminded me of how characters make their introduction in a fighting game


Mankind knew that they cannot change society. So, instead of reflecting on themselves, they blamed the ~~beasts~~ LAWYERS.


Megumi isn’t gonna think twice about killing Remi


This was kind of foreshadowed, wasn't it? Megumi clearly stated: 1) "Unlike Yuji, I don't have any problems gaining 100points myself" 2) to Remi:"Lie to me and you're going to die". I guess Megumi will kill her for real, thus becoming more "twisted" and anti-heroish than he already is. Maybe a fight with Higuruma isn't the stepping stone for more development we all expected... The fandom kind of assumed Megumi would get a positive development by confronting someone who as an impartial moral compass, based on objectivity rather than personal feelings. What if Megumi is in line for a bad/dark development instead? Killing Remi could be just the first step


Hmm higuruma is kinda cool.


A Gigachad of Gigachads.


Matt Murdoch with cursed technique


Already furiously demanding a Figuarts of him and his Shikigami


Oh no, I think I love Higuruma. Something about a stressed out lawyer beating ass makes for a good fight.


If you have a ps4 or ps5 and haven’t already, you should try playing Judgment. Main character is a lawyer who quit and became a detective and now throws hands at every criminal in town


Ah, I unfortunately do not own either, but thanks for the rec!!


Yuji told Amai “ you’re not that guy pal”. You really not built like that fr.


Yuuji was a lot more savage in middle school than I expected him to be.


Seems like him, Megumi, and Todo have that in common


Nobara was catching bodies in 1st grade or whatever like Toudou


Yuji's a nice guy and mainly gets angry at Cursed Spirits but as Gojo pointed out Yuji is crazy. He takes his death sentence, Curses and death itself mostly in stride despite being completely new to the Jujutsu World.


Makes you wonder if it’s an inherited trait! Yuji in these latest chapters has been giving me chills with his wolf eyes, I thought he‘s always been a nice guy!


To be fair , Gojo said to be a good sorcerer you have to be crazy


Well he wasn't called the kitten of West Junior High... kind of funny to see the similarities between him in middle school and Fushiguro in middle school, they had similar morals but approached them from *very* different angles.


I guess I just assumed he got his nickname from how good he was at sports? I definitely agree though, I love the parallels between him and Megumi.


“kitten” 😂


When I thought Yuuji was all sweetness and sunshine in middle school.... He proved me wrong


Higuruma my man but yuji is also my best boy god I’m so excited for the next chapter !!!!!


Either lawyer boy joins best boy, or his free trial on life expires next Sunday.


god I soooo hope he doesn’t join the evil side ㅠㅠㅠ with gege you can never know


Let's talk about Gege's art, though. Megumi has been looking like Toji in quite a few panels now, lately. As an artist, and other artist folks around here would agree, I know how difficult it is to maintain consistency while drawing faces. Gege not only is able to draw out the likes of Toji in Megumi's face, but he's also careful as to not lose megumi's identical features altogether, rather he's consistent with them as they would look and age with passing of time. Love Gege's art skills for that. I'm always in awe.


Its really nice to see Gege evolve.


Lmao Gege’s such a troll, you can tell by the way he paneled the pages with Amai’s inner dialogue and Yuji’s expression that he expected people to theorize that Amai was the liar and Remi was a red herring but nope, and that reggie guy lost all feeling of threat when he pulled up with a circus receipt outfit lol. Also both Yuji and Megumi have been lead to Ikebukuro which will most likely lead to Megumi and Yuji tag teaming Higuruma


Her hairdo resembles a scorpion’s tail so tomfoolery was already foreshadowed if you think about it


Since her pony tail resembles scorpion🦂most likely she will use it as attack.


Pokémon Kaisen??!


Can we please call him receipt-kun???


So Yuji and Megumi both used to beat up school bullies :)


Both had fucked up childhoods. Shit, they're basically the same person!


Yuji’s childhood seems pretty normal as far as we know except that he was raised by his grandfather, while Megumi was sold by his father to the Zenin and his sister was cursed.


I meant more being a product of a curse and mommy issues, we love gramps


>except that he was raised by his grandfather and his mother was Kenjaku


Which really didn't have any bearing on Yuji's childhood did it? As far as we know Yuji doesn't even rember his parents so Kenjaku most likely just jumped bodies as soon as he got done pushing Yuji out of that woman's vagina and left her corpse there.


