Yes, MGAs quality control is horrendous unfortunately. I know quality control is an issue with all companies, but MGA has been the worst for me personally. I wish they’d take some time to have proper quality control, because it would elevate their brands so much!


I don’t see how you can say that when Mattel exist Their quilting control is horrible There always going be flawed dolls even with hood quality control that’s just happens with mass produced items and dolls


Oh trust me, I agree with that too! The G3 Monster High dolls and the Skullectors have all had awful quality control, not to mention all the Barbie issues. I was just saying for me personally, I’ve had the biggest quality control issues with my MGA dolls. I’ve fortunately gotten lucky enough to not have issues with my Mattel dolls as of yet, but I’m well aware lots of people have had issues, especially with the Skullector dolls. 😅💗


As a hardcore collector of Mattel and only passing collector of mga, I can firmly say Mattel have as many issues as mga. I also collect action figures and hasbro and neca are in similar positions. I think it’s a general issue with toy production.


That's why, if I can, go to stores and look at the dolls carefully. It was much worse when they had the closed boxes and you couldn't see the doll before buying it. I'm glad that changed. Buying online is sadly frightning, because you await your purchase and then see a messed up face or terrible rooting, the hustle of sending it back mostly makes me keep the doll anyway and if it's not too severe, I try to fix the make up. There are a few dolls that are especially known to be smudged - for such kind you want to visit a store and look at them yourself. (examples: NYE Queen, Miss Royale, Splash Beauty, Lexi Gurl, Goldie Twist, Miss Divine, Runway Diva, Pink Chick, Marilyn Star, Emma Emo, Sweets etc.) And some that are almost always perfect - those are safe(r) to buy online. (examples: Aya Cherry, Gracie Skates, Sunset BB, Roller Chick, Fierce, Dollie, Prism, Class Prez, Sunshine, Kicks Babe Cool Lev etc.)


Yeah, the unboxing was BRUTAL. Sweets and Fierce had a plethora of problems but I still love them lol.


Random paint splotches and bad velcro are the ones I've run into


Yeah it’s pretty common. Trying to find a good trendsetter was a challenge. Must have gone through 20 dolls before I found one that didn’t have the glitter on her lips streak onto her face. And My sunshine gurl has really blurry eyeliner on her left eye:/