Yuji's probably wasn't that bad. He doesn't really remember much of his parents, so Kenjaku probably didn't stay around for long. Although Wasuke seemed quite grumpy, Yuji clearly loved him, so I think grandpa took good care of him. I think it's more a general sense of justice that prompted him to beat up bullies.


Wasuke was a real asshole, there's a reason he died completely alone besides Yuji. Yuji has a good nature about him, I mean, he played baseball with the people who tried to murder him a couple of days before after all.


That’s generally the trope in Shonen but was it really justice? He just came out of nowhere, didn’t know Amai and just beat the hell out of those guys. The expression he had (what I call his killing face) when he looked at Amai just makes me question it...


I didn't mean that it was justice per se, but rather it was his general *sense* of justice. Whether what he did was good or not is debatable. But Itadori isn't the kind of guy to do things out of malicious intent and those punches weren't accidents. So I can only conclude that Itadori thought he was doing the right thing.


Im gonna laught hard if Megumi jobs


Reggie went from intimidating to fodder in a single panel because of how awful his fit is. If Megumi loses to that walking crime against fashion, he'll have a lot to answer for.


Idk why in so many comments people assume Yuji is just going to lose against Higuruma. Sure Higuruma is cool but he's still an inexperienced sorcerer who just got his technique recently. He did have quite a few fights in the culling game to get his points but most of these were probably against non sorcerers (when he activated his CT at the beginning) or against other inexperienced sorcerers. On the other hand Yuji has got a superhuman body, an insane control over his cursed energy and he has fought special grade curses so he has experience against adversaries that are very strong and smart. Add to that the fact that Yuji is quite smart and had no problem figuring out Haba's cursed technique in the middle of the fight with minimal information. Higuruma is probably not going to be an easy fight for Yuji, but I have no idea why people are just giving Higuruma the win before the fight even started. If anything Yuji should be the one to bet on given what we know about both of them.


> Idk why in so many comments people assume Yuji is just going to lose against Higuruma. They think Yuji is weak because he doesn't have a Cursed Technique.


Yuji could beat Higuruma. But there’s got to be a catch.


reason 1: geges pattern with yujis fights - fodder villain or curse 1v1 (grasshopper, airplane people who can get taken out with a pepple, random curses on the street) ➡️ he can get a win - story relevant 1v1 (choso, mahito, yuuta and hakari to an extent) ➡️ yuji gets brutalized (or straight up killed) and/or needs someone else to save him/do the heavy lifting. higuruma probably has a complex technique + megumi's close and surrounded by irrelevant characters so it's likely he'll show up and we'll get the "2nd character does the thinking/heavy lifting while yuji get the final Punch" formula. reason 2: for the story's sake Regular Guy of Regular Physiology Higuruma can't take a single punch from Car Throwing, Concrete Punching Yuji and not be incapacitated in the fetal position. so in order for the the fight to be dragged out yuji being beat up or kept at bay by the shikigami is likely to happen.


Megumi is not with the bullshit **at all.** Love to see it.


Hiromi (Sang-Woo) Higuruma


I too was thinking of Sang Woo as soon as that bathtub panel came up! That, and also the moral deterioration and cynicism that Higuruma displayed in his conversation with Yuuji, gave me Sang Woo vibes. Can't wait to have a "Thanks for playing with me" reference at some point in the Culling Game and get emotionally destroyed. /s


Still haven't seen squid game, is it good?


I certainly enjoyed it! It's a bit heavy on gore at times though so if you're squeamish then be prepared for that. Also you should absolutely watch it in the original Korean, I watched a snippet of the dub and the characters come across completely differently.


Dito on Smantie’s comment, watch the Korean one. The original Korean is way more dramatic




So Remi was the liar after all. Tbh middle school Yuji gives me some villain-ish vibes lol. Anyways I think Amai was sorry for taking Yuji to Higuruma because he knows how dangerous he can be. Love the panelling on that page when Reggie appeared below making seem like Amai had misled Yuji, a clever move from Gege. This chapter made me love Higuruma even more, good to see him showing a little sarcasm while talking (he really admitted going off trails in his 30s lmao), his rejection was expected tho, it's basically confirmed that he killed those people in the court. I hope he doesn't get eliminated soon and stays in the story for a while, legit the best character since Shibuya arc has ended 🙏


I like how Higuruma likes the culling game rules since they punish people without the need for a trial. Makes a lot of sense for his character and I wouldn't have thought of it that way


I agree it was fit for him to perceive the rules this way. His breakdown led to him despising the law and order now he thinks this death game is a form of equality where there's no scope of corruption in punishing the people I.e killing them who are bad according to him, just like the laws of physics. If you understand what he means then it's actually more than just a guy who was fed up of being a lawyer and became a killing machine. Hell he even admits that they're flaws in them but he finds them fine. Can't wait to see how he battles Yuji this way.


He didn’t killed Amai’s previous master Haba thought who if you think of it was clearly “bad” for trying to kill players at their entry in the game


The death penalty means he can't just kill everyone around him or he'll die if he can't find a player to kill within 19 days. Using Haba and co as his henchmen makes sense so that they can bring him targets, until he decides he doesn't need them anymore.


Amai's still suspicious in my book. We dont know whats that sorry was for but I dont think it was for leading him to Higuruma. Seems like Gege wants us to let down our guard down around Amai for a twist later. His flashback isnt complete yet. We dont know what he thinks of Itadori yet. He's working with other players so its possible there's a ploy to hunt strong solo players (Higuruma and such) firsts so I wont be surprised if he led Itadori into some kind of trap. But thats just a theory


Amai seems like the kind of guy who will switch to whoever looks like they could be winning, so he's a bit of a survival rat with no loyalty. Maybe storywise he's being set up for some eventual personal development to take a stance and help Yuuji, but that might be cliche. We still don't know what his CT is.


How tf did he get a bathtub full of water up on the stage? lmao, what an absolute chad. Can’t wait to find out what his stando powah is.


higuruma must’ve watched squid game too


Readers: Amai is definitely the liar Gege: No Chris McLean: Not cool dude, not cool...


Unironically what I thought, can't wait to see her become fucking invincible since I bet her CT has to do with making people her knights.


If you’re talking about Remi I don’t really think she is strong. Imo she is probably really weak and will have her ass kicked by Megumi once he is finish with Reggie. Like Megumi already beaten her once and threatened her in the case she was lying. I don’t think he will let her go and don’t respect his promise because we already know that he is ready to do whatever it takes to earn 100 points for Tsumiki. Also I don’t see why she made a team with Reggie if she’s strong enough to protect herself. She may have made a binding vow such as : she lead people in the trap so that he can earn point and in return he doesn’t kill her. If we listen to what she said, she is in the culling game since the very start and the rules are pretty simple : it’s kill or be killed. So she didn’t have much choices. Also I saw someone say that she made a binding vow with Megumi but in that case she already broke it by lying about higuruma and nothing happened to her so it’s highly unlikely. As for her CT of making people her knights idk we’ll have to wait for the next chapters to find out


I was hoping we'd find out who was lying between Remi and Amai this week, but I didn't think it would be so early in the chapter. What a good way to reveal it too! I had a feeling that it was Amai after last chapter so that reveal fooled me for a second there. Higuruma keeps getting more and more interesting. There was something surreal about him just laying fully clothed in a tub on a stage as Yuuji talked to him. I'm very excited to see how his technique works and if Yuuji will be able to convince him to use his points. He doesn't seem like one to change his convictions.


Funny how they both ended up in the same place as Higuruma anyway lol! The lie was just a complete misdirect lol


Yeah, I laughed at the fact that they all went to Ikebukuro anyway. Gege pulled a gotcha on us


You know dude's unhinged when you see him sitting inside a bathtub with his clothes on, in the middle of an empty theatre. Love that.


* I'm pretty excited for Itadori v. Higuruma, I can't wait to see what impact on Ita this will have. The way that Higuruma has tried to remove himself from the old system/rules and made himself more than "a cog" in this one, especially with the way he's trying to influence the CG, makes me think he'll challenge Ita's new mindset for sure. * I can't really count on Gege not killing side characters off, but I have a feeling Remi might get away. Idk the fact that she's probably got a scorpion technique, and Fushiguro is underestimating her... if she stings him with a strong venom, we could see him struggling with Jujutsu poison- which seems to have a special place among the power system, with Sukuna being the 'king of poisons' when we haven't seen why that's important yet. Maybe it'll flip the script and be a very powerful technique and Fushiguro almost dies alone in Ikeburo... * Interesting detail about the "permanence" of the CG, also translated in scans as the ability of the game to continue or end. Higuruma thinks the game won't stop. Is it wishful thinking? Or have the players who have only been there for 12 days seen something? I wonder if Gege is just humoring us with reexplaining his complicated rules, or if he actually made them this way because there's hidden meaning in them that the players will keep figuring out. * I'm now wondering if techniques tend to match to a person's soul, based on Higuruma's technique (and also Remi's). This would play into how reincarnating techniques like the family techniques or the disaster curse techniques eventually pick up a new soul, but which one. Like, the fact that Nanami's technique has "reincarnated" might mean that there's some worldbuilding element going on here with the techniques. I like this pacing for now, since it'll help us move more quickly through the several separate story threads going on right now, and I'm really wondering what's happening with Okkotsu, Hakari/Panda, Kirara, and all the others.


The paper guy name is Reggie hmm megumi and dog kon better get rid of these two quickly. Either yuji will get dominated or wins with high difficulty. Chilling in a bathtub🛁inside a cinema that's cool. I'm guessing Reggie technique will be paper explosion since he's covered up in them he looks funny in it 🤣


Actually the paper, are receipts. In the previous chapter, during Reggie introduction, you can see a bunch of receipts with coins. Explosive receipts, that could be cool.


I don't think Yuji will get dominated, he can fight special grade curses and he is pretty smart at figuring out techniques as his fight with Haba showed. Arguably he's not used to fighting humans with complex cursed techniques so if Higuruma's technique is like that it may be harder for Yuji but it's definitely not gonna be an easy fight for Higuruma. I'd still give Yuji the edge if I were to bet on someone in this fight.


That frame with Megumi’s glare is ice cold.


Looks just like Toji too!!!


i think higuruma’s line about the culling game “celebrating permanence” is the most interesting one from this chapter. what did kenjaku say to the participants to get them to partake in the games? what was his stated purpose to them? this could be the first hint that tengen’s version of events is wrong.


Easily one my favorite chapters


Megumi's probably gonna kill them and this will lead to a nice debate between him and Yuji. That look on his face, he is taking no bs from anyone. His sister is in danger, his master is sealed and his friends are bound to get into deadly situations over the next days. He has no time to waste with an annoying girl and a weird dude in some weird clothes. Also he looked sick in the previous chapter I did not expect him to be dressed like this. I really think Higuruma is bound to become everyone's favorite character at least for a while. There's something interesting about him losing his mind and faith but still being somewhat coherent.


Feral Megumi will appear again


hopefully we get to see higuruma's ct in the next chapter! he seems like a cool character so it'd be a shame if it's a fight to the death between him and yuji and he'd die so soon


I doubt Higuruma will die this soon.


Yuji need to push Higuruma to add a new rule, not killing him


Higuruma's CT better be hax, because it won't make sense for a normal lawyer who got a shikigami to be on par with someone like Yuji, in only a few weeks and no proper instruction on jujutsu.


I mean he's already got the second most points in the whole culling games so he must have a strong technique. He definitely had a lot of negative emotions so I could see him having a lot of cursed energy. No clue who's gonna win but I feel like Higuruma's definitely going to put up a good fight either way


Any other manga, not named Chainsaw Man, and there would have been an entire 20 chapter arc titled “Finding Higuruma” but Gege resolved the issue within 2 chapters of entering the culling games. I love JJK so much


Yeah Megumi is going to make good on that promise. RIP Reggie and Remi. Huh Viz app says new chap in a week thought Gege was taking a break


Mangaplus website says next chapter is on the 7th of november for me


RIP Remi, don't really care about her at all. Just wanna see what's up with Yuta and Hakari.


Ikr, i wanna see yuta so much but the upcoming chapter is so exciting i dont argue at all


Rip Remi you choose the wrong guy to fool


I doubt he would kill her. He'd be majorly pissed off but he's short on time and she's the best clue he has right now, especially since she'd be rightfully terrified of him if he kills her boss, the only reason she apparently has to lie to him. Megumi's pretty high class for a sorcerer. Odds are he'll have an easier time with the guy who has to lure unwitting people than Yuji with the guy who got 100 points working solo.


He probably will think of anything Remi says from now on as a lie or excuse that will waste his time, he gived her many chances and even threatened her, in a normal scenario Megumi might see killing her as pointless but here he will get points and he is desperate to add more then one rule during 7 days + his dog seems to be drawn more blood thirsty compared to before, even Megumi himself is drawn differently since he entered the game. So it's 50% that he will kill her too.


Gege about to troll us more and make Megumis fight last longer and be more interesting


Can we talk about how surreal that scene in the bathtub is, perfect composition and theme.


So there’s no way Yuji doesn’t get clapped in this fight right? I really can’t imagine him winning against a guy who he knows nothing about, who also seems kind of like he’s unhinged rn. Higurama is such a dope ass character tho. His joke about the retainer fee/being an asshole lawyer made me laugh out loud. I really hope he sticks around in some capacity for a while. Even though we did get the liar reveal this chapter, Gege still gave the bait and switch up to the very last page. I thought the leaks were wrong when I saw Reggie in the very next panel after Yuji enters the theatre! Really cool way to keep readers on their toes. He’s dying before that fights over tho, Megumi isn’t playing.


Yes it’s highly unlikely that he will win this fight but he won’t die. Especially when we know that Haba (Amai’ previous master) had his life spared even if he’s “guilty” of trying to kill players at their entry in the game when they are vulnerable. So there’s a big chance that Yuuji will be judged as well but as “non guilty” and survive. Thought that will not be the case for Megumi if he’s heading to yuuji after killing Reggie and Remi


Although, Yuji also houses Sukuna who is undeniably evil


Yes ! Higuruma could judge Sukuna and Yuuji at the same time and Yuuji could be considered as a threat or a victim Maybe Higuruma will become an ally to him because he will remind him of his client when he was a lawyer ? Idk but if he can judge the soul like Mahito could feel Sukuna it would definitely be interesting


Alright, Gege got me. Totally expected Amai to be the liar. ...tbh I hope Fushiguro kills Remi. I think she deserves it since Fushiguro has warned her beforehand and I really despised her 'princess in distress' spiel. But on the other hand I wonder whether it'd be good for Fushiguro. Has he ever actually killed a human? ​ Also Higuruma seems a little crazy (Who the fuck enjoys bathing in clothes?). But being so blunt with his feelings makes him quite sympathetic somehow


Don't think he has. He's had this ominous look since the games began plus the threat.. I'd LOL if he spared her.


I'd be a little disappointed, since he proclaimed he was ready to get 100 points...it'd feel like chickening out. But it'd still be in-character if he did. Like, he threatened to exorcise Itadori/Sukuna in ch. 1, only to ask Gojo to save him a few pages after.


But he was seeing Yuuji as a good person which is really not the case for Remi. Plus it’s a different situation now as he’s desperate for points to save Tsumiki and he will probably think of everything she say as a lie now


Yeah, I think (and hope!) he'd be willing to kill her. The arguments stack more towards it, but Gege can be pretty unpredictable.


Gege will probably make him kill her just to show his dedication to Tsumiki


i wonder what amai meant when he apologized to itadori? for leading him to his (assumed) death? or for the past


Yeah I assume he thinks Higuruma is too strong for Yuji. Plus he knows that Yuji would never back down from a fight. Amai probably knows something about Higuruma's technique from Haba as well


I'm actually sad that Yuji and Higuruma are about to fight


I feel like justice guy could become an ally, somewhat fucked in the head, sure. But we know he had his heart in the right place. He gives me big Nanami vibes.


Can anyone remind me how big the culling game barriers are? I can't remember which chapter they said it and it's hard to wrap my head around the locations looking at a map of Tokyo when I don't know how far they can go.


6 km. ikebukuro and shinjuku are i think each at the opposite edges of the tokyo 2 colony.


Considering fushiguro is also at ikebukuro now, I have a feeling he'll stumble into the itadori vs higuruma fight shortly after he deals with receipt boy and scorpion girl. Well I'm hoping this is the case 'cause itadori definitely needs fushiguro's help to convince our man higuruma lol Also, I wonder what receipt boy's CT is? In this chapter, he reminds me of Konan from naruto so I wonder if he has the ability to control receipts and make weapons out of them lmao


The character development of Megumi is really interesting but also somehow sad for me. Yuji is still cute in his own way and when he is with Mugumi, he definitely looks more relaxed. But Megumi seems to be the one who chooses to bear everything on his own. And I can’t think of any occasions for this boy to just smile a little bit in the following chapters :’(


I just remembered what Higuruma reminded me of. That Vine with the girl fully-clothed in the bathtub saying: “I’m doing this shit. I’m washing me and my clothes, BITCH! I’m washing me and my clothes 😌”


Anybody else think that before the end of this fight Higurama will use his points to make a new rule that does the opposite of what Yuji and Megumi want? Based on his interest in CT removal I think it'll be something that either speeds it up or another method of causing it, forcing Yuji and Megumi to get desperate to find a way around it before Tsumiki enters the game


Higuruma is here for the mess, I like him. He said it himself, he went off the rails and then alluded to the fact that he killed people that annoyed him so im pretty sure he really murdered at least a couple of people at that court room. Everyone expects Yuji to win him over and become an ally but i would hate that tbh sjsjs no way its that simple


Higuruma just might become one of my favourites. What's it about this guy?


That glare. Megumi is fed up.


Megumi better be harvesting those points next chapter


Could Higuruma not be capable of killing Yuji since he houses 2 souls within his body? He would not be able to properly judge or sentence 1. What if Sukuna and Yuji literally balance each other out on the scale. Would be interesting


Higuruma boutta turn this into a stand battle


It's funny how they still end up within 15 minutes away from each other after last chapter lol anyway Higuruma is such a mood I saw someone said that the break next week might be because we'll get the movie trailer/gege might be supervising the finished movie. I wonder if we really will get the trailer on halloween, all according to their plan hahaha


next chapter: Higuruma realises that Yuji is his brother. shikigami dispels the effect


Higuruma's attitude towards the rules looks like it's going to be brilliant, especially the detached curiosity towards the rules that could result in death when broken. Yuji's going to have a hard time convincing him to alter the rules, in fact I could imagine Higuruma adding a rule which protects the existing rules even further than they already are. He's a lawyer, he's going to be an expert at finding and closing/exploiting loopholes. For example, if Yuji/Megumi get a chance to tell him their idea of the rule to allow players to exchange points, he might pre-emptively ban it with something like 'players must earn their own points, no exchanges will be permitted', or 'players are forbidden from adding rules on another's behalf. If two or more players wish to add the same rule then they must each spend 100 points to do so'. It's going to be so much fun seeing his interpretation of the rule systems! His clients got screwed over by laws (and attitudes towards suspects) that he had no power over. But now... Side note, I am *living* for Reggie's outfit. He looks like a morris dancer. I wonder if he's going to be one of those 'looks goofy, will actually fuck you up' kind of guys.


Higuruma on the Sang-woo type beat. Easily the most interesting character post-shibuya for me


Megumi is a man of his word. She is dead, next chapter. These games are not a joke.


I hope Megumi can get past this fight without him taking a lot of damage as that’s what normally happens. I want to see growth in Megumi more so hopefully he can just beat him and carry on his mission without having to be saved.


Megumi is in a moooooood


IEIRI NATION RISE UP!!!! WE HAVE A SHOKO CAMEO!!!!! (A flashback in the background of a single panel but still... it's something I guess. Utahime stans are absolutely dying out here so I can't complain)


Higuruma is literally evil nanami I really like his character


It’s so funny to me how upset Yuji got at Higuruma for not allowing them to use his points. It made me remember how Mahito said that Yuji is his opposite in that he saves people without a second thought. Like how do you plan on beating the points out of him? You’re not going to kill him. Unless he has no qualms about killing him. If it were anyone other than Megumi i would feel like he was underestimating Remi and Reggie. I think they’ve pulled the wrong ticket here though with Megumi. He’ll make quick work of them. He’s really good at deducting the CT’s of others and has the hand to hand combat to be on par with most now.


It's really nice to see a confident Megumi after all the times we've seen him doubting himself!


Yuji having that cold look in his eyes in middle school, which we usually see after Shibuya was kinda surprising. But now knowing he also beat up delinquents like Megumi makes me so happy lol. Problem child besties. Anyways, Megumi is definitely gaining at least 5 points now, I have a feeling we'll see more of Remi with her whole 'be my knight' thing that he carelessly accepted. Higuruma's so unintentionally funny lmao. His ideals have changed, at least for now, which is why Gege chose Yuji vs Higuruma as a start and Yuji already looks done with him. Higuruma's thinking now kinda lowkey aligns with Megumi's, as he's happy with the fact that rule breakers will actually get punished and get what they deserve. Though I'm sure the fight will only end when Megumi joins cuz he's coincidentally in Ikebukuro too and Yuji is at a disadvantage here without any CT.


Yakuza 0 has entered the chat


this finished way too fast:(


Love the interaction between Higuruma and Yuji. Can't wait for next chapter